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  1. you're back! you disappeared for awhile. I was actually starting to worry about you, TTA. welcome back :) hope your holidays have been good
  2. huh??? dob, are you talking to yourself, or is dob(guest) someone imitating you???
  3. well, other than the fact that I find the idea of there only being 4-5 real people here and the rest being Celebi-creations extremely disturbing, I have no idea who he could be! people seem to rarely post here lately, as is... Whatever happened to TimeTravelActivist, anyway? I sent him a private message over a month ago because he hadn't been posting much and he still hasn't popped up since. Anybody know?
  4. Celebi is really out there. At least you get a good laugh out of it, dob :) -mj :)
  5. "Well since you posted just a portion about what I said in your last post, the only assumption I'm making is that you didn't read it all. If you would have kept reading, you would have learned that what I was saying, is that without people like me, people who sanction things without giving them enough thought, would then be directionless. " I understand. I did read your whole post, I just posted the portion I was responding to. I do also understand what you're saying about people sanctioning things without giving them enough thought - I just wonder why you think I fall under that category? :) "But if you want me to break it down for you, I will give you a percentage of how 2 sided I really am. I'm about 35% Pro and 65% Con Time Travel." That honestly surprises me. And it shows me that I misunderstood what you've said before about time travel. Thanks for answering and clarifying. That is not single-minded at all, I was definitely under the assumption that you thought all time travel was a bad thing. "How about you?" Myself? It's hard to say. I don't think I've ever met a person whom I think would make a morally sound, ethically sound time traveler - maybe just by virtue of the fact that we're all human and therefore susceptible to greed, corruption, envy, jealousy, etc.. it's hard to picture someone having the freedom of going back in time without also picturing them changing the things in their life they didn't like. I don't like the idea that if John Doe wishes he'd asked out the prom queen in high school, he could hop on a time traveling device and go back to change it. Little ripples affect the entire world, and if we all had the ability to go back and change the "little things" at will, it seems as if the world as we know it would completely unravel! But, I also think that there are *some* very few people who would have the proper mindset/agenda to time travel - but then I think I'd worry about who was paying/supplying resources for that person, and what *their* agenda was. Gee, after reading what i just wrote, it almost sounds like I'm 100% con and 0% pro time travel, doesn't it? LOL. I guess if I had to put a number on it I'd say it's about 95% con and 5% pro time travel. There may be some redeeming value to time travel, but until you find an infallible human, there are a lot of scary circumstances. I hope that answers your questions without being too long-winded. Enjoy the wrestling :)
  6. well, I said I wouldn't reply, but what you said was well-written and I felt the need to go back on what I said. :) First: "But yes, without people like me to stand up against people like you, you would be directionless. Just look at the way your responding to me, what does that say about your character?" Well, what do you mean by "stand up against people like me?" What is it that I'm doing that you need to stand up against? Posting on a message board is about the extent of my activities involving time travel. I think you might be making some assumptions about me here. :) "That's not an accusation, that's a question. An accusation would have been something more like: "MaryJane is puffing the magic dragon." You're right, and point taken. I suppose it felt like an accusation, because after reading the way you responded to someone who brought up the fact that they did drugs, it seemed out of place for you to ask me - irrelevant, I guess, unless you were trying to make the point that I was only saying what I was saying because I "puffed the magic dragon" like the other poster. But as far as this.. "That's funny, I was thinking that I was 2 sided on the subject of Time Travel, even though I'm an Activist." You aren't two-sided on the subject of Time Travel. If you were, you would admit both the pros and cons - from what I've read, you feel that Time Travel is ONLY a bad thing, and could not possibly be a good thing under any circumstance. That is single-minded, in my humble opinion. Or am I incorrect in my assessment of your position? Do you admit that you DO see a possible positive or "pro" side to time travel, or do you feel that it is ALL evil and ALL time travel must be stopped?
  7. "Without people like me, you'd be directionless." Umm, are you trying to say that without TTA in the world, I would have no idea what is morally or ethically right or wrong? Bzzzt! Try again! "By the way, your not puffing the magic dragon your self are you?" I find it interesting that when I point out how black-and-white your logic is, you fling accusations my way. I guess that's easier than debating about something? Obviously, it is. But since you've resorted to accusations - for NO reason - YET AGAIN, I'm done with this thread. :) Bye! Enjoy your single-mindedness. And, enjoy your last word, since I know you can't resist having the last word. :)
  8. wow.. is it fun living in a black and white world? If you believe what TTA believes, you're "right". If you disagree even slightly, you're "wrong." What a simplistic view of life. There are 6 billion people other than you on this earth, and the mere fact that you purport to know what is "right" for all 6 billion only shows what kind of person you really are!
  9. why, Javier, you went and got yourself engaged? congratulations :) I hope she makes you a happy man. Especially during times like this, we all deserve to find someone to love us and make us happy!
  10. Yeah, there are definitely some issues with the moderator at Anomalies. At first he seemed like a genuinely nice, fair person, but I think the recent terrorist events have made him sway to extremes. As far as Celebi goes, I have yet to decide if his posts were all a big joke or if he seriously had some .. "issues". I'm leaning toward the latter.
  11. RE: actually I thought you got banned from this message board awhile ago. I remember mop posting about it. am I wrong? :( I was just wondering, if you were banned from here before, what happened to let you back in?
  12. RE: actually huh? MSN Butterfly? What is that? was that directed to me or someone else? I see we're back to the old Celebi now.
  13. actually I DO know a way to prove I'm me. I know how to spell "you're" correctly. "You're" as in you are. Not your, as Javier/TTA does. (Just read his post above, he uses "your" instead of "you're" constantly.) That happens to be a grammar pet peeve of mine. so there. :P anyway, how do we know YOU aren't Javier?
  14. hehe I'm not fictional. and I'm definitely not TTA, and I have a strong suspicion Pamela is a real person, as well. ;) but, since there's no way for anyone to prove they are who they say they are (short of posting lots of private information on the internet), I'll just be happy with the fact that I know I'm me and not anybody else. :) How did you get back here anyway, Celebi? what made them lift the ban? Just curious, I hope that's not an offensive question. I don't mean it that way. :)
  15. also, I must say, I'm surprised that you remembered me.
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