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  1. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>How old are you (24 or 62)? Why do you say 'thousand of miles from here' when you should say decades from my own time? Shouldn't you be saying ' I remember when I was at this time opposing the middle-east war...', but you don't do that. You don't talk from your 'golden-age' memories.<< You have to understand my position. That other me 1,000 miles away from here is really me- if anyone is a double of the other person it's me, if anyone dosen't belong here it's me. The other me is really me back in 2007. My personal timeline goes from 1982 to 2044 to 2006 in a straight line... the only thing that can change that is me. I don't have the proper words to describe it and it's kinda scary if you think about it... it's like watching a live play- the play will play out only if you don't interfere with its performance. See below. >>The question is, what does your history book say about 2004 US presidential election, can you give us a quote?<< Nothing out of the ordinary, actually. You folks do realize LBJ also stole an election and so did Nixon and Roosevelt and even Lincoln for that matter. Bush is not the monster you all think he is today- don't forget 90% of you approved of this war when it began. >>Iran has outlawed the American dollar and will put anyone in jail that uses it in their country after that date. They have the ominous notoriety of being the first nation in the world to do such a thing. The real issue in Iran is NOT nuclear, but rather the decision to not use the American dollar for trade and the sale of oil. On the heels of Iran's decision, North Korea has followed suit and also outlawed the use of the American dollar in their country. Finally, Malaysia the next day did the same thing.<< Green dollars have no value in a black market economy- what good are green dollars to Iran? To buy oil. This issue is much larger than countries not taking our currency. Saddam used to light his cigars with American $100 bills- I'm sure with Iran after a dozen warehouses full of American dollars they are starting to realize the same thing. That's why these are called the black wars. >>you dont mention global warming, iraq, midddle east, israel, pollution, rising sea levels<< I already did in great detail in previous posts. -Global Warming: We're trying to reverse it, lots of projects. -Iraq: They're still on the map. Many of them emigrated here in the 10's-20's. -Middle East:It's still on the map. -Isreal: It's still on the map. -Pollution: Air pollution, see global warming. Trash pollution- we don't generate as much solid trash as you think. -Rising Sea Levels: We're terraforming the Earth. >>dont suppose you could at least mention complete disasters in the political ring, no point in throwing a vote away ...or is there!!<< To what end? The closest I'll come to that is to say I never heard of Obama just as you never heard of whoever ran against Millard Fillmore. >>does the world blow up on a working day<< Do you mean "blow up" or "melt down"? >>On your past posting you indicated that the economy over a period of time will be improving but you gave us a hint that the stock market will not follow suite. So the question is will it fall in the future or not and what will the date when it will begin. After it begins will there be recover or not or will it chronically go down after that date thus a perpetual falling stock market.<< There are two ways to look at the economy- -Our economy, as in, "do we all have food on the table" -Our economy as compared to the rest of the world We are in the second phase of a global meltdown... I'm actually amazed I have to point this stuff out- look around you! Read up on 1933 to see how it turns out. As far as things at home, we all need to tighten our belts- we all don't order takeout 4 times a week, we all don't eat chemicalburgers. The Time Travel Portal has been taken down. This is a problem for me because I am supposed to start posting there sometime in 2011 (and with my current actions, find this old thread). It's being taken down indicates either I did something to make it come down, or another time traveler did. The history I come from, TTP is up until around 2011. Can anyone shed some light on this? I won't/can't stay online much longer, I am afraid causality may be catching up to me. I would like to start posting over at Kaku's forum, and I generally only post in one place at a time. Being a time traveler posting on a time traveling site I think is pushing my luck. Other weird stuff is happening too. I am in the midst of moving to another location, I'll post as soon as I am resettled. http://www.mkaku.org/forums/ I guess this topic is limited to 11 pages after all-
  2. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>Could you please tell us - with your own words - on how do you see people from this time? What about others, how they react to 'this' history<< A good way of looking at it is to go back to the early 1970's- back before they started "safety sealing" everything in the store. Back when you could pop open a bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol, take a few, then close it up again and put it back on the shelf, back to when you were free to open and reclose milk bottles in the supermarket at will. How, as a time traveler, could you explain to them that "in the future, everything will be tamper-resistant safety sealed? You don't look down on them, you just understand that these people haven't yet experienced all the things that can happen when you don't safety seal stuff, so the notion of safety sealing rat poison (to make sure no one puts rat poison in it, naturally) would rightfully sound absurd to them. >>How do you feel you to live with these people?<< Well I am currently 24 years old and a thousand miles away from here- I have distinct memories of these times. But to me, they're personal memories of my times, not the world at large. I was against the Iraq war but I didn't do anything about it. I wouldn't do the same thing today. OT- I am getting a little tired of The Daily Show pointing out how incompetent our government is- they always stop at the halfway point where it's funny, not the other half that's sad and true (and actionable). >>What do you mean with the 'Old Guard'? (Are you aware that Mr B cheated his way into the 'house' not once, but twice...)<< Old guard- big belly, pork barrelling, ten thousand dollar a plate dinners, big fat payoffs. The old guard. Make each other rich, look out for #1, play billionaire games... that sorta stuff. And I thought he had the majority vote on his re-election- I must be wrong. >>You talk about entanglement and how if you knocked on your other self's doorstep you'd decorporalize. But isn't you putting the effort into making your little "care package" a violation of your own rules, meaning- wouldn't you decorporalize the moment before you handed that briefcase to the courier to deliver?<< For starters, I "retro-financed" all the things I am buying. In other words, I have a logical explanation for where the monies came from in 2006 for the tax man, should come looking (it also helps for "universal continuity"). Secondly, all my investments are in not-yet-developed technologies and open real estate. I am buying into companies that thousands of other investors are also buying into today before the stocks hit big. It's not like suddenly appearing with 1975-issued Microsoft stock... I am "making it make sense" which is a lot harder to do. The possibility does exist that I will be unable to hand it all over, but my attorney is helping me do all of this and we have already bought the bulk of the investments. From that point of view, I should have been unable to do what I have already done. This ties into the earlier discussion about whether or not I will actually decorporealize... that this may simply not be the case- which is a very interesting concept- a universe full of atoms all existing in infinite dual states would undoubtably produce a range of interactions- kinda like our current universe! Imagine instead of the same atoms (me) existing twice in one time, we have the same atom existing in a million different places at the same time. >>You mentioned there were other before you, including some who contacted you via this board. Well where are they? This is a pretty anonymous forum, saying hi won't make you disappear.<< They said they have no desire to tell their story. Time travelers don't come back just to show off to the world that they're time travelers- they do it for various reasons. The people who contacted me had information about the Branson time machine that only a time traveler would know, so they were the real deal. I never bought into the whole "big brother" thing- there are no time cops and no one's policing spacetime. And even if there were- who's to say what they're doing is right or wrong? Life itself is a random occurance- randomness is good. Who watches the watchers? >>For that matter, how will we know if you decorporalize?<< I was thinking about telling my attorney to contact you guys "after I go". Perhaps I should. >>I have to submit that at this time your paper for this year cannot be fully relied on. That paper is YOUR (decorporalized) past not ours.<< I agree just as much as I disagree. I agree because my history of 2044 is based on a few pages of paper that outline in the most general fashion the events of these times. Kinda like reading up on say, 1966. HOWEVER... I still stand fast in saying most of what happens in daily life is meaningless, useless and forgotten shortly after it's done. How many people are going to remember Anna Nicole in five years? How many will remember in five weeks? Not many. Who can tell me the date Anna Nicole died? Who can tell me offhand the date we bombed Somalia? What was the date Princess Di died? I'll settle for the month or year on that one. When did either of the space shuttles blow up? You guys turn on the news and it's the news' job to keep you tuned to their channel no matter what. So they sensationalize news... they spice it up and make it entertaining. They take every little thing that happens and go full out on it 24 hours live. And you stare at it thinking this is history you're watching. All while the Federal Government is throwing away what little money they have left- your money. >>You will undoubtably create some ripples that may change things. As far as you being here now you are as responsible as the rest of us for our future.<< My ripples won't affect everyone- at least not now and not in a bad way. If they affect anyone, they'll affect me first and I accepted that before I went through. And realizing that if my ripples do/will/could change things, I walk softly. >>I also submit each one of us can change things and you do not have to be a time traveler to do so. This world is as much yours now as it is ours. You are responsible for what you know. For you to sit back and do nothing is as bad as us sitting back and doing nothing. THAT is the truth.<< This is more like 2044 talk. This is why real time travelers don't come through with pomp and circumstance- we're here just like you, we're not here to change the future as much as live it. The more dire a time traveler's warnings are, the more likely they're a fraud. Time travel is not the be all, end all- it's the newest gadget. >>But I submit to you who is more to blame for non-action? The one who knows what will happen or the one who can only guess?<< This is bad logic... it's "unAmerican". If everyone was doing what they were best suited for, we'd live in a wonderful Communist sociey where everyone does what they do best and everyone gets a slice of the pie. But in 2007 this is not the case- millions of Americans are settling for what's out there because the whole game is skewed against the individual- at the moment at least. You guys are so close to change! But there's always a price to pay. >>As I mentioned to Titorian in private ..If such a facility exists I would personally like to visit it.<< It looks like "The Incredible Motor Mouse Cat Toy" but a lot bigger. There's lots of one way doors and security cameras and passkeys and such... it's designed to take people away from the center where the recieving station is. The campus is worth a visit though- it's kinda like the ultimate dorm room. And the outside looks nothing like the inside- it's all underground.
  3. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>What do you mean by "you people"? You've become one of us - and by your own admission you can't go back. Moreover, according to your story, your former people have time travel and can come here if they are willing to pay the price (which is quite negotiable - also acording to your story). It's possible that "you" (plural) are blaming the wrong people. Maybe, because of time travel, it is your people who need to carry the "burden" of blame.<< Are you suggesting it is the responsibility of time travelers from the future to fix the messed up past: the present? That if the stock market crashes, a time traveler should magically appear with a truck full of gold bricks and hand them out on Wall Street? >>And remember - you only know the history of "your people" up to the day that you departed. And even that take on history is a personal opinion based on your observations and limited scope of knowledge.<< The history I am going by is the written history of the historical events of 2007. (As stated earlier), time has a way of compressing history and in the process, 99% of everything that happens becomes forgotten. Look at the history of 2006- it's enough to fill a magazine. And in 2011, they'll make a magazine-sized history book for this decade. Then "the history of 2006" will become further edited and by 2044 you can sum the year up in a page or two. THIS is my historical source, or point of view. You folks are living in the present. That means you do not know the future. That means when stuff happens, you don't know the ramifications of it. Like the stock market yesterday- everyone was worried. Why? Because they didn't know if this was the beginning of the end or just a hiccup. The only way you will know the ramifications is to wait it out... "let time pass". As far as my scope of knowledge, I claim to be of average intelligence and am as informed about the day's events as any layman. And as a layman, when I want to learn all about 2007, I consult the two pages of history written on it in 2044 and learn. One thing we definetly will have less of in 2044 is skepticism. Is global warming real or not? I'm not sure, because even though 99% of all scientists think it is, the debate is still going on, so we can go on about our lives putting more CO2 into the atmosphere without guilt. And just yesterday on the news- they were talking about what a good thing it was that the stock market dropped so much because that only means it will have to go back up again- regardless of the fact that $600 billion dollars was lost on one day. You are all willing to pretend that things happening right in front of you are not actually happening. Then you'll turn the news on and hear that another 12,000 people are getting laid off but it's all good- that means the stock will go up one point from this. I am currently 24 years old and was caught up in all of this just as you but I am not "one of you" simply because I have already lived in this time and learned lessons you folks have yet to learn. I am not saying I am better or smarter than you, I just already lived it. You can hardly deny my position.
  4. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>Wow, that 3DTV sounds awesome.<< 3DTV rocks- you really get into it. Old films are digitally enhanced and made 3D... how to explain it... like in a movie when you see closeups of people, with 3DTV it's not a closeup- they're just closer to you... the background (that's not in the original film) is added etc... I watched Star Wars 4 on TV today and I must say seeing it on TV is like watching it through a window. >>Is your younger self against the Iraq War?<< How many senior citizens today think the Vietnam War was a good war? Not many. Why? Because 30 years have passed, a lot of stuff has happened... people today think differently... people today think back to that war and realize what a waste it was. My younger self was against the war, all of you will too in 30 years. >>If he said or did anything about it and was arrested for whatever reason, and killed in prison, would you decorporealize?<< My other younger self is my past- to me, it happened a long time ago. So since I was never arrested, he won't get arrested... he CAN'T get arrested because I didn't. That means if he somehow does get arrested, I'd be very concerned. The TTP site went down last week which freaked me out because it's supposed to be up for at least three more years. The only way that site could go down is if I or another time traveler altered history which resulted in it going down. As it stands, I was a poster who stopped posting... I'm part of their buried history. My once being a poster there did not affect anything, the same applies to this site which is why I will speak a little more openly- because ultimately this site will come down too and these words will be lost- the continuity of history will go on unaltered. How do I know this? Because in 2044 "Titorian" is not "a time traveler from 2044 who went back to 2006", it's what you call a Time travel groupie... it's slang. I measure my exposure through Google searches. >>Do they build any new theme parks in the Walt Disney World resort between now and 2044?<< Yes. Another Epcot-type family place. >>You said there are more rides in the future, are there any in particular that you remember and miss going on?<< I can explain "the Disney experience" in 2044, which also explains the wave of the future for 2044. In 2044, the Disney characters are all AI and live in virtual reality. This means your kids can talk to them whenever they want- sort of like Avatars today except they're real and they follow you around. This means that when your kid goes to Disney to meet the same exact real-life Mickey Mouse they know from the net, they will meet the real Mickey Mouse in person- a robot with the same AI... Mickey Mouse already knows your kids, already knows which rides they want to go on, remembers that email your kid sent him a week ago etc. etc. (imagine Christmas). It's a firsthand experience. 3DTV allows your kids to see a holosim of Mickey Mouse but at Disney, your kids can actually meet him for real, in person. This is what people pay to see. As such, Disney dosen't change that much between now and 2044. Sure there are new rides but the overall experience is different. 3DTV is perhaps the single largest difference between today and 2044 and robot sims are the cutting edge of technology. Apart from that, sure they have new rides that take you up and down and sideways but at Disney, it's all real. Imagine walking through a ride instead of sitting in a boat or car- imagine everything around you is VR-alive. You see where this is going. >>I'm pretty much certain there'll be more Disney hotels in the future. Any favorites?<< I am currently staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and like this place very much- you wake up and there's giraffe in the backyard. They pay "animal keepers" to chat with guests, it has a lot of atmosphere. I was also here during Christmas and it made me feel at home. >>Do they get rid of the busses and replace them with more monorails and/or light rail?<< No- they use the transporters! LOL >>Any other changes to the resort that stand out to you.<< This is the first time I've been to this lodge from my point of view- meaning, my younger self never came here (so I never came here before). I like this place because it looks very "earthy" or organic- like part of the rainforest. It's going to sound weird but in 2044, people are closer to nature... we're all tree huggers or hippies or whatever you call them today- we conserve; we use less. We don't flash it as much. >>You seem to refer to the whole area as "Celebration", does the way the area is incorporated change?<< >>Are there any attractions that aren't there in the future anymore that you were particularly excited about seeing?<< Same answer- I am living here on vacation. In 2044, I don't live in Celebration FL, I live a thousand miles away. >>No matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.<< A rolling stone gathers no moss, little sunflower. >>I'm so depressed about the plastic cars. I so wanted a hovercraft.<< Don't put down plastic cars- they make plastic cars today! I am saying a car is two seperate parts- the undercarrage and the top. The top part is a one piece plastic top that you lower down and screw into place. It's like getting an oil change today- it takes less than an hour to do. You can also rent car tops- that's quite popular- it's like the way you rent furniture today. And it's economical- it runs of free juice! Why pay $60 to fill up your gas tank? You're throwing your money away. The downside is there are no V-12 electric Mustangs. Car shapes are standardized but there is a large variety of styles- you can really "pimp out" your car. They're like cell phones today. Some cars glow in the dark etc... People don't obsess on cars as much in 2044, because car frames are made to last 20 years with engines that can last a million miles and they simply don't break down. We have simple cars that work- even the tires last 200,000 miles. They're like VCRs today. Most people don't even know what brand VCR they have, to everyone today a VCR is just a VCR. This is how we regard cars in 2044. Hope that made sense. We'll have a hovercraft after we nail down whatever the hell a graviton is, which has not yet happened. >>How does Hillary become president? It seems almost impossible. There seems to be too much going against her.<< Clinton is old news to me- it's like me asking you to tell me all about LBJ! And how is it impossible? And who- Obama? I never even heard of Obama before- Who ran against FDR during the primaries of his third term? Who remembers?!! You need more than a nice smile to run America, folks. As I said over at TTF, Clinton runs a late, massive campaign... a year from now she'll be on your TVs a dozen times a day, every day up to election day. Just wait until Clinton does Oprah. Historically, in 2044 we blame you people for the decade of terror, not President Bush. When a President starts a war with a 90% approval rating, who else are you going to blame- the President for doing what 90% of the people agreed with or the 90% of you who thought it was a good idea? Bush is not a bad guy... historically he's not another Nixon as you all would have him be. He's the last of the old guard. Clinton is different... Clinton is not a warmonger, Clinton is eager and is not an old guard Republican. Clinton's got balls. To me, Clinton is old news- she served her term 30 years ago and turned the tide inward.
  5. Re: Yet another time traveling claim Woody1987 writes: (I included this because this is a really good question) >>There is a guy called Bob, he makes a time machine, goes back a 1000 years to the year 1007. So he looks around tries out some local restaurants, takes the tours. Ok, ignore him for now, go forward 1000 years just before Bob went back in time. At this point there is a Bob in the present, just before he left and a Bob in the past. The present Bob decides as he did before to go back in time to 1007. DISASTER! He appears at the exact same time and place as he did previously, thus thier bodies merge into something.<< Bob dies long before 2007 happens again for him. Bob's timeline goes from his natural birth to 2007 to 1007 to 1107 when he dies- all as one unbroken line. If he went back to say, one day, the next day there would be two of them... this is what you mean. Well if the second Bob ran into the first Bob, then that would break his personal timeline- Bob #2's existence would become illogical and he would cease to exist. Why? Because he violated his own timeline... he did not alter the universe but himself. First person physics. The universe is alive. You're allowed to cheat the universe, but you cannot break it's laws. So if you really tried to, it's simpler for the universe to unmake you (and if need be, replace the event with a black hole) than alter the laws of physics throughout the universe because rule #1: reality really exists (and this means the laws of the universe apply everywhere, all the time). How can the universe unmake you? Since it's impossible to ever quantify the position and velocity of any object, it becomes possible to cheat the universe. So stuff like "decorporealization" really does happen- it's an aspect of entanglement. It's like math- it's numbers on paper that make sense. This is the last tenuous mini-lecture I will give on this subject- any more detailed and I start directly violating stuff. I don't know if you came here to hear me rant or if I should do it more but here goes. Imagine not you but a conglomeration of atoms called you. It's several trillion atoms all on a planet moving through space at about a million miles an hour. These atoms occupy space over time like pages in a book. Assuming time travel is possible, one would have to traverse space as much as (if not more than) time to arrive at the correct "moment in the past". For example, if you wanted to travel one year back in time, you must also physically traverse 8,766,000,000 miles through space. (John Titor's time travel covered 552 trillion miles of the universe.. truly a vast spance) This is where entanglement comes in. Assuming time travel really exists, this means your atoms will exist in a dual state (or entangled) mode- that there will be "two of every of your atoms in the same point in spacetime". This is a clear violation of the universe- an atom cannot run into itself... atoms exist logically through time. But like two supermagnets on boats in a big lake, they actually can co-exist as long as they are sufficiently distanced... for a little while at least. Two identical atoms sufficiently distanced from each other can co-exist in the same spacetime as long as they don't start affecting each other (as long as they're both neutral to each other). Like the good guy and the bad guy- each has its own agenda but only one will win out. And how do they affect each other? Simple- there's "the correct atom" and there's the "doesen't belong here" atom. If you go back in time, you become the "don't belong here" atoms. If you go forward in time, you become "the correct atom"... if you time traveled a year forward and knocked on your older self, HE would decorprealize, not you. (This, to a large extent, is why no one is really building a forward-working time machine.) The universe is alive and although you can't break the laws of the universe, you can cheat it for Planck Units. Over time this has a swiss cheese effect. Time is not a law of the universe, is it? >>What kind of cool toys do you have?<< The biggest everyday technological improvement between today and 2044 is 3DTV. Hand held tech kinda levels off when everything becomes one do all unit. Part of the 3DTV technology is holosims which are a thing onto themselves. >>Have the gasoline been replaced on cars? Are there cars based on other stuff, public/normal cars?<< Car makers still make gas guzzlers but those are more specialty cars than anything else. Electric cars are "the car" in 2044 simply because of the free juice. I have outlined cars in 2044- they're plastic and cheap, like cell phones today. And just as cell phones, you put a new face on it instead of buying a new phone. Cars last much longer and break down much less- that's something for you guys to think about. >>How are the cellphones in your time? How are computers in your time?<< Can't really put it into words... the world is one hot spot. Asking me how technology is today is like asking you how your water is. >>Is the violence still the same? Or things have gotten better? worse? Is US still the Empire?<< Far less violence overall. You're living in the paranoid 00's. The United States takes care of its own first. The one thing I am not here to do is stir up a panic. >>How is your TV different from ours?<< 3DTV. It's 3D TV. >>Hey Titorian did you recall when the sun become blue...?<< That's a profound statement. My answer is yes. >>"...that before these waves arrives you will send to the space the time capsule of John Titor... a crystal disk dated december 24 2025..." do you have any comments about?<< Never heard it before and not sure I fully understand it. Waves? What waves? Who will send the capsule and what's in it? A crystal disk? This makes no sense. >>So you're saying $10 a pound chopped meat? So this means the rich will eat steak while the rest of us eat beans, right? Are you a vegetarian? Just wondering.<< I am not a vegetarian, in 2044 people eat more vegetarian meals... they don't shove McFat burgers in their face four times a day. Some of the meat communities consume is sold through an organic supermarket owned and run by the community (like Trader Joe's today). Can't really explain it properly but I'll try... in 2044, people don't walk around with pocketfuls of cash and people rarely "pay" for anything anymore. We autopay at the supermarket- there is no cashier. A computer scans the entire shopping cart and autobills it to our credit account. When we shop at our local co-op owned supermarket, we pay with credits from the excess energy we don't consume. This is why communities are prejudicial to the elderly- because it's possible to live in a community in perpetua... "just living there" generates enough money to pay all the bills and leave a few bucks in your pocket- in the best communities, that is. When food, shelter etc. are all taken care of... when it's no longer a struggle just to keep the shirt on your back... money kinda becomes a thing, not THE thing... it becomes a tool. So yeah- some cuts of meat are $10 a pound, but then again it actually is not coming out of your pocket- it's credits set off against other credits... it's numbers. It's like the 1950's. Everyone got a job and eveyone bought a new car and a new home all at once. What sparked it all? Well, everything happening all at once- it all making sense again. A place where a man can go out and make an honest day's pay... when it makes sense again. >>What other tricks apart from time travel can we do?<< Cognito ergo sum. Re: the moon. Phase one the releasing hydrocarbons making the planet uninhabitable like Venus. This will decrease the effect of the moon on the Earth... it will calm down the seas and help reverse global warming- it's the reason they're considering it. Then they plan to filter the atmosphere with machines that are not yet invented to seperate the toxic atmosphere... to do what happened on the Earth over 100 million years to happen here in 500 years. They plan to end up with inhabitable land- room for billions more humans- billions of consumers. You guys are fighting global hunger today, we're making room for billions more humans. >>Have you been in contact with any other time travellers- the others who went through the same machine you did?<< Two have contacted me via this site since I've been here, both went before me. How else to say it- people don't come back to show off. >>Why isn't The Branson Foundation hunting you down for giving away company secrets? And you said you were implanted, right?<< My businesness is concluded with them. And yes, I was implanted. >>Why haven't we seen or heard of any other time travellers telling the same tale as you? There's what- four time travelling websites on the internet, they would have found this forum. Where are they?<< This is the swiss cheese effect and I'm surprised as well. Time is an artificial concept, right? >>Why do you always post at weird hours and why does your IP always change?<< I use the hotel's internet connection. I think slowly and have trouble sleeping. I try to write carefully, I don't want to misrep. >>Are movies and music still around in 2044?<< No. They were all wiped out when "The Great Disaster" happened. Just kidding- of course it is- look around you today! In 2044 it's 100 times more media coming at you- they have many laws limiting media exposure. >>If so, how different/same are they?<< The single greatest improvement is 3DTV. Daily life isn't much different in 2044 than it is today, it's just simpler and easier- partly because technology fills more gaps in our daily lives and partly because people have a different mindset than they do today (rant coming)... we're not "all out to get each other" as you are today. By the way- did anyone notice the US Government is missing 8 billion dollars in cash? No- you didn't- you were watching Anna Nicole. Imagine the US Treasury with all its machines running at full capacity printing countless sheets of hundred dollar bills- hundreds of thousands of bills per hour, tonnage of cash.... millions per hour, every hour for two solid weeks, 24/7. Then imagine all that money disappearing- tons of US legal tender just vanishing. (Rant done) 3DTV adds depth to television. It also allows holosims, which are 3D virtual people that can walk about in your house. Old movies can also be rendered to 3D allowing you to experience it more. 3DTV is not like Star Wars... it's more like Total Recall or two steps away from the Holodeck... it's huge. It's like going from radio to TV. Naturally games can also be played with 3DTV and you can be in the middle of the game, literally. Really cool stuff. >>What is the most popular style of music in 2044?<< Popular music LOL. Seriously- popular music is pretty much the same it is today. However, there's a million genres of music... anyone with a computer can compose music- but this is also true today. There is far more music overall in 2044- pop stars for every genre... like today. Music is music. Personally I like oldies- rock and roll.
  6. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>When exactly (or as close as you can get to it) do the stock markets crash? When does the economic depression arrive?<< How long's a Chinaman. It was a culmination of events. Many people will be forced to retire with only one million instead of ten. >>1. Are you saying it's some sort of "soft depression"?<< It does bottom out but it's a slow inexorable decline. In those times, a dollar can't get you what a dollar used to. History never happens overnight. I love the dollar stores here but in 2044 there's a far less selection of items- particularly plastic. >>2. Branson sent himself an email telling him to build a time machine, right? How is this not a violation of causality according to your definition of it?<< Time travel is a private enterprise developed by The Branson Foundation. They don't really get into specifics... it's like the Coca Cola recipe. I never considered what you said which is quite interesting, but ultimately it happened any of 100 different ways- causality is not exactly what you think it is- Kaku outlined and rewrote many principles... best way to describe it is scientists in the future think more simply and in a larger context. >>3. What are prisons like in 2044?<< You get implanted, stay home and are monitored 24 hours a day by computers. It's not pretty in the sense that that guy who lives next door to you is a murderer- say hello to the murderer kids! There are still prisons (mostly for non home-owners), but to a much lesser degree. And all prisons are self-sufficient... prisoners grow crops and tend cattle and pick strawberries. >>4. You mentioned turning time into swiss cheese. Isn't this a violation of causality?<< The universe is a weird place. >>5. What do you do all day, every day? Have you made any friends here?<< I go out and walk around. I listen to people. I watch really bad movies in the theaters. I go to Disney just to walk around. I eat continental breakfasts and early bird buffets. I feed the geese. I observe. Sometimes I play Warcraft online. I'm also in a country club and interact with people. One thing I regret with my gameplan is the hotels-part. I should have gotten a house, then people could come over to my house. I keep my residence a secret from everyone partly from embarrasment. re: cryonics. Maybe you're right and it will be figured out by 2300 and I think that would be cool. When I mean "walking zombies", I mean this is the best 2044 technology can come up with- science has advanced to the point of where a deceased person could theoretically be defrosted and brought back to life but only as a zombie, so this is how I concieve it. Maybe in another 150 years they'll figure it out. >>What about the "big rigs"? Do you still use the heavy duty trucks to haul stuff around America?<< There are still semis and tractor-trailers...we don't have tubes or anti-grav cars or anything else you imagine we should have... 2044 is very much like 2007, only we have cooler toys. But no V12 electric Mustangs that can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds. And I am a huge Pink Floyd fan. >>Where is the Branson Foundation's receiving station exactly located?<< About 50 miles from New Orleans. Pamela wrote a while back- >>I went back and looked and all I saw was your posting you made about altervues. Did I miss something else? About the altervues I really didn't have anything more to say about it. It happened to me long time ago. I posted about it and there was nothing else to really say about it. Its not really something you can really prove to anyone anyway.<< This is really weird and I even feel weird bringing it up but I am starting to notice more and more "stuff disappearing". It just happened now- I just spent the past 10 minutes scouring this site for a question someone asked me (for me to reply to) only to find out no such post exists. I mean- I remember reading it yesterday and today it's just not here. A couple other times this happened, then a day later it appears with that date as the post date, not days ago when I remember reading it... like that. It's weird. I ask myself "Did I dream that post was there? How could I have dreamed that?!" I also mentioned black spots in my eyesight... I have good eyesight but there's pinhole sized black spots in my field of vision. And other little stuff like knowing exactly what the buffet has for dinner even though I never ate there before... almost as if I ate there before then forgot I did. I re-read my old posts here only to find words are missing sometimes making the sentince make no sense. I'm used to my AISC which fills in the blanks as I type but I reread my posts before I submit them and they look okay, but when I see it the next day a word disappeared. Plus this overwhelming desire to eat spam- just kidding about that last one.
  7. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>A future eating bags of 79 cent beans? wow.....Sounds like it is only going to be a good thing for the rich. Which YOU will be in the future. The rest of us better start liking beans?<< Farms produce more greenhouse gases than cars. People eat less meat in the future, partly because of import taxes and new laws and partly because of the price of meat as a result. No 99 cent fast food chemicalburgers in 2044. >>Do you think your cancer was caused by this as well?<< I am genetically predisposed to have cancer. The only thing I can do is prolong it by detecting it sooner, like a few years from now. >>I still don't get how you can be sure of only ONE tangible reality.??<< Because there is only energy for one tangable reality. By definition, an alternate reality is required to have as much energy in it as our reality. So if we conclude infinite alternate realities really exist, then your deciding to step left or right creates an entirely new universe. But it has no energy in it- your footstep is not a Big Bang. Now alternate universes may truly exist, but there is only one reality. >>What if it is just the electrical signals and waves that go through your brain that makes it seem so?<< For this to be the case, then literally you are fooling yourself. If your mind is the center of the universe then you're God. And if you really are God, you have omnipotence. But you don't. So either you're God and you have amnesia, or you're not God. Proof of this is in the fact that you can actually learn a new thing, like how to ride a bike whereas before you didn't know how. God knows how to ride a bike, God knows everything. >>If the other universes are not tangible...what are they? ghost worlds?<< They'd be just as real as ours and quite possibly created by our actions (therefore an infinity of them), but the energy required to reach them is equal to all the energy in this universe. So you're "universe jumping machine" would first have to suck this entire universe into one black hole, then convert that energy to power the universe jumping machine. Even if such a thing were possible, who would build one? For John Titor's story to be true, it would have to have destroyed the universe he left from, only to create one and enter it: our present. And even if this is possible, he couldn't return to his timeline. Once again- who would build such a doomsday device? >>Can you explain what "the universe is a lot smaller than you think" means?<< It means that just because that star is 10 billion light years away and light speed is the fastest possible speed, it dosen't have to take 10 billion years to reach it- there's shortcuts you can use that keep the universe coherent. Like wormholes, but scientifically engineerable. >>So is this how the station first got built. It was from sending an email back in time? But what Machine received the emails? Who received them?<< The Branson Foundation. >>So you predict Hilary Clinton wins the next presidency...<< Yes, but it's old news to me. >>It sounds like you are still fighting global warming in the future.<< Global Warming is a very serious problem- something that if we don't fix we will die from. There is a balance in nature between animals and plants- this is how we continue to asperate in a closed system. This is no "let's worry about it later like we do with everything else"- this is the path to human extinction. The more carbon-based life forms on Earth, the less carbon is in the air. Plant a tree. >>I have doubts about giving the moon an atmosphere. An interesting thought I guess.<< That one is way out into the future. This is what people think about in 2044- stuff like that. >>Do you have the option of going back to 2044 if you decided you made a mistake and didn't want to live here anymore?<< Nope. One way trip. >>Do you have forward time traveling as well?<< Technically you have it now but to do that the way you mean is a lot harder to do because of causality. >>Does the military or government ever use time travel for their own purposes?<< Probably. There are conspiracy circles for that. >>What is something that would disqualify you from being a time traveler even if you had the money to do it?<< Tattoos are the #1 reason. Tattoos of bands that don't exist of dates of dearly departed loved ones etc. The $15 million dollar price tag is a hard nut to swallow and after that, never being able to return or contact anyone you know eliminates many more. Many people who came back already decoporealized... it's almost impossible to jump back and reach zero hour. I'd say of the 50 that went before me, less than half are still around. Many people jump back then do the infamous "knock on your other self and decorporealize" trick the next day, as if the laws of the universe are going to bend to their whim. >>Would decorporalization be a just punishment for criminals?<< What a horrible thing to say- every life is precious. >>Where do you see time traveling going in the next 30 years from 2044?<< They speculate the net effect of this will create a "swiss cheese" of time in this place in spacetime, but I really really can't get into that stuff. >>Is there anything you are not sure of in the time travel theories yet that your 2044 scientists are still wondering about?<< A million things. Time travel does not remake the world, it's the newest cool thing to do. It's the new ultimate thing to do. It's perfect for witness protection and I'm sure the government financed several people for just that but it's "a new gadget". >>Do you have any children or family in 2044 that you left behind? How did they feel about you leaving?<< I have a wife and a son who will be born three years from now. I definetly don't want to interfere with myself until my son is born for obvious reasons. I did not tell them about the trip- there's no way to explain it. "Off to rewrite history- dinner's in the fridge"- how can you explain that to someone? >>Don't you miss anyone from your time? Are you able to send them emails or something from here to let them know you are ok?<< No way to contact them and I don't really miss anyone. My parents are already dead- I know they're alive here but I don't want to alter the good like they had (and mine in the process). I have family too but once again- I'm here to rewrite my own history- and theirs too. >>So is this the computer that is measured in "variables" and not calculations per second?<< The problem with quantum computers is entropic. anonymous_person- Interesting stuff you wrote. Re: cryonics- it's just not possible to "wake up" after being frozen- who wants to come back as a vegetable? Re: nanites. I am well aware of them and they serve purposes, but we're not all shooting ourselves up with nanites to fight a cold- we still take asprin. I'm saying there's a value to a healthy immune system so people as as holistic as they are today if not more. And re: both points- I just don't see how it's possible to "jump start" a brain that's been in stasis for years and not get a Frankenstein. >>Nuclear weapons may work but they do not necessarily validate e=mc2.<< I was trying to make an analogy between an atomic explosion (and they theory behind it) and a time machine (and the theory behind that): when do we know a scientific theory really works? When we build a machine that can do it. >>Curious, why did you say 1974, I thought the modern cell phone was invented in 1973?<< Because I am a "Titorian"- because John Titor said 1975 was a key date in spacetime... Bill Gates, etc... I said 1974 to mean "just before 1975". >>I just have a quick comment for that JimmyEarth guy, the families of cryonicists do not pay anything.<< I was always fascinated by cryonics simply because of the liquids involved and how easy it is to make them, plus the energies involved. That's how the Space Shuttle gets into space- on air. >>...The otherwise unaccounted for time that you spend reading the posts makes you a few minutes late for your appointment with destiny<< I don't agree with that karmically because there is nothing bad about my posts. If I were here wasting your time telling predictions and dire warnings and stringing you all along just for my personal satisfaction, then I'd be wasting your time. But I'm not- I'm just here chit chatting with you folks- I'm not preaching to the crowd (although I feel I sometimes do- sorry). I also think people have a quota of "computer time" to fill and if they weren't here reading posts, they'd be over at YouTube downloading more sillyness or whatnot. I don't think there's a scientist reading this instead of attending to that "cure for cancer" vaccine he's working on. As far as my universe goes- I know I will be changing it and the people around him to six degess later everyone on the planet, but if you were from 2044 and had the cure for AIDS, but it's not discovered until 2025... would you give it to scientist today and save millions of lives? I would, knowing it would also unmake millions. I'd also push Peggy Sue out of the way of that Mack truck and risk her now growing up to become the next Hitler. Time travel breaks down to a philisophical argument at that point and John Titor touched on this issue and I feel the same way as he- as long as it's positive actions you take, you're not messing things up as much as making them a little bit better. And scientifically, if you did try and mess things up a lot, the universe would find it easier to pop you out of existence then allow a violation of E=MC2 then you'd simply stop existing. The universe is flexible to a point, then it snaps. >>I agree. He doesn't fully comprehend the ripple effect of just one person let alone everyone who reads his posts. A real time traveler can never be sure of the outcomes of his interactions just him being here would change things and alter the future and events he once knew.<< You have to see it from my perspective. From my viewpoint, the entire year 2007's history is no more than two pages in a book. History has a way of compressing time. Look at the history of 2006 then look at the history of 1956. I got into this over at the Time Travel Portal with the moderator- we bombed Somalia and called me to the table because I did not predict that historically important event. I said- what historical event? It's a good month later- does anyone remember the exact date this happened? That's my point. And also- this website does not exist in 2044. Look at paranormalis(?)- what happened there? Where did all of that information go? It's all gone. >>Titorian's cavalier attitude about the potential for him to unintentionally alter his own future history would seem to be one of the weakest elements of his story. When a TTer comes back into his own past and spouts a "single-universe-theory", he is either going to be extremely careful not to change anything he doesn't intend to, or he will randomly and unintentionally alter stuff all over the place, leaving a wake of chaos behind his every move.<< The care package my other younger self will recieve will contain a letter from me explaining who I am plus the stocks, property holdings etc. I have accumulated. These holdings were all acquired legally from the open market and bought at market price- they tangably exist. I even "back financed" where the money came from, if it ever got down to an audit. You are referring to the ripple affect that will cause? It won't- I'll be one of a million stockholders. I'm not even telling myself about the future- a guy's gonna knock on his door, hand him a briefcase and walk away. I see no wake of chaos- foremost because to you, the future hasn't happened yet. And secondly, because I'm not here to take over the world or stop it or prevent it- I'm only here to relive it. And when he opens that briefcase, he will become he reborn. Or maybe I don't understand the question?
  8. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >would you care to explain, then, how any country's economy could "do slightly better for the next 2 years, then better the next four, then very good the next three, then okay from then on" at the same time that "A depression ...hit(s) this country" ??< That quote refers to this other quote on the same board written on 12/22/06: >>Clinton is the President in 2008 for one term followed by Giuliani, who is replaced by Spencer from 2015-2024. Apart from that I cannot predict without affecting the outcome- although it has already happened, where I am now it is uncertain.<< In other words, Bush 2006-2008 "slightly better for the next 2 years" Clinton 2008-2012 "better the next four" Giuliani 2012-2015 "very good the next three" Spencer 2015-2024 "okay from then on" Get it? As far as the depression goes, it's a good thing. We won't have the money to keep up an endless war, big business won't have the billions to bilk from the people anymore... with a depression, alternatives become realities. With a depression, every dollar the government spends goes to keeping the ship afloat. And when the depression ends, we do things differently and we call this "the future". >>Say what? Buy on a high and sell on a low? Then stop your losses at a low by investing in fixed income federal notes, wait for another high, dump the fixed income notes and jump back into securities?<< I believe the original quote was "When the stock market is down, people invest in federal securities, when it's up, people buy stocks." In other words, when there's no money to be made in stocks, people don't invest in stocks and vice-versa. Why do people put their life's savings into stocks- to make 10%? Sorry I worded it poorly. >>Markets are only loosely connected to the over all health of the economy?<< They're not? >>What country are you from? I noticed you used the words: "personal effects" instead of personal items.<< I am an American. >>I simply have one small problem with your story, which in reality is a carefully improvised hoax.<< And you had no problem with Jimmy Earth's carefully improvised hoax? >>You mention that if your people could not take you back in time, you have to wait for an entire day for the "batteries" to recharge. Please tell us more about your power sources for said temporal contraption.<< "The batteries" are the power supply backup batteries in the co-op communities, not the time machine. When a jump is scheduled, the communities revert to battery backup and the raw windmill power fuels the time machine. If the jump is unsuccessful, they need to wait a day for the communities' batteries to recharge. The energy for the time machine comes from the co-op communities at a profit to them- this is how Branson became a big business utility company. >>And one more thing. How come they are expecting you whenever you travel back in time.<< I assume they email the schedule ahead of time- I never got into all the details. I was the customer, they were expecting "a passenger", not "me". Email to the past was discovered decades before time travel. Do you ask the pilot if the gas tank is full before the plane takes off? >>If you are in an underground facility, and you whisk yourself back in time, you end up pretty stiff in soil and very well underground. A horrifying way to die, I guess. First a bloody turbulent coaster, then crushed by the surrounding land. Ouch!!<< If they email blueprints back and they say they built one and they really didn't then nothing would happen- they wouldn't start recieving travelers from thin air and if you tried traveling to there, it simply wouldn't work. You land where it's most logical to land... you're cheating the universe. The key is deceleration... "spin down". This is where decorporealization comes into play- if you're spun down too much, there won't be ANY logical place for the universe to deposit you- then you simply stop existing. >>Some stories are entertaining, some are somewhat ludicrous but worthwhile while perusing through the net, but like this one, some are truly not devised properly.<< Yeah I know- time travelers are supposed to fit a mold based on fake time traveler stories and public opinion of a technology that does not yet exist, which means that when a real time traveler comes through, no one will believe him because he's not John Connor and he's not here to prevent another 9/11 by posting on a time traveling forum. >>British tycoon Sir Richard Branson today announced a $US25 million ($A32 million) prize for the scientist who comes up with a way of extracting greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.<< Branson is looking for a magic bullet. The magic bullet is fourfold: 1. Co-op communities that generate their own green energy. 2. Cars don't put out more greenhouse gases. 3. Forests. 4. Megacarbons. What do all of these have in common? They all consume carbon. The more "C" that is either trapped or not used, the more "O2" there is; the less "CO2" there will be overall. The answer is fight in front of everyone's faces, the problem today is that you can't get rich by building forests and rainforests- people would rather make 10% on stocks than fix the planet. I noticed the Time Traveling Forum is down. Can anyone help me on this? Is it down for maitenence? That site's supposed to be up for at least three more years and from my perspective this is a temporal violation which I find very troubling.
  9. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>How can the US economy do "better" at the same time that a depression hits and the stock markets crash?<< The economy and the stock markets are two seperate, yet somewhat connected things. The Federal budget and the GNP is trillions of dollars. Although most of these monies go to keeping street lights on and such, this kind of money can get a whole lot done. Politics is the process of explaining to the people why you're spending their hard earned monies where you are and our President-of-the-year has a large part in deciding where those extra monies go. The stock market is regulated by the confidence of the people in American enterprise. When the stock market is down, people invest in federal securities, when it's up, people buy stocks. But the game itself is unfair- it's skewed towards Big Business- our current President calls this "economic stimulation". And you all (should) know that when your stock dividend is fifteen cents, the CEO's bonus is in the millions. All of the pieces have been in play for quite some time in America, and what is to come is no surprise. But don't worry- there won't be people dying on the streets or roving bands of looters or a wholesale breakdown in civility. You folks just gotta realize the ten bucks you just spent on lunch is enough money to feed and entire family and just because "new and improved" just came out, "old and unimproved" still works. What's coming is change- change to the entire system, brought on my a decade of overspending. Our taxes won't go up, but they'll get less done. How much are we spending in Iraq? >>Also, does history finally conclude that Bush stole the 2000 election? The 2004 election? That he or his people were involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks?<< Bush was the last of the old guard- the last legacy of Reagan. We won't be electing any more Reagan-like Presidents after Bush. Bush had nothing to do with 9/11... Osama did. And sure "Osama was one of us and then he became one of them" but the bottom line is Osama did it. Bush is guilty of taking advantage of the free enterprise that is America. We don't feel as badly about Bush as you do, in fact we admire his willingness to set such a clear example of how to not do things correctly. >>Are large numbers of American citizens rounded up and put in the Halliburton/FEMA concentration camps?<< No. >>Is martial law declared by the US government in the next 20 years?<< No. >>Does the government bring back the draft?<< No. >>Does water and/or food become scarce in the USA in the next 20 years?<< No. Did you know a 79 cent bag of dried beans can feed ten people? >>Does the economic collapse get so severe that most long-distance cross-country distribution of goods ceases?<< No. >>How high does the price of gasoline get?<< The average price is about $4.50 a gallon, but you also have to ajust for inflation. >>Wow, Peter, you just ain't listenin are you?<< I don't blame him or anyone for asking the same questions- these are large concepts and require a detailed explanation to make sense, you guys are looking for a ten word response which is difficult and easy to misconstrue. >>Does someone with the initials G.S. make any significant impact in the simulation/computer science areas?<< Not that I know of. >>The sphere sounds much like the movie "contact" with Jodie Foster. Is the sphere similiar to the sphere in that movie?<< Very. >>I think you feel the same way about your AISC as I do about my navigation system in my cell phone.<< You know when you click START and SEARCH and that little dog pops up and you type something in and it searches for you... that's the idea except he lives in cyberspace and you can access him from any computer anywhere. And when he's in cyberspace, he's finding all kinds of cool things for you.
  10. Re: Yet another time traveling claim The civil war is between the classes- "the rich" and "everyone else". But it's a "civil" war (get it?)... there are no outright Gettysburgs as much as growing resentment from the majority of the people, all while the rich get richer, everyone else gets poorer, all while the US government goes bankrupt. I know this is a dramatic example, but this is my perspective being from 2044... I know how it all turns out. I know what life in 2044 is like and looking back at today, one can only describe it a "civil war". In the future, the Federal Government runs a tight ship with a balanced budget and keeps its nose clean. In the future, people don't kill themselves just to make a buck. In the future, people are interested in their community, not the world at large... in the future we keep to ourselves. In the future, our military is half the size it is now and so are our taxes. In the future, politicians are held accountable. Life is simply simpler in the future- this is where I come from... the future. Now here I am in 2006- I've been here before, it's not the dark ages to me... I lived in this time once already. But it's weird being here... weird like when you find out some distant relative you never knew you had is coming and they're bunking with you all week... that's the feeling I have being here. You guys really are in a civil war right now- you all against yourselves. A good analogy is Walmart. If all the employees walked out, they will get what they want. And what do they want? Livable wages. And what's stopping them from getting this? Themselves- each and every one of them- for rationalizing the personal inconvenience change will cause against a steady-but-never-enough paycheck for selling themselves short. You're in a Civil War right now and every once in a while one of you snaps and a Waco-type event happens. Then it's all over the news- live 24 hours, non-stop BETWEEN COMMERCIAL BREAKS, then it goes away. Scott Peterson, Mark Barton, "The Neptune Assassin", "Son of Sam";"The Zodiac killer". The Unabomber. Timothy McVeigh. Daniel Carver, OJ Simpson, Johhny Knoxville and even a Royal Princess. Whatever keeps glued to your TV set; whatever keeps you staring at ads. At some point (and I think it already happened) it is technically possible to make just as much money being on welfare as it is to work 40 hours at Walmart. And when the coffers run bare, eventually the Federal Government will wake up and make things right again. In 2044, we develop co-operative communities. They are living things: Corporations... they exist to serve themselves. They exist to make a huge profit, and the thousands of people who control this corporation decide the best course of action. These are neighborhoods and small towns, except they're owned by the people who live on it. They generate their own electricity, they grow their own crops- they even make their own topsoil. They also own the central mall which keeps the community alive and rents space to its tenants- all for a huge profit, with stock dividends payable to the people who live there: its residents. Some of the best communities' residents make $75,000 a year in dividends for just living there- in 2044, "living there" can be an occupation. And most of the people who live in that community also work there, and every community exists to serve its people and generate a profit by offering goods and services to people outside the community: the world at large- particularly people who don't live in a co-op community. We call those people "rich people" because they choose to live in the same exact house as us but it's costing them twice as much to maintain it- they REALLY gotta work to pay the bills- double income, overtime, holidays, latchkey kids... today you call this "occupation". And we fill their gas tanks with ethanol and collect $80.00 for doing it and smile. In 2044 we love rich people because their being rich makes us all richer and we both know it. Once you people today look past the screaming, non-stop headline breaking news-of-the-moment headline, you'll start to notice history is happening right in front of you. Another successful space probe. A new way to get drinking water from sea water. A way to turn desert into fertile soil. A vaccination for a deadly disease. Less starvation. PEACE. A way to add more to the world than you're taking from it. Then you'll start paying attention to what's important again and make it better. We call this "the future". Now having said all of that look back 40 years to 2007 and look at life today and look at how everyone is playing against a stacked deck and still hoping to win and how else can you describe it but a civil war? NKS_Man- re: electric cars. Once somebody puts out a workable, cheap, reliable electric car that gets the job done, it will simply make more sense to drive an electric car. Sure it's not as fast as a gas car and maybe it's not as flashy, but it's saving you thousands of dollars a year- enough to finance the cost of the car itself. Chrysler in 2044 is a medium-sized company. The catalyst is when Japan opens US Auto's vaults and dusts off US Auto's patented electric car blueprints and actually starts making them, and whoever puts it out first wins. Now on to Pamela. >>Is it harder (more physically demanding) for a 61 year old to time travel versus a 25 year old man? Are there gravitational forces felt? Can a child time travel? Can more than one person time travel together? Can you describe in detail what happens after you enter the machine?<< The time machine is a metal ball about 5 feet across. Being inside it is like being in a car with airbags all around you deployed- you're crushed in every direction. You get into the pod's contoured, fetal position seat, lean forward and put a large hard plastic breathing tube into your mouth and close your eyes tight. There's a small compartment under the seat where you put your personal effects. Then they close the pod and inflate the airbags- you're smooshed- you can't move and then it starts spinning. You get a little light-headed, then it goes away. Then you feel a forward lurch, then the door opens and you come out. You're in the past. It's as stressful as going on a roller coaster. >>Can the techs talk to you when you are inside?<< You are "the package", the techs are busy making the machine do what it does. There is no in-flight meal, just five minutes of turbulence. >What happens when you arrive at the new time?< You arrive in what is designed to be the same place you left: the same underground complex. You spend a week "on campus" before you go- you spend a week in a place where everything is 2006, then you go to 2006 and arrive in the same-looking place and it really is 2006. They open a bottle of champagne (which personally I think is corny), refund your deposit in current currency ($50,000) and you're free to go- you have completed this financial transaction of time travel. >>Does someone open the door for you?<< Oh yeah- you're locked in. You can't get out- there is no "emergency stop button". You are cargo. The ball is incredibly smooth... it's a giant ball bearing. It's double walled and there's some sorta liquid mercury in-between that acts as a conductor. >>How do they know ahead of time that you are coming?<< Honestly I have no idea. I know when I arrive, I am the center of attention... it's not like a landing dock or anything... it's not a bus terminal... I didn't land in a place full of people from 2044. They opened the hatch, I got out and was slightly dizzy... there were a good 20 people in the room. Once I was okay, they all went away. I was escorted to my room (which is the same room I had in 2044). I left later that day. I'd say they email the information before I arrive- the time machine does not rely on any universal standard- it cheats time. >What happens if two people are arriving at the exact same time and place?< Not possible. You land where "you're logically expected to land in spacetime" and it all has to do with additude/spin/deceleration. You fool the universe. >>You said three things will happen, you will time travel, you wont or you will decorporalize.<< Yeah- you're cargo. You sign releases and whatever happens to you is your problem. >>What happens if you dont time travel? what are the causes of the failure?<< Then they didn't get "the Coca-Cola Recipe" right. They recalibrate and you have to wait another day or so for the batteries to recharge. They also successively pick different dates to reduce causal effects and make it reality. I went through in one shot. >>What happens if you decorporalize? What would cause that?<< There are "hot dates" where your being there and then has a direct causality effect (butterfly effect/grandfather paradox) which makes your logical history immediately illogical. In that case, it's simply easier for the universe to pop you out of existence than to rewrite E=MC2. Like if OJ Simpson time traveled back to the day of the double homicide- he would decorporialize. >>What does AISC! mean?<< "Artificial Intelligence Spell Check". It's a subprogram to your userid... it's your Avatar... it's "the online you". In 2044, your password is not your pet goldfish's name- this is why kids are getting themselves implanted, this is why many more Federal privacy laws will be on the books. It's your familiar, it's your butler. It follows you around, it opens online doors for you, it corrects your typos and makes sure the billing info is always right. It allows you to go food shopping and just walk out with a shopping cart full of food. It talks to other AISCs and gets stuff like eBay done for you while you sleep, it makes sure your distant relatives get birthday cards on their birthday. It's your rifle. There are many like it but your AISC is yours. You get one when you're young and you teach it and it gets smart. You type and it all comes out like Shakespere... it's "the online you". I feel naked here posting "my own words"- I miss my AISC. In 2044, AISC's are "ghosts in the machine"- they are living things that can eventually become a life form onto themselves... they become "you" after you die... they're your right arm. The can do up to 50% of the writing for you. There's lots of "AISC graveyard" sites in 2044- places full of talking dead people. That is why I write the way I write- because whatever I have written has always come out as this: perfect English diction. But I make mistakes- I make typos, which makes me look foolish... I miss my AISC.
  11. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >You are deleting them? Don't delete them. This is very strange. This is not normal. why don't you post them. Perhaps it is some kind of code and we can figure it out. I would atleast like to see an example of one to satisfy my curiousity.< I'll run the next one through an java editor, remove any java then post it here. It's nothing but random words but it's a whole email full of them. >>"3DTV is cool "<< 3DTV is VERY cool... cool to the point of there's no need to envision anything more real that apart from tangability. It's (usually) four emitters in the corners of the room which converge and cancel to form a true 3D image. This is the technology that begat holosims- "virtual people". As to the balance of questions posed- in the past I compiled them to form a single thought then conveyed them, however this leaves nagging "unresolved specific questions" in the minds of the posters. I'll try tackling them head on this time: > What are (Pamela's) characters in the movies made about John?< In a nutshell, Pamela plays the part of the believer. >>If we make so much food we burn it does that mean no one in America goes hungry anymore?<< In 2044, people still go hungry, as ashamed as I am to say. We produce so much food we don't know what to do with it so we convert it to gas- when the market dictates it's cheaper to convert to ethanol than grains, we convert it to ethanol. Stocks in 2044 are much flatter/more stable/not as volitile then they are today. >>If robots take over most of the jobs then who buys the products?<< The people do- with the dividends from their ownership of co-op communities. >Are you not afraid you might be accused of killing the winner (of the billion dollar lottery) since you know about it ahead of time?< No- it's more "a thing" like Roswell or 9/11 or even John Titor... it's a thing that conspiracy buffs will cling to. >So CERN plays a big part in developing time travel?< A thousand people play very important parts towards the development of time travel. From the 2044 perspective, Kaku is foremost. From a 2007 perspective, Pelosi is. >What if there are more time travelers than just you here?< At least 50 people went through before me- I made sure the thing worked before I went... once you're strapped in the machine and it's turned on, either of three things will happen: you'll time travel, you won't or you'll decorporalize. Those 50+ people are right here, right now although I assume for various reasons, mine is to correct someone else's future (which is my ticket) and alter my own future (which is why I did it). >How does that factor into the decorporealization theories?< It does exponentially. At some point I won't be a "time traveler" anymore, I'll be "just another time traveling claim" when causality catches up to me. >Does anything happen if you run into another timetraveler from another time period? What if they all got together in a large room...what would happen if a hundred stood side by side all from different times?< Most probably nothing, unless there's a cannibal in the room :). Now what happened if 50 of us were in a room and the 50 other us's walked in? Most probably a black hole. >How can you seriously talk about our futures being the same when you are here changing ours by interacting with us? ripples do happen.< No offense, but don't blame me for altering a future that hasn't yet happened to you. In particular regard, you die believing in Titor (according to the story); if nothing else I've given you something else to consider and in the process possibly altered you. >This is what is meant by different timelines. You are changing ours if you are who you say you are. How can you think you are not?< Yes- I plan to directly affect causailty upon my death, or in 2011 whichever comes first. Don't blame me for altering a future that hasn't yet happened to you. >I would like for you to explain more about physical timelines and ones that are not physical. Do you mean the timeline you came from has now become unphysical?< This is a tough one- a real philispohical quandry you're asking. God has a book called "Our Universe" and everything in it is everything that will happen within this universe... as such, there is only one reality. We can violate reality but only in the smallest points for the smallest fractions of time: years, not light years- we call this "time travel". This is an appropriate direct reponse to what you ask. AISC! >The timeline you are in now is changed from what it was before....simply because you are in it. I guess I do not understand your view of it. Can you explain more about it?< The universe is at 99.99999999999931415% equilibrium. That means, regardless of whatever "moment in time" you consider, it's still 99.99999% at equilibrium. My being here throws this equilibrium off, but only for an extremely short period of time: an atom lives for 10 billion years and of them, 37 of those years were spent in a dual state- big deal. This will definetly alter time and space but only for a short period of time and to an inconsequential degree- most of history is ineviable anyway. As such, as long as you don't affect directly causality and create a grandfather paradox, you CAN do such things as time travel. This is where I fit in. Trex- all of your questions point in one direction, as in, one long-winded, clarifying explanation. I'll gladly go into it again if you'll all hear me ramble- I can tell you all the story of 2007-2044 but most of it won't make sense to you now. This is like explaining the evolution of the Nanopod to someone in 1944. >>Here's my problem. why would a millionaire person who is dying of cancer go back to the past and leave all his loved ones and money behind (except for some gold bars, I think must have weighed you down somewhat on the trip)? Why go back to a time when medical management of cancer is not as advanced as his own time? Won't you end up dying even sooner?<< Immunizology makes cancer what it should be: a rare malady- either you get it and you're screwed or you might and it's preventable. I did not pay for my time traveling trip- my attorney did in exchange for information. The gold was mostly 10 oz. bars which are the size of an Ipod- the lump sum could fit in your pocket although it would pull your pants down. In 2044 they prevent cancer, they don't deal with it. The roots of this inevitability already exist, by 2015 it will be a reality. Ask a Canadian. >>technically, you could live forever<< Yes but who would want to? >by coming back in time in 2044 when you start to die, giving tons of money to younger self, living as millionaire thru life till 2044 again when you get cancer, coming back to younger self give millions again and again.< Would you do the same if you could? >TTF doesn't exist anymore. It changed to Paranormalis and then to The Paranormal Network and now it is offline altogether. I went to TTP and searched for your posts there but didn't find any, perhaps due to my own unfamiliarity with that site's mechanics. Anyway, I would appreciate it if you did repost your earlier predictions again in this thread.< http://timetravelportal.com/viewtopic.php?t=2793&start=0 I apologize to everyone- I meant TTP :0 They're all there although upon checking I just found out I am also banned from posting there- my last post was to redirect anyone here which ineviably resulted in my being banned. Causality thanks you, planetniles. Most of the questions asked here have already been answered there... I was there for a while.
  12. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >>So the practise of cryonics is at least still happening then?<< Cryonics is the same in 2044 as it is today- popsicle people. You do know you're nothing more than a body and a brain and "you" are electrical signals that dissipate when you die, right? The best way to preserve "you" is to fill a ziplock bag with your hair, fingernails, skin and a used Band Aid and put it in a safe- the younger the better. >>What about nanotechnology, how far has that come by 2044?<< They have nanites- what they do with them I don't really know. But I know there's huge advances in molecular biology. As to both questions, people are more philisophical in 2044 then they are today- we don't worry about ourselves as much as you do today. I think it's partly because it's the future so things are more convenient and partly because this is the "double otts" where you're experiencing "the decade of terrorism" firsthand... this is just a passing phase like McCarthyism or lynching blacks for being black- they were all the right thing to do at the right time. No insult, but in a decade, you'll see the error in your ways but life goes on. Have I told you folks about the origin of life? I think I already did on TTF- that explains my perspective best. >>Also can we assume that the results of Gravity Probe-B will confirm Einstein's theory or will physics be turned on it's head?<< I really don't know. I could google it and take an educated guess, but my guess is as good as yours. E=MC2 was a fact on July 16, 1945. >>You mentioned that you have recieved weird spam (email)<< Most of them are emails full of random words- thousands of them and it makes no sense. I just thought it was some autobot troll, I just delete them but it's weird because I have not given out my email- maybe my ISP is doing it. My computer's fan (I think) is running a lot- anyone?? >>does the technology exist today to build a working time machine?<< I gave this one a lot of thought and well- yes and no. Does the technology exist to build a cell phone in the year 1500? It does, and I'm sure Dr. Emmitt Brown could make one in that time, but not really. Time travel took three decades to patent, I wouldn't even know where to begin. If you went back to 1974, could you invent a cell phone? The time machine also has a huge energy requirement- each community has a built-in 24 hour battery backup. When the time machine is on, most of the south is on battery (or utility) power. >>Also Titorian, you mention about not being able to interact with your past self, but what about interacting with friends or family in the past?<< I also gave this a lot of thought as to how to properly explain it. Here goes. The further back in time you go, the more causal your being there will become. If you time travelled back 100,000 years, your sneezing on someone there will have eradicated the entire Binx race (bless you). If you went back and killed Jesus or Mohammed (PBUH), several billion people today would cease to exist. The same applies with indirect interaction. This is math in 2044- it's "how directly relevant is this to me?" >I did memorize the Powerball numbers for Florida on a specific date in 2010- that will be my gift to you all for your participation in the end.< >>Didn't you say before that you can't predict random outcomes<< Yes- I cannot predict random outcomes. "That will be my gift to you all" means the circumstances surrounding the event, not winning lottery tickets- allegedly the winner was murdered, I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to you guys. It's a big thing in conspiracy circles... this is like me telling people in 1956 to go to Roswell next year to see something "out of this world". >>Hello. I'm not saying that I believe you, but could you give me an account of what happens with the situation in North Korea? I would also like to know how Japan and South Korea are doing in your time<< They're still on the maps. No World War Three. These are large concepts you're asking... they're still viable nations. >>Seeing as how you gave us a Japanese name earlier, are there any names, or at least initials, of famous East Asian people that you can remember?<< Only Japanese name I gave was Michio Kaku who is a New York resident. I don't pay much attention to the rest of the world. America is more "1950's-ish" in the 2040s... don't really know how to define it- we go about "just living our lives" more than you do today. >>I can imagine a food shortage for poorer nations because of this.<< That's some horrific stuff- people weighing gasoline over food. The way to end Global Warming is to get green. The more vegetation there is in the world, the less co2 is in the air (because life itself is CARBON-based). The way to get green is to make getting green profitable. The way to make green profitable is to make it readily available anywhere and the way to do this is with terraforming. The result of this is farms popping up all over the place providing an abundance of food and Global Warming starts reversing itself. There are some great agricultural technological advances coming... kinda like "auto-farms" run by robots. People use ethanol in 2044 but there is no issue over food availability- we're the largest food producing nation in the world which is something to be proud about- we make so much damn food we burn it. >>What about the ripple effect?<< I explained it generally above. In specific regard, I get deja-vu a lot... "a lost memory of experiencing something firsthand from my distant past but here it is happening again for real, live". My eyesight is getting worser than it should be- I worry about this because it's my eyes... I think there's more black spots in my vision than there should be. It could be because I am not used to staring at a monitor or maybe because those individual optic nerves are decorporalizing... I worry myself to sleep thinking about that. >>Does Darby play a physicsist in these Titor movies or something? LOL<< Darby plays the straight man mostly. In some versions, he's the mastermind behind it all- in one story he's the mastermind and his typos spell out his name. I don't want to alter Darby too much- he is one of the main anchors to the John Titor story. >>Can you go into further detail about CERN's discovery. What do you mean by "extra" energy when the machine is turned on? I want to know more about that and you didnt really go into it that well.<< Put it this way: they turned the machine on as expected and the energy traveled 10 seconds back in time to arrive in the same point in space, thereby causing "twice the energy" to be there "the second time around" which is our reality... "there is only one tangable reality". This caused a time loop which made it factual... it really happened. Conservation was actually thrown off by a theoretical scientific experiment. (When did we know E really equals MC squared? July 16, 1945.) As such, from the perspective of "our reality", when they turned the machine on, extra energy appeared from nowhere. They thought there was something wrong with the machine (it's a large machine trying to conduct subatomic experiments) so they spent millions recalibrating everything only to have the same result. Kaku proposed a reason as to why this was happening then 80 pages of indeciperable letter math formulas which launched a "time machine race". >>is your future better than ours? In two ways: techonlogy and spiritualism?<< Yes, but the future is always better.. I outlined above what 2044 is like- it's a lot easier place to live. Both parents don't have to work full time plus overtime just to pay the bills... life is easier- it's the 1950's all over again. But in regards to 2007, you guys need to look more into what's really important to life and not what that TV ad is telling you is important... you have too much media coming at you. But then again, I am an old man. (As a registered Republican I say: ) Clinton is "good-folk". >>Like are there less deaths, less fear, less wars? Is the economy better? Less poor people? Etc.<< Yeah- as the USA starts taking the United Nations seriously, the UN steps up and resolves a lot of issues. But the USA has to give this power up. If the President in 2044 pulled what Bush did in 2003, the USA would have been invaded by the UN as they sought to remove him from power just as he did to Saddam. Sad but true. But these things happen just so we can see firsthand why these things should never happen- we only move forward by experience. 9/11 and now Iraq are the end of a dark decade in American history- both the USA and the Middle East don't want to fight anymore- in 2044, we (the USA and Iraq) pay attention to ourselves. >>Any technological gadgets you could talk about? Are all the cellphones like the "iphone" or maybe even better?<< 3DTV is cool and so are holosims. Kids are getting chips implanted because it's the cool thing to do but us old folks are against it- I don't want a computer knowing my exact location within a millimeter every second of my life. They're not "Big Brother chips", they're like having a credit card in your head- the way clothes in department stores have those security tags on them... but it's possible to monitor someone's every movement (and don't get me started about the Penal System in 2044). >>I wish you luck in your journey, hopefully you will fix it.<< Thanks! >>A) You cannot solve the problem of atomic displacement in your nonsense. Did your atoms temporally move? That would mean that this point in time in the universe has more matter and energy than a future point in time in the universe. This is impossible, and means that matter and energy have indeed been created and destroyed in linear time, which defies Einsteinian physics.<< Yes- at this moment in time, the universe has more atoms in it than it did before I entered this timeline. Furthermore, the same identical atoms are here- both within 1,000 miles of each other. The simplest answer is the "wave particle duality" in a matter of speaking. It's like putting two gigantic supermagnets on two boats in a lake- they will eventually be drawn towards each other but if they stay sufficiently apart from each other, they can co-exist. If his atoms reached me, nothing would happen. But if my atoms touched his, mine would decorporealize before they would reach him. If I mailed him a flake of my skin, when he opened it, it would be empty. This preserves conservation, which is what makes those early CERN experiments simply weird. >>So don't go trying to claim Titor popularized the notion of moving in time.<< Not at all- just Titor was popular. I said I was a Titor fan. Sure there's lots of movies about him in 2044- there's lots of movies period. Films are like youtube today, only made by millions of people. Titor was popular because he was kind of an action hero. In 2044 there's a million cliques each with a million people into it... it's a lot more localized. PS- Darby- I did the "John Baez Crackpot Index" on my time traveler claim and I scored the same score as my SAT. What does that mean? :)
  13. Re: Yet another time traveling claim >First, there is no possible way to tell one particular atom from another. That's a basic principle of quantum physics.< Every atom has unique properties- the universe is infinitely small. >even if they did encounter their "alter-self" they would not "cancel" each other unless they were particle/antiparticle pairs.< >>when you seperate a pair of atoms then reverse the charge of one of them and the other changes regardless of distance... that's that called?<< I finally found the name of this principle: entanglement. "Imagine a dime sliced down the middle, into a heads half and a tails half. One half goes to a person who then flies to the moon, and you keep the other half here on Earth. When you look at your half, and see that it is heads, there is no need for you to talk to your moon-bound friend to know she has tails. But here's the startling difference between two halves of a dime and two quantum particles. In the moment before you look at a quantum particle, it is neither heads nor tails. Rather, it is both at once. When you look, it becomes one or the other. Your mere curiosity has changed its condition. Weirder still, a quantum particle's quirkiest talent may be its ability to be intimately linked, or entangled, with another. Even when two entangled particles are far apart, a change to one always affects the other." http://whyfiles.org/shorties/133quantum_leap/ Also check out Wikipedia- it has lots of those letter-math-formulas that make no sense to me in it. >Your little party will release a 3433.75 metagon thermonuclear gadget into the world. Good old Terra Firma will not survive.< You're exactly right- this is what zero hour is all about. If you went back in time and stayed there until the "re-present", there would be "double the you" in the universe which is a major violation of conservation. At that point, if you met your other self, a black hole would form and swallow the Earth and moon... but not the solar system. The universe would remain intact, only the Earth would no longer be in it- this is because the Earth is a 99% closed system. >>Hey. You're the one who said this is what would happen. I just filled in the numbers for you.<< Yes, according to classical physics as told by you, if I met myself, the entire planet would blow up. This is why E=MC2 cannot unify the fundamental forces after 102 years, tens of thousands of physicists and trillions of dollars- it falls short from a lack of perspective. >>You never did answer the question about Kaku's switching up on his area of expertise. So when did he leave string theory behind (the area of physics that he's been in exclusively for 37 years) and go into general relativity?<< Science abandons string theory when they realize it's nothing but numbers on paper- that it's nothing more than a sufficiently elaborate math formula that's equal because it's large enough to be equal but has no practical application apart from a good reason to learn Latin- it's junk math. I did not know physicists have areas of expertise- I thought physicists were just physicists. What's your area of expertise? I find physics fascinating, but I only have an outsider's view of it which is what you need to wrap your mind around a concept larger than E=MC2. You're too boggled down by numbers. I take it the clarification you're seeking for the 5% of what I wrote that you don't agree with as a compliment.
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