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  1. haha! yes i thought it was odd to, everyone was really shocked to see him, i can see it all so clearly, his family and his sister was having a baby, and she was talkign to him, in his present 30year old form but he was still a 10 year old boy, it only took us seconds to get there, yet all of the years has past in normal time. he lived high up in the woods/mountains, and people found out about the time machine and i was like 'quick i have to get you back or they will destroy it.........' when we found it again (i had hidden it) there were 2 policemen steaking out the woods & we jumped in & just about got away, but i got him back, and no one was none the wiser when we got back! was a good dream, i also sent someone else back in time to help them get famous!!! they took photos of themsleves hanging over a hotel, faced the camera to the hotel glass and took pics of themselves, we then went forward to see the newspapers and the pics were all over them! and i had moved them from england to new york! it was all very odd, but such a real dream! :confused:
  2. i cant stop dreaming about time travel, literally every night!! its driving me crazy! last night i dreamt i even built a time machine, i can see it as clear as day you stood in a white capsule thing and just typed in the date! i sent this little 10 year old boy into the future 20years, when he got there, it took him about 10seconds, but real time had past 20years, and everyone thought he went missing! but he was still 10 years old but in his 30 year old body! then i had to get him back! i often dream that i myself go back in time and see myself as a kid and i tell myself things, or i go to the future! this is like every other night! driving me nuts! i just thought id tell everyone this <font color="purple"> [/color] :yum:
  3. <font color="purple"> i think it was all made up to control people and inforce rules on people. personally i dont put my beliefs in other people, i beleive in myself. :)[/color]
  4. Re: Who are the 'MEAT PUPPETS' ? :) <font color="purple"> the meat puppets are a band :devil:[/color]
  5. <font color="purple"> if it happened, for all you know he could have said 'ow this hurts a hell of a lot' [/color]
  6. <font color="purple"> hiya if you really are from the future can you give me the euromillion results for feb 23rd feb 2007? you have a 1 in 75 million chance of getting them right even if you arent from the future......... thanks : :love: :confused: :devil: [/color]
  7. <font color="purple"> if you could go back, would you stay there? and re-live everything but do it all differently? so obiovusly the outcome of the future would be different? would you use knowledge from the future to help you..........? :confused: [/color]
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