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  1. Well my friends, I am sorry for putting you all through the YES/NO deal but it had to be done. Some of your questions were such that I could not answer them. If I had, I would have most certainly destroyed the very future I am preparing to return to. If anyone was truly concerned, I have not failed my mission and as long as I am able to return to my worldline, then my mission will have been a success. I will miss SOME of the conversations we had, and probably not some others. But nevertheless, it was an amazing experience. I hope that you have taken what I have said to heart and that you attempt to control what portions of your future you actually have control over. Keep a close eye on what is happening with the U.N. and Iran. (You will be surprised to find out things about America's Past that Iran had a hand in) Oklahoma we just a precursor to what they can and will attempt with their capabilities. America is STRONG. It is even Stronger in 2039 and I do look forward to returning. Yes it has been hard for me to see all of the McDonalds restaurants and not be able to have a BIG MAC but my body is accustomed to a more purified organic style of eating now. One bite and I'm history. (Literally) But over all, it has been MY pleasure conversing with all of you. I am off to return to 2039. I can't wait to see what has changed just from my involvement here in 2006 as I am now certain that my future will not be the way I remembered it. May God Bless you all Xavier Cage (Long Live Nebraska!!!) Anyone who comes after 1:30am 4/15/2006 CST claiming to be me is a LIAR
  2. will the first woman on mars name start with an "R" ======== No
  3. just answer. If you have already made alterations by interaction ============= "YES"
  4. just answer. If you have already made alterations by interaction, the world you return to won't know it anyway. ============= I will only answer "YES" or "NO" questions.
  5. Re: Requesting asylum XC, in the creation of the nutrition deficient of the future, it was never figured that if a human was killed by radiation alone, that he would reanimate. And in the reanimation, since her had died of gross radiation poisoning, that a key enzyme, that would cover the digestion of either plants or animals. Since these people died of radiation poisoning alone and reanimated, they needed to have their protein live, from other humans. Yes this is true or not this is not true? ============= NO
  6. Re: Requesting asylum I am still here. But can no longer comment about my mission. I can answer yes or no questions but that is about it. My field? - (Microbiology)
  7. Re: Requesting asylum I am sorry but I fear I may have compromised my mission.
  8. Listen, my time with you is almost at an end. A part of me really do not wish to go. But I fear I may have done some damage in this timeline. Ofcourse, you will never know the changes that I might have made. But I certainly will. It will be very interesting to see what 2039 will bring once I return.
  9. A comet will hit the earth. But we won't all die from it. Like so many will predict.
  10. The moon appears red because of the radioactive dust in our atmosphere.
  11. Yes we still have CELL towers. I cannot give you the names of the service providers for obvious reasons. (I don't give stock tips either). I can only say about the moon is that yes it will appear different than it does now. The bible mentions that it will turn "Blood Red" (I wonder what would make it seem that color) Hayze?
  12. Mexico remains much as it is now. Allthough, it goes further into poverty.
  13. Yes we did use micro bursting weapons in the 3rd world war. But we found them to be hard to stabilize on any given target.
  14. Solar power has come very far. We certainly use it. Thankfully even though there is haze, we can amazingly still store solar energy. It was a big fear that was put to rest in 2016.
  15. No, as far as I am aware, there are NO plans for commercial marketing for time travel.
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