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  1. Re: LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure If you mention Walloon I will lick your ear :love: Lol.
  2. Re: LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure My ancestors were Belgians. If there is a Belgian language it is news to me. French, oui, English yes, German Ja. But Belgian? :confused:
  3. I didn't tend my garden this year--just let it grow wild. There were a lot of of evening primroses from a plant that went to seed last fall. It was usually full of the small black and yellow bumble bees--I think they are called "carpenter bees--which for all I know could have been fairies wearing little Pittsburgh Steeler uniforms. I hasten to add that I am not implying that Ben Rothlisberger and his teammates are fairies, for Heaven's sake! They spent their time working amidst the primroses. Bees are serious little creatures but not a problem unless you stand between them and their job. There was also an abundance of Queen Anne's lace, whose austere whiteness (except for the tiny purple flowerette in the center of the umbrel) suggests that the lace did not come from the queen's panties. Also seedling strawberry rhubarb (which really has nothing to do with strawberries except the color), and a patch of spearmint, which with some crushed ice and a half a quart of Southern Comfort would have made a wonderful mint julep (if we had had some Southern Comfort). There were swarms of bugs and bees out there a few months ago, circulating between the primroses, morning glories and cosmos. Plenty of black and yellow striped flying bugs of undetermined species--not bees,not wasps (although there was a beautiful large black wasp that showed up several times a day) but something else altogether. But the flowers of summer are gone, now, and as Robert Frost says, "Up my foot, to stay atop, another year of snow." :)
  4. All of the advanced thinkers on this forum are currently busy. PLEASE TAKE A NUMBER FOR FASTER SERVICE. Ex: -357, 16, 2012, 10^36. Thank You.
  5. By the way, I think IBM programming started with the type of punch cards used to control looms, didn't it? So, the conclusion seems to be that the intelligence is in the program. I am half afraid that is true. We might like to think that intelligence is a personal attribute, but we always seem to be getting the answer that we don't run our lives but are along for the ride. Are are we like 'our hero Arnold' in Future Recall who is experiencing a recorded memory ?
  6. It seems a little "gay'" but I probably am prejudiced. Maybe it's just "new age." Or maybe I'm just a cranky old duffer. :devil:
  7. # BushGnome 4.0 - George W. Bush Garden Gnomes This web site sells hand painted George W. Bush Yard Gnomes. Made in the USA. Unfortunately this item no longer seems to be available. How soon they forget! (lol)
  8. Those I believe are gnomes, garden variety. Leprechauns look a little more like Kermit the frog. P.S. Don't contest this. I have a grandmother from County Cork :D
  9. I think it ought to be mentioned that much of this discussion involves repercussions of the Pythagorean doctrine of Antichthon or "counter Earth." No one can figure out what exactly the Pythagoreans had in mind, but the teaching was that a counter Earth, which was always hidden from sight , revolved along with the Earth around a hidden central fire once a day. The odd part of all this was that the combined motion was equivalent to the Earth simply rotating on its axis every 24 hours. I personally think that the Pythagoreans believed that the Earth was hollow, and that the central fire lay at the center. The counter earth is then the inside of the shell, or inner earth, which revolves around the central fire every 24 hours. The doctrine was a concealed teaching in other words.(Wikipedia has an entry on this). During the early days of the UFO movement, one of the Contactee's told of meeting a spaceman from the planet "Clarion" which had exactly the same orbit and period as the Earth, but which was always hidden from sight behind the sun. When the closet door is closed, we can't see what is inside the closet, as it is out of sight. There could be a gremlin in there. How can you be sure there isn't? O_o
  10. I stand corrected. As one of the characters in my story Get Scrood says (in this case applied to the entire John Titor narrative): "You're one big bullshitter, boy!" :)
  11. You know, the sentence structure here doesn't seem the same as in some of the other Titor material. Is it possible that this is an email from some other writer? There's the typical "marshall law" mistake seen so often at GLP. The message itself is thoughtless. Why would someone die on the highway even if power and natural gas failed? I don't want this to sound unfair, but this email sounds suspiciously like something HDRkid would write. (Of course HDRkid would have been in diapers at this date, but maybe he/she is unduly precocious. ) ;)
  12. There's an article in the current Scientific American that I glanced at a few hours ago which outlines some of the ideas of a quantum physicist that went in the direction of Newton rather than Einstein. The physicist proposed a theory which "unhooked" time from space (so relativistic space-time is set aside}, to provide a more Newtonian approach. Relativity may be valid as far as it goes, but no one has been able to really go much beyond it. It is the idea of many that we are on the verge of a seminal breakthrough, but there are apparently some blocks in our thinking that have trapped progress. :)
  13. Would anyone buy a painting created and thought of 100% by a machine? I'm informed that the only painting Van Gogh sold was to a medical doctor of his acquaintance, and the doctor probably bought it for study--an attempt to understand the mind of a madman. Manic-depressive: O_o + :(
  14. I hope you keep good notes, Darby. If anyone is qualified to write the definitive work on the Titor affair ( and I'm not saying that you have nothing better to do) it is you. ;)
  15. Re: Not a Stupid Question Only in Neverland :P
  16. Many years ago I made a pyramid of box cardboard and aluminum foil. I believe the interior apex angle (truncated) was 45 degrees, and the whole thing was a few feet in height. It was just a cardboard form covered with foil, and quite light. I rested this upside down on a quart jar of plain water, and it seemed to me at the time that it 'charged' the water to make a discernible difference in its taste. :D
  17. The big glitch in this interpretation is that Strieber, who got a million dollar advance for Communion, is a very successful writer. He wouldn't waste his talents on a second-rate effort like the Titor saga which is barely acceptable as an amateur effort. :devil:
  18. When you said "the other John", for a moment I thought you were referring to a toilet. My mistake!!!! O_o
  19. At least for us hillbillies down here in Coon Hollow. ;)
  20. Interesting thread, especially the Alas Babylon comments. Someone copying a plot from a novel isn't going to slavishly copy all of the details (usually). They will make a few minor changes.It's very easy to do this. And Celebration is just up the road from McDill and Tampa. I've looked at Buc's stadium numerous times while standing in the parking garage at TIA: the stadium and both airports are quite close to Tampa. I lived in New Port Richey, north of Clearwater while the Titor saga, unbeknown to me, was supposedly unfolding. Aside from a few details, the Titor saga is pretty well wrapped up: there was no known crime involved, or money changing hands, or overt law-breaking. All of the interesting rocks have been turned over, so there is no legal or social value, except for curiosity of fans, to violate the privacy of those involved. It would be fine if this were the end of it--but it will not be. What is it they say about a bad penny? John Titor will, I fear, forever haunt cyberspace.Every time someone sets about the write the history of the internet the ghost of Titor will appear. That is one prediction about the future that is safe to make, I expect. :devil:
  21. On another thread Walex tells a story--I'm not sure I remember it--about a religious service for elementary particles where they were all waiting for the Higgs Boson to arrive, because without they couldn't have mass! ;)
  22. A basic kind of repeating motion is Simple Harmonic Motion. Spin, or circular motion, can be described as a pair of simple harmonic motions displaced by ninety degrees. A simple physics demonstration: A slowly rotating disc is painted black and placed in a box with two windows, one on top and one on the side. A ping pong ball is glued or screwed, to the face of one of the discs at the edge, and illumined by a very weak light. Looking in the top window, you can see the ball move side-to-side in simple harmonic motion (SHM). Looking in the side window, you can see the ball move up and down in SHM. A simple pendulum moves in SHM at low amplitudes. SHM is a frequency,a kind of wave motion. SHM can also create a spin or rotation, pure (2-D) motion. A mathematician once showed that all complex frequencies can be explained as compound SHM motions. What should be remembered, though, is that SHM describes a [continually] repeating +,- type of motion or variation.It is the repetition which makes it a frequency. :D
  23. Re: The Higgs boson particle is sabotaging the LHC Mainly, the Christmas tree in the lounge will light up.
  24. I was going to make an off-color remark about Dave Kinky's "device" bu I shall refrain in the name of good taste. ;)
  25. Re: 9/11 SECOND TOWER EXPLODED NOT HIT BY PLANE You're right cigman. The explosion shown was not the result of jet fuel, which does not explode, but which burns. It was a more powerful explosive. Which indicates there was no second plane. The only logical conclusion is that the entire event was staged. Which explains why there were no Air Force planes in the sky during the entire event. Are we to believe that the United States lacks the will to defend itself?
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