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  1. I don't remember too much. I was on here a while back and just got on. I was just wondering what the timeship looked like on the outside. Or what any of them look like if you can describe.
  2. Re: Yet another time traveling claim Titorian, I am going to try this... can multiple people travel back in time? And i won't ask the other question, tis kind of stupid and you didn't answer my pm. Thanks cpguy
  3. Re: His / Her Powerbase Poll - Female President 20 "so I wonder why anyone would want to talk politics on a time travel board. I rather talk 'time' or supposed time travelers or just about anything else, except politics or religion." Well if you are talking about time what are you talking about? the day and date? or the history of the past? If there is anything more I just can't what is in the present will be the past and thus become history and part of it is Politics.although some of it may also be the history of religion because it has been around a long time I don't think we would talk about it. I don't know what I am saying anymore so nevermind. "Merkel may be the only woman President and that is in Germany" I thought maybe finland had a woman president, but I could be wrong.
  4. I meant hide your information, but then i was thinking that Identity thieves already pry in on your information. So, nevermind.
  5. yeah while talking to him he changed his story. His other long thread is that I tried to have him go to another thread instead making this one even longer is on page 17 with 251 replies. I just wanted to share that even though he is long gone, but I will stop posting on this thread if that's what you want.
  6. I just found this little piece when I talked to Chronohistorian when he was here...I thought it was funny. anonymous_traveller2522: suddenly I feel like going to venus to ski anonymous_traveller2522: I mean pluto anonymous_traveller2522: venus is hot anonymous_traveller2522: that where our crops grow
  7. Now you can't hide or soon and later you will be able to get into trouble by the law easier it seems.
  8. Because I came back and I saw your story and kinda liked it. Plus Darby revived it (I am guessing) so that I found it. Looking forward to picking it up in a couple of weeks or so.
  9. I was dreaming one time and that dream didn't fully come true but what I remembered a name of it did. After the dream and during the day I saw the first of the word and then near the end of the day I saw the second half of it. Don't know if it means anything. I think that the violent video games are preparing us for war and for the youth to get used to the blood and gore of war.
  10. They are vampires... no seriously I don't know but they could possibly create something with the blood, I'm not sure. I think one time I was abducted, but I can't explain it very well and have no proof.
  11. But I just realized that this should probably be in the fan fiction section of time travel. Like all the others.
  12. I haven't read very many posts and just got back, I am a little bit interested.
  13. haha sounds like some here and maybe a little John Titor, maybe. I think I saw him doing prayer and people said that he was talking about them, but people send in prayer requests. So...
  14. This will be interesting to see once it happens in 13 years. It will be a strange thought to have that we have people living on the moon as well. I wonder what they plan to accomplish by doing that. Thanks for posting it.
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