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  1. This kid needs help alright. He needs help with his spelling. Something tells me he could not operate a wrist watch, much less a time travel device.
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/11/18/taser.death/index.html
  3. If you are going to pose as John Titor, you need to get your [censored] together and use correct information. LOL
  4. IVth has a good point there. I ask this. Not when you land, but where? How does one control where he lands during time travel? Think about this, The Earth is also moving around the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour. How could you land somewhere on the earth traveling that fast? If someone time traveled from NY 2007 to 1965. How would you be able to land on the earth in 1965? You would most likely land in Space and die.
  5. Re: NEW NBC Series \"Journeyman\" I've been downloading the series on a torrent site. I love this show. I still do not know what makes him travel through time.
  6. At first I thought this was a joke about everyone traveling through time 60 seconds per minute. Now I see it as not to clever hoax. My dog could debunk this thread.
  7. Finally a time traveler that travels through time the same way I do!
  8. Re: NEW NBC Series \"Journeyman\" I am watching Episode 5 tomorrow. I love this show.
  9. This is the most lame attempt of someone claiming to be Titor. The way John explained how time travel work. It would be nearly impossible for him to return to this exact worldline. That's if you believe everything he said!
  10. Re: THE AMERO MONEY I would like to see some links to where hrkid predicted this stuff. One other thing. I have known a few people who use the HDR device. It does not work!
  11. I doubt anyone from the year 7902 would speak English like it's 2007.
  12. Re: answer to Eric Carr Yes Queensryche is still touring I believe. I saw them in 1985 with KISS on the Animalize tour.
  13. Re: answer to titorite -150 degrees? We would all die! Nobody would survive. Even the 6 million people you say live would be died. This is bogus information you have.
  14. 1) Hitler may not grow up to be the killer that he is, but just some nobody off the street who would get whack for nothing. What if someone else takes his place in history and does concore Europe and we drop more bombs to try to end WW2. What if things got worse than what they were? What if the depression never ended? 2) JFK may not visit the town he was shot in, in the time line i was at. so how many times would i have to find the right time line. What if JFK was killed for a reason? How about some time travelers from the future had him killed to stop an all out nuke war with Russia or something? 3) same goes here, would i be at the right time line that the buidlings get hit. 911 was not done by terrorist. You would have to take out top goverment officals to put a stop to 911.
  15. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John Cig, I was a lurker on many fourms. Some of them I never posted on. I have post on a few though. I think there are lots of people who only read here and never post. Some of them may be real time travelers. LOL No one has really proven to be the real deal. I have read some very good tales of time travel on the internet. There always seems to be flaws in the story. If Mrs. Clinton is not elected president next year. There goes many of these storys out the window. What if the winner of the next presidental election has not announced they are running?
  16. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John Eric... Some things Titor said could be considered cold reading..That " A soldiers winter" poem was not a prediction..some just asked him once if he remembered any poetry from 2036 and thats what he offered... Turns out someone who never heard of titor wrote it more then 3 years after he left. Titorite, This is still not solid proof John is real. I know Larry Cluck is a poet and has written many poems. Just because it was publish 3 years after John left the internet. That does not mean that it was written before 2000. One thing you said had me thinking though. Chaney and the rest of the Bush Admin. should be brought to justice for killing over 3000 people in one day.
  17. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John I don't believe that the Titor story was made up to make money. I do not believe there is a group of people behind this in FL. What I do believe is that Titor is a phoney. I also believe he is someone that read lots of books and theories on time travel. Anyone could come up with an original schematic that looks like a time machine, and then scan it. That photo with the laser bending is a fake. My GF does photo imagaing and she took one look at it and said it was a fake. He did have a great imagination. Most of what he predicted has not happened. Some will say he predicted war in the middle east? That is crap. There has been war in the middle east for a long time. There are a few key things he said that have not come true. Most important was WACO type events. There are not that many right now. I have heard some much of what he has said be twisted around. Unless you have the original chats and things, people often make [censored] up. I have heard people say he predicted Hurricane Katrina, 911, Pope dies, ect ect. None of this was ever said by him. You think that someone with that much info on the future would have predicted some major key things. Some will argue that if he mention somethings like this it would effect the timeline. Lets be real about this. How many people will believe anything some guy post on an internet board? If I said that there will be breakthrough in space travel in 5 years. Earthquake in California in latre 2007 The war in Iraq will not end for 5 more years. Rudy G will be the next president of the US. Dick Chaney will die of a heart failure Bin Laden will not ever be captured, but dies in about 10 years. Now if 3 of these statements come true. And provided you all with a false original schematic and pics of a hoax time machine of some kind. Then made it to look like a military document. Does that make me a time traveler?
  18. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John If the Goverment was really after Titor, and they saw him as a threat of somekind. They would have got him. Considering that he appears as most time travelers do on this site and many others (wack job). I don't think no goverement body gives a [censored]. If someone really did prove they travel through time, and I mean they were able to predict things right on the nose with dates of events. What I mean is someone in the year 200O showed up online and foretold things like 911, tsunami in Indonesia, Iraq war, Bush winning 2 elections with dates of celebrities dying. ECT ECT ECT. I am sure the Goverment and MSN would read these boards everday and track these people down. I am not convinced any persons on this fourm or any others is the real deal. I would love to know that time travel is real.
  19. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John Pam has always asnswered my questions and everyone else on all the fourms I have read on. Pam. After the past 7 years now, do you still believe John was telling the truth?
  20. GLP is a site where most people predict doom. I go there for a laugh sometimes. That's about it. Who is John Titor? I believe he was a clever person who had lots of people fooled, and still does. As time has come to pass, his story seems to deteriorate. We should be seeing lots of Waco type events right now. The Winter Olympics of 2006 went on as scheduled. He did say no official Olmpics after 2004. I wanted to believe he was real, because I do believe time travel exsist.
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