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  1. To needing a gov't agency dedicated to time travel. In a weird gov't way, trial/error would be preferable when/if multiple universes are discovered. Events like this could be easily test bedded out to the nth degree each with a certain coefficient of success/failure. Actually brings up a rather interesting series of answers to calculus problems.
  2. Getting this out of the way: Ballistic Missile with Love Titor's mission could easily be intertwined with an ELE (extinction level event) such as Apophis here that could smash into the planet sometime in the 2030's. In a before/after sequence of events, going back to this time and getting needed equipment to not only deal with multiple rocket systems, but with impending Unix doom. In a weird kind of trial/error way this would be the easiest way to deal with an impending asteroid, given needed upgrades in physics and engineering. Such that maybe you nailed the asteroid, and maybe you had some coefficient of success in either deflecting the event or minimizing the effects of it. Combined with the Unix Extinction Event (UEE, prounounced like WHEEEEEE!) this would be an easily plausible explanation.
  3. NKS_Man


    So here we go again. How did Cash for Clunkers and the Obama Administration handling the Flu end up?
  4. Re: Government warns of \"catastrophic\" U.S. quake Well Darby, since you asked nicely...
  5. "I swear I went into this with the best intentions" Viva le resistance?
  6. Lyndzee- It seems you have forgotten my questions in the midst of the RMT and Darby conversations: 1. What does the Ford Motor Company look like in your time? 2. How has the world recovered after having the 2nd law of thermodynamics debunked? Thanks.
  7. Lyndzee- I must admit you've piqued my interest. I am a disciple of Stephen Wolfram and a close study of Henry Ford. Two questions, hope you can answer them: 1. What does the modern day Ford Motor Comnpany look like? 2. How has the world recovered after the 2nd law of thermodynamics was disproven? Thanks NKS
  8. Re: Obama Sued was: Good example of FDIC has been a hoax this whole time... WOW! :mad: This would make total sense as to why banking in 2036 takes place at the local level.
  9. Re: Obama Sued was: Good example of The causes of vCJD are just getting warmed up Prions are responsible for diseases like regular CJD. It seems that when they jump from species to species, say from Hamsters to Mice, they cause a variant...
  10. Re: Obama Sued was: Good example of What's that about the pot calling the kettle black? It's far from over, with two major hurricanes headed towards North America (as of 8/30/2008). I personally believe that back in 2005 with the hurricanes we had back then was a memory marker that John Titor was speaking in crypt about in his posts. The "leader" a hypocrite and typical politician, doing everything within his power to maintain the power base by selecting a woman to help him. He/She being another reason why we have to heed John's warnings.
  11. Re: Good example of what Titor was trying to tell Ask a stupid question (about why ppl would stay in cities)... ... Get a Stupid Answer I can imagine some sovereign foreign fund buying up foreclosed homes and then offering "help for the poor". As long as you follow the security dance and give up your rights. Oh yeah, all over this one.
  12. Re: Good example of what Titor was trying to tell I'm pretty sure that the Olympics will go off without a hitch, notwithstanding a few bus bombings or some other weird crowd activity. I am of the opinion that the "world" as Titor knew it in 2038 was so different that the Olympic Committee in that time wasn't even thinking about what got them to that point, so thus were "unofficial". What I'm trying to wrap my brain around is why people would blatantly stay in cities when the world around them is crumbling? Why would they even need to attack the rural community and vice-versa. Is it going to be pure economics or some other reason? Even with the Homeland Security threat level "stuck on yellow", I seriously doubt that Al-Qaeda is a main reason. Is it pure economics?
  13. I've been a long advocate that Rotating Magnetic Fields is what allows the earth to have the gravity that it does. The "inertia" caused by the earth's rotating magnetic field is what we feel as gravity. It also explains why the magnetic poles "swap" every so often, north to south, that kind of thing. I am an expert in the field of Diamagnetism, think of being able to introduce "impedance" into a magnetic field much like a resistor can be introduced to an electrical current, varying the "currend drop". Magnetic fields are usually highly localized around highly charged particle fields, even if no other fields exist to be attracted or repelled to them to be observed. It stands to reason that since most organic materials have high diamagnetic "potential" that we ourselves could be used one day to vary a magnetic field.
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