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  1. Bah! What a horrible movie. A time machine out of Dad's Broken Ham Radio? What genius screenwriter came up with that one. Give me a Delorean. The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine, why not do it with some style?
  2. The pyramid stones were placed there by a giant floating eye. Want proof? There's a photograph on the back of a dollar bill.
  3. has there been any survey on how many people believe titor?
  4. according to relativity (or at least according to the "ender's games books" there's some way to go 100 in the future in less than 100 years if you go fast
  5. Re: I've Gone back 2000 YEARS it would be incredible to actually be able to go back and see things like this, but.. i don't believe it happenes. I wonder if the poster is sincere and actually had the dream, or is just another liar
  6. I don't know what kind of proof this is if no can understand what you're talking about. It sounds like just math babble talk and you think people will be so "oooh, ah! Math. only future people know what math looks like"
  7. okay, here's a 500-some digit number for you. I don't see how this is going to prove anything. And I'll tell you something else-- if you expect me to type this number into a computer every 108 minutes, forget it. HAHAHAH 18538766351361919312845678191705085440094873207093838284252181683439010952372238950386370395683427684760 72187829984104923976114969862707837362090997412787155779727521934418433488551822946641365665019698834649 81573140595471911058421463974110864258747441444968128720742848635632424123114434423935996345018247787022 39082758978461729599649072671810993691226347438579420302556873337476181466375497597012276040286600591941 92998744867183022492857573544028071545502589738694701681236830046542691006146858361641615658083641630588 8759021239753678553107122
  8. Why would you name yourself after a psychatrist? Have we considered the possibility that these people might not be hoaxers but might actually believe their own stories?
  9. Oh my god, the future is the swedish chef
  10. There's a certain sick appeal to watching everyone buy into time travellers and titor and stuff. sorta like a car wreck-- i don't believe a word of it, but I can't myself from looking into it
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