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  1. Re: The best claims you have ever read on this sit Bet you wish you never asked cmnderdata lol
  2. Re: The best claims you have ever read on this sit Darby - I remember you, or another mod, posted on the Anomalies site that they were working on providing evidence that would prove 100% that titor was a fake and would post them in due course. I never did see that. Was it posted?
  3. Hi, I am fairly new to this site. Whilst I have been looking in for sometime now to read the posts I have never before felt brave enough to post, there are some very strong characters on here and I did not want to get 'shot down in flames!!' My question is regarding time travel claims. Whilst they are very amusing and sometimes interesting have you ever been almost convinced by a claim? Who have been the most credible or viable as a time traveller? Out of all the terrible and amusing claims made there must have been some that really stand out. Just curious to know the thoughts of the regular members of the board.
  4. Obviously the first thing you would do after being sent back in time at great expense is to play around chatting on the internet !!!
  5. If I wanted to go out and really try and change the world and get them to listen what would I do? Well, I would not post on a message board. How is that ever going to change the world, by posting to a few people on here?!!!! :confused:
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