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  1. to Gilmer urgent hi Gilmer, i am trying to message you but you are not accepting messages please message me, i would like to open a dialogue with you my ID on this board is: warp10 id like to talk with a colonel from the future from 5000 years from now i await your reply and so we can chat, i am also interested in traveling trough time, as i am researching info about a vortex, devices like astral and physical, the astral thing seems real since i have seen peoples stories about the CHRIST CONCIENSE or something please get back to me, can you use a friend in this time? or any? i am from Belgium, so Germany is only a few miles away for me
  2. what about uploading medical data to the 1996 inte what about uploading medical data from the future or evens to the 1996 internet cyberspace? woudnt that help a lot of people too? for medical and historical events, but especially that medical thing would help lot of doctors and people, who is open to this project? I want to call this Medical X Temporal project @@@ humanity
  3. sending computer data packets to the past? not psychical time travel, just a few kb in packets trough a wormhole or email address, is this possible? i rather go myself..
  4. can i go back to 1996 ? i need to send a message to myself i got ill and now 9 years later, i know what i have and i am very upset this is bothering me for years is this real? the Hyper dymensional resonator by stephen gibbs? www.hdrenterprises.com can someone help me?
  5. he was right hi, he was right, election day came and democrats won,..... this is like 4 months after he said this...
  6. i changed my request, can you get a movie i like that is not out yet? i'm talking about star trek 11 and future movies from the series can you get that on file or dvd? i'm not joking, thanks
  7. Can you lookup the history of a friend i have lost in future, and that i miss?
  8. how do i become a time traveller and change my life 7 years ago when i got sick? i would not know the outcome do i? inpact on other people, it might be better, or worse i got bullied a lot in school, i am sick, maybe observing time and correct major events like 9/11 that affect worlds is the best way to avoid conflict with others. it changed the world!!!!! each individual!!!!!!! day after, my whole school was in pannick, and this went on for weeks.... we even hold minute silence for this disaster , and nobody laughed...... nobody... so you are right. i want to become a time traveller, but i don't know how. all i have is a laptop with windows XP, and a Linux cobalt next to me wich is no longer used by major internet hosting companys. enjoy every second of life! that's time travel for real yesterday i slept with my light on ok, i'm sceptical and not... thanks for answering.
  9. as time travel scientists/engineers wich i believe in your time sure are, it should be possible to calculate the outcome with interdimensional wrong/error trials, if the time travel technology is perfected, that means to correct right and wrong, or even give the wrong a better advantage. i have seen star trek (i know this is sci fi and i love it!): hell of year part 1 and 2, so i perfectly understand your answer. as a time science vessil outside normal time tries to correct the right of a war with 98% success of restore in peace and 2% NOT!!!!!! (wich it should have been also) what i am saying is that god time travellers do posses or should posses right/wrong simulator in this dimensional time. on the other hand i don't know... thanks for reading
  10. hi, why not change the future today with technology of the year 2500, end some misery at once for everybody, if i was a time traveller it would end disease and everybody would be living in an utopia for another 500 years, in the year 200X the time GODS are telling you, not to change history, dont think you are in control of your own faith!!! you time travel agents are all evil bastards! observe people die (maybe not all, but have you seen people jumping out of the 11/9 building and get smashed! watching this is sick, unless you future people have found a new technology imagine that was your faith and not been a time traveller!
  11. hi, why not change the future today with technology of the year 2500, end all misery at oncefor everybody, if i was a time traveller it would end disease and everybody would be living in an utopia for another 500 years you are all evil bastards!
  12. please lookup my love life, i have been away from myself for 2 years in some sort of darkness...
  13. anyone has a time travel device i can temporary use for my own benefit? you won't get a scratch on it
  14. hi, i posted a private message, i hope we can talk for a minute or so :-)
  15. hi, i am new to this board so i havent got the TIME :oops: to read everything. but i pretty much can say that here are serious people. i'm actually bit scared to post here... it's 3 am in my time europe i'm day behind US current time :) there is one personal request i would like to ask from you, if i wanted to change something, relive it how it not supposed to be happened, (i am referring to a friend/love relationship) with a girl, 2 years have past away now and we were almost together. i really miss her. i can sense her future.. i know it.. she's with somebody else and i know they fit together, i could be wrong of course. (NO!) i am asking you (time agents) for advice.......... she has gone trough lot of misery and i love her because she was my best friend at that time, i am sick, she also is, i want to let her feel that i loved her... i can't go back... sorry i must go now... if you can look up my history, send me a private message, my deepest respect to you all! i know there are time protect laws, but i swear to keep it for myself! things i've seen are not cool, i just wish it was different.
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