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  1. Greetings Darby, Risata! Happy Holidays, May Spirit Bless You & Yours This New Year! "I never said my age or where I lived. You sir are a liar." ~post by HDRkid~ The past has a way with catching up to people. Does it not kid? You know Jenny/Steven/Hoaxer in Residence, if you spent this much time collecting Aluminum Cans as you did in ripping off kids and those with out the where-with-all to spot a liar & Con Artist like you, you could afford to send money to CERN. At the very least, buy bicycles for all those poor kids in your neighborhood for when Boomer comes calling. Sorry to bust your bubble again Kid, you did IN FACT tell people your age. You also told people that you were still living at home and going to school. I for one haven't forgotten your largest Bullshit story, and I consistently asked you to back that up. You remember that story don't you? It's the one you liked to include with that picture of the electromagnet wrapped in ducttape. It's the lie regarding a visit from the police. Not just any visit, but 20, Twenty Squad Cars arrived at your HOUSE. Remember me asking what city, that's all I wanted was to have my in law call, just to verify that it actually took place? You see, 20 Units being Dispatched to a home for ANYTHING would be remembered. You immediately went and squealed to Brent about people wanting to do you harm once they found out *Where* you lived. Folks already knew where you lived. You knew that you could never back up a Lie that size. I remember your BS stories before you even thought to include your new age hook, "Astral" to the time travel part of your Hoax, WAY before the RV sthick. I watched you perfect your stolen predictions from Internet, News, and other sources so that they didn't look like a book report. Each time you got busted for your lies, your act changed and became a bit more sophisticated, that is, until you hung yourself BIG TIME over that Coke Blaq SNAFU. Most intelligent people would have called it quits then & there. Had you been caught anymore redhanded, your body would have bled out all the way. Your are a pathological liar. You need help. Darby isn't the only one that has suspected people posting as you. Darby didn't have access to your IP over at TPN so he couldn't have busted you when you posted there on your "Trip". It certainly wasn't from where you claimed to be posting from. Your IP resolved to Isreal. Who was posting there for you? Or were you hiding something else? When scum like you accuse Darby, OF ALL PEOPLE, Darby of lieing, it's times like that the admin should ban your sorry, pathetic, lie ridden carcass.
  2. Peter posted: ""Truth is not dependent upon your ability to recognize it. For example, I am from Indiana. My ass is sitting on a chair in Indiana as I type this. But I don't have to do anything to convince you that fact is true in order for it to be true. It is true regardless of your opinion. Similarly, the truth about Zeshua, whatever that truth is, is true already without her jumping through any of your hoops."" Stating where you are typing "from" has nothing to do with some one using the services of a annonymizer service. Why would a Hoaxer use a service like that? zeshua could hardly jump through hoops. It's the person Hoaxing as zeshua that doing all the hoop work. Sue, zeshua predicted something regarding your family. Just how vague was it? How exact was it? Remember in order rof zeshua to be able to pull something like that they KNOW you or some one very close to you that has talked in general conversation / PM long before zeshua showed up and it has nothing to do with a "time traveler" just someone that has used you and the information they garnered then turned it around to look like it comes from the future. You would be amazed at what people are capeable of doing "Cold Readings" and have it sound like it's real information from the other side.
  3. That's right Risata. I believe that the debunkers may be on to something. Scott has already outlined hard numbers as to why zeshua is a Hoax. What remains to be seen is exactly WHO is responsible for the Hoax. This particular thread has most of the best clues imho. However, I was never "privy" to any of the PM from zeshua. One has to wonder eaxctly WHY a Hoaxer would choose to spew information in Private? For me, that ploy has always pointed to a Economy Of Lies AND it keeps the general populace from showing how it's a Hoax right off the bat. I don't know if any one here besides Peter and Sue is aware that when this Hoax began, zeshua had two other cohorts, "that had to go away" or some such drivel. Again, sounds great but it's real hard to Hoax three different personas, thus the Economy Of Lies again.
  4. Interesting indeed patience of this caliber to pull a Hoax. Well Z, what kind of evidence / proof do you have to offer this time?
  5. I liked the part about titor being evil. Oh, I liked the cartoon at the begining also.
  6. The only "pressure" I see is you being able to prove and substantiate your claim that: A- titor is your father B- titor was actually a real person C- you can answer any questions without prevaricating.
  7. Actually, Dana Blew It Big Time. That was her FIRST POST here. How could some guy be "stalking her" if he posted first? Time Guy, You win the big prize. Well, it does seem that a few folks have their attention and dreams centered on Time Travel. Doesn't take much in the realm of Rocket Science to realize that yes, time travelers would NOT be posting on some internet site. Evidence and or Proof that time travel does not exist?: All of us are still here, the world is still here, everything is still just as screwed up as it was. Frog, Journeyman is a Hoax. His statement about "Loons" being here is a represed subconscious fear of being spotted as a Hoaxer and isn't talking about you in any case.
  8. That's a No Brainer. Daddy would Be: ROGER RABBIT Still, you gotta feel sorry for Franklin's Wife don't you? After all, she never met Franklin in the first place, she doesn't even know who Franklin is, that he died or that he even left. Just look at all that information that poor woman is missing. One just HAS to feel sorry for her...
  9. Had they the proper Diaxlic Relocator, messages left on a "time travel forum" would be unnecessary. The unit would automatically locate them for you, give you directions, and print your money for you.
  10. Ah, the old "Trick Question" eh? Let's take it a step farther, how about a planet say 20 or 30 lightyears away. What then the chances of English being spoken?
  11. And they learned "english" from listening to the Bickersons and the Honeymooners? What do they use to pay at the Cyber Cafe?
  12. There's a very good chance that if they tried to post, they had problems with, typing & reading English and paying for anykind of internet connection. Unless of course they remembered to bring their Babel Fish. What are the chances that English is the Diplomatic Language of the Universe let alone spoken on another planet?
  13. For me, I'd rather not screw around with some radionic placebo fake type "time machine" that creates a magnetic field. We have enough of them screwing our brain cells as it is.
  14. Perhaps you need to think outside the box. That being, folks are way too embarassed that they got ripped off and paid $350 for a make believe time machine. Would you tell your parents or mate you were that stupid? I have seen posts where people got ripped off and Gibbs never returned their calls... Imagine that, it does not work. It's all good. You too can be Napoleon Dynamite.
  15. Niles, This brings us to another interesting question that of Frog. If I am not mistaken, Frog186 is Adam over on Anomalies who has been around for ages. He's conversed with both Darby and Pamela regarding the titor hoax. It may be possible that Frog186 IS Sollen but I wonder why the different nick of Sollen if in fact it is Adam/Frog186. There is also a suspicion that Frog186 is the HDRkid but that has not been confirmed yet. However, there is somthing suspicious because over at anomalies Adam pots with spaces, punctuation and is rather understandable. It's unknown why the post "Style" of Adam and Frog186 is so different. Over on the Hdrkids pathetic site, you will note the most inane questions from a few specific people to the hdrkid regarding information on the fake trips. After reading a few hundred questions one has to wonder if they are being had in regards to that style and the directions of questioning.
  16. Re: Intermission commission Mankind was BORN to realize where home actually is, Within. Ever since man came here some 6 million years ago there have been Masters to show the way to that path.
  17. Re: Engaging Our Autopilots! I'd be happy to if we could converse about this without all the obsfucation. You up for it?
  18. Re: Sigmund era huge balls I didn't care much for Freud, he was too hung up on whether folks hated or loved their parents too much, enter stage left edipus. We're better off eating cold chicken on some bank along the river in France watching some famous shrink, wrapped in a flag, spouting vehemence and vitrol on non related subjects... "Hark, what resounding psychobable doth approach my dogerel?" IMHO, the brain's a great tool but a poor Master. I'd prefer to listen to Spirit which speaks the language of Soul to find my way home.
  19. Hmm... traveling the upper reaches without brussel sprouts may infact be a good Idea as the petite schu may become confused and have to migrate another turn on the wheel of the 84. How about this, what's your view on that phenomenia refered to as the 'Veil of Death' though no such thing as death exists, That 'veil' which keeps Soul from being able to remember the tests and trails it took the last time it was here?
  20. Re: Sigmund era huge balls Aren't there extra points and rainchecks given for juxtaposing guesstimates concerning fear & loathing of the canoe we arrived in?
  21. Rainman, are you refering to the the specific point of consciousness of 'Sohang', "I Am That" where Soul realizes that it is part of all it sees?
  22. England Has Trainspotting. Washington State has Pantyspotting. Please send your donations to Washington State Mental Health Facility. Creedo promises to send panties that have been properly spotted and done with. Please include extra donation and 4 Box Tops for your Alien Lizard Overlord Overseer Zodiac Chart with Secret Decoder Ring. Woodys are nonnegotiable.
  23. Crackercide... Say, isn't that what happens when your vehicle brakes down in the deep south and you can't get directions because everybody around knows for sure that 'they' aren't lost?
  24. Actually, I'd have to say that the real problem was Billy. Billy Meier created quite the black hole of "*cough *cough Bullet Proof System Of Documentation which is powered by sheer Sophistry. See, when the same people keeping track and "documenting" / time stamping the Plejaren "predictions" happen to work for you (Billy's people) the veracity of your claims is quite suspect. Billy's newest shill, Michael Horn, is just as suspect. Follow the Money. His claims regarding Plejarens is nothing more than 200 acres of bovine droppings. He has yet to be able to prove any of it. Don't believe me? Go Check out http://www.gaiaguys.net/skeptics3.04.htm Above Top Secret creamed Michael Horn and his Plejaren fantasies here: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread162905/pg1 Creedo, I'd love to believe in the Plajeren Myth, you will need to Pony Up to the Great Bar of Truth, Evidence & The Proof Way. What Proof have you got?
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