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  1. I told you these people all love John T!!! If you talk like him they will not attack you. I bet you money they all have 2 or more copies of the failed movie that was just released.
  2. In response to: It's only a matter of time until someone takes the time to rip apart your story and when that happens, you will miraculously disappear as have the scores of other weirdo storytellers who have come and gone. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that make you weird for always reading the weird story's?
  3. Re: Yet another time traveling claim In response to: LOL.... You just now noticed.... You got it!! I should have noticed earlier. You had better watch using LOL, he may call you Qronos now.
  4. Re: Yet another time traveling claim In response to: Did I ever tell you that I think you are one cool guy? I bet you could teach me a lot about the future, huh? Yawn!!! Is that all you got? The only future I know of is the one in about 20mins. When I eat dinner.
  5. Re: Yet another time traveling claim In response to: Yawn. Peepo defends watcher. Peepo also defended Qronos16. Watcher reads a lot like Qronos16. The triangle is complete. You figure it out. Like I said, yawn. Oh no another Rainman!!!!!!! Calling people Qronos and now watcher!!! I will defend any TT that gets put down by you John T freaks. I also like Jimmy he is good. I like how he handles some of you here.
  6. Re: Yet another time traveling claim In Respnose to: I was happily enjoying "Jimmy Eat World's" tale of adventure and intrigue. Quaint and well-informed, to say the least. That's entertainment. But when this post from watcher hit, I laughed until I puked. Yes it was all good entertainment until you get on here with your childish smear!!! Go get some candy and let the TT's play.
  7. Ok. 1.Who will be the next US president? 2.What's going on with the weather? 3.What's going on with the sun? 4. Will the USA become the American Union like Qronos 16 said. 5. Will the USA and Iran get into a war?
  8. In response to: you're all crazy and delusional as hell So what does that make you? Your here saying that your from the future.
  9. Re: Yet another time traveling claim In response to: So don't go trying to claim Titor popularized the notion of moving in time. I told you! Most of these people think that. The whole thing was a scam. The movie that I'm sure most of these guys have is the result of it. And if you come here saying your from the future and talk nothing like John, you get attacked!
  10. In response to: The cynic prevails! It takes a critical eye, my friend! I think you're my new best friend. I know your new and all but jmpet thinks John T is real. He and others here will put down anyone who does not talk like John Fake T.
  11. In response to: What sets me apart from Rainman is that Rainman attacked everyone over every post all the time, non stop- he was a flamer, I am not. I let people speak their peace until it becomes retarded- this is why I have not assailed Titorian...yet. Yea right....
  12. Anyway what will happen this year we all need to know about????
  13. Nice Story guy!!! You should write a movie!!!
  14. Re: I think this is supposed to be like C2C In response to: This is not to gang up on anyone... But I really think this website and then the time travel claims section was meant to be like the Art Bell Show about 'Time Travellers' calling in... Anyone with an IQ over 80 knows that Art and the people calling are doing this "Tongue in Cheek" Art isn't serious and the callers aren't serious... It's harder to tell when people are kidding in textual writing... But Come On For all the self styled detectives and self appointed Security Agents of America that hang out here... Anyone can say you are a "Phony Time Traveller' feel great about it... Becase TIME TRAVEL IS NOT REAL... People are making social commentary with these 'time travel claims'.... So everyone lighten up... Nice words but people with an IQ over 80 don't listen to Art Bell. Nevertheless you say lighten up. I agree! This is all fake.
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