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  1. I would like to get a list together of the positive & negative effects of Time Travel. I hope you can help.
  2. What's to stop time travellers going all the way back to time=Zero and then for them to create the big bang! But in answer to your question, maybe all over the universe planets start evolving life as a result of the planet's future time travellers returning to before evolution and seeding the planet. Sparky
  3. If scientists in the future can time-travel, then perhaps they'll go back in time to tinker with genetics thus creating a highly intelligent creature capable of time-travelling and tinkering with genetics. So, perhaps in a secret bunker in America exists highly intelligent humanoid creatures - the result of the tinkering whose future offspring was the cause of their existence, or perhaps us humans are the result of the tinkering without which we'd still be swinging from tree to tree. Sparky :)
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