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  1. The following quote from chaucer is from the 1500"s Whan that aprill with his shoures soote The droghte of march hath perced to the roote, And bathed every veyne in swich licour Of which vertu engendred is the flour; Language changes a great deal in 500 years, so how come this guy talks like us?????
  2. If there have been no human to human violence in decades, as suggested by you, then how could you have a fighting record of 243-0-0? Sounds pretty darn violent to me. Mohammed Ali only had about 50 fights in his whole career. You must be fighting people weekly. Also, where will it be safe to live in the next decade?
  3. Another thing, technically, you could live forever, by coming back in time in 2044 when you start to die, giving tons of money to younger self, living as millionaire thru life till 2044 again when you get cancer, coming back to younger self give millions again and again. Am I missing something?
  4. Here's my problem. why would a millionaire person who is dying of cancer go back to the past and leave all his loved ones and money behind (except for some gold bars, I think must have weighed you down somewhat on the trip)? Why go back to a time when medical management of cancer is not as advanced as his own time? Won't you end up dying even sooner? I don't get it. :confused:
  5. Sure enough, in the announcement Obama likened himself to Lincoln for his lack of experience like Lincoln. eeeeek
  6. I heard on the news (MSNBC?) that when he launched his campaign yesterday that Obama explained that he knows he doesn't have alot of experience--but neither did Lincoln. The Lincoln analogy is going to be the buzz word for describing this candidate according to newsmen. Didn't Titor predict that our next prez would be like Lincoln and try to unite the country? EEEK. I really want Titor to be wrong and I had written him off with the Olympics prediction, but this scares me.
  7. Anyone rememberwhich tt predicted false flag op by goverment having to do with a submarine on the west coast? I think it is interesting because we ending up having a terrorist act not by sea, but by air and not on the west coast but the east. Could it have been a cryptic message from that tt? If so, that tt's other predictions might be looked at again and re-interpreted.
  8. Well, we should be all set for salt. At 4.5lbs a year per person, a family of 4 could get by for 10 years on 2 bags of water softner salt. Most people who own water softners keep this on hand all the time.
  9. Zeshua used cryptograms last time -- not annagrams. anyone know where there is a site to solve cryptograms?
  10. I can PROVE Your're wrong http://primes.utm.edu/notes/by_year.html Largest prime is over 9 million digits long
  11. I believe all this. This has been coming for a long time, things are getting worse in this country. I can't believe all the liberties being taken away. I know that fear is a big part of the game plan for the Bush people. Can you clue us in on what the next big "FEAR" is that they will be launching?? I've only fallen for one--west nile virus--but not smallpox, anthrax, mad cow, terrorists, hybrid humans, avian flu (that one was funny, I was surprised they got that off the ground). We'll do what we can do, pray and avoid cities, but its getting harder. Small towns dont have mom and pop stores anymore. We have to be near cities in order to shop for necessities. oh, and who is Scott? Guess I missed him,.
  12. CIPHER--- please see if there is any connection between javier Cortez and xavier Cage. I have a very sneaky feeling these two are the same person also. he started posting in january 06 in TTI forum. the names are so close and the language seems to be too. http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=ttclaims&Number=37954&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1
  13. Well, if we're gonna have a woman on mars by 2025, i hope she left about 1950. oh brother, what a crock
  14. Is comet before or after all out nuclear war fries us? What makes all this so unbelievable to me is the lack of any positive notes. Talk of Katrina is very negative, but we still hear stories of bravery, survival, lessons learned by it. 9-11 was horrid, but what about all the stories of bravery on that day? How about the 100 million dollars raised to help the survivors, the telethons etc. World War II was almost all volunteers soldiers, and at home there were drives to help war effort and rationing to help. Your story is horrifying, but it lacks the corresponding elements of bravery, loves, sacrifice, and "humanity" that real horror stories always contain. How do you account for that?
  15. Enter "blood red moon" on google--all kinds of reasons for it. When the Moon turns the color blood red during the infusion of red dust into our environment, the religious elite and organizers of self-serving cults will panic. Not comprehending the total picture of events, they will promote end of the world statements. As I stated before, this is a natural astronomical event due to a unified planetary magnetic field, which last happen on Earth 3657 years ago. The moon's red appearance is due to the moon reflecting the light emitted from the 12th planet, which is predominately in the red wavelength of the spectrum and the red dust floating in the statically charge atmosphere of Earth. Do you alter your life and follow individuals due to a prediction of a hurricane or tornado. Both these events in the ancients' times caused people to pray to the Gods and in some cases make sacrifices, but we now know they are natural events. The pole shift is a natural event, but it hasn't been experience by modern man. There is no need to get swept up in hype.
  16. You and john titor never mention osama bin laden. the modern day "boogie man". my theory is he is being used as a tool to scare the masses into giving up their freedoms. "wiretap us, read our emails, bug our churches, if it will keep us safe from the boogie man" Is this right? He is dark skinned, foreign and wears a dress---all very scary characteristics to the right wingers, religious cults, neo-cons, etc. Any new boogey men on the horizon for us? I find it hard to believe that people will keep buying this osama character much longer. Im assuming that we lose (blue states) or give up (red states) our civil rights. Are they ever recovered? Is america run by americans, or are we now a province of china or russia? Do we ever unite as a whole country or just as individual areas (like tribes)? You havent mentioned mad cow disease. Is that supposed to be a big deal? Or do the nukes kill all the cows anyway. this is fun.
  17. Hi There Z, I grew up in Palos Park and I visit Oak Lawn frequently. It sounds from your posting that Illinois is still standing. How does northern illinois fare in WWIII? Ive always lived in illinois, but hubbie and i are thinking seriously of ontario canada. what would you suggest?
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