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  1. Yes, but I'm thinking about time travel, exactly on the earth, since moving through space and time is beynd me.
  2. In england, I've actually received a parcel from my Aunt two days before she sent it. I put this down to the fact that the majority of Royal Mail (Not all) are slow at turning their stamp dials. I wonder if you've encountered a network mix-up, although that seems doubtful. If you have done this, as you claim, then see if you can trace, if possible, the route the text would have gone, that way you may be able to discover any abnormalities.
  3. If those who have traveled in time tell us of grave news, wouldn't we somehow change that future, so it may be more or less grave than foretold?
  4. First of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone on the TTI forums. Second of all, I got bored during my physics lesson, and my mind wandered onto Torchwood (BBC Drama) and consequentially onto time travel. I came up with some formulae regarding time travel, probaly pish-posh, and here it is. To begin with, you must be on the Equator, exactly, any location, but on the equator. X=Speed N=One Earth Rotation in MPH (I don't know the exact figure, so the closest I can get is 1,000MPH(Please correct me if otherwise)) So, where: ((X>N) in direction of rotation)= Time Travel towards the future. ((X>N) in opposite diection of rotation)= Time Travel towards the Past ((X=N) in opposite direction of rotation)= Stationary in Time. And the forula for now is: ((X<N) in any direction)= Present All this is probably useless, but please, tell me your thoughts, and show me any formulae you have written.
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