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  1. Well I know he got the Art Bell making a mistake right, for over a month Art has been saying over and over his life is in danger since moving to the Philippines. Who knows who or what Qronos is.
  2. Well here you go again, qronos did say it would reach 12,000 and it did. You said anyone could have called that. I don't see any post were you called it. As peepo stated you are spinning things to what you want it to be. I hope the guy was wrong about everything he wrote. I think we all should hope that. Because if he was right about the hell that he says is coming then we are all in big trouble. My God this AU he talked about is real and from what I have learned about it, it's nothing more then a New World Order just like Daddy Bush said so many times when he was in office. God help us all!!
  3. Re: Gotcha Rainman after that butt kicking you just got from Peepo I would just shut up if I were you. ;) ;)
  4. Re: Gotcha Traitor?? Who are you? and what are you talking about?
  5. Re: Gotcha You know I wasn't going to say anything but You are so right about Rainman. I had a run in with the guy myself. Good Job!!! I can see what your saying about him spinning things all the time. He should change his name to Spin Master. I just love the way Tikmovado started all of this. But where is he now? :) :)
  6. Re: Our Latest Propagandist! I agree with you, the AU was signed in 2005. And all of what you say about old news is true.
  7. This site seems to have the best source for news on the New World Order. I also see they are starting the push for chipping the children. http://www.nworeport.com
  8. TimeNot_0, Uh ok. Anyway I don't know what the guy is or was, I mean he could have been some nut from the nut house or something. But I do thank him for opening my eyes to the fact that our nation is in great danger. If anything that did me some good and I have also talked to many people here in my town about what is going on in the United States. They are really shocked. I hope that we do not loose what so many people have died for in wars.
  9. Qronos16, Boy some people on this site sure act like little kids. Anyway Qronos how do you come up with 6500 for the Stock Market??
  10. Well I did not start this mess, but I will end it.You are correct OvLrdLegion. Time to move on. :) :)
  11. Now I'm Qronos? LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!!!!!! What are you smoking? You are really spaced out. Next your going to say you are spider man or something. What is your problem man? I mean this all started yesterday when I responded to a post and you freaked out and said I know more about the Armed forces then you do. You wouldn't last 2 days at camp.
  12. LMAO LMAO LMAO!!! What are you talking about now? I understand that there is a vote going on to get rid of you. I mean so many people think you whine like a little kid. All you seem to do is try to put people down. Grow up already!
  13. Freud, First off you don't know if I was cleared for that info or not. So what the hell are you guys talking about? You know nothing. As for me not coming around anymore. LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!! You guys really need to get a life like many here on this board seem to think you do. LMAO!!!!!!!!!
  14. RainmanTime, LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!!!! All those private messages that I received about you are true! You are nuts. You really believe what you say? LMAO!! They told me to just blow you off and pay no attention to you but I could not resist. Yes I really was in the USMC. Have I violated anything? No. The only person in violation of anything in this tread is you, for actually taking yourself seriously. I repeat, Ren, I am NOT messing around here. The ONLY way you are in a safe position is if you are lying through your bunghole, as Freud seems to think. LMAO!!!! LMAO!!!!!
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