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  1. My goodness! They actually made a replica of Salt E.'s first Time Machine! It looks incredibly realistic! Thank you for letting me know! Also, Rain Man Time, your talk of clam chowder is quite ominous ... And for the record most clams like to be known as "itshe". It covers all ground as far as describing a clam goes, without dehumanising itshe.
  2. How amazingly intuitive! Yes, there is a kind of Clam-Vision that all we clams will have in the future! But I'm also using a Braille version of the the Internet, which helps clams immensely. That's right: The Internet will be in Braille! Invest in it! Actually there have been many other clam Time Travelers throughout history. Here's just one of the more important one's: His name is Sir Salt E. Mcloughlin. He invented one of the first time machines in history, which he essentially did to win a bet. Y'see he was at a party with some of the most up-standing clams in all the shire. When he suggested that, if possible, he would adopt a chrono-nomadic lifestyle traveling though time his friend challenged him to invent a time machine. Well ol' Salt E. had been drinking so much Lunar Juice he accepted the challenge and went on to make said time machine ... whilst still inebriated! There was clam with talent! That was back in 2016/2015. It was only in the swinging 2060's that Time Travel invention REALLY took off. Oh, that's quite perverse!
  3. Well, what would you think if you saw someone wearing a necklace made of scabs? I usually feel pretty disturbed by humans who wear them. Good thing I don't have eyes, huh? Oysters?! Pah! Everyone knows they're extinct!
  4. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to ask a clam it's age?! :mad: Check out the first page, my man.
  5. Virtual reality Pacman is highly dangerous, many people wearing burqa's have died. So, so sad. :( All kinds! Big ones, small ones, some as big as heads! Some have go-faster stripes and there's also convertables. There's even a TV show "Pimp my Time". Yeah the TTPD. Hugely corrupt, often seen with cave women hookers.
  6. Why thank you, that's very kind. Also I'd like all my detractors to realise something: I am a clam. A clam! A time traveling clam! That is all.
  7. RED! Er ... yeah definitely red ... I am undelicious.
  8. Yeah, sure: Hillary Clinton James Maybrook Margret Hutchinson Kill-ary Clone-ton (an evil clone of Hillary) Christophe Cromwell and finally myself. :) Yes. Nuclear war with Japan will break out when they begin to dispute who has degraded the most culturally. 2016. Yo' there is a hooplah o' time-line's, sugah'. Singularity? Apparently my girlfriend has trouble achieving a singularity. I think I need to improve in the bedroom, y'know? :cry:
  9. Also: Here is a picture of my modified Penny-Farthing quantum singularity producer.
  10. Titorian is a false-prophet who cannot contend with MY INFALLIBLE CLAMINESS! :mad:
  11. We have lotsa' stuff. But Chinese Food is still high on everyones list. Mmm-so-good. Humans, Clamoids and Lizard Men from The Moon. The Planet Eris has recently been discovered. Wiki it.
  12. Just about every species is edible, whether or not they're digestible is another question. Cause we're clams. We produce lucrative pearls as excretion! What's not to like?! :) I dunno' but I can tell you that Elvis Presley was abducted.
  13. The lottery results are ... 6 89 32 12 5 7 8 and the bonus number is 16 Also cancer will be cured in 2016, April the 14th.
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