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  1. Its just this world we are living in. Wars and terrorisim and alot of other things. I would like to see what this world is like in 20 or even 1000 years. It would be like me taking a vacation and seeing where this world is headed and when I come back it would be like I never left because I would return at the same time and place from wich I left. I would like to see what technologies are in the future and I would like to have a look around in a time that I know I could never get to wich would be 80 to infinity years into the future. What happens in 2012 to 2020 wich saposidly an asteroid is sapossed to strike the earth in that time frame. There are lots of stuff and than I can return to the time and place from wich I left. It would be really fun and exciting to see how life has evolved in the future. Maybe I can get some answers if I go to the future and look around. Or are there policies about taking people with you back to the future? Do you have to follow guidelines when you Time Tavel? Sincerly, hagar123
  2. Hi everybody. I am new here and I would like to know from you time travlers if I could please go to the future. I am sick of this world line and would like to skip at least 20 years into the future or more if your going further than 20 years into the future. If anyone in the far future that has time travel abilities or is here in the past from the future is reading this than please take me to more than 20 years into the future. Sincerly, hagar123
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