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  1. Who said I didn't show up? I just arrived a little late because my Time Machine was interrupted by a bunch of Licentians, y'know the fundamentalists I told ya'll about? It turns out they can be almost tolerable once you get to know them (and once you get them drunk.) They've also hired me to write propaganda for them! It's a well paying job too. I think "Putting the fun back in fundamentalism" is a good motto. Thanks for the idea RainManTime! They also gave me a step-by-step guide on how to remove your V-chip. All you need in an iron, some painkillers and an ice-pick! When I arrived I was already smashed because I had to entertain them crazy Licentians, so the first thing I did was put a lamp-shade on my head. Maybe that's why you didn't see me, eh? The next morning I woke up next to a Skaaran clone. Euch, that's the worst thing about good parties, isn't it? Waking up next to a member of a different species. ...Oh well, too bad I can't remember much else...
  2. Hey c'mon! I'm still willing to awnser questions, I just...y'know...can't tell you's... The people on this forum are pretty touchy.
  3. Nothing that I'm willing to admit to a group of semi-annonymous people on a bulletin-board.
  4. Well when I travelled to this era I didn't come with Loony-Toons in mind. Is that so hard to beleive?
  5. Depressing indeed. You'd think someone from the future would be MORE evolved. ...oh wait they don't beleive in evolution do they? ... :(
  6. If you insist. :( Everyone who spells the word correctly. Wikipedia's a great website y'know. That and google. Even in 2043 that question is still confusing our greatest minds. Erm...what? Erm...four... As many as you want.
  7. So this kid wants us all to be hill-billies. What a horrifying future!! He's right...the future is horrible... "Maw', I'ma gunna' shoot this ruubot! Hy'uck!" Terrifying. O_o
  8. If I wanted to parody Qronos16 I might say "I don't expect you to beleive me". But it's true, the mexican mouse is free at last!
  9. It's not all doom and gloom. After all, Speedy Gonzales is in the public domain! ;)
  10. The means with which I acquired the machine has nothing to do with my status in soceity. I'm sorry, but I cannot think of a better tearm to describe the people who implant themselves and their children with VC's. It's not to do with being higher or lower, it's to do with a persons outlook.
  11. You mean those chips all the bourgeoisie/criminals have implanted in them?
  12. Don't know, don't care. ... This is not within my area of experience. I'm from 2043/ American Idol isn't on any more. They do?! Is is used to describe something that is.
  13. Well I guess I'd need his full name, which country he's from and if he's a member of any organizations. I'll do my best, but I can't make any promises.
  14. I'd be happy to awnser any questions. There's been a sore lack of 'em lately...mostly just confrontation. However I won't be around often enough for live-chat or nothin'...if I wanted I could say it's because of a time-vortex but, well, I just don't swing that way.
  15. Never followed soccer. Sorry! :( (That's the truth!!) Oh and er...sorry for doubting you Dave...
  16. No can do Dave, the point of this thread is to be realistic not entertaining. But yep, I'm just pretending. But not for the same reasons as yourself.
  17. That's actually very interesting. Still, I don't beleive Titor. If you were from the future you'd be more specific about things to really impress your point on people. Now if Titor said: "OMG!! BTW: The Twin-Towers get attacked!!" I'd probably be more convinced. Sorry, but Titor is a h0ax.
  18. That's just the atmosphere on mars, I think. I dunno', I never went there. But yeah, I never heard of tuna. No one talks about them in my era, maybe they are extinct?
  19. What's tuna? :confused: So who wants to see an image of the Mars landing? Mars Landing
  20. 'Fraid I wasn't following the development of such a website because, I'M NOT BORN YET!
  21. Re: Dave/Chrono replies to James Belman Yes, it has. Well cake production isn't so common where I am (seafood being our main diet), however in other parts of the world cake production is on the increase. However some tradesmen do occasionally pop by with cakes and other goods, however they're usually very expensive. No sir. Probably not sir. Well thank you for the advice, but I can't help having my curiosity aroused. Arabic? Why's it in Arabic? Oh wait, I respectfully retract my question.
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