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  1. Good job American people you have changed the timeline!!! The timeline in which I came from is no more. In my timeline the amnesty bill past and all hell broke loose afterwards. And when I get back to the year in which I came from I will see what took place. But I warn you all now you are not out of the woods yet. For the globalist will fight and fight!!!! Every since 1963 when they killed the last real president of the USA they have been playing games with the American people. And I promise you this, they will continue to kill and try to strike fear into you all. But I must say many of the American people have woke up and is bringing a hell of a fight to these devils!!! Since the timeline has been changed I'm not to sure if 7-7-07 will take place now. We will have to wait and see. I know that something's will still take place because they must take place. But I do know that the road ahead is still very dark for what is left of America. When you all fly flags on 7-4-07 and say, I love the USA!!! Prove it, and fight for your country. If you don't I promise your kids will have no America when they grow up. The globalist have no problem setting off a nuke in a city to get their agenda going fast again. I say this again,Wake Up and fight people!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm back!! I have went over all of the responses since I was gone and I must say you people do not learn anything. Oh Watcher ran away with his tail tucked in between his legs. Oh Watcher was so wrong blah blah blah blah!!! No I was not!! I said 5-9-2007. On that day, the globalist George W Bush sign into law with no congress approval the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive. It declares that in the event of a "catastrophic event", the President can take total control over the government and the country, bypassing all other levels of government at the state, federal, local, territorial and tribal levels, and thus ensuring total unprecedented dictatorial power. The event was a major marker in the timeline of events. For now it was a stab in the chest of America. But I tell you now the stab in the heart of this country will be if the Amnesty bill passes for the Mexicans. Woe to this country and all of those that live in it!! The globalist must pass the amnesty bill it is a major part of the plan that they have for you. The games have begun and the time is now for you to wake up and fight for the ones you love!! Get outside of the loop get outside of the matrix and see with your own eyes! For you have not used your eyes before, so how can you say you see what is going on? Many people wanted to know where did I go when I disappeared? I went to 2008, November 2008. I will let you all know what I witnessed in that year. I'm trying to figure out a way to put it into words. 2007 has many more surprises in it. Here is a day for you 7-7-7. For now, here is a link to what George did.... http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/05/20070509-12.html
  3. A barrel of oil will exceed $100. The weather will continue to get even worse then it is now. A Super Tornado will hit with winds around or over 350mph. Hail stones will grow to over basketball size. The earth will shake in places that you would never think would have earthquakes. For the time is at hand for these things to come to pass! As for Iran,The powers that be are now trying to get the war started with this fake event that is going on now with the British Troops. They have tried many things to get the war started and have failed. What if I said yet again that the war will start with an attack that would appear to come from Iran? Things are not what they seem to be right now. Do you really think that gas prices should be as high as they are now?
  4. What you have said is true. As I type this now planes are being made for the war that is to come. The fall of the USA as the only super power is near. War is near!!! For the united States Dollar will fall soon.
  5. Nothing happens on that day that I remember. Since I have only had bad news since I got here I will tell you this. Space travel will be taken to a whole new level very soon.
  6. Yes Syria will play a role in the coming war. But I tell you now you should keep a close eye on Russia. For the bear has fooled all those who thought he was dead. Even now Russia is building up it's defenses for what is to come. Another one to watch is China. Watch them very closely.
  7. No wave my friend, but a war is coming very soon, very soon.
  8. No supernova. Many people have asked me who will be the next USA president? In my past Hillary was the first female president. And was elected in 2008. But as I have stated you should all be worried about the things that are coming upon this planet. Like the weather and the sun. For as I have told you things are going to get just plane bad.
  9. Yes you are correct. But now that the snow has done what it was meant to do, watch out for the tornado's!! For this will be the year of the super tornado! For this will be the year of many horrible things. The tornado I speak of will be the largest tornado ever recorded on earth. The winds will be over 350 mph. Watch for the things that I have told you. For you know not the time of the end. Quakes strong soon. For now you will hear of Explosions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Re: Yet another time traveling claim What you said about the aliens isn't exactly right but could be right. What you all call aliens are many and yet the same things. For example the greys as you call them are nothing more then clones or robots. They are very real. The Nordic type aliens as you call them are Star People or some of you may call them fallen angles. Some of them are from Andromeda and some are from Orion. The human race has been, and always shall be watched. The bases on the dark side of the moon is proof of this. The lights in Arkansas flying through the air were real. They were not A-10's, but a type of probe that they use to explore certain area's. All of the info will come out about the Aliens in the 2040's. This year will be the year of a big UFO event. The Air Force that stated they had A-10's flying that night, had to do so because the story was getting too big. The event I spoke of will be a very big UFO event this year 2007!
  11. What has your being here changed? For you say things have changed since you have been here but yet the things that was going to happen before you came here will still happen. 5-9-07 will still happen. Some things must happen, and others can be changed. Therefore what was to happen will still happen, and the things that can be changed will be changed. The event with the sun that will happen very soon will still happen. For man can't change that event. But the event with the USA and Iran and Israel can be changed. You say the earth and the events on this world are not a big part of the picture. I say you are very wrong the events on this world are very much the center of attention in this galaxy.
  12. You people continue to play games and continue to put your heads in the ground. You people are sad!!!! Bad times are coming to you!!!! Bad times!!!!! The draft will soon be implemented and many many of you will have to go to war!!!! The State Of The Union by your president is nothing more then a lie!! Watch all things and be aware of what is going on!! For the time is at hand for the time is at hand for the war!!!! The new ID law in America is the beginning of what has been said to come. The ships are now in the Persian gulf, now watch what will be!! The powers that be are now in a position to do what they will! Israel will do what she must. Israel almost started the war last week. Again the time is near!!!
  13. The next big event will be more of the same. In itself the earth will shake. And yet the jet stream shall come down to the ground and tear up even more!!! Watch for the false flag I have told you about. Again the war shall come and this will start many things. Israel ooh Israel what will she do? For she is the center of the world and the things to come.
  14. Well I guess the 20 plus IM's I have received are all people just ignoring me. As for me making predictions, I was not aware that I was predicting anything.
  15. As I stated before you people are really something!!! All you want is pictures of a time machine or some story of a time machine, but yet you all face destruction!!! All you people talk about is John who is no more then a fictional story made to promote a movie. I tell you now these things you seek are foolishness and proves how you all are blinded to what is going on now in this time. Earthquakes in the east of this nation and in the midsouth will be a big event for you. The new war your NWO leaders seek will take place with Iran soon very soon!!!! Death from all of this strange weather will increase very soon from ice carbon poisoning and not to long from now Super Tornados and the jet stream coming down to the ground. Flares from the sun will put the people on the space station in great danger!! And the heat of the summer will kill many. This is what you all face!!!! And I have not even told you all of it by far!!! You people need to put foolish things aside!! I now will stay here until mid March. What are you all going to do when your electricity is knocked off for days or even weeks due to the horrible ice and snow? Or earthquakes in places you never heard of them being in?
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