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    I believe anything is possible. I also believe that we, as humans, are thinking to small. One thing that scientists don't do is think outside the box. We have limited ourselves to what we can explain. If you think about it, everything we know to be true could be the exact opposite on another world. The factors are amazing when you think about them. A simple change in axis could change the way gravity works. Also, other planets may be smaller or bigger which means the gravity and air (depending on aptmosphere) could be different. There are so many things out there that we cannot explain because we are assuming how it works off thoeries. This will not do. Too many people take thoeries as fact and leave it at that. We all have thoeries, but they could all be wrong. I've thought long and hard about the possibilities of time travel and how it could happen. I've also thought that it's possible that the UFO's that we see, could possibly be our future race coming back to see us and study their past. You never know. The best thing we could do right now is open up our minds to ALL of the possibilities. Remembering that nothing is impossible and everything is possible. There's an old saying, "Whatever go's up, must come down". Even I know that is not true. Hubble went up, and I don't see it down. One thrust and hubble is floating forever. What I am getting at here is that sayings such as that, can be proven wrong simply by thinking bigger. "Whatever go's up, must come down", is something that was said before we had space travel. Once we had space travel, we knew that not to be true. Is it that we need help to see the big picture? Don't limit what you think about to thoeries and fact, open your mind to your own thoeries and explorations. Don't believe everything someone says based on the fact that they have a Ph. D. I even know that everyone is tought differently, by different teachers and in different ways. Everyone has their own way of doing things and if we try to follow those people, we get lost. Think for yourself. Time Travel: possibility: Black Hole. The thoery states that we would be torn apart by entering one. How do they know that? Calculations? Maybe they are just express highways through the universe. We just don't know. I'll go in and see. How's that?
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