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  1. After reading the comments made and rereading what I originally posted I feel thatI should clarify what I am saying, Imagine two time points (A and B). Time point A is the past and point B is now.If we transfer an object from time B to time A we have effectively changed space at time A so can the object be at time A if time A is not there because it is differant.
  2. We measure time by looking at a clock. What this does is move in a periodic and predictable way(In other words thers is always twelve hours, and seconds move at a constant rate), So what we are doing is measuring a change in space. When we measure the time it takes for something to happen we are comparing the change in space about the watch(either the clock hands moving or a digital display changing)and comparing this to another change(like an athlete doing a 100m sprint)and stating the change in a formal way(One which can be undestood and can be compared to quantities of similar given units).
  3. If you were to write a list of laws of time travel this would be one of them:Any thing consiting of mass or energy will instantly alter a previous point in time when transferred from a previous point in time. So if I was to travel back in time to the year 1910, then the universe at that point in time will be instantly altered, the movement of photons will have changed, air particles etc. Also, I will not be at that point in time because the space at that point in time will not be identical to that of which it was before.So I would be in a differant universe as well as differant time.
  4. A closed system is merely a section of the universe, if the law of conservation of energy did not apply in the universe it is unlikely to apply in the closed system. The only differences between the closed system and the universe is the larger scale, and large number of variables that can not all be all found using current technology.
  5. If you assume that the law of conservation of energy is accurate the energy can not be created or destroyed, therefore the total amount of energy within the whole universe is constant. From E=MC^2 we know that mass has energy, so if a person travels backwards in time then energy is transfered from one point in time to another, altering the total energy in the universe, meaning the total amount of energy in the universe is not constant, the resulting contradiction means that either the law of conservation of energy is inaccurate or reverse time travel is impossible.
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