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  1. Again, we do not expect belief, our involvement in this 'forum' is solely an experiment in past interaction, and is meant only to benefit those who have questions. The 'saddle' is indeed smaller in radius than the actual vessel. The lower portion of the sphere (which is only microscopically imperfect and whose faults are compensated for by the 'saddle') rests in the center of the hollow cylindrical 'saddle'. The saddle is indeed only a three dimensional spatial, and acts only as a means to contain the vessel while it breaks time. Aeroplane pilots and cosmonauts deal in spatial travel, not time travel. Also, my job as a navigation consultant is to chart chronospatial distance, not to 'pilot' the vessel. Unfortunately, time travel has not yet been refined to the point where a navigator can accurately determine his arrival point down to the year, due to the speeds dealt with when in chronospace.
  2. Hello and may God bless. Firstly: We are aware that the vast majority of the claims featured on your forums are false. We may be unable to 'prove' that we are from the future, but we are open to any of your questions regarding the future and the use of time travel. The choice is yours wether to believe us or not. My given name is Jaemes Butt. I am a member of the crew of the Zodiac, a time travelling vessel measuring two.five-three kilometres in radius. The 'ship' is a near-perfect sphere, and it and it's contents are able to break the time barrier through completing countless double-rotations at increasing superphotic speeds, while resting in a circular 'saddle' measuring one kilometre across. Because of the wear the Zodiac causes the 'saddle', a new one must be constructed every time the ship is to break time. The exact specifications of the Zodiac are unknown to me: due to the complexities of effective time travel, crew members are trained extensively in specific fields. I am not a technician, but rather one of thirty-seven consulting navigators. Should you so request, it is likely that a technician will eventually be able to arrive and adress you regarding the exact specifications of the Zodiac. According to several sources we have found on the 'internet', the time at our current location is six hours and twenty-one minutes past noon, on 'wednesday', May the tenth, of the year two-thousand and seven 'anno domini'. If this is incorrect, we would appreciate your help in aligning the 'AD' timeline to the more familiar system used in our present. Also, our historians would appreciate information on teh significance of the week-day names in your time. I am currently in the computer room of a home in what I am told is Montreal, a city still existing in Canada in our present. The Zodiac is far from us at the moment, in a rural area which will remain secret for the safety of our crew and prosperity of our mission. The owner of this house has been kind enough to allow three members of our crew (including myself) to remain here indefinately to conduct 'field' investigations. The rest of the crew reamins in Zodiac, which is equipped to support them for several months.
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