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  1. You must always factor for temporal divergence. I believe it is 1% or 2%.
  2. You continue to call John a hoax, yet most of you dont bother to read local correspondance. The US Government continues to abuse and assert authority on a daily basis. Johns "predictions" are very accurate and very relevant to this time line.
  3. I can assure you that UserNumber001 is not John Titor. What John said remains true, things on this time line are moving a bit more slowly than it did on mine but they are moving and they will eventually reach their tragic end. Prepare.
  4. No. I am not "old man Titor" as you suggest, for that matter a more detailed analysis of his writings and mine would have revealed that. As for my mispelling of "whether"; someone has mentioned in another forum "perfect pop culture english" that my mispelling of said word--is evidence of fraud. I fail to see where my understanding of the english langauge as it exist in this time line and my spelling (which is 99% better than most who post here.) One should compare the education of two hundred years ago to this date(2005);the command of the <original> english language has actually faultered, despite the improvment and greater availiabilty of establishments of education. I make my best effort to compose cohesive sentences. Even in 2038 people mispell words; Wheather and Whether are commonplace mispellings as they have always been. RainManTime I sent you a PM.
  5. Hello again. I did not post this to prove to you that time travel is possible. I have not traversed time, only THIS information is traversing time. As I said, time traveling for me is a health hazard. There are small, wild streams that exist throughout the universe, these wild streams are particulary abundent near black holes and other bodies of sufficient mass. Since they are displaced by their close proximity to singularities, time becomes either very slow or very fast depending upon the nature of the wild stream. It is possible to stop light long enough to store information, very large amounts of information actually, and then direct the light into the appropriate wild stream. That information would then exist simultaneously within BOTH time frames. In order to determine which wild stream is neccesary to transmit information, one need only measure the level of molecular decay relative to light. However, once a wild stream is lost it can take days, weeks or months to access the stream again, if ever. Hence wild. Before you get caught up in debating weather or not "TT" is possible, or weather a virus can mutate into a retro virus.(Which they CAN, please consult your medical journals.) Consider the message. Now I understand how Cassandra felt. I shall not bother to post again, Titor was right about you. The effort would be wasted. As for relying on what Titor said: He told me that he had lingered here for a bit and had made a few friends, he realized that they would all be dead when he came home. He really wondered weather everything we had been taught about this era was really all that true, he decided that it was and that he would not make the mistake of conversing with ghost again at least not until he was an old man because he wanted to come back for someone who he really thought was above and beyond the persons of the era. We argue here weather or not a deviation within the time-line is evidence that time can be radically altered, time is not paradoxal but it runs so very close together that one hardly notices the difference.
  6. Hello to all. Before I begin my post, I will first attempt to verify my authenticity. If the network admins will please check their logs, they will see the IP address that I am proxying through, and the system I am remotley accessing. I am using a Mozilla based browser called Mozilla Netwalker, because of its capability to connect via "time proxy" as we call it. I can offer certain details on how time proxy works, but certain aspects are best left undisclosed at this time. First: John is dead, as of last year he was shot by federal agents while on an operation up north; I am very sorry and I will miss him very much, I thought perhaps you would want to know given Johns attachment to this particular era. I know John because he and I were in the same unit and he was my trainer. I was originally assigned for retrieval but because of an injury to my cardial tissue, it was determined that time travel would be to much of a stress for my heart, so hence I am now the Network Administrator here in cedar creek. Not that we have much of a network. Secondly: The Warning- The time line has only been affected by a few percentiles of deviation, it is possible this posting will cause a great deal more deviation, which is my hope. You are most likley aware of ChemTrails. If you are not then please research them and be aware of what they are and why they are dangerous. Most disregard them as conspiracy theory, I can assure you they are not. Sometime in the near(NEAR) future, a particulate will be released in the western hemisphere, a synthetic biological designed by a rogue agency within the US Government to cause a slow spreading but completley incurable flu. It was meant only to be a test of the weapons capability, however in only a few viral generations it would mutate and become a fast spreading killer. The only way the virus was stopped was to qurantine a three hundred mile area, and smaller areas throughout the US. This virus mutated once again and became a retro-virus, hiding it cattle, birds and even domestic animals. It would strike again. It is our belief that at this time, it may still be harboring itself we take many precautions in the handling of animals and screening handlers but we can never become to sure of our methods.
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