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  1. I am not Charlie but I am result-oriented. So you won!
  2. His story is turning into reality gradually......
  3. Re: Real alien abduction Charlie where are you? Are you kidnapped by government?
  4. Re: Real alien abduction I am still waiting Charlie to show up again............................................
  5. However, the earthquake has caused me nervious and I have a feeling that what he said may be true. I cannot recall in my life that >=6.0 earthquake happened almost every month somewhere in the world and reported in public news but that happened since last year. I have a very strong feeling that there is something wrong with the earth and something big is going to happen. We just don't know when and what that is.
  6. Who said this guy would come back to this forum and continue his story??
  7. Charlie, are you still there? Are you alright? You mentioned you have 2 other members in your group. Who are they and are they still active in internet right now?
  8. I just realized that what timeline 39 said is very similar to 'ZetaTalk' website. Are this coincidence or someone just copy and paste? What do you think guys?
  9. 1. Why were you so busy and did not show up very often? 2. Is the anomaly a special case to us? How souls in other planets evolve? I don't think they will have the same disater as ours. 3. Do you listen music, watch TV, watch movies, eat junk food ....etc in our timeline now?
  10. Charles (Charles Haynes?), 1. What is soul? Some kind of energy? 2. How can you answer every single question from us? 3. You still have connection to your EarthNet in our timeline now? 4. Who invented AIDS and when? I believe you mentioned there was cure for AIDS in your time? 5. Regarding the Moon Orbit question, how can you possibly know that? 6. The God created the soul. Who created the container (the body)? Why make the container so complicated? 7. Do animals have soul and why have/have not? 8. Do plants have soul and why have/have not? 9. How do you know there is no government agent monitoring this website and doing something for STS and completely change your plan?
  11. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath Hi Charlie, More questions. 1. More governments are now releasing UFO information. Does it have something to do with the anomaly? 2. John clearly mentioned that in his history, the US is managed 5 presidents each time. It seems your history is different from his? (There is a website recording all his on-line conversation. You can check it our youself and you will be suprised.) 3. When you say the soul comes to the physical body for learning, what is the point of coming to a mentally retarded body? The soul cannot learn anything and wait for death?? 4. After the disaster, many bodies will be gone. Where will so many souls be going? 5. Will we see a lot of UFO leaving off the ground during the disater? 6. Are you able to post a picture/drawing showing the orbit of the anomaly? 7. What is crystal skull? 8. What is crop circle? 9. How can you get element 115 as your fuel while it is not a natural resources? I believe you need to spend a lot of energy to create this. Then what is the point of wasting a lot energy to create this fuel and then consume it? Should alien have technology to make use of free energy? 10. Did we have alien/human exchange program? 11. Where is Alanta? 12. Is fat in sin (consume more resouces than needed)? Have you ever seen any fat alien?
  12. Charlie, 1. What is the secret of the back of the moon? 2. Was Moon artificially put into its orbit? 3. What is the true nature of 'dark matter/dark energy' in this universe? 4. Any explaination why Mayan calendar ends at 2012 Dec 21? 5. DOW did not stop at 7,500. How did you explain that? 6. Was AIDS invented? 7. If Obama really did disclose the anomaly to public, do you worry that he would have the same destiny of Kennedy? 8. The Vatican was informed about this long time ago in the 'Fatima prediction'? 9. Is Vatican part of the secret government?
  13. Interesting web site. It seems there is an international team working on the Planet X Stuff. http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/#/home
  14. Annunaki home planet is Niburu? How can that be possible? The extreme change in temperature when moving to and from the sun will simply kill them all!
  15. Re: The Next Phase Personally, I am very annoyed by the existence of you guys in our timeline. The reason I am saying this is because you guys will not know what 'betterfly effect' you have on us. John came to our timeline and all his on-line conversation has been documented in a book. What you said in this forum is very different from him. My conclusion is either one (or both) of you are hoax or you both live in different reality because of time travel. John said clearly billions of people will die in war, he said he has 5 presidents in US, etc. If it is the later, how do you 100% sure that your arrival in our timeline will not create a bigger disaster to us in the long run? You are doing an experiment using our life! May be the survival rate will drop to absolute zero by having you in here because the Anomaly may get closer than it originally should be - you never know until you do your experiment in here and return and check the result. I don't feel comfortable that our people destiny is affected by a small group of people in future. Have you ever consulted everyone in our world if we want you to do this? This is my challenge to you: If you do help us to survive, I believe the whole human kind will thank you from the heart, including myself. If you screw up, do you (and your counsel) have the guts to take full responsibility to do whatever you can, including giving up your life, to fix the mess you do to us? Going back to my original question long time ago. If it is the god's will that we need to go through this pain, why we are trying to avoid it? If the process is not painful enough to make us change spiritually, are you going to take responsibility for that?
  16. RainmanTime, Whatsoever. It seems you have found a sense of success doing such thing in here. I will not waste time arguing. The only thing I want to say is this place is 'Time Travel Institute', not 'Anti Time Travel Institute'.
  17. Charlie, 1. You said 'We do know that in the first meeting with President Bush after winning the Election, Obama was told that there is a object moving through our solar system that has a chance of affecting Earth when it passes.' How can you possibly know that? Did someone tell you? 2. Why will internet shut down? 3. You said 'DOW @ 7500'. How do you know? And are you afraid of giving out this 'stock tips'? 4. Was the Dinosaur killed by anomaly? 5. I guess Norway government knew about it as they built a seeds bank? By the way, I believe RainmanTime may be a debunker hired by the government - why wasting many years in a forum discussing something that he does not believe? Why not just go away? (If you don't like Thailand food, you don't go to a Thai restuarant everyday and complain it, do you?)
  18. Hi more questions 1. Are you able to disclose who killed Kennedy? 2. After the pole shift, what happened to those dead bodies and how could that be cleaned up? 3. How many presidents do you have in your timeline? 4. I believe John implied that the president would be a 'she'. Do you think the changed result was a direct result of you guys coming to our time? 5. I believe the CERN experiment will be behind schedule from original John's timeline. Do you think we will have enough time to discover the time travel theory before the pole shift - the history of time travel invention may be totally changed! 6. I notice there has been a very bright star at night and I believe it should be Venus. Anything to do with the anomaly? 7. John mentioned clearly that 2008 would be a year that everyone would know the world they are living is going to end. What happened? 8. I don't understand how you can pick and return to an exact timeline that you came before. Your machine only recorded the timeline point when you returned to your time. When you jumped to another year, how can the machine trace back the original timeline you left - a extension of time (2008) of the original 2003 you came before? 9. Since life is very difficult, how do your people treat those mentally retarded people and disable? 10. How can you survive that long in our timeline when you have no money (I suppose) and no identity document to prove yourself? 11. You mentioned interent shutdown? 12. I encountered the '11:11 phenomenon' (whenever I watch the digital clock, I see 10:10, 11:11, 2:22 etc) for the past couple years. Do you know what it means? 13. The pole shift is a cyclical event. Human must encounter the event before but the survivors did not evolve spiritually (look at ourselves). Why are you so optimistic that human being will evolve in the direction you think? - what we learn from our human history is that we never learn anything!
  19. Re: The Next Phase Charlie, When will you post again? Are you ready to answer any questions now?
  20. Charlie, You must be happy at this stage seeing Obama made it. Questions: 1. John mentioned that billions of people were killed in the war, not the disaster. Did you guys come to our timeline and make more people die in the disaster instead of the war? 2. If the government made a mistake 60 years ago, why did you come to this specific time to fix the problem instead of going back earlier? 3. Can you disclose which other countries know about the anomaly? 4. Technical question: When someone in your future said bring me a name card of President McCain when you travel backward. Then you changed the event and Obama won. When you return, 1) will that guy still remember asking you to bring a name card of McCain or Obama? 2) in your mind, you remember that guy asked you to bring name card of McCain or Obama?
  21. I am not sure if I have posted this link before but there is a team (project camelot) in Aus trying to save the people. Some how if you join them together, I guess you will save more people http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6267 However, I am not sure if living is a good thing after the disaster. I guess people who survive may envy those who die.
  22. People in your timeline also know about MJ12? How do you know anything about it when everything is distroyed after pole shift and the war? It has never made public and I wonder how you can find this information......... Also you mentioned that human being must go through this painful process to change spiritually. Then why don't you just leave us alone and let things happen instead of changing it? How do you know you are not creating another disaster in the long run? All time travelers come to our time and say they are doing something good for us but how do they know they are not making us worse off in the long run? If it is the way God has laid down, why should human being override it?
  23. Charlie, In your timeline, did the government officially announce the existence of other beings in the Universe? The British government has just released more files regarding UFO and it seems the government is doing a test right now. What is the implication of such move?
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