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  1. He was not in the group at the time of Inna gadda da vidda, he came along later, but he went on to design the guidance system for the mx missle and other things, and he and his dad, finished the formula that he was working on, and then he disappeared. Google his name as well as Low frequency gravity waves and tell me what you think? I personally think he had it and was abducted and killed as a result. If so light speed travel and communications may be around the corner! Thanks for posting!



  2. actually if you ggole low frequency gravity waves you will find a few things to look at that will tell you a bit about them, and if you google Philip Taylor Kramer and read a few articles you will come across more info about his technical abilities and his dad's as well. I do believe from what his dad and sister have said that he had in fact finished the formula for beyond light speed communications and travel. Many thought that he had been abducted because he specifially told his dad "if anyone ever says that I committed suicide you will know that someone has in fact abducted me or killed me", ans one of his calls was to 911 saying "this is Philip Taylor Kramer and I am going to kill myself" His dad thinks this is a direct communication to him saying they have got me. He was so very paranoid about someone trying to steal his work or kill him because of what he had discovered. He worked on the guidance systems for the mx missles and had top security clearance. He knew alot already and so did his dad. I fear that his research may fall into the hands of another country and be used in a way that Taylor wuld not have been happy about. But I know that LFGW are important, I just wish I could find someone who knew anything more about their application to communications and travel beyond light speed. If you have time do look up and read about bothe he and LFGW and tell me what you think. Thanks for posting!



  3. He was the bassist for the group called Iron Butterfly, but he and his father were scientists and I believe he had discovered the key to beyond light speed travel and communications, and it had to do with low frequency gracity waves. He disappeared mysteriously years ago only to have been found at the bottom of Decker Canyon after several mysterious phone calls. Google him and come back and tell me what you think... please, I am very very interested. Thanks!



  4. I was told by someone who was on the verge of a breakthrough that lfgw's are the key to beyond light speed travel and communications, does anyone have anything to add to that thought? or any questions as to what I am referring/ Thanks! Please, my friend died for what he felt was a great discovery, please if you know anything...please post



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