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  1. Ray, Oh come off it, you like doing these cheap attacks. This is SO like "RMT" the SpinMaster. Dude, can't you see yet? If you stop spinning facts for a minute you'll see it: You LOVE the drama. It follows you everywhere you go and post. But don't take my word for it, ask anyone you've made fun of! But does not the RPG give you a reason to post? Come'on Ray, there are other forums that are discussing science & math, you only stay here because of the TT hoaxers that you like to make fun of so much. Avoid personal responsibility? Ray, you cowardly said things about me behind my back every chance you got. You even went so far as to instigate someone to come and kick my ass. How am I avoiding personal responsibility... unlike you I don't spin to pin it on somebody else. I don't revel in it RMT, I am not you. This is YOU who likes to keep rubbing it into people's faces and harass them, day after day if they do not give you what you want. You'd cry and whine about it to no end, and make fun of them until they do, or continue to make fun of them until they leave and post on how RIGHT you were to ask what you asked them. How justified you must feel to get away with the unkind ridicule of another. If this is not clear to you yet, that this is what your like and live for, then I'm sorry Ray, there is no hope for you. You can justify your intentions only so far Ray. The terms of service make it very clear, and time after time, you'd disregarded them. You've insulted, attacked, and gone to extremes to prove you point and even solicit others to bring even further drama to this board, just because you don't like hearing the truth. As I said, I don't revel in telling you the truth. Unfortunately, winning is everything to you, so that's what makes this difficult for you to accept. How old are you again, 40 something? Perhaps you should start maturing... and being less compettitive all the time. So now it becomes even much clearer, doesn't it? You believe that the TTA is responsible for these TT hoaxers, and that upsets you doesn't it? The very hunting game you so desire to keep going after, denied by the one man that you strongly believe is the source of it all. You give me far to much credit Ray... but you can certainly go on to continue to believe whatever delusions you'd like. Perhaps you should go and wait in line now, to get tickets early, Mr.Extreme. TTA
  2. Re: Freudian Bogz, Then let me make an "On topic" point. Imagine where we would be today, if we still had the ancient texts or books that were lost or burned long ago? Some may have been lost by natural causes... but others were intentionally burned & destroyed (or deleted in present terms). Was this not someone's attempt to re-write history? They say that history is written by the victors. And so it would seem here today, a supporter for one of the warring parties is requesting that history be re-written, just for him. I say leave history the way it is, don't change a thing. You justify changing one thing like this, then when will it end? TTA
  3. Re: Principle fletch, And do you know why? I said I'd leave him alone. So how can I post, and contribute, if he's everywhere? The next thing you'll know, I'll be getting a PM complaining why I am not leaving him alone... again! Plus it's not just me who isn't contributing. RMT acts as a deterrent, keeping those silent voices away, and ridicules those who do attempt to be apart of the discussion of Time Travel, if they are not up to his level of understanding of it that is. As shown here, anyone that goes up against Ray, is subject to a long drawn out conflict, whether they want one or not. Either you succumb to his belittling and ridicule when you attempt to reason with him and then leave, or he continues until he creates a poll to get rid of you. TTA
  4. Re: Principle Like I said before, I am willing to "bury the hatchet" and move forward. I said this last night on 11/19/06 at 10:19 PM on thread: Anyone Is Free To Falsify......................... However, RMT attacked me and started this all over again on 11/20/06 at 01:07 AM on thread Hey Rainman!!!! Not to mention the times I've tried with him through PM. Ray just keeps fighting me, despite me wanting peace. He wanted me to leave him alone, so I left him alone. I don't see the problem in doing so again. But it has to be extreme and be blown up into a grand spectacle, because it's Ray-Ray's party. It could have just stayed on 1 thread, and between 1 person. But multiple threads were made, and many people chose to become involved and defend him. And so here we are now. Can't we all just drop this now? If you really want me to leave this badly Ray, just to make your self (principle) feel better, then gather all the friends and supporters you got, and vote me out. But as you can see, there are just as many people who don't want you here either. I get the hint, do you? TTA
  5. Re: Principle Settle down Ray... just settle down. You take things way to personal on this forum. It's no wonder things are to the point that they are now, because of you! And if people want to continue to see this side of you, then they will vote to boot me out. But if they boot you out, you will out of anger go someplace else. I assure you though; no TT Hoaxer will follow you wherever you decide to post. This is what you find pleasure in after all, isn't it? The Hunt! Perhaps, it's not so much the science and the collaboration of others that makes you want to stay, but the TT hoaxers that make it more appealing. It's making someone less intelligent then you, be brought down to their knee's. If this is what people want to see more of, then please vote to ban me. TTA
  6. Re: Freudian Ray, I don't want the last word Ray. That seems to be something that you always want, and take by force or make fun of others to get it. That's why things led to the way they went, don't you see that? You can't always spin the truth Ray, no matter how hard you try. And was it not you who contacted me just two days later after a similar situation, asking me to not do it again, because we agreed to leave one another alone? If anyone began whining, it was you Ray. But that's you Ray. Your constant need to always have to be right, each and every time someone disagrees with you. Isn't it obvious why you could not stop PM'ing me and getting so upset each time I responded to you? You impose your message to no ends. From one thread, you began two more, and posted on someone's MySpace. Asking them to come to kick my ass. It's pretty obvious you don't like to be wrong on any level Ray, regardless if it's science or math. You will go through any lengths to do this. From attacking me (3+ against 1), ridiculing me, discrediting me, creating multiple threads to make others feel guilty and vote for you. Not to mention, the first time you harassed me on the forum for no reason, and through PM's. I didn't even know you Ray. But when you met me, you began attacking me for no reason. And so this brings us to where we are today. You met someone who would not give in to you and shut up. At the very least, I was very patient with you, and respected your wishes to leave you alone for the most part. Though, you could not do the same. I'm passing judgment? Ray, the terms of service are clear. And it's obvious you are not following them. If pointing out your behavior & actions is the only way for you to be reminded to abide by them, then really you can't say that passing judgment is not just reminding you to behave or you'll get booted. But Ray, you ATTACKED me. Your friends ATTACKED me. What else am I suppose to call them & their actions, 'Little Angels' and give them a gift card or something? There you have it! Ray does not feel ashamed for asking someone to come and kick my ass. So since you don't want me to judge you or call your behavior evil, I'll just allow you to fill in the blank on that one. Ray's behavior for this was ___________. But Ray, you just judged me, and said I have a personality disorder. How is that different from what you telling me that I am doing? No Ray, I don't say this to make you feel ashamed, but I say this for you to realize what you're saying, is in a public forum, not the locker room. I mean, who comes on here and say's that they just had sex with their girlfriend, unless they were drunk. I'm sorry you feel that way. But it isn't my fault you were irresponsible to not have seen the error of your ways in the choices that you made, and now be upset that someone caught you. Ray you are to extreme. Your intentions now, as they were on the PM's, are to continue to spin the facts regardless of the truth that is being shown to you. Yes, you did say your girlfriend gave you a hummer, that's great, good for you. Though you believe I wanted to mock you or make you feel ashamed for this. As always, you're taking things to an extreme measure, to mean something completely different. This again, is the root of all the problems we now face. It's not my judging of you that's the problem, but of you not willing to see, and accept the truth. Simply perhaps because it is not in a mathematical language that you can understand and be secure in, the solution obviously eludes you. You are no different then those who deny science, in exchange for a romantic notion of Time Travel. Yes, the many faces of the TTA… who else can I possibly be. Does this scare you RMT? Your spinning streak is obviously unending. I have made my case in the above posts regarding your violation to an agreement that YOU made, and that I agreed to. An agreement that I kept, and you could NOT! So spin all you want! I'm sorry Ray, you obviously need someone to talk to… in all seriousness, please seek someone trustworthy who can listen. Now your judging me Ray. But fine, I can handle it calmly and answer you calmly. I am no legend, you merely read my posts to another forum member. In it, I admitted that I was John Titor, and stated that I was a legend. But if you read closer, you would have read that I said, SIKE! Obviously you fell for it, and still believe it to this day! No Ray, unlike you I don't take pleasure in the people that I bring down. You revel in it, I know. But for me, if you do get banned, I won't make fun of you, the way you've made fun of the countless TT hoaxers who've left with their tails behind their legs. No body deserves to be let go like that, no matter who you are. TTA
  7. Re: Freudian Important enough to have your friend RMT make a big scene beyond this thread alone, and post on your MySpace page, and personally ask you to go "nuts" on me and to kick my ass. So yes, I would call that a hit, and you the "HitMan." TTA
  8. Re: For The Record... RMT, That's right RMT, recent PMs. However, I am also talking about the ones you'd sent me in total. It was only recently that I warned you of your violation of our prior agreement. But it was months worth of you unsolicited PMs that I am in reference to. That I am afraid is beyond two hand's worth as well ;). Not so... I had agreed to leave you alone, and I have. It's kinda hard to not to find a thread that you haven't either already started or are posting on currently in, to continue to have to avoid upsetting the great SpinMaster. TTA the legend... now when did I ever agree to that? Is that what has you so concerned? Is your jealousy just so great, that you would ask someone to come and kick my ass? So it's TT Hoaxers and Legends that you can't stand. If I was asking if you were referring to me, I was only asking so that I would be clear. Just how you asked me if I was referring to you. No of course not Ray. I'd always been diplomatic with you, and always asked you first in a PM, and kindly asked you to please cease your harassment of me on the forum. But since this last time, I don't know if you were just in a very bad mood with the TTA, but you argued with me to no end. You're to picky RMT, as always. This was the problem in the PM's, you always wanted your words to always mean what you wanted them to mean, despite better reasoning being presented to you. You are taking things to far and to hasty... but that's you isn't it? A poll from you is always the last thing that is expected in any thread where it's questionable if RMT is justified, or not. I know you tie these poll results costly to you personally, and your future intentions on here. Good-luck, TTA
  9. Re: Freudian RMT, You said: How appropriate of you to share such personal information on this public forum. I offered to "bury the hatchet" countless times before with you Ray, even before I posted and called you on your slander. But just like with each PM you've sent me, you couldn't stop trying to win me over, and we both know that -that was never ending. As the above post of yours now serves no other purpose, but to continue your endless cycle of spin. How about when you get drunk and post on here? Do you even know what your saying half the time? Ok, now I know you're drunk. That's not a bad idea. But I don't hate you Ray, at least not for wanting to spread scientific data. But it gets old having you use scientific data to justify treating TT hoaxers as second class citizens. I actually think you could be a decent person on the TTI and still be scientific, but your extreme at times, and a jerk. TT hoaxers as you call them, maybe spreading lies and convincing people of them, trust me I know the damage they can cause. But they are still actual people, human beings, with rights. The TTA only asks that you remember that. TTA
  10. If you didn't want anyone to see your myspace page, you should have just followed these 3 simple steps. 1) Don't make one. 2) Don't make it public. & 3) Don't post a link to it, for others to look at it. TTA
  11. Re: Freudian That's a nice one. But your creeping me out, Mr. Hitman hired to kick my ass, who conceals evidence of the hit. Not to mention is suspect of being a former forum member who was banned. TTA
  12. Re: Freudian Yes, good night Freud. Seeing as how you could not find a suitable, disrespectful picture fast enough, perhaps it's best to begin again fresh tomorrow :). And I'll be right here waiting for you, when you do ;). TTA
  13. Re: Freudian Don't you mean, you like the eggs? TTA
  14. Re: Freudian Freud, For someone so much cooler then I, you sure don't seem to be playing with a full deck of cards. I see you have now set your myspace to private mode. That's too bad! I can understand that having the confession to have you come and kick my ass was very incriminating. But hey, weren't you Siegmund, the guy that was banned here a long time ago, and who kept coming back for more under different user names? Siegmund has been banned. Some talents... to bad they led you to keep getting banned. Better luck next time ;). TTA
  15. Re: For The Record... Very well RMT, I am willing to "bury the hatchet" and move forward, so long as you don't stab me in the back with it anymore. I promised I'd leave you alone along time ago, if you leave me alone. What say, we follow that this time? TTA
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