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  1. I predict a 15% loss of the value of the dollar overall at the very least. I also predict a staggering increase in mortgage foreclosures. And that will lead to a drop in property values. And an increase in bankruptcy filings. A general loss of confidence. A declining Dow. Hard times. 2007. Al
  2. Am I still me? Ok fine. Whew! Ok now, If you need to get yourself into a physical, geographical specific situation,,, that is, an event at a place in time ,,, whether past, present or future, Such as getting into Marilyn Monroe's house on Aug.8th 1962.... How do you do it? Think. All you need is the sum total... (or as much as you can get) of the information that is contained in the energy and matter of that specific event. Why? Because if you had access to all that information PERFECTLY, then you become part of that event , perfectly. Sounds like alot, but not really. As humans, the brunt of it would be like a flea under the feet of a marching band in parade. An endless armageddon to that flea. We could not absorbe too much information without exploding. So a buffer is needed to "ride that wave" of information contained in that event. The people, place, things and occurances therein. Miss Monroe, the bungalo, her killer, the whole nine yards. All that is just one speck of an event and a speck of a place in history or the universe. One tree in an old forest that no-one heard fall. No one was there to remember.... or was there? Yes,,,, If you guessed that the FOREST itself remembers the event, then you are right. If you had the ability to become one leaf on one of those old trees that really was there, then you become a part of the sum total of all the information contained within the whole tree specifically and the whole forest in general. Then you can get to work and interface with the other parts of the whole tree and "relive" or experience the event because the event is as much a part of the tree as you are. Well guess what? You are a human being on this planet and in this universe. You are a part of it all whether you think so or not. The problem is not being outside the event. It is finding a convention of knowlege and information so perfect that you become present in the event itself! Now all that was for your benefit and learning. As best that I can explain to those that are much more smarter than me. With HATS, (here and there simultaniously) You are you; and you are here; and you are there. Period. The religions have a word for it.... "at-oneness" or whatever. Hope that helps. Al Az.
  3. 10-4. I posted more in the thread "Been There and Done That". Thanks. I went as far as I could before they shut me down. How regretable. I guess that I am not me. Al
  4. "Is he saying like I am like Clarice asking the questions and he is the horrible monster answering them?? Because I think that Hannibal ate people...right? So does this mean if I search too hard I am going to find something horrible like she did???" reply: No, no. I had referred to Miss Foster in other posts. (I am not a fan of hers, but the movies make a point or two.) In "Lambs" her character solved the case with good gumshoe detective work. That's all. Do not be distracted with all the nonsence on this forum. Work this case. Discover something about Time Travel. From what I know, I understand that "Time Travel" is not and was never dumped out in it's entirety to the masses.. It is what you do with it in your daily life.
  5. Nope, not a dramatic exit. I have a job. I went over to Calif. last night. While I was concerned about highway deaths, a freak accident occured on my property. My neighbor has a flatbed farm truck that popped into reverse and rolled through my fence and took out my well. Thank God that my grandkids were playing out back. All this nonsence about ip addresses is pretty much what I expect. And A-ok with me. I have no patience for that. People are catapulted into eternity every day. That was my point. We have enough to worry about. People and the lives that they live and the lives they loose are indeed significant. This is absoultely essencial to understanding Time Travel.
  6. reply to : Pam217 "Have you seen the movie "somewhere in time"? or even the recent "butterfly effect"? Is this what you are describing as time travel?" reply: No, I don't know of those movies. " I am trying to read between the lines of what you are posting but it is not easy. " reply: I do not couch truth between the lines. Hint: Outline what I have written. Structure what I have indeed written and you will discover for yourself. Don't worry about what I don't write. You have enough so far. Look deep within Yourself, Clarice. Al Az.
  7. Reply tp OverLoad: "Actually, there is one member who has been writing in these forums for quite some time, and has hinted at, unknowingly I'd imagine, what the truth may be"... reply: I am off work on Monday and Tuesday. I read threads til I was blurry eyed. I do not know who you refer to since I am new here. However, I did see a post that was "Slam-Bang" consistant with my experiences. Freaked me out. On a personal note, I am glad that this is so much like a "sand-box" for intellectuals. On this Thanksgiving Night, I am greatful that no-one takes me seriously enough that the Monroe problem is not outlined to achieve any useful knowlege. You see , it occurred to me that a car might show up at my house and wisk me away to some lab somewhere if anyone actually took me seriously. As long as I am the only one who knows.... ( and maybe one other poster) who really cares ? Do You? Work the Marilyn problem. Al Az.
  8. Jet: reply to: "Is it possible that many of us have already time traveled without full cognition of ever having done so? Could the conscious mind absorb a radically different perception in what might seem like an instant? Or would it be discarded as brain static? " reply: Yes#1 and Yes #2 Yes #3 I know for a fact that humans have Time Traveled throughout history. I also know that sometimes people hallucinate. I also know that the human mind can and does absorbe radically different perceptoion in a New York INSTANT. Damn straight. I travel the southwest extensively every week. I drove up to Las Vegas tonight. I see human beings snuffed and butchered on the highway almost daily. Here in Arizona, we have the best driving conditions imagineable. Yet, More people loose their lives on a straight road on a sunny day; then when I go over the Rockies in winter. My daughter is a paramedic and recently pulled a 16 yr old girl out of an upside-down Mazda. Her head was on backwards. She also collected the girl's homework that was blowing across the desert to give to the other surviving girl later at the hospital. I see worse. I see the carnage as it happens. You go into a mental zone and a fog. Time ... no.. the world SLOWS DOWN. You pray to God as you see kids being flung from an SUV as it tumbles. I reccommend that everyone carry a "crash bag" in their car or truck. Everyone wants to talk on a cell phone instead of plugging that artery or chopping a battery cable, or dousing a fire. At least grab a Hefty bag and go around to pick up their shoes and cd's and stuff. Be prepared to wash and ice down a severed limb. Rv's have ice and hefty bags. There is my answer. Perseptions can be managed. In light of the above,,, TT is a snap.
  9. Pam217: The clock holds a record of events. (But not the Perfect Record) It will tell us as much as any other thing in the room at the time. So we need the WHOLE Record of the whole building, neighborhood, etc. Information Theory tells us that in Biology, cells and DNA can remember not only their own experiences, but all the experiences from past generations. Hence, evolution can go foreward according to data input and processing. Now, this is a step of faith, but if the walls could talk, or the clock could talk, or the cosmos inwhich they reside could talk, then you might accumulate more and better information than the police investigation that was conducted after the fact. I am glad that you took a shot at it, you get high marks for doing the homework. The idea that Native peoples can hear a mountain talk is not foreign to our thinking. Modern gypsies can handle a personal item like a watch and get some information out. If a tree falls in the forest, who will hear it? The other trees will, no doubt. They will investigate what fell their brother and strenghten themselves according to the laws of survival. And pass that on to the seedlings. Look around our world and see how many things relate one to another. Even my cats and dogs take care of us here at the house. How do they know these things? Don't ask me how, I don't know. It just does and that is how we are taught. They say that if you ring a bell, that the sound resonates out to eternity. So, every word wispered in secret also goes out for all the universe to hear. (OMG!) The Karma People believe these things. To complicate things even more, Christians believe that not only are your sins tallied up, but even your every thought is tallied up awaiting judgement! Similarly, the Navajo say that even the birds and deer will testify against the wrongdoer. The key here is convention. And I am not an expert on all these things; but I would hope to provoke more thought along these lines and nudge every thinker to discover something for themselves. Then that individual is ok with it. TT becomes YOUR discovery, not mine. I am nobody special. TT has been around long before you and me. And will be around long after we are gone. Al AZ.
  10. "Could be true. But there is little argument that, if they are phenomenon which do manifest in front of people such that they can perceive them with their physical senses, then they MUST be physical in nature, and thus have some signature of Energy (even if one would not classify that signature as Mass... but might be classified as Electro-Magnetic-Gravitic)." reply: BINGO ! The evidence is there, RMT. If you can SEE a ghost, ufo, etc. then there is a link to physical reality. There is enough testimony of encounters and events of every sort to fill several librarys. Because PHYSICAL humans experience these, then YES, there is a physical link and must be considered to be physical, but not continually observed. I agree. But TT is an experience to be cherished; not a specimine to be studied. In my experience, the people I visited SAW and HEARD me. So, I conclude that I was there physically. If one desires to take measurements or confine a sample to a lab, I think that would be hard to do. It may take centuries before science can nail it all down to their satisfaction. What we do know from science is that mankind has the high probability of evolving himself out of existance long before a solution for time travel is achieved. Much less, the survival of humanity. Therefore, any efforts in this area might be considered a waste of valuable and limited time. In other words, since we are locked-in under Einstein, then we are doomed. Not quite checkmate yet, though. If one can accept that mankind's science has painted us all into the corner in many ways and actually inhibited the expansion of knowlege by virtue of their own limitations. There is talk of the big JUMP that mankind will make wherein we will understand all things. That's pie in the sky. Wishful, but necessary hope in light of the fact that we need answers FAST... before it's too late. And there is no guarantee that this jump will come because good science is cautious with regard to predictions. I haven't decided what to do if the world is ending in our time.... whether to head over to Cal Tech or a church and bang on the door for answers. The above homework assignment with regard to Marilyn's death illustrates this point. The coroner's report and the dusty old police files represent all that science had to offer then. Inasmuch as no new information was forthcoming, the science stands. The reality is that those records are fading. Forty four years have come and gone. Miss Monroe's homicide is less likely to be solved as time goes by. So, we need a different approach. I was washing my Dad's station wagon on that August morning when the news came over the radio. My memory of that day is fading. Our home in Encino was only 19 miles from her bungalo. Unfortunately, we had driven to the east coast that week. So, I wasn't there. Or even near there. But go to that location today and tell me that you aren't creeped-out. Go to Dealey plaza today and know that there is an ambience over that place thick enough to cut with a knife. Those places reek of some cosmic event. Visit Tombstone Arizona. Go to Athens, Rome, Chairo, Jerusalem or Valley Forge or Normandy. Same thing. I suspect that is why there is a high value placed on relics and artifacts. Not to mention those blood-soaked battlefields of the world. Or the bloodsoaked sidewalk on Bundy Drive SCREAMING for justice and vengence. I suspect that much of that value is assessed according to the information preserved within those artifacts and relics . Not to mention the locality. Like DNA in the bones of a mummy. But I say that there is more to it than that. "The stones even cry out !" That school book depository in Dallas is dripping with information. Every brick was an eyewitness. Not only to the event of 22 November, but even since those bricks were made in 1909. But, even before then. Because they were clay in Texas for God knows how long. And today, those bricks drink in today's sun and feel today's rain and wind and the traffic below. So are the pyramids and Parthanon. The key to getting into Marilyn's bungalo on Aug 12, 1962 is indeed transending the historic convention of knowlege and tapping into that perfect record of events. Let me explain... if you read an account of the Civil War, then you have taken a step back towards that event. The book is a convention and has it's limitations. Therefore, your journey to the Civil war is limited to that convention. However, if you had a 100% perfect record of the Civil War, then it would perfectly take you back there. A perfect convention yields perfect results. For example, who hasn't heard a song that hasn't taken them somewhere ? A drug "trip" is named for what it produces. A postcard from a vacation might do the same thing. As far as time goes, it goes by... tic-toc. I suspect that time travel is not so much a journey through time as much as it is an encounter with convention. You are there and it is as real as it gets. And you do not leave here, for it is as real as it gets. Perfectly real because the convention is 100% perfectly accurate. Real here, real there and just as real then and now. Why? because you and I are part of the same convention just as much as anyone else is. Past, present and future. Napoleon, Moses Lincoln and YOU. Not to mention every grain of sand. Now look, any persuit of time travel would be an inquiry of conventions. If a flying saucer took you back and you looked out the window, you still would be lacking the vast amount of information contained within the locality, it's artifacts or it's people.. The machine is only a vehicle and not a convention in the perfect sence. Also, please note that some conventions are better than others. Aborogineze tribesmen have a method, as does remote viewers, sayances, drug trips, channelers, ghosts, and aliens. Even visits from Saints and Angels might be unreliable because they are subjective to the individual. So, it would make sence to tap into that perfect convention of composit history and destiny to experience for yourself another place and time in the here and now. Should you do that, (let me lay this one on you) there would be a historical record generated and preserved perfectly of your having been in TWO PLACES AT ONCE ! (ie:Jody Foster) (the record of earth showed the pod dropping here; and the alien record showing her here and there) (and her own recollections) Note: I personally thought that the movie stunk, because they went through so much hassle for some alien to masquerade as her dead Father and then shrug his shoulders and say that they don't know nothin'. Then she is put to shame by the same scientific community that she so tirelessly worked for. The aliens couldn't even produce her "real" dad. What kind of crap was that? Do you want to visit the "real" Moses or Oswald or Patton ? We need to get in front of the curve and not lag behind it. What do I mean ? Well, when Benjamin Franklin "discovered" electricity,,, he was obviously behind the curve. He did not invent it, nor did it spring into existance on that day. Time Travel has been around since, well, the beginning of time. What are you waiting for ? Someone to "discover" what is already here? Come on in, the water's fine. Only you need leave your concrete boots on the shore. Then you can swim in the deep water. Al
  11. PackerBacker. Thanks for the invite and references. I defer to my thread "been there.." That's my basic outline. Today I think that I will coin my "system" as "Here And There Simultaniously" or HATS. It involves physical relocation elsewhere in time and space, all the while staying put. It is also spontaneous. I see that your ideas require acceleration. As I said above, it would be pretty hard on the mortal body. Also, by the time you snapped into fifth gear, you would be passing the Milky Way. No good if you are heading for Gettysburg. HATS does not require any acceleration. Why should it? Shadow people, ghosts, Virgin Mary, you name it from the paranormal ... need no machine or acceleration. Nor do the out-of-body people either. I do not have a list of typical paranormal entities, but only ufo's are associated with machines, speed and distance. I don't know what catagory the remote viewers are in. Add these to the longer list of all that we cannot prove from science or duplicate. But, please note that some paranormal events are accepted as physical in nature. Others like ghosts and demons, saints, etc, are considered spiritual. I say that HATS is physical and is easier to do than prove. I'll write more when I can. It's after 4am here in Az. Need hit the sack. Al
  12. PackerBacker: I read through some of your posts in order to reply to you. Your concept of time is as follows: "Several comments about time: In our relative space-time existence we think of one dimension of time.I believe that there are an infinite number of time dimensions, and that each monad has its own time: this makes it eternal. In a fundamental sense, time, motion, vibration, and consciousness are all different aspects of the same thing. Seconndly, there is a confusion resulting from using the word time in two different ways. In one usage it means change, and in another it means the content or record of time or change." my reply: Dude, there is no way that I can think in those terms. I really can't. You had challenged me to explain where you are wrong. I really cannot fathom dimentions and all that. However , when you consider the basics about experiencing the "tick-tock, tick-tock" day in, day out weeks, months and years, etc... then we have a huge catalog of events from A to Z. Not just you and me, but everyone who has ever lived. And I really mean it when I say "get back to basics". Imagine the clock on the wall at Marilyn Monroe's house when she died. It cannot remember, but her housekeeper can. Therefore , there is a record, of sorts. Tick-tock. I had got to thinking about event echoes once, but eventually decided that echoes are not always trustworthy. Not always clear. The clock resonates (to this day) when it chimed in 1962. It would be a huge undertaking to go out across the universe to round-up all those echoes and sort them out. Unfortunately, it was only a clock when we really needed a camera. Get my drift ? All we can do now is have a look into the housekeeper's memory. (by interviewing her) But, what if she was in the other room? As it turns out, she was in the other room. Then what? The clock isn't talking and the housekeeper is unreliable. We need either access to that room at the time, or we at least need an increase of information of those events that is fully reliable. Now, I am NOT suggesting "remote viewing". No, no. I would rather interview the clock. In your above quote, I think that you are in the ballpark when you said: "that each monad has its own time: this makes it eternal". And: "time, motion, vibration, and consciousness are all different aspects of the same thing." Now, I don't know what a monad is... but ok. Quiz on Monday Quoting you : " Since time travel is beyond current scientific comprehension, someone who does it must know something that we don't. Please do not simply repeat current knowledge.I do have a concept of the nature of time. Tell me why it's wrong. " OK, you have answered your own question and exposed my dilemma. I am hard pressed to furnish you with an answer that you might accept, since it must fall within the parameters of scientific comprehension. I am feeling like Jody Foster here. Except that I am not a scientist. Could that be a key? Yes. Stop trying to use science to make sence of it. I think that the smarter you are, the harder it is. Be a "Detective" here. The Marilyn problem will hopefully provoke you to discover at least a few leads that you might examine. Al
  13. It is not my intention to rail against good science. I honestly could not, since I am not educated in those diciplines. After reading a variety of threads, I was reacting to what appeared to be a shark tank, rather than a think tank. My great challenge is to pull down some barriers and remove some pre-conceived notions about TT. Some posts are quite good and I believe that a few thinkers are on track. Individual discovery trumps wholesale distribution of knowlege. Like music. Exploring the simple to the very complex aspects of musical structure,,,, but the heart of it can be lost in all the disection. A wealth of music is overlooked as a result of personal taste or simple bias. I invite each individual to revisit any ideas about TT that may have been ruled out as a result of popular thought. If a personal discovery comes, then it is a rich one. For example : Mankind lives in a universe (singular) that does not exclude TT. Yes, let's revisit that concept. One universe. Or do we rule that out because multiple millions of universes is more sexy ? Who knows ? I could not tell you better than you discover for yourself. And that time travel is not foreign to the human experience. Never has been. Think about it. What if humans have experienced Time Travel all along? Right under our noses? Now that is a fresh idea. And who says that you have to de-materialize when you go ? I had no awareness of that. It was quick, though. And I can't speak to the nature of time either. I don't even own a watch. But I am 51 with 4 grandsons who remind me that time is short. I need no watch for that. How would I recognize a time traveller ? He would be impatient. And exhausted. And checking his sanity. I am me. I was here. And I was there. For a few minutes each time.... at the same time.
  14. Has anyone considered "Spontanious Time Travel" ? Where it just happens, and BANG, you are there .... and here at the same time? And back again ? Without seeing any apparatus, formulas, etc ? Has anyone considered that TT may have been integral to the human experience since the Dawn of Time ? And not limited to some lucky future generations ? I maintain that time travellers from the PAST and PRESENT visit here and there from time to time.
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