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  1. Your theory makes the fatal assumption that upon the creation of the first time machine that can traverse the past the future ceases to exist. There would not be a static year from which emigrations from the future would occur from, thus the probability of any era becoming underpopulated while another becomes overpopulated is no greater than the probability of equally distributed time travels. As far as a total flux of people traveling into the future and thus dying due to killing the possibility of the future.....once again the fatal flaw, a timeline which can be traveled along like an interstate can not face such problems. Further, the entire idea of traveling back in time is entirely contrary to fundamental laws of physics such as conservation of energy and matter and possibly the 2nd law of thermodynamics as well.
  2. I would love to administer the touring test to your software....I could make it fail in under a minute. make that under 10 seconds...one question basically
  3. 1) I agree with statement 1. 2) The only wormhole theories I am familiar with are sci-fi ones like Farscape. Is there an actual credible theory involving wormholes? 3) Logically sound, but if wormholes exist and they were created at the start of the universal expansion that wouldn't be much of a problem, no point in going further back than that really.
  4. Huh? I don't think the title states "I am only considering humans as TTs" either. Anyway.... Yeh your right, we have no idea what technology may exist in the future. However its pretty safe to assume that if you don't know the protocols or even what information the specific satellite is retrieving than you can't make any of the 0's and 1's that are recorded into anything useful. Example, if you have a file format for a picture that your computer does not recognize and your computer has no idea what the image is supposed to be of, than you can't decipher the data to translate it into the image on your screen. If you knew what the image was of than you could use pattern recognition to attempt to reconstruct the image from the data but without either you have nothing to work from. Which means either the documents will have to still be on file, or the documents will need to be retrieved. As a side note I've been involved with many reverse engineering projects and that is why I feel comfortable making the above statements. There have to be knowns, so that behaviours and manipulations to the system equate to useful data as opposed to more random data. And there is ofcourse the idea that key to communication is a known protocol between the participates.
  5. You bring up good points, for clearification however when I say the "time traveler" it could just be a device or instrument that I am referring too. Also while your argument of tapping into the satellites and only having to be injected for a split second to retrieve data would seem to make discovery more difficult, it appears that this behaviour would be displayed from a government with TT capability, or a highly organized institution. You can't throw out the possibility of one or few individuals getting the technology and not being near as careful with it as described above. I'm not saying it is a possibility it is just one of the infinite possibilities. I still believe that as Rainman pointed out the biggest opposition to this logic based theory not working is the time frame of human existence into the future past the point of TT origination. One more thing just to play devil's advocate, in order for a future generation to use or own satellites they would first have to make trips to retrieve spec docs about the satellites and therefore would have to send devices actually onto earth. Bits of 0's and 1's are meaningless if you don't know the protocol:) Interesting post though!
  6. It is actually a M.S. in computer engineering, but thanks for the concern. I suppose you missed some of my origianl post, which is ok I did type a lot so I will restate it. The debunking I was attempting to do was on a strictly LOGICAL level without involving any science. Why? Because science changes, as of now science quite easily removes the "romantic" idea of time travel being possible, however science of the future could change these views there is no way of knowing the future of physics. And yes you are correct you can make any claims you like over an infinite time frame and that is precisely the point. With infinite time, there are infinite possibilities which means that EVERYTHING will eventually happen. The difference between that assumption and my assumption that the secrets will be slipped is that yours is the pre-determined behaviour. And obviously both behaviours over an infinite timeline will happen infinitely, its not a difficult concept. I suppose I should go ahead and say once again that as I originally stated I am not using anything more than logic. Arguing the science of time travel is absurd at this point, but if you think you have all of the science answers to it, please publish it and enlighten the rest of the world. If you don't think that someone who claims to be from the future is a fool for either believing it himself or believing that others will believe his hoax than please tell me what you would call that individual. I am not looking for respect from people that are offended by me considering those people fools. I find this statement quite amusing. I am close minded because I think people claiming to be time travelers are fools, well I take that as a compliment. Also, I think every person is entitled to their conclusions about "religous things", its called an opinion. Apparently I am not allowed to have my own? Espeically since I even worded "I believe" and not IT IS SO. Huh? Not only have you entirely gone off on a tangent from the topic but you are proposing relativity to religion...ok. I'm not trying to call you out but at this point I don't respect or honor any of your provided input. Rainman and myself have had a pleasant discussion about my little theory in which neither of us made any attacks or slights at the other. We agreed on almost every point and he brought about a good consideration that needed to be made as far as my little theory went. You have said far more about ME as a person due to my one thread than my thread itself. Maybe you think you are from the future?? P.S. I am sure that you are very proud of your grandson but I will bet my right arm (im right handed) that he couldn't say anything profound enough to catch me off guard. Cheers.
  7. You are right to question some of my assumptions. There is the one major assumption that I am making and you pointed it out just now. Funny because while at the gym the same thing came to my mind and I decided that I needed to somehow remedy the problem. Both interpretations are possible as far as religous events, like I said I just tend to lean toward the writings being more methaphorical than narratives of actual occurred events. Ofcourse, the most probable explanation may just be the combination of both. While it is quite possible that a scientist, or politician, or any influential powerful person may be afraid of bringing up an occurence like you mention due to repercussions, it seems probable that eventual a few would come forward or at least write something in their memoirs. But on to the real deal. The biggest limitation to the total spread of time travel through history is ofcourse the length of time of the existence of humans. Now it is unimportant that the universe does not have infinite past, current cosmology puts a time frame on the start to everything. Also, with current theories the universe is either flat, or a saddle and its expansion speed is increasing. This leads a lot of cosmologist to believe that the expansion may be able to go on forever as opposed to previous ideas that eventually a Crunch would occur due to the gravity of the universe. It was determined that only a closed universe would end in a big crunch. It could therefore mean that the unvierse could go on "forever". This doesn't mean that humans have to exist forever, the earth will end in 6 billion years but it is ofcourse possible that other planets could be immigrated to by then. Now predicting how long humans will exist is a big problem. In fact at this point I can't think of any good method of doing this. By proposing that time travel must not exist since we don't know about it and use it now I am really just saying that either it is physically impossible OR time constraints on human existence disallows its invention. Currently I can not think of any good argument agaisnt the possibility of humans dying off soon after its invention, but I will work on that.
  8. Interesting idea. The idea I don't believe is necessarily true as far as mistaken interpretation of religion however it does require answers for the TT debunking. It is quite possible that anyone that witnesses a TT event could completely mistake what is witnessed and either believe it is related to Paranormal, Religous, or physical phenomenon. This being said if TT events approach infinity the probability that a true interpretation and understanding will occur also approaches infinity. As far as the burning bush and other religous events, those I believe stem more from people trying to take the bible entirely literally. Just like the arc and 2 of every species on the boat. This can't be taken literally even ignoring physical constraints, because the animals would eat each other. Basically I don't think the burning bush was anything more than a metaphor. However this does beg the question, what is behind paranormal experience and ghost stories? First, the majority of ghost stories I believe are people playing hoaxes. Then ofcourse there are the stories told by people that while truthful can be easily explained. Noises in old houses like walking is nothing more than the heat and humidity causing the wooden planks to expand and condense. Light and dust particles playing tricks on the eye can cause odd visions. However, it is very possible that a true physical phenomenon occurs and is witnessed and at least with current science is unexplanable. Like many things were unexplanable a thousand years ago that is common knowledge now. The possibility that it is someone of a different time attempting to interact with a person of this time is not impossible just improbable. One interesting question that comes to mind is why you never hear of these paranormal events occuring to scientist, famous people, or highly influential and powerful people. Would these not be the people that it would make the most sense in attempting contact with through time travel? So your point is a very good one, misinterpretation of what is witnessed could be a great cause in preventing TT from being understood in years before it is "discovered". However eventually the right organization with the right technology and the right equipment will intercept or record a TT event. I say eventually because we have all the time in the world for it to happen, and once this happens whether in our year, or in the year 3045, or 10765, it starts the chain reaction or helps build upon it that leads to the eventual avalanche. After all the possibility of someone intentionally bringing the knowledge back is infinite as well.
  9. I've only recently joined this forum but I have read quite a few passages already and am happy to say that there are a handfull of people that are truely science minded. Ofcourse the pranksters/numskulls outnumber the scientifically grounded. Myself I am an engineer, with one of my hobbies being physics. But for the following "debunking" I will use strictly logic. As a computer engineer my logic skills are fairly keen, I am sure that there will be rebuttals to several points, but over all the theory I believe holds water. If nothing else, it would be nice to receive feedback into what some of the holes in it might be. If time travel will ever be possible it would already being occuring now and would be popular knowledge. Why? So we have all of these people that will randomly claim to be from the future. Some provide "scientific" information about how they are able to travel through time, others try to prove they are genuine by performing meaningless tasks intead of providing true show stopping proof. My theory is an expansion upon already existing logic used when dealing with these nut cases. So somewhere in the future time travel becomes possible. This does several things, first it effectively removes the timeline. The timeline is removed because now any point in time is effectively "now" for the original time traveler. The time traveler is able to go anywhere in time he desires. In doing so the possibility exists with each jump for a mistake to occur and the time traveler to be found out. Not found out as in a nut case claiming without evidence that he travels through time, but found out as in someone or some foundation witnesses a portion of the event with ample evidence. This possibility of being discovered, truly discovered, becomes infinity. Why? Because even if the original time traveler never slips or shares his secrets the next person to discover it might, and then the next, or the next...etc. There is no limitation to the time line into the future and therefore no limitation of the number of people/groups that will discover time travel. I suppose for all intensive purposes there is at least a time line for this planet, I believe in 6 billion years our sun will swallow our planet, but not necessarily for humans. As the possibility of someone or group slipping and being discovered approaches infinity it becomes only a matter of time....ha but it doesn't! Once the first slip occurs and the secret is out the time traveling epidemic spreads further. Eventually the possibility of someone bringing the knowledge and capabilities to time travel further into the past becomes greater. Since the timeline has been removed this means that by now it has already occured. In summation, eventual time travel means that it already exists. If it already exists it has infinite time to continue to exist. With infinite time the possibility of a traveler being witnessed and evidence being recorded approaches infinity. As the possibility of being discovered approaches infinity along with the number of travelers reaching infinity the possibility of time travel being done in any year becomes infinite. I have only ever gotten two rebuttals that were mentionable. First, if the energy required to make jumps limits the distance the jump can cover than only a certain range of years would be included in the range and therefore be capable of "eventually" having time travel. My counter point to this is that with infinite time into the future eventually new methods of gathering the necessary energy will be discovered. Thus once again creating a possibility that approaches infinity of jumps being able to go far enough back with newly found energy sources. The other rebuttal was that any slip that does occur can be erased with more time travel. My counter point here is that first, there is still the infinite possibility that the slip is unknown and therefore is not erased. Secondly, in order for these events to be erased the actual neuron connections in the brain would have to change. There seems no reasonable way that one persons travels through time could effect the physiologies of people that have not been effected by any time travel. This line of thought did bring me to one interesting idea which unfortanately sounds semi Matrixy. Deja vu could simply be the brains reaction to receiving inputs that appear to be overlapping in time due to a close proximatey time jump. But that is mostly just sci-fi and I don't subscribe to it much at all.
  10. TheCPE


    Re: UFO's I believe what you are trying to suggest steffcat is that UFOs are occuring so that "ignorant" people will be tricked into believing in aliens etc so that when the rapture occurs non-christians will assume it was mass abductions. Another example I suppose would be the show The 4400, I imagine that is another way that "evil" is conditioning ignorant non-christians into believing in abductions. Or maybe the ignorant parties are the people that A) immediately assume any UFO is an alien ship, B) immediately assume that the UFO is "evil" preparing the world for the rapture. When ofcourse the most plausible and logical explanation is that they are vehicles from our Air Force, or any other branch of the military. Ever wondered why certain areas would have "higher" UFO traffic. Hrm, maybe because it is near test ranges and airspace of the military. This is unfortanately not a forum for religous debate, what a pity. One other point I figure that should be made to those that quickly belief UFOs to be alien craft.... If a race of people is advanced enough to travel the vast distances of space to reach our planet (a minimum of 4 light years...vega) than don't you think they would have the technology to conceal themselves from us. We can't even send people to Mars yet and we already have stealth technology that makes vehicles invisible to everything but the naked eye....shouldn't a race that can jump across space have a remedy for that by now?
  11. At present there are many theories envoloped into a category known as VSL Theories. These have been around since the early 90's started by a physicist named Moffat. While empirical evidence is lacking, there have been findings from particle physicists that show variations in the speed of "light" with very very high frequencies. These extremely high frequencies have such short wavelengths that it is theorized they must "leap frog" through quanta gaps in space. I only bring this up because even though the current best approximation of our universe (relativity) states that C is constant (btw Special Relativity calls for a constant C), this is by no means the end of the discussion, espeically in light of recent theories. As far as time travel goes.... Travel "into the future" is far more possible than into the past, ofcourse only because of a technicality. Travel near speed of light, go a long ways, come back...you haven't aged but everyone who was not traveling at that speed has.....This according to current theory is irreversible however, ie you can't travel back.
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