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  1. I do not respond or bother with fools nor vulgarities. Let me just say that a current employment opportunity has made the research much easier. I was never obsessed, but nevertheless interested in the subject. My Place of work has made it easier to name the Person that was posting as TT0. It is a provable trail, that makes more sense at every step. Time to put this baby to bed. 10 Years would be too long. Time to throw the script in the bin.
  2. Ya think im playing? i havent a lot of time to come here these days. i most certainly am not messing about. There is a lot more important things going on at the moment to devote too much to this, but let me know when you want to talk. Your middle name begins with an "E" and you have ties to IBM and the Navy. If your not bothered i will just gradually disclose you and then disclose your provable in court links to Titor. Ciao
  3. have we spoken about the Income tax references before, i have forgotten??? hmmmmmm :devil:
  4. Interesting thread to say the least! SES User ID: 529144 (OP) 10/18/2008 7:20 AM Re: Breaking!!! 535 Was John Titor. Quote It has been a haul i would totally agree with that. These guys know what they are doing. They are not 535, but they are more similar in nature and intelligence than JT. This started a long time ago. There IS a real 535, but this is not him. Just to have knowledge of him shows a consistancy with who we are dealing with here. Behind them both, the Mastermind of the "group", is one very big ego. One that needs to be fed for gratification. A very clever Man, and yes connected. A lot of what 535 wrote was part truthful, but as many with a discerning eye will have noticed, packed with disinfo. Disinfo with reason. He usually remembers to put himself behind proxies, but at times he has made mistakes...Like Titor. He has 48 Hours to come clean...Fully. Or i will 100% release all the proof i have, all 7 years worth. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message640043/pg1
  5. Re: Announcing a new website for Time Travelers. Its time team Zeshua Novak shut up. I debunked you over 18 months ago after months of email convos. considering my accessto sources it was so easy. Ciao folks. btw , have you seen his new site? where he has copied and pasted everything from this forum? we caught on to it. Heads up for u http://www.zeshua.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2
  6. Oh yes, its true. Time Manipulation. A timeline was "defined" Yesterday.
  7. Lol, this is one of the biggest pieces of BS ever, bring back Javier all is forgiven.. Did make me spit my coffe out with laughter though lol
  8. The disappearance of a Mountain, The formation of a lake already stocked with big fish http://en.epochtimes.com/news/7-3-28/53431.html
  9. It isnt real, it is not a coincidence there was a big interview done with the only female prisoner only hours before she was "kidnapped" . I think they were allowed to go in Iran waters... and that their capture was what was desired.. Either a Trojan horse or they will all be killed .. possibly by western agents.. this could lead to another false flag reason.. They only need the sheep on their side for 5 minutes.. same as Iraq.. The death of these servicemen or an attack on an Allied ship might just do it.. The way that destiny seems unstopable suggests to me there is only one time line and all our actions are predetermined.
  10. http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/tornadoes-tear-across-centre-of-america/2007/03/30/1174761752101.html
  11. I think it may not be neccesary to travel faster than light.. You just have to travel before light to send a message to the past. Researchers have devised an experiment using laser light to demonstrate a property of quantum mechanics: That pairs of entangled photons show identical properties as either a wave or a particle. By using this knowledge, they hope to demonstrate how to influence an event that has already occurred. 1. A laser beam is directed into a crystal that makes two streams of photons. 2a. One stream of photons travels through a screen with two slits. 2b. The other stream of photons travels through an identical screen with two slits BUT is routed through six miles of fiber-optic cable that delays the light by microseconds. 3a. A detector captures the light and records it as a wave-like or particle-like photon (you don't know which yet). 3b. The delayed light is sensed by a movable detector. If the detector is closer to the lens it's recorded as a wave-like interference pattern. If its farther from the lens it is recorded as a particle. What is happening here: By choosing to measure the delayed photon as either a wave or particle photon, the experimenter forces the other photon to appear in the same way - because they are entangled - even though it reaches the detector earlier. i think retro-causality is real and through this in theory it may be possible to influence past events or eventually somehow send a message back in time.
  12. This proves nothing my friendly colonel, all this proves is you made a topic in 2004 and waited 3 years till you posted again.. Nice trick, but im sure someone of your capabilities is capable of something more spectacular than this petty flexing of muscles.. We would all bow down to your prowess if you are capable of something more breathtaking...
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