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  1. Usually, historians are able to look back (hindsight: the historian's best friend) and mark a certain "era" by a significant event that may have happened. For example, for many people, July 4th, 1776 marks the beginning of our independence from England, and the Treaty of Paris in 1783 marks the official end to the war. However, the actual fighting began in 1777 and ended in 1781. Yet, the war with England is reflected in the history books as "Revolutionary War (1776-1783)" John Titor and his prediction for a Civil War Part Duex it slated to begin in 2005, and end in 2015. What event, what ONE event in 2005 could possibly signal the point of takeoff for a Civil War in the United States? Think .... think really, really hard on this one. And maybe, just maybe, we will see just what kind of war we are going to be in for. Details at 11:00.
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