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  1. Thanks. I found what I was looking for.....What is the Large Hadron Collider? It's the largest machine in the world, built to unlock the deepest secrets of the universe. Located 300 feet below ground along the border between France and Switzerland, the LHC is housed inside a mammoth circular tunnel measuring 17 miles around. The tunnel contains two large tubes lined with more than 1,000 powerful magnets cooled by helium to just above absolute zero, so that they offer virtually no resistance to the current flowing through them. The tubes channel beams of lead ions and hydrogen protons and neutrons—the largest components of atoms—belonging to the hadron family of particles. Two months ago, after 20 years of preparation, many setbacks, and an investment of more than $10 billion, international scientists finally test-fired the beams at each other, producing subatomic collisions of unprecedented energy. Why is so much energy needed? Scientists are hoping to re-create the conditions that existed in the first one-trillionth of a second after the Big Bang—the moment, roughly 13.7 billion years ago, when all matter and energy is believed to have exploded from a point smaller than an atom, bringing the fundamental particles and forces of nature into being. Test-firings have already reached energies of more than 2 trillion volts, the most ever produced on Earth. But starting in early 2010, scientists will push the beams even faster, until they're circling the tunnel at more than 11,000 times a second, just below the speed of light. Then, researchers could catch a glimpse of these fundamental forces and particles in the debris from the collisions. What are they hoping to find? A subatomic particle called the Higgs boson—the so-called God particle. According to the mathematical equations that make up the reigning theory of physics, known as the Standard Model, the Higgs boson is the piece of the atom that endows all the other pieces with their mass. It is 'what allows us to exist,' says physics professor Tejinder Virdee of Imperial College London. 'Without the Higgs boson we would all be puffs of radiation.' Until the LHC was switched on, there was no device on Earth capable of smashing atoms together at the energies necessary to produce the Higgs. All this for one tiny particle? Not really. By stripping atoms down to their most basic elements, the LHC experiments could also help solve puzzles that have perplexed scientists for decades. Physicists still can't explain why the universe is expanding rather than contracting. LHC data could help identify the force that has been steadily pushing the universe outward since the Big Bang. The data might also help explain why the visible universe accounts for only 4 percent of the universe's total mass. When physicists this year crank up the LHC to its highest energies, the collisions they produce could throw off clues to the whereabouts of the remaining, invisible mass, which scientists call 'dark matter.' Although such knowledge might seem useless, scientists say the search for it is a basic human drive. 'Humankind differs from a collection of ants,' says physicist Peter Jenni. 'We need to understand the mechanisms of life and the universe.' What if they don't find these particles? They may have to rethink the laws of physics. In recent years, physicists have built on the Standard Model to spin elaborate new theories to explain the universe—such as the proposition that it is composed of tiny, vibrating 'strings' of energy, or that it is merely one of an infinite number of universes, all existing simultaneously. The LHC promises to produce staggering amounts of data—enough every year to fill a stack of CDs 12 miles high—that physicists can use to test these theories. 'There have been thousands of theoretical papers,' says physicist John Ellis. 'I've written hundreds of them myself. What if it all turns out to be a pile of garbage?' Is the collider safe? Experts insist that it is, but some amateur physicists say that if the experts are wrong, we could all be doomed. In 2008, a high school teacher in Hawaii filed a federal lawsuit demanding that the LHC be shut down; he claimed that the LHC collisions could produce a 'black hole'—a gravitational field so massive and dense that it would swallow the LHC, the surrounding countryside, and possibly Earth itself. The lawsuit was tossed out. LHC scientists dismiss such worries, arguing that any black holes produced would be so small and short-lived that they could do no damage. LHC director Rolf-Dieter Heuer points out that subatomic particles are constantly crashing into Earth's atmosphere from outer space, occasionally producing the same sort of transient black holes that may occur in the LHC. 'And look,' says Heuer. 'We are still here.' The time traveler's revenge The LHC has been plagued with problems since it was first powered up in 2008. Days after it was switched on, two magnets vaporized when their connections failed, causing a fire and the release of thousands of gallons of supercold helium, which triggered an underground snowfall. Last fall, the collider was shut down again when a capacitor failed, after a passing bird dropped a bit of baguette on the machinery. Now two respected physicists have suggested those failures were no mere accidents. In a paper dense with mathematical calculations, Denmark's Bech Nielsen and Japan's Masao Ninomiya suggest—with tongues firmly in cheek—that nature itself is sabotaging the LHC, to prevent scientists from discovering the universe's innermost secrets. The potential discovery of the Higgs boson, they argue, is so 'abhorrent to nature' that some force—perhaps even a force from the future—thwarts scientists whenever they get close to finding it. Russian physicist Dmitri Denisov says their theory is 'clearly crazy,' but concedes it's plausible—barely. American physicist Robert Roser agrees. 'Sometimes,' he says, 'outlandish papers turn out to be the laws of physics.'
  2. What exactly, is this machine trying to reproduce, discover, and what are the implications if they reproduce or discover whatever it is they are trying to discover? Also, how does this tie into time travel? I know very little other than something to do with black holes, anti-mater, recreation of the "big bang", finding some theorized physics thingy.....(ok, im being totally a girl here.) On a ethical or philosophical level, how would any discovery change our worldview regarding creation? It is said that if one wants to find an atheist, they must go to the Philosophy department because the physics dept. would have a hard time disputing an intelligent creator. On a side note, what of this "What the bleep do we know?" the whole new age quatum physics idea, ie, molecules in water can be programmed, etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. My personal thought on the doom and gloomers is that the people who are into that, convinced of that or obssessivly follow stories on that (ie, Zeshua)-are unhappy in their own lives. Excitement junkies, drama junkies or people who just would like an excuse to have to stop living life as they are. If TSHF, then that bs no where job they hate doesn't matter. The feeling insecure about what they don't have-won't matter. The relationship that sucks doesn't matter, the people they are angry with might finally get theirs-they can see the people who "have it all" lose it and feel better about themselves. In my opinion doom and gloomers have low self-esteem and/or depression and the idea of chaos in the world brings some sort of satisfaction. Maybe they feel disconnected from the world and hope that a chaos scene would ban people together. Maybe they want to change their own lives, don't know how to start so it's projected into hoping the world will change. I speak from experience on this. I don't judge the doom and gloomers. And I still read the forums and threads where the doom and gloom is predicted-but with a much different attitude and feeling than a few years ago. I think at the heart of doom and gloomers is a desire for change, a desire to see the world become a better place, a desire for justice in the world. Its not a bad thing. Just that they believe that nothing short of an apolycolpse could bring that about. I say, if you want to change the world-start with your own life. Create massive changes and pole shifts in your own world. Sometimes, that changes everything for the better. Worked for me.
  4. Now I am convinced that Peter is Zeshua. Titor was online for at least over a year. Historic? You think Zeshua is historic? No. Titor is the only "historic" character in TT fables. This one just doesn't grab anyone's attention-except yours. "Unlike anything that has come before?" Hardly that either. Many movies and books use the premise of communications beyond their scope. Whether its ghosts coming through the television or radio, or aliens communicating via the radio-it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of someone from the future communicating thru the net. Neat idea, yes. Extremely original? Probably not. And certainly not historic.
  5. From your WIKI link: "The 'high varient' from the same source gives the world population between 10 and 11 billion by 2050." But lets not argue semantics, shall we? The point is not in the actual number. Clearly, you speak out of your proverbial a$$ in your assumptions of me. I believe you were privy to the holocaust thread on cc.net in which myself and the Judge were outraged at the fact that people would argue numbers on how many jews were killed, when the point is that ANY were. So as far as your assertion that I'm a "bad person" because I "don't care" if billions were wiped off the Earth-not only is that a red herring but ridiculous. You see, I DONT BELIEVE IN ZESHUA. Therefore, I don't believe that billions of people would be wiped off the face of the Earth. Certainly if I did, I'd be horrified and appauled and would want to prevent it. So, don't make supposition about my character. The question wasn't a moral one. The question was, why are you obssessed about something that you clearly COULDN'T stop, even if Zeshua were real? And the philosophical question still stands. Who are you to play God and determine WHAT would be best for the planet? Certainly the idea of 28- 50% of the world population going is horrific. Unless you look at it from the perspective that there are many horrible, evil people in the world (apparently, I am one in your opinion) so maybe a loss like that would bring humanity back to humanity. Maybe something THAT SEVERE had to happen. Tell me-do you think John Titor evil when he said he wouldn't stop the war, as he feels that we needed it?
  6. Re: IMF to world: Develop global rescue plan Hi Cigsmoking guy...... You said that you post yearly predictions. Where are your predictions from last year? Any hits?
  7. Well I will play devil's advocate. Let's just pretend for this illustration Peter, that Zeshua is real. That her predictions are in fact, because she is in the future, posting back to the past. That said, you claim that she has predicted such a tremendous event that essentially wipes out much of the population. A billion people-that's roughly the countries of India or China-gone. Both have a bit over 1 billion in their population. The US has a population of about 330 million. Less than 1/2 that. It is speculated the World population by 2011 will be at 13 billion....its a bit over 6 bil now, and in 94, was only at 5.6 billion. So my point is, what's a billion people in a world of 13? We are gaining more people than we are losing. Perhaps this is neccesary to sustain life on this planet. Maybe the loss of a billion people would be vital to the survival of 13 billion more. Most important-nothing you can do about it. So whether Zeshua is right or wrong, who cares? Live your life as if its the last day anyway. If you want to plan for survival in an apocolyptic world, go ahead. Seems when people are prepared for things they don't happen. Its smart just to do in case of weather disasters, fires, or job loss. But even if she's right-the implication here should not be to prove Zeshua's predictive abilities and what that means for the world-but proving whether one can actually post to the past from the future. Im far more interested in THAT being proven, than in her cryptic predictions being true. PS Please do not say that by proving Zeshua's predictive ablities that then proves that she is a time tunneler from the future. It might prove she's a psychic, a seer, an RV'er but it doesn't prove that she is a time traveler. Can someone encapsulate for me the mechanisms and scientific explanation for zeshua's ablities to post in the past? In a nutshell please. Unfortunatly I don't have the time to go thru all the posts to find out for myself, but I saw how JT was hammered about the "specs" of time travel, wonder if Zeshua was. Course you'd need an IT expert over a physicist.....right?
  8. Here we go again, with assertions from those that "believe" alleged time traveler's claims: They all have received personal and private information from said TT. And each person who has received these very private and personal messages all seem to react the same way: With an intense loyalty that is rarely even found amongst people irl. Peter with your background in pscyhology, I am surprised that you aren't more logical in this. Perhaps it is not unlike a person who is normal lucid and rational who is in the throes of infatuation who is unable to see their lover clearly or fails to see that they are being used and manipulated. Of course someone with your desire to believe and defend Zeshua will be targeted as a recipient to private emails. It is just a cou for Zeshua to get someone such as yourself to believe and defend them.For whatever reasons, you truly want to believe that Zeshua is time traveling via communications and no doubt the person(s) behind this saw that, felt that and then have taken advantage of that. Like the lover's analogy, if some guy wanted just sex from a woman, but he knew that she was "in love", well then he would know what to say and do to convince her that he is feeling the same things-in order to get from her what he wanted. This was also evident in Zeshua's doing this to another person I can think of, where this person's mothering and compassionate nature was exploited and why it is that people believed Zeshua was female-"she" played the emotions cared to appeal to this person, to be convincing. Its called manipulation, pure and simple. Just as it is easy to gaslight someone in the negative sense, you can also gaslight them to become idol worshippers. This power is evident in cult leaders, etc, but most often happens in intimate relationships. However anywhere that anyone has an agenda, there will be people that will be vunerable to suggestion and you were picked by Zeshua for this very reason. Has Zeshua revealed ever why it is that the clues that they give are cryptic? Why not just bust straight out with "these will be news headlines in 07-09." Why not be no holds-barred convincing? Apparently Zeshua wants to convince someone of their validity so why not be straight forward? But that would be too easy, right? The thrill for Zeshua is not to be believed, but to see how many people will drive themselves crazy to figure out the anagrams, read into every news story and otherwise become faithful followers. Zeshua is at the very best, an attention whore. Unfortunatly, not as good as John Titor. But tried. You seem Peter to be the only one even interested in keeping the Zeshua story alive. If Zeshua really wanted to make an impact, then they should've given an undisputable clue and THEN give the cryptic puzzles. You are a cheerleader for the Zeshua camp but unfortunatly, no one is watching the game. Why be so loyal? Post what you know that isn't public info. It may be too late though. Unless you can prove the real dates and times of your received private mail-it shows nothing. I too can say "I got a private email that said...." but again, that proves nothing. Except my desire to convince others to believe what I want to believe.
  9. And of course, this is assuming that Peter's interpretations of Zeshua's riddles is even correct! Who's to say what the heck Zeshua predicted?! Here. I can play this game, too. A RENAISSANCE PI MELTS:-a mathamatical theory based on PI that is discovered to be erroneous. Or is discovered to "melt" something, maybe in the Quantum field. A figure from the Renaissance period or a theory formulated from that time-discovers an anomolie in fusion. A renaissance painting is "melting" revealing the truth of the "dark ages" of science just being put underground. A LIBERAL DISSES ONE: Obama talks trash about Hilary. Hilary talks trash about Obama. A democrat wins the Presidential title. yet, Peter got Palastine and Israel out of both. I mean, you could go on and on with "guesstimates" about what any of these riddles should mean. Of course, none of my theories are in the news, whereas the odds of Palastine or Israel in the news on any given day are about 100:100. Just sayin'. Nostradamus indeed.
  10. HDRkid, If Hilary DOESNT win, will you then be finally willing to eat crow, since you are so adamant about her winning???
  11. The quote feature is no longer working for me. Just wanted to say Darby, that don't worry, someone else gets it. The ZZZZZZ's that is. Not that you were remotely worried about that :)
  12. Just proves how easy it is to read into anything one might want to read something into. This is hardly earth-shattering news and it is CONJECTURE. Unless they have found the body of Moses and conduct a drug test on it, this is mere speculation amid 1000 of speculations of how the Bible came to be. Though I find logic in this, its far more believeable that Moses saw a burning bush while high as opposed to thru God's miracle or wrath......still, it is just a suggestion and should have never been highlighted as a "fact." You got this from GLP no doubt where many of the news sources are about as credible as the weekly world news at the grocery store. And it in no way affirms the validity of Zeshua. Only because you want so badly to prove Zeshua real would you lose all reason faculties and critical thinking ablities. The only thing this article "proves" is that there is some Israeli scientist who believes that the stories in the Bible were actually recounts of hallucingenic trips-and that's all. It has NOTHING to do with whether Israel is based on truths or lies. How do you connect these dots? Far as I'm concerned, the dots aren't even on the same page. Yawn.
  13. In regards to Zeshua's latest clue (I cant quote for some reason) My interpretation: A Shorn Sqeak, A Distress, She Go. Hit News, Ever On. Line East, In As In So Fl (south Florida?) UN in Zeal(in New Zealand?) IC (I see) on IC (i see) SA, VA (could be cities states or countries) NTF A Mess (Nato Task Force) MPS myclone ie (MPS is on stock market, is an IT company) Myclone is a transformer toy. Maybe MPS is the company that will allow the technology to be "transformed" for example. That was fun!
  14. While a computer brought back to ancient times might seem "magical", I believe that no matter how advanced they were (advanced meaning probably more "hip" to things than we give them credit for)-they would no doubt recoil in fear after their awe struck response because human nature mocks what it doesn't understand. And sometimes, it seeks to destroy that which is doesn't understand. Suffice to say, I would be afraid to bring something like a computer, cell phone etc back to times, where people still thought the earth flat. They burned people on stakes for much less "magic" and that wasn't all that long ago in the whole scheme of things. So, I believe that I would be taken as a prisoner, tortured to explain the computer, treated as a Goddess or alien and worshipped by some, but ultimately destroyed by those that would believe I was the devil herself coming back with this thing. That is why, people don't time travel. At least, don't make it known if they do, imo.
  15. That is beautiful, Pam. Unfortunatly, HDRkid will probably come back to say-with regret of course-that the beautiful, wonderous Hawaii in the future is either comepletely under water, blown to bits, or is so tainted that you wouldn't want to be at that waterfall as it is water that is filled with sludge, bacterias and garbage and you would pass out from the stench. But nice try :D ;)
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