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  1. sorry...just read the first page and couldn't help replying......ahem...will pay more attention next time.... bealie
  2. where i come from it's something you urinate into!...he he he...sorry but i can't take this crap seriously....l.o.l. i don't expect you to know all about time travel....which is intself suspicious to me. millions of people fly around the globe but most of them don't have a clue about the science that keeps them in the air whilst doing it...apart from combustion engines...that's about it. sounds to me like you have no faith in your own species or knowledge of pharmacology as any race would plunder earth's eco system looking for new drugs...or doesn't anybody get sick anywhere else...and if not drugs then biological weapons.............there are many many things this planet has to offer another race so i don't quite believe a word of it. christ.....how the hell did you not infect any of your friends with a human condition....don't tell me...none of our ailments can cross the species barier?????????? do they not drink or need water?????????/ even that alone is reason enough to come to earth...just to steal water......or minerals...metals.........you don't disregard a planet without decades of study of every aspect and there will always be something you can use.....always......hmmmmmmmm....i'm too bored to go on..... write a script or learn to make friends! bealie
  3. call me suspicious but how the hell do you manage to build a time machine in prison?????????? where did you get the materials from and what were they?????????? as far as i'm aware....free assosciation lasts for one hour during lunch and an hour in the evening so you must have been damn quick! would love to hear you explanation of how you managed it...oh...don't tell me...you also managed to hide it in your cell right?..........hmmmmm bealie
  4. this has to be a hoax....surely if it's not then you replied to his ad right? would love to chat to him...l.o.l. bealie
  5. but it has occurred...so what happens next?
  6. a girl is raped and bears physical scars from the attack. the guilty party has access to time travel messaging. he sends a message back to his younger self before the event not to go near this girl on a specified date, place and time. he decides to heed the advice and does not rendevouz with the girl the second time around, which of course to him is the first time. what happens to the scars she has already recieved the first time? do they disapear because it never happened the second time? or do they magically appear because they were there in the first place even without a rape occurring the second time around? any opinions? Jayne
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