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  1. firstly, let me apologize for the delay gaps in my postings. as you know, this is a low-priority task, but i get to it when i can. one myth I would like to dispel is that i somehow knew ahead of time what 600 digit number was going to be posted and used that foreknowledge to take the time to deduce a "pre-made" solution that was ready to post. with such foreknowledge, i could take however long i wanted to factor the number, and then by posting the solution immediately after the number was posted, i could appear to do in hours what in fact takes considerably longer. this seems on the surface to be a good theory, until you realize just how difficult it is to factor a 600 digit number. i'll try to explain why, but i realize this may be overly technical. in 2006 ad , the "general number field sieve" is the best algorithm publicly known for factoring large numbers (the us intelligence community has a better one, but still only a marginal improvement). in this algorithm, the number of operations increases exponentially as the number of digits in the number increase. this means that a 200 digit number is substantially harder to factor than a 100 digit number. it requires a lot lot lot lot more time, not just twice as long, but much much longer. i conducted a search to try to find estimates on just how long it would take to factor numbers of various sizes. one estimate says "It now takes the best computers several months to find the factors of a 130-digit number, and it would take 10 billion years to factor a 400-digit number" http://pr.caltech.edu/media/Press_Releases/PR12075.html . another says: "we find that it would take roughly 800,000 years to factor a 250 digit number" http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/schmuel/comp/comp.html factoring a 600 digit number is a scientific impossibility in 2006 ad. it was a very big deal that i was allowed access to a computer that could solve this, and i am not privy to the specific details of how they were able to solve it, although i do know that it is a completely different type of computer than the kind you (and i) use-- it is not a turing-style computer, but is instead a computer which exploits the laws of physics to perform the equivalent of many many many computations in a single instant. if you think that a 600 digit number is factorable in a few months or years, then i suppose the theory that i planned ahead of time, spent those months pre-factoring a number that i knew someone would ask for. but, when you realize a 600 digit number would take hundreds of thousands of years to factor with 2006 ad technology, you (i hope) realize something very special is going on. a second line of evidence is this: rsa-2048 is a 617 digit number that has a 200,000 usd prize for whoever can factor it. if it were possible to factor it with 2006 ad technology, why has no one applied that technology to factoring that number and claiming the prize. indeed a 30,000 usd prize for factoring even a 212 digit number is still unclaimed. if i was just a random person from the internet who somehow developed the ability to factor extremely large numbers, why am i posting proof of this on a message board, rather than using this technology to make myself incredibly wealthy, which is of course all anyone every dreamt of pre-war, right? however, you won't be able to rule out that i am in 2006 ad but merely have access to some secret government computer or special superfast factoring algorithm. i anticipated this reaction-- in an era when the united states spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined, who knows what secret technological developments they have hidden. i cannot convincingly refute this possibility, although it was my hope that people would be just as willing to communicate and aid a secret government official as they would communicate from a future universe. >The number Erdo whoever posted ends in a 4, >therefore its an even number, therefore very easy to factor. actually, even numbers aren't really any easier to factor than odd ones. consider, let's say we have an even 600-digit random number. it's last digit is even, so we immediately know that 2 is a factor. so if we divide out the 2, we're still left with a 599-digit number we have to factor. sure, we might get lucky and find a few small factors like 2 or 3, but in the end, we're still going to be left with a 550+ digit number we have to factor. so, i suppose they're a tiny bit easier, but not much. >It was you, not the community, who made the matter of proof and >belief an issue - "I am from the future and I CAN PROVE IT." there is the certain humor of this whole business. most people have not found the proof i offered to be overwhelmingly convincing. at the same time, several people have expressed a complete willingness to help the project out. one person reports they have already finished stocking a cache. but they have done so without finding the mathematical proof particular compelling. instead they have been more convinced either with my general corrrespondence or by some of the details of the future i was able to provide them that corroborate some things that titor said privately which are not publicly known. as i have indicated, the fact that i got permission to have the 600 digit number factored was met with amazement by my contemporary peers-- i was the only one who believed in that approach to the problem. thus far, it appears the others were right and the factoring of that number was a dead end, a wrong turn, or an unnecessary detour. but to a mad dog, seven kilometers is not a long detour at all, and it seemed worth the risk. in the end, however, it seems that the factoring will not play a large part in how my task was ultimately accomplished. as to recent requests that we factor more numbers-- that is highly improbable. it was a minor miracle to get approval to do it once, and we haven't had particularly good results from that initial experiment. >And its OK if you're handlers decide that you have to >wait until your mission is finished here for you to go >back in time to some date prior to your registering here >and make a specific post suggested by Rainman or some >other community member... >In fact, take all the time that you need... >take several years or several decades if that's what's >required. It won't matter to the community. You will have >to wait the required time but the community won't... well, yes and no. keep in mind that the bridge cannot be in the same place at the same instant. for the duration of the project, the bridge is occupied-- the delayed choice proof will occur after our project is over-- both from your point of view and from mine. there also has been a a bit of confusion about what this sort of proof would look like. when people here talk about the delayed choice phenomenon form of proof, they seem to imagine it will occur like this: 1. one day they check the forum and there is no message from me prior to 2006 ad. 2. the next day, they check the forum and suddenly there is a message from me, dated in 2005 ad. this is impossible. what you are asking is that i somehow sponaneously teleport every reader of this forum from the universe they currently reside in (in which i have not posted prior to 2006) to a different universe in which i did post prior to that date. this is impossible. we already know that no one under my name posted prior to 2006 in your universe. what has been observed, _is_. if we moved the bridge back to 2005 ad and posted, we would find ourselves communicating with a different universe in which my first post was in 2005 ad. the residents of this universe would not find anything unusual either, because they would simply observe my first ever post occurring in 2005 ad. it's one of those things like the uncertainty principle-- whatever clever experiment you devise to do away with it, you will find nature somehow compensated for it. it is an immutable law. if i tried to change the past, i would find that the uncertainty in the displacement process results in my changing the past of a different universe which i had never observed before. or if somehow i was, in fact, in the same universe, i would find that a near infinite number of unlikely-yet-possible quantum interactions all took place such that the effects of my actions were completely in agreement with what i had previously observed. this is why no one ever tries to 'save' the past-- it seems an immutable law that anything you have observed, is. take heart, however, there is a way to exploit the laws of physics to produce an interesting form of proof. it is somewhat complex, and the protocol was devised by a smarter man than i, for a mission substantially more imporant than mine. but, if approved, it may provide some of you with the kind of proof you desire. if we used a delayed choice event form of proof, here is how it would be experienced, first by me, then by you. (i will use arbitrary day names, but don't think they litterally apply to actual days of the week) here is how i experience the events: first we would recall the bridge from sunday, your time. then we would reinsert the bridge to thursday your time. on thursday your time, i would post a request for questions. the questions would have to be ones that can be answered in a few short words. the questions can not involve prediction of the future of course, can not require the use of numbers or special characters, can not be overly lengthy in terms of how many words they require. next, we would wait uuntil a question or two has been asked, and we will read the questions. let say questions are posted on friday. then, we will recall the bridge and reinsert it to wednesday your time. on wednesday your time, i will post the answers to the question in an encrypted form. then we recall the bridge and reinsert it to saturday your time. on saturday your time, i post instructions for deciphering the encrypted answers. here is how you experience the events: one day, i stop posting. sometime later, i post a message that contains encrypted text. again, i appear to stop posting for a time. sometime later, i post a message that asks for questions. someone or several someones reply to this message by asking simple questions. again, i appear to stop posting for a time. sometime later, i post the decryption instructions. when decrypted, you find that the initial message, which i posted earlier, contains the answers to questions before those questions were even asked. the decryption instructions would be simple, capable of being performed without the use of computers. you'll note that i can't just post the unencrypted answers for two reasons: one is that it creates the same potential for forking that has been discussed extensively earlier. but let us imagine that a fork could not occur. if i posted the unencrypted answers to questions before the questions were asked, all you would observe would be first me answering a question, then someone else posting an question that everyone already knows the answer to. so you would observe me first, i posting something like: "blue" and then later, someone asks me: "what is your favorite color". the question asker would immediately be accused of collusion with me, and the whole thing would appear to be nothing more than a self-fullfilling prophecy. therefore i must encrypt the answers until after the questions are asked. i also must be sure to answer questions from several individuals, including some regulars or otherwise trusted individuals. would people find observing an event of this sort to be convincing? or would it suffer from the same sorts of problems that the factoring issue has suffered from. this sort of event is rather expensive to us, in terms of both manpower and energy. you'll note that the protocol requires four separate insertions. >What is "ms"? ms is microsingularity. these are singularities with event-horizons which are incredibly small-- smaller than a proton. in essence, these are ultra-tiny black holes. there is a lot of debate as to what lies inside them-- whether the matter inside them has collapsed into an infinitely small point or the center has volume as well as mass. my bunkmate fort rochester used to insist that experimental physics can never resolve the debate. i don't whether he is correct on that point or not. these will first be produced in the high-energy collisions at cern in europe within the first several years of operation of its upcoming accelerator. does this qualify as a future prediction? it really shouldn't because it's already on record that this is going to occur. >What is a "temp field"? a temporal field. technically all objects produce them, and they dictate how an object and objects near it pass through time. the temporal field of accelerating matter is weaker than at rest matter. photons have the weakest fields of all-- either 0 or incredibly close to it. the important thing is that microsingularities can be used to actually create negative temporal fields-- in essences, objects within those fields can travel backwards in time. often, temp field is used just to refer to negative fields, though technically, positive ones are the norm. >What is the significance of "on the order of 75kg"? that was just my rough estimate for how powerful a field would have to be to transport a human being, more or less. The military has these kinds of power sources, we do not. to put things in perspective, i believe the net weight of the entire bridge is under 1.5 grams. in reality, though, you'd have to be able to send back significantly larger amounts of matter if you're going to displace a human being. for one thing, he'll have to carry his own temporal displacement equipment with him so he can make multiple trips (and get back to when he started). and his own power source. and some sort of machinery (like a car) to transport all the equipment spatially, unless you want it to be immobile. this is the beauty of the entangled bridge method. the power requirements are minute by comparison (though still more substantial than we'd like). it's a more elegant solution. I read somewhere that during the race to the moon, both the americans and the soviets had rocket engines that could get to orbit, but none that could get to the moon. the americans spent years and millions of usd designing a sleek new rocket engine that was more efficient and better designed in every way. the soviets, meanwhile, created a new rocket that had 30 of their old style engines all fused onto it, and ended up beating the americans on that stage of the race. i don't know if the story's true, but it reminded me of the two approaches to time travel. the military can invest significant resources into making a lightweight ultrapowerful energy source and send people, powersouce, singularity, containment, and automobile back. but we, with our limited resources, have managed to do something almost as good by being elegant and efficient. >why are you looking for "John Titor" here? we're not looking for him personally. he has nothing to say to us, i assure you. we are looking for people who communicated with him, because we believe his story, although he was either from a different origin universe (than us) or else he intentionally lied about a few things. one theory is that he listed some of his dates in ym rather than ad-- either out of some intention to cloak his own foreknowledge or, less likely, out of habit or error. the era conversions have been the cause of countless such confusion among laypeople, but we're skeptical a member of the military's "time corps" would unintentionally use ym when speaking to an audience using the ad system. in any case, i am not looking for titor-- just people who corresponded with him. we've been informed by a number of people that a few crucial details of his communication have gone undocumented in public and remain known to a few who directly spoke with him. >Gregory, is the sun in very bad condition, in 2046? no, the sun is fine as far as i know. i haven't seen it in about two years, but it's definitely still out there. you know, the amazing thing is, the sun and the stars couldn't shine without quantum tunneling-- a phenomenon where something can appear to "go through" a barrier. like something in a box spontaneously disappearing and immediately reappearing on the outside of the box. it's incredibly unlikely-- incredibly improbable. but because of the uncertaintly principle, it must be possible-- there is some finite probability that it will occur. for a long time, people assumed such a thing could never actually happen. turns out, protons naturally repel each other when they're far away (electrostatically), but will fuse if sufficiently close together. so how can two far apart protons ever manage to get close enough together for fusion to occur? the answer is quantum tunneling. it's incredibly improbable, but there are so many protons in a star that it happens all the time. every time you look up and see the sun or the stars, you're looking at the results of miracles-- incredibly improbable events that managed, somehow, to occur. no matter what i have to pretend every sabbath i spend in public, i am not a religious man. but that bit about the sun makes me feel, just a little, spiritual. maybe. or maybe just poetic. no one around here thinks it's particularly profound, but i keep insisting that it is.
  2. darby, nice to finally meet you. i've heard people mention you by name before. titor is a very, very minor part of the project. but we would like to know about him. but not so much that we would let that priority dictate the insertion date. (we also don't want to go out of our way to help him know about us, though it wouldn't be that big of a deal if the military found out we were posting here). i'm not looking for titor directly, just looking for information about it. for example, we seriously doubt that the story about getting an ibm computer is the whole truth behind his mission. why would he bother coming to 2000ad to get a circa 1975ad computer. the story that he'd make a jump just to visit mom and dad and a message board-- that doesn't add up. he had some other reason for being in 200ad. the author of that program is completely incorrect. his program could never factor numbers that big-- it would take literally forever. consider the document at this internet address: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSA-704 this is a 212 digit number. there is a 30,000 dollar prize for anyone who can factor it. so, if there was anyone on earth who could factor it, they would have. we factored a 600 digit number in a matter of hours. this is simply completely impossible using 2006ad technology. it wasn't easy for us to do it-- there is no way anyone in 2006ad could do it.
  3. >first u say ur in a different universe, so this wouldnt work. but if you think about it, i don't have to be in the same universe for it to work, so long as i am in a nearby universe. supposedly there are an infinity of universes, but let's imagine for a second that there are only three. let's call your universe 1, and my universe 2, and then there's a third universe 3. so messages from me in universe 2:2043ad travel to you in universe 1:2006ad. but if universe 1 and universe 2 are adjacent/nearby, then that means that in my universe, universe 2, someone in 2006ad also received messages from someone from 2043ad. so we'll call the origin of those messages universe 3. universe 3 is similar to universes 1 and 2, so that means in universe 3:2006ad, someone received messages also. and the origin of those messages is your universe, universe 1. i hope i'm not just confusing you, so let's graph it. universe 2 (mine) sends messages to universe 1 (yours). universe 3 sends messages to universe 2. universe 1 (yours) sends messages to universe 3. 2->1 3->2 1->3 see how this works. _if_ (and it's a big if) but if these universes are nearby and therefore similar, then my actions can affect my own universe's past, even though i may not directly affect it. > if you checked the cache before the project began, > something could still have been cus there would be > a future version of yourself already communicating with us, > telling us to put something somewhere. so just by creating > the cache they should become instantly full. this would be called an 'exotic solution'. it is possible, but supposedly this would be tempting fate to check the caches before starting the project. the reason is, suppose something happened to us-- we were apprehended and the project never happened. that means that our universe and all nearby universes will not have projects to recruit people in 2006ad to fill the caches. so therefore, our caches can only be filled if we happen to exist the border between dissimilar universes (universes with successful projects) and similar universes (universes in which the project fails). probabalistically, these universe are much rarer. more common are universes surrounded by similar universes which are well distant from dissimilar universes. supposedly, we therefore maximize our chances of finding filled caches if we complete the project before we check the caches. >why does it have to be something expensive? not all of the needed datasets are proprietary. there are free ones on the list too. but, in general, the free ones are available online and have the potential to transmitted through the bridge. but i didn't mean to imply that the contents of hte caches are always expensive. some are not. but the real hard part of this mission is convincing complete strangers to spend substantials sums of money ordering commercial databases and then traveling hundreds of miles in order to bury them in the ground. it's amazing anyone ever does it, but they do. -- answering questions from an email: >how did you make a singularity? singularities are made during collisions in giant particle accelerators run by the military. it turns out that making them isn't actually as hard as harvesting them-- supposedly trillions are made every second by cosmic rays that hit the atmosphere. the hard part is keeping them contained-- otherwise they naturally tend to evaporate through something called hawking radition. making and containing a singularity is beyond our project's capabilities. the singularity in our project, which was used to insert the bridge, was stolen in a raid that hijacked one that was being transported from an accelerator to an industrial application site. people died to bring us that singularity, and without their sacrifice, the project would be impossible. >how is the project going? very good. we've been working for a long time and the end is in sight. my particular task in coming here (which is just one of several tasks i've worked on) is going pretty well too. I have three different individuals that look like they're going to help with the cacheing. >are you really named gregory tarasoff? no-- it's a pseudonym i chose for personal reasons. to use my real name would be dangerous.
  4. well, i'm glad that the numbers finally got verified. life in the mess hall just got a little easier for me. OvLrdLegion, your mathematician isn't particularly good at math. the factors are correct. furthermore, it is incorrect that an 800 digit number can be factored in weeks. i may have made several errors in this mission, but factoring too short a number was not one of them-- before i posted my first message, i was sure to confirm that 600 digits is well beyond the ability of anyone alive in 2006. the simplest proof of this is something called the rsa factoring challenge, which apparently is some sort of giant competition where people try to factor large numbers in order to win cash prizes. in november 2005, for example, a group succesfully factored a number 193 digits long-- it took them five months using a group of eighty computers. i expect therefore that the feat of factoring a 600 digit number in less than a day should be seen as a little extraordinary. granted, this does not prove i am communicating to you through time. you could reasonably conclude that i could merely have access to some sort of incredibly advanced computing technology which is just thirty years ahead of its time. nonetheless, this should set me apart from routine posters who have nothing but their own word to demonstrate something extraordinary is occuring. the mathematician proposes an alternative method of proof-- that i could transmit to you a completed result from mathematics, such as a proof for some major mathematical open problem. this approach however has many problems with it and if you think about at it, you will agree it is untenable. the first problems are practical: such proofs are several hundreds of pages long, and they would be difficult to transmit and impossible for you to verify without the aid of armies of the world's best mathematicians working for many months. it would create far more publicity than we want and draw way too much attention to our project. by the time the proof was verified the bridge might have broken down. the second problem is more subtle and i can illustrate it with a concrete example. i live in a universe where a mathematician named andrew wiles proved fermat's last theorem. now suppose i communicate with 1950 ad in some universe and transmit to it the copy of the proof. in this universe, andrew wiles does not prove anything, instead the proof was not discovered but transmitted into it. but according to my history, andrew wiles did prove it. therefore, i cannot be communicating with _my_ past. rather, my very act of transmitting the proof ensures that i am communicating with a parallel instance universe which is not a predecessor to my universe. and therefore, all the data i have gotten from that communication is essentially worthless. road will be in different places, people will be in in different places, all the details will be scrambled and different. the whole point of communicating with the past is to communicate with your past, not with some parallel one. or if you are communicating with a parallel one, communicating with one as 'nearby' as possible, that is, one as similar to your own past. so the idea of transmitting a complex mathematical result is a bad one. the factoring was perfect precisely because it was difficult yet trivial. similarly, the idea of factoring a 9000000 is a bad one-- even assuming we could do it, how would you verify such a large factoring was correct. RenUnconscious, yes, the more people who knew winning lottery number, the bigger the paradox. i hesitate to use the word paradox because there isn't actually a paradox-- the multiple universe discovery explains that. the 'paradox' is just a fancy simplified word to describe the discrepancy between your universe and mine. the physicists describe descrepancy in some equation that just involves the actual physical difference between the worldlines of every single quantum of matter-energy over their history-- it's a simply physics thing involving mass and temperature and etc, it's not a subjective human measurement. that said, think about it-- the most efficient way to alter the most amount of matter and energy is by affecting the lives of intelligent creatures. if i transmitted the winning lottery numbers (assuming i even had them which i don't), and if those numbers came up, i'd instantly be talking to a world very different than my own past. >Did I miss a world war or something? I thought WWII ended in 1945, when did WWIII happen. world war three never happened. or if you prefer, it was won nonviolently by the nato nations. >how old are you? If you dont mind me asking, what year were u born in. i'd meant to get around to this. i am one of the younger members of the project which i suppose is why i'm bold enough to even attempt this mission that no one else believed in. i am 29 years old. i was born in 2006 ym, which is 2012 ad. i know i've mentioned the era shift in some emails but i think this is the first time its come up in public so let me mention it. as you all know, when the new american republic was formed, there were huge informational purges that swept away everything about the old federal government and its social order. instead, the new republic was (and is) very rural oriented, very local/regional community-based, very frugal, very pro-military, very family-obsessed, and very very very christian. as you might expect, there was a lot of change for change sake-- changing things for political propaganda purposes. anyway, one of the stupider decisions was that it was decided that the ad dating system wasn't 'christian enough'. At some point (i'm not sure if it's in your past or your future) they find evidence that the census that made jesus be born in bethlehem happened later than 1 ad and jesus therefore couldn't have really been born in 1 ad and therefore it was 'demeaning of gods plan' to date things for the wrong year. so, they changed to ym (year of the messiah) and it took quickly, because no one wants to give any hint that they are traitors or aren't christian enough. this complicates both history and cross-time communications a little. it's simpler for our project because we can just use the ad system when talking about any year prior to 2011 ad-- what the government thinks of our dating system is the least of our problems. historians operating in the public have to convert though-- it considered a little dangerous and unamerican to even quote a year in the old system. >So u are assuring us we will attack Iran. Then we have our civil war? well, there's more time there than your sentence might imply, but essentially. of course, theres always a chance none of this happens in your universe-- good for you, bad for the project. but i wouldn't put a lot of hope in it not happening-- our whole entire project is built upon the assumption that we are talking with our past or a universe very very close to it. but yes, iran will be attacked. but then you read the same headlines we download every day, how can you doubt that the ultimate outcome won't be an attack on iran. the writing is already on the wall for that issue. >Tell us more about this project. i can't give you precise details-- not because i don't want you to know, but because there's a good chance our enemies monitor these discussions. but the basic outline is obvious. we communicate with the past for the same reason they travel to it. the downside about global information purges and mass deletions and book burnings and such is that one day you make wake up and wish you had some of that information you so patriotically destroyed. i don't have to tell you that your time is an informational golden age. every kind of data you could possibly want, you have. elevation data with meter resolution for every point on the earth's surface. the precise location of every road, every house, every business. the wiring information for telecommunication nets. the protocols for every satellite communication. algorithms for practically anything you can imagine. satellite imagery of every point on the earth's surface. the results of scientific experiments. whole libraries of scientific papers and discussions. mathematics. (and that's not to mention all the art you have. more films than a person could watch in their entire lifetime. more song recordings than any one person could listen to. any kind of food you want. on and on and on. my envy is great.) in any case, it's hard to jumpstart a good science program if you kill all the scientists. the whole reason the nar is weak is that my entire generation has grown up with anti-intellectual indoctrination. in your time, everyone is literate, everyone is computer-literate, and every twelve year old boy can and does write their own computer programs it seems. try having a science program when you have a nation of fundamentalist farmers. it doesn't work. so they cheat. they go back to that sinful age of heathens because it turns out they shouldn't have destroyed all those computers after all. of course, the general public has no idea. if you went to someone in my time and tried to tell them time travel is possible, they first would believe you, and second would doubt why anyone would want anything from 2006. now it may be i've overestimated my strength here. after all, the military is sending whole cars back in time while we rebels are sending only photons. but just because they have more resources doesn't mean they're smarter. >You keep saying you need help, can you state publicly what help you are looking for? I've told several people privately, so no, it won't hurt to say it publically. 'the project' (which has a proper name i'm not giving out for security purposes) has around 900 separate objectives that were all layed out and prioritized before we ever started. they all could fall under the heading of 'getting information from your time'-- nothing like trying to change the past or anything insane like that. the ones i'm working on here are in the botton 800. i'm a very unimportant person in the grand scheme of things, and the really big priorities are too important to risk on help from message boards people. the project is limited by the bandwidth of the bridge (which was itself limited by the power source used to send it backwards in time). my own personal mission on this message board is to augment that bandwidth through a technique called caching. we have scouted locations through the country that are known to be undisturbed for the interval between 2006 ad and the present. my mission on here is to convince people to purchase expensive datasets from various institutions, store them on optical or magnetic media, and place them in one of the pre-designated locations. if all goes well, in a year or two we send teams out to collect, and maybe we'll get lucky and someone will have done it. keep in mind, right now, even though i know where the cache locations are, we have not disturbed the location. because if we had dug up one of the caches before the project began, it would have been empty, because we hadn't recruited anyone to place anything in it. but then, once the project began, my attempts to recruit people to place things in the caches would, you guessed it, result in forks, because in your universe the cache would be full, but in ours it would be empty. so the sequence is important: first we scout the location, then we recruit, then we check. everyone is super paranoid about forks (or 'paradoxes' as you call them). i personally don't know if all this attention is as essentials as they make it out to be. maybe the cache are all filled, have been filled for thirty odd years, and all we have to do is go harvest them, even though the recruiting isn't done. i mean, how would we know? but i'm inclined to let caution prevail. of course, the other trick in the cache harvesting will be logistical-- the security risk for the harvest teams-- as i've said, the military may be monitoring these communications. Any time travellers they've sent to 2006 might pose as a willing cacher, only to arrange an ambush and arrest whoever shows up to dig it up. travel also is much trickier in my time-- no more travelling from new york to la just for the fun of it.
  5. ovlrdlegion, firstly i do not blame you for your skepticism. great claims require great evidence, and until you have verified my computational claims, you have no such evidence. frankly, i had hoped the multiplication would have been easy to verify. given the amount of physics discussions that john titor had with members of the board, i naively assumed that many someones would have easy access to arbitrary-precision software of the type used by mathematicians that requires no programming knowledge. i had not anticipated that such software would be available only to academics or would otherwise be difficult to obtain. until such time as you can verify my factorization of a 500 digit number, i have in effect given you no proof at all, and my promises of proof are just words written with pitchfork on the water. I have confidence that someone will step forward to verify it in time, and when that happens, i imagine the skepticism will tend to evaporate. fortunately, i do not need to convince everyone and i do not need to be believed by everyone. a few will do, and several individuals have already contacted me to offer their assistance. so ironically, despite the main tool of my attempt to complete my portion of this project having so far failed to achieve results(my access to 500-digit factorization), nonetheless, i seem to be making progress and expect to have success within several weeks. that my expensive qcomputer bits did not contribute to this is of course a source of embarassment for me among my colleagues. i find it hard to understand your confidence that i have access to your future posts. if you were having a telephone conversation with someone from the year 1970 would you know what they were about to say before they said it? how could you? hindsight is not the same as omniscience. and while i grant you there is, physically, a way we could obtain that information if it were overwhelmingly important, it would require an enormous expenditure of time and energy. would the united states recreate and entire apollo mission merely to convince skeptics that they had landed on the moon. (i exaggerate of course, the delayed choice event wouldnt as hard as putting a man on the moon something that hasn't been done in sixty some years.) >Why dont you provide us with the GPS co-ordinates of where you are accessing the web ? >You say you are inserting your device into a segment of cable...exactly where are you doing this...? i would never ever give out the location of the relay. the project has taken elaborate steps to ensure that its location is hidden and impossible to trace. i would not even give out what region of the country the relay is in. to do so might well mean all our deaths. there is a very high probability that titor or someone like him might be monitoring our communications, and the government obviously would not approve of our activities. also, it would not be possible for you to construct a better relay. the bottleneck lies in the entanglement, not in the embedding fiber. cpEndeavor1, i am impressed with your tracking abilities. we were fortunate to be able to make use of the tor network. i will tell you that is it not the only level of security used to obscure the transmit location, but it provided an added layer of security. in answer to your question, there is no single IPv4 address that the relay holds. it can and does use any ip address that is guaranteed to have to transmit through the embedding fiber. since our usable bandwidth is so miniscule compared to that of the overall fiber, it is inconceivable that we could be noticed that way. incidentally, the ip masquerading abilities of an embedded fiber relay is the primary reason that method won out over the alternative-- creating a relay that accesses the numerous 802.11 broadcasts available. A wireless relay would have been significantly simpler to insert, but a good deal less secure. as to how a 1998 machine manages all this, i did not mean to give the impression in my earlier post that the only computers involved are pre-war. the thought of having to run the whole project without a contemporary machine is an interesting idea-- i think it could actually be possible except for the insertion mechanics. fortunately however, we do have a modern machine that runs that actual networking, encryptions, error corrections, transmission analysis, and download queueing. My 1998 machine is one of a fleet that is used for end-to-end-- it views the incoming data and initiates the outgoing requests. it, in fact, has no idea that there is a relay at all, and just thinks its on a very narrow lan connection. this system is used for several reasons-- one is that we have guaranteed compatability, so that's one thing we don't have to worry about. two, i've touched on this before but even though they are old, they are fully-programmable computers. I can't just walk in to a store and buy a programmable computer, anymore than you could walk into a store and buy a cruise missile or a CJD prion sample. The two modern military grade computers used in the project were illegally acquired. And then of course, there's the computer that factored the 500 digit number-- no one on our team even knows where that one physically is. it was harder to get than the microsingularity. i'm something of a celebrity for being awarded the 'use' of it around here, and the object of more than a few laughs for its failure to help contribute to my mission.
  6. OvLrdLegion, >Can you describe in brief, how you are utilizing the web to communicate? we use a device called a relay, which is a disc about 3 micrometers in diameter. the device was inserted into a defunct 45 year old internet backbone communication fiber in 2037 ym. the fiber had been chosen for excavation becuase its position had remained unchanged (relative to the surrounding soil) since it was initially buried some 45 years earlier. the relay is subatomically inserted into the fiber core creating an interlocking matrix. after the insertion, we do something i personally dont understand very well but ill try to explain it. the relay is split into two copies of itself, each seperated by less than a nanosecond. Then our microsingularity is used to transport one of the two of the relays back 37 years in time. but the two copies of the relay, which are actually the same object, remain 'connected', almost as if they had a rubber band between them. what happens to one will happen to the other. this allows us to excite our copy of the relay causing the 2006 ad version to emit photons. the opposite effect happens as well-- excitation of the 2006 ad relay causes present copy to emit photons. now i should say i have nothing to do with any of that. i've never seen the relay, or the trunk, or even been in the insertion lab. i'm not an expert in physics or hardware but thats the basic principle. its a simple enough to send and receive internet signals through the relay. our connection is the routed through an anonymous relay network so that the physical location of the relay can never be ascertained. obviously there are people who would arrest us all if they knew who and where we were. but the anonymous relay network is run by people in 2006 who have no knowledge of time travel-- we have nothing to do with it. its simply a lucky thing for us. >Are you able to read the posts from future dates within this forum ? no, no, emphatically no. i have no idea what you were going to say. i dont have some giant archive of everything that is said on this forum. i have no idea what you will say next. >If so, then I am going to post a very simple question. If you can post the answer to my question before I post it , then I will be a believer. but stop and think what you are asking me to do. first lets look at it from my perspective. i have to wait until you ask your question. then we have to collapse the relays into one, extract them from the fiber, reinsert it at a different point, resplit them. then, the most energy expensive part of all, we have to reusing the ms and send it back to precisely the time, and then i have to post the answer to your question before you ask it. but think of what this would look like from the point of vier of a reader of this forum. you seem to think that on tuesday they will read the forum and find your question with no reply. but then wednesday they will check the form and find a whole new message that is my reply but which is dated on monday. this is not possible at all. this is not what would happen. here is what would happen. on monday you check the forum and find a message from me answering a question no one has asked. on tuesday, you decide to post a message asking me the question i've already answered. this is hardly proof or convincing at all to anyone. but there is a slightly different way to do it. ask me in a few months and we may be able to do something very dramatic and convincing that is like this. >Does AQCE mean anything to you? no. should it?
  7. first i apologize for seeming rude i wasnt trying to be rude. i do not blame you for your skepticism. but you have to understand, i am in a very danger and important position in being allowed to communicate with you. i know what sort of proof you crave. for example, the winning numbers to a lottery a week from now. or other such precise details. but i cannnot give them to you for many reasons. for one i don't know very much about 2006 and we have never communicated with 2007. if we could just go and read every newspaper headline from 2006, we wouldn't need to communicate with 2006. I have no idea what is going to happen next week or what tomorrows headline will be. for two, and this has happened before. if I did know something and told you to something, forces might well conspire to prevent paradoxes. lets say i knew the lottery number or some other major even that could never have been guessed ahead of time and lets say i told you. I would be proved correct i would be suddenly known and the news media would run a story about a time traveller or a prophet. but this did not happen in my history. therefore, anything that might change history would create an alternate parallel worldline in which these things did happen. i would no longer be communicating with my past, i would be communicating with an alternate parallel wordline that had nothing in common with my history after the date i communicated the lottery numbers. if i have a big impact everything will change and i will singlehandedly ruin the whole project. paradoxes are impossible but actions that would create paradoxes fork timelines ruining any similarity between your worldline and my own. for three, supposedly "worldlines dont want to be forked" or "worldlines are mutually attractive". if i told you the lottery numbers, an infinite number of subatomic events would happen totally differently such that different air currents affected what balls came up so that the lottery number would be different. this would result in a worldline that was different from mine in many small ways like air currents and lottery numbers but was macroscopically as similar as possible to my worldline. this reshuffling effect is almost imperceptibly minor, but i wanted to mention it. events can only change within the realms of possibility and large events almost never reshuffle because they are large events. so even if i had perfect historical knowledge and was willing to contaminate the worldlines, i still couldnt predict some things with total accuracy because of the reshuffling effect. i can only know for a fact what happened in my worldline, and i can never know for sure whether i'm communicating with the same line as mine or not. in practice, i am almost certainly not but the line is 'close enough' so long as i an no one else contaminate it. if you ask for small details, i dont know them, am not allowed to tell you, and they might change if i did tell you. if you ask for big trends, i will seem like a vague psychic. for example, i can tell you what you already basically know. the fourth world war began in 2001 ad. the us attacked afghanastan, iraq, iran, and various others. things got worse, more got involved. some big attacks, then a civil war between the true americans and titor's fascists over whats left. you know which side wins. but this isnt proof at all. anyone can see it all coming. i could do a search and find a dozen articles making similar predictions right now without any help from me. when iran is hit i wont seem like a prophet ill just be a lucky guessor. this is why i am so proud of the mathematical form of proof. it can proof something special is going on without having to rely on event prediction. it is immune to reshuffling because math is math no matter what the quantum effects do. it is unlikely to cause massive changes to your worldline precisely because it is not the sort of proof that just anyone act on. eventually however someone will confirm i have successfully solved an unsolvable (in 2006 ad) problem and i think that will be proof enough for at least one person to get the help i need. after the conclusion of the project i mabe be allowed to make a slightly more dramatic form of proof that will cause more contamination but by then it wont matter.
  8. Rainmantime, perhaps i slightly underestimated your computer power but the point remains unchange. there is no way to factor a 500 digit number. that i did it should show you all that i have access to some technological capabilities you do not. granted this does not necessarily prove what i say about the time, perhaps i simply have some sort of advanced technology not well known in 2006 ad. but it will at least prove i am not just another faker. it should be easy to demonstrate my factors are correct. any good mathematics program with arbitrary precision integer arithematic should work. you shouldn't have to program it yourself although you can. but i do encourage you to do something to confirm it, even in my day the factors were not easy to obtain and required a minor expenditure of resources. i have asked for permission to do a delayed choice event when the project is done. i will let you know more about that as time progresses. its not exactly what you think it is but its still pretty dramatic and convincing. we did one when we started the project. well, they did one. i shouldnt overstate my role, which is miniscule. RenUnconscious, >Why did you choose this time to communicate with us? some of this i can tell you, some i cant. August 2004 was chosen. not later because we wanted it to be far enough pre-war we were confident we could do our job with plenty of time to space. not earlier because we wanted something that did not exist earlier or at least didnt exist in as good a form. >Why did you come to this board? We first came here to try to figure out who titor was. we still dont know. then later this board seemed like it would be the most receptive to helping us as a backup if the main method fails. >Will there be a nuclear war in our future? saying yes doesnt make me a prophet. you already know that. >Can you tell us the name of anybody who dies in our near future. you know more about your time than i do, and you could make better predictions about what will happen tomorrow far better than i could. The day to day archives were either destroyed in the war, obliterated in the purge or are now state secrets and wed be the last person in the world to be allowed to access them. if i make vague predictions based on memories, i might as well be a oracle or a fortune teller and even if things turned out right it would dismissed as vague and wouldnt convince anyone not even me. and then theres the quantum effects. if i knew that in my wordline you died tommorrow, my message warning you might go to a divergent line in which the prediction was false. i have no guarantee that i am communicating with my own past line, and supposedly, the more i try to create paradoxes, the further away from true past i get. this is why i was so proud of the mathematic approach. it is proof that doesnt rely on paradox events. >How many others can communicate or are communicating from the future? I work with a staff of around fifty "communicators". only on one other occasional prior have we revealed ourselves, and it was not on this or any other board. But we are almost positive that there are those who can send back whole massive things including persons. i do not know how many. and ironically the best way to find out is looking at message boards like this. there could not be many people sent, certainly less than a hundred. most likely just one or two. of course for this number i mean those having departed prior to 2038 ym. there are a lot of mysteries. why havent we seen any signs ofr someone from 2075 or 2500 or 4000 coming back to earlier? some say there's a scientific explaination, that somehow they cant get too far back. others say it will at some point become illegal or the technology will be lost in a dark age. im sad to say i am one of those who believes the most likely reason i have never communicated with somoene from the future is that there is another war coming, one that will no one will survive. >You said u need help, who's help, what kind of help? titor claimed he was coming back to get a computer. i think he was lying but he definitely went back for something. in any case, there is more than one method of skinning a cat, and we will need someone to purchase something and send it to us. >Can you explain your computer interface, still keyboard? you would laugh out loud if you could see what i am using to communicate with you. a circa 1998AD microsoft computer, though i doubt any two components came from the original machine. obviously, this is what i use to communicate with, not what i used to factor the 500 digit number. so what i think you want to know is what are computers generally like in 2038. in one word, true computers are illegal. by true i mean a complete computer that can do anything not just prespecified things. but they do of course exist in the educational forts and then who knows what all they have in the military installations. keyboards are still used. usually keyboards to communicate with the machines, voices are used to communicate with others. most people do not type. >Anything else u can think of? (wonder how many people are monitoring this thread!) i have something i already wrote that i want to say when the project is done, but ill save it for later >Just how quickly can you reply to our messages, theorhetically it should be instantaneously since you are >30 something years in the future. If you can't reply to us instantly, why not? i cannot respond instantly unless we decide to do a reinsertion in which case i can respond instantly or even prior to the question being asked. but a reinsertion is a very very very significant procedure and we will not do it until it the last thing we need the relay for. so as i mentioned, the relay was inserted into 2004 ad and that was done 20 months ago. even though it has traveled through time, from the relays clock it is only 20 months old. by analogy, imagine you are communicating with someone in europe, you have a phone they have a phone. the sun is rising in europe but it is night where you are. yet time is still moving for the both of you, and you are both moving forward in time at the same rate. the only difference is there you are separated by space but you and i are seperated by time. does that make any sense. its much easier to just experience what its like. and no communication isnt instanteous. the relay is in fact very very slow. so slow we could never download the things we need off the 2004 internet, not even if we had ten years to do it. slow isnt the right word, technically the term is narrow, but it ends up making things slow. Overload, find a mathematician that can verify the proof ive already given you.
  9. what you are asking is a delayed choice event. these are very difficult to do because they require a reinsertion of the relay. and there are other complications. but something like this is possible. ive done this once before and now that our own mission is entering its final phase i may be able to get permission to do one for you at some point, especially if we need your help. so here is the proof i had promise. there is an operation you can to do large numbers called factoring a number. the best computers in the world in 2006 ad cannot factor even a 200 digit number. or they can but it takes them years. so i have arranged to have factored a 500 digit or more number in less than 24 hours. this is something that should take decades or even centuries with 2006 ad technologies. while it is almost impossible to factor the number, anyone with a calculator or math program that can handle 500 digit numbers should easily and quickly be able to confirm that we have solved the problem and correctly factored the number. this is utterly impossible using 2006 ad technology. this is still rather expensive to do in 2038 ym. after giving me the number 18538766351361919312845678191705085440094873207093838284252181683439010952372238950386370395683427684760 72187829984104923976114969862707837362090997412787155779727521934418433488551822946641365665019698834649 81573140595471911058421463974110864258747441444968128720742848635632424123114434423935996345018247787022 39082758978461729599649072671810993691226347438579420302556873337476181466375497597012276040286600591941 92998744867183022492857573544028071545502589738694701681236830046542691006146858361641615658083641630588 8759021239753678553107122 it should be easy for you to confirm that we can factor it: 2*11*109*563*787*811*26249*26740187*297977633*2576609840821073* 35201546659608842026088328007565866231962578784643756647773109869245232364730066609837018108561065242031153677* 3*13*17*47383219405128844982535569* 745213698191737003631319694753125429293968166002970537936165661845575001172678049743806549549977234670072449443569701103* 10513733234846849736873637829838635104309714688896631127438692162131857778044158273164093838937083421380041997* 10966824629*420145406901811857791227072284165226561693483222287527567496017033892563342686752247587935117119306171161848593337649107= if i am correct, this is utterly impossible with 2006 ad technology.
  10. I am not related to the Gregory Tarasoff you mentioned. That is not even my true name of course, i would never be dumb enough to post my true name here where anyone could read it. your comment about John Titor definitely is or he definitely isn't made me laugh. i agree, he is or he is not. i do know no for sure. but his guesses are so accurate that he definitely has future knowledge. I can't decide whether he intentionally laced his stories with lies or whether something else accounts for the discrepancies between my history and his. maybe it's this divergent wordline multiple universe thing he talks about. given who he claims to work for i tend to assume lies but perhaps i am wrong. the greatest mystery for me remains what titor hoped to accomplish by communicating with this group. i do not believe he was just amusing myself nd that is certainly not my purpose i appear to be in 2006 because my organization does not have the power requirements to create an ms or even if we could to generate a temp field anywhere on the order of 75kg. fortunately we were able to obtain an ms and use it transport a relay to mid-2004 The relay was either entangled with duplicate relay in 2041. either entangled or else a worm hole was formed between the two relays, i have heard the techs argue about it for hours and they never agree what really is going on. i get the feeling its more of a spiritual question than a real one. this is some what to hide where on earth the two relays are. this is less so that somone in 2006 would find it, but more so that someone in the present doesn't find it and us with it. here is one kind of proof i can give you. i have been very fortunate to have been granted two thousands bits to prove to you i am genuine by solving a problem that is unsolvable in 2006. for this, I will need someone to give me a 500-600 digit number. any number will do, just type in about 600 digits. Only not all zeros. so long as you choose the numbers basically randomly, it should be fine.
  11. I am not a time travellor but they do exist I believe. I am communicating from 2043 Year of the Lord. The person who called himself Titor was almost definitely one. I think I know why some of his predictions were wrong. I may need someone's help, and i can prove some of the things I say if anyone is interested.
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