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  1. You can't "stay there". Such is the essence of time.
  2. Re: The 60's People could spell better in the 60's.
  3. Because the event is somewhat paradoxical, it will not have/will not/hasn't occured.
  4. Ontario plates ICUR-494? That's my neighbour's van.
  5. Something cannot come out of nothing is an observation based on the properties of things in this universe. The idea of God almost inherently requires his existence in an extra-universal realm, where perhaps things can come from nothing. No doubt, the Cabal of Kabbalah will propose a much more physics-y answer within the hour.
  6. ... and I'm from the year 1337! Rofl gafl hafl...
  7. YO, I drive a Nissan Centra Classic! I'll buy the ANCRONYM 5000 off you!
  8. Re: The Real Question - Who didn't kill JFK :) In the episode "Tikka to Ride" of comedy television series Red Dwarf a bizzare sequence of events involving time travel lead the Red Dwarf crew to convince JFK (from an alternate timeline in which he was never assasinated) to go back in time and assasinate himself from behind the grassy knoll. Since the timeline was repaired, the alternate JFK disappeared moments afterwards, leaving no evidence to found. Spooky :)
  9. opinions are teh roxxorzzz!!!1!1!1oneonesalsh ive always thought "world war" was kind of an inaccurate term for esp. WW1 but also WW2.
  10. Deutch ist nicht ein Spiel. Return to your houses.
  11. My understanding is that Joseph and Mary were engaged, and when Joseph found out she was pregnant he wanted to break it off quietly. Then the angel came and told him what's what, upon which the got married. Will check if thats right shortly.
  12. I'm writing a story that takes place in a very surreal, dreamlike world. If any of you have had dreams where you were more aware of the setting than anything else, could you please share them here, with the understanding that I may (or amy not) use them in this or any other story?
  13. Re: 'Cig''smoker' 'and' 'the' 'apostrophe' Please stop putting SO MANY things between apostrophes. Or quotation marks, for that matter.
  14. infinity = t infinity = k infinity = d infinity = e No [censored] infinity = tke.
  15. Tickle-Me- ... MURDER?! Everything I'm about to say is 100% legit: I was working at a day camp last summer and there was a "Tickle-Me-Elmo" doll that was lying around the building, belonging to no one (at least so far as anyone would admit). The rest of the staff and I would throw it around and laugh at how absolutely demonic it sounded saying, "hihihihihi! ca chatOUILLE!". For the first two weeks, this was the only phrase it said. Suddenly, on Monday of the first week, it began to either speak without us hitting it's chest or maybe to speak with a random time delay of sometimes up to one full day. Furthermore, it began to say, "aHAHAHAHAHA hihi" in addition to it's regular "hihihihihi! ca chatOUILLE!". We ripped out it's voice box the last day of camp, because it was scaring the [censored] out of us. The voicebox now resides in my then co-worker's house, and reportedly still says things unexpectedly at tiems where he has not been hit for weeks.
  16. ... or catch a leprechaun and kick him in the eyes until he tells you how to manipulate teh timespace construct.
  17. Re: Jo momma an operating thetan. At the end of the day, if you ignore our structural similarities, some of us are objectively wrong about God.
  18. You should go back in time and remind the guy to keep the check.
  19. Its kind of ovibious that you sir are really a moron arnt you. Nobody is REALLY called Zane. Thats what people call themselves in an RPG for a handheld system.
  20. I totally just travelled back in time.
  21. i just found out my buddy's brother was in the caf where the shooting happened at the time. his buddy got shot in the arm, and the girl in front of them got gunned down. The brother took his pal behind this pillar and tried to stop the bleeding, but when the cop shot the gunman dead, they had to walk past him to get out, and his face was all gone... Makes me feel like [censored]: how many times have I played videogames and been all like: "lol, shotgun to the head!" My sister is fine thank God.
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