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    yo aint been on here in ages so forgive me if this has been posted but i jus found this vid on youtube, pretty basic but it made me laugh 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u4CFTZtcXE kerching.
  2. u forgot homo-sapiens wher created by dave kinky. really adam and eve was dave and 3-d britney. did u not ever wonder how the world was made after adam and eve. i thought they had 2 sons. and 1 killed the other. does that mean we are all inbred? NO!!! it means that dave scored frequently with britney (and on the odd occasion christina aquliura ((but dont tell britney)) and produced many offspring. these offspring then bred with lizards to create the current illumnati (shapeshifing lizard folk) that run our timeline. thou in the future we have time cake. and welsh suicide bombers. so its not all bad. (everyone hates the welsh. even the welsh. u mean, only now u understand the reason behind "3 men walk into a pub, english man, irish man and a scots man.". u think thats just coincidince!??? welsh are future skaraans!!") every1 worship our saviour dave/chrono. without his salvation we are nothing. and without him, we are nothing. basically. dave is. god. the universe. and everything in it.
  3. that was my thoughts as well rmt, i think the idea of evolution makes sense, its believable. but accurate is a rather strong word to use for something that we will never really be able to know exactly what happened. (although i still answered yes, cus overall i would believe in evolution, over any religous theories)
  4. horrayy!! hurry up and do them. where are u leaving for exactly? goin on holiday? i'd go back and watch myself as a kid, or maybe go and watch myself watching myself! cus of course, all this is possible.
  5. thanks for sharing the pics as well! my personal favourite is number 4.
  6. lol Zerubbabel i was tryin 2 find a copy of that 4 this post! good job!
  7. atwhay areway ouyay onway aboutway rmtay. ontday ouyay owknay alkingtay ackwardsbay isway osay astlay eekway. angestray atternspay.
  8. yea ive thought about it before. i sometimes think all the mega rich people or inventors are time time travelers. people like bill gates. i reckon he came back so he could be mega rich and live it up in our time, but he's not goin 2 tell anyone hes from the future!
  9. is the nwo you talk of anything similar or the same as PNAC?
  10. haha dave u are my hero! bored as i was earlier, i googled your name.... hahahah http://www.britblog.com/directory/profile/006092.html now u really are my hero! lol :devil:
  11. haha i like the mars landin pic! it looks like a nuke has been airbrushed out of it, was there a nuclear war on mars!? or do they use it for nuclear testing? cant believe u never heard of tuna. i think thats ur way of dodging the question :P
  12. you say ur main diet is fish food, is ther still tuna? someone told me that they reckon tuna is going to run out in a few decades. that would be disastorous for my current daily diet of tuna fish sandwiches.
  13. cmon that show is more important than live aid. oh can u tell me if this website is successful in its noble quest www.gethasselhofftonumber1.com
  14. tends to happen alot round here ive got a question about the future : what is that big thing in lost that looks like smoke, can rip up trees but yet 1 guy was able to stop it pullin another guy down a hole? if i could only ask a time traveller 1 question that would definatly be it.
  15. did u forget to log back into your hoaxing account? cus imo u are qronos. but if u are just a little dim then re read the original post. the liar hoaxer part wasnt directed at "you" (peepo) but "you" (qronos).
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