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  1. I'm not in a psychology class. I'm a marine.
  2. Yes, back to the topic at hand. What I have done the past week or so was for a expirement. It was a requirement for me to pass my class. I created a hostile situation within a group consisting of 2 or more people. As a bonus I even started a chain reaction it seems. Sorry for everything that I did but, it had to be done. Sincerely, Joe
  3. It doesn't come up on wiki! Anyway as I said I don't care enough about you to lift a finger to do anything.
  4. Lol, obviously that was a plan to get me to come back and post again. So here it is! I'm posting again! And just because you said that, I'm going to check back one week from now! I love how you try to look cool and think you got over on me, lol what a loser you are. Cya in a wekk! Oh and it's spelled wekk not week. Oh and my topic got 99 replies and 300+ views in only about 4-5 days or so. OWNT Lol and you seem to keep comparing a blog to real life or something. Lol I don't care what happens here so when I leave why do I care what you think LOL. You're weird dude really weird you need to open your eyes and see real life. I bet you get angry and upset when people make fun of you or say something to you that you don't like on the internet. It's just the internet man calm down! [censored] doesn't matter on here!
  5. -Gets out the backhoe- Anyway, time for me to say goodbye to this stupid blog have fun guys, you guys are really dumb here. Cya
  6. Are you threatening me? Because I can easily traingulate your IP and settle this another way.
  7. Oh yeah, and I didn't you make a poll about ignoring me or feeding into my bullshit? It looks like you fell into the same trap everyone else did my friend. And now you're giving me all the attention I need as well as letting me manipulate your emotions and get you angry. You show me weakness, boy.
  8. All of those big words and you still havn't understood anything about what's going on. I have written about 50x or so now that everything I did on here is to make people mad, and that the person I am acting as on the blog is the total opposite of who I am. Everything I did was MADE to make you angry and get how you are getting right now, just like everyone else did. I don't think I'm better then anyone else, I love my fellow humans(I'm not being sarcastic). It's not that you pointed out a syntax error, think about it like we were face to face talking and I said "a lot" in a funny way and you go "That's not how you say alot". I would just punch you right in your jaw. That's disrespectful to me. I know you calling me a 14 year old kid is going to cut me everything off. You really ended this argument! Congrats!
  9. Didn't you read the "Proof" post? It was set up that I was going to reveal myself 2-3 days before I even did it. Obviously it was pre-meditated. I made a prediction a polotical leader was going to get hurt on May 31st or June 1st and guess what? A DURRRRRRR IF IT DIDNT HAPPEN OBVIOUSLY I WAS GUNNA BE REVEALED A DURRRRR AND WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF IT HAPPENING? A DDURRRRRPPP A DURRRR ANYONE HOME? Ruthless just insulted me so I decided I would do it then and slap his face a little bit and make him feel bad about himself. So I think you either need common sense or some schooling little kid. LOLZZZZZZZZZZZ Oh I know I'm so embarrassed by guys on a time traveling blog insulting me. Why would I be embarassed by ANYTHING on the internet especially you losers? Lol I don't care what people think about me I'm not a punk like you.
  10. Lol, what outburst? What did you do? You didn't just post, "For future reference "alot" isn't a word it's a lot". That didn't seem a little bratty and snotty to you? After I apologize to someone about something you try to correct my grammar in a sarcastic way? Lol, you don't even realise do you, this is the highest level of human ignorance. And you didn't read my story, because you commented in another topic about my story being full of holes and me being revealed, and you posted it today. If you read my story and the other posts you would realise I revealed myself and my story was not even remotely beleivable or intelligent enough to pass for a real story so it was obviously a joke from the get go. Common sense please?
  11. Lol what? I was the one who revealed myself...lol ofcourse my story was full of holes just found the blog and started typing random idiocy. lolol
  12. See, you guys are against me but even when I try to be nice someone has to insult me. This is why I don't like you guys. Because you would do something like what this loser jmpet just did. Snotty little spoiled brats with no friends, such as jmpet are the reason why I toy with you people. Everyone clap for jmpet! -clap-
  13. Well, I can't say I'm sorry for what I said about everything Turk, because of my pride. But I will apologize for insulting you as a soldier. I have alot of respect for you and what you did.
  14. Listen old timer. You're still not getting what I'm saying. I don't understand why you don't just read what I say, instead you have to be immature and just put your childish comments in, Turk. Everything I did on here WAS A JOKE! LETS REPEAT THIS, WAS A JOKE! FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS A JOKE I DID IT TO MAKE YOU [censored] LOSERS GET UPSET AND MAD. Is that clear enough? You guys seem to think I get angry when I don't. I guess you can tell someones emotions in real life from reading how they type, right? Wrong. Because this entire time I laughed my ass off at you idiots while I sit here and played the fool and the [censored]. You all fell for the way I acted, that's not my fault. Then in my other post I told you how 90% of what I said was a LIE so I don't have a hot girlfriend, and I don't study psychology. It was all bullshit to get you to sit here and waste your time on me. You've all wasted countless minutes on me so far that you will never get back. I had the power to get you angry and talk [censored]. So I crossed my finish line before you guys even knew what I was doing I didn't do this to have competition with you geeks, or did I do it for any other reason but to piss you off and I did it and I AM STILL PISSING YOU OFF EVEN WHEN IM NOT TRYING SO WHO IS WINNING? I mean seriously you guys have no common sense and you can't seem to read and understand things because if you did you would realise that IM JUST SOME PUNK KID ON THE INTERNET TALKING [censored] FOR NO REASON TO GET YOU MAD AND YOU FELL FOR IT AND STILL CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE TO MY IDIOCY. The way I acted on this blog was the total opposite of the person I am, but ofcourse when someone sits here and gets angry with my "created time traveling character" then I have to make my "time traveler" defend himself. Ofcourse I didn't try to carry on the time traveling thing. Ruthless gave me a oppurtinity to end all of this and just finish up what I started by starting with the first post he had that insulted me. So, you can thank ruthless for helping me piss you guys off. I tell you what, Turk. I gave my address out in a earlier post. If you feel like sending the senior citizen brigade over here, go ahead. My brother, my father, and my grandfather are all veterans of war. I will more then likely join the Marines after college. So if you feel like starting a war my friend, I'm all for it. I am trained in close quarters combat techniques as well as muay thai, shaolin kung fu, boxing and judo. I also have a permit to carry a gun as well as a couple of other members in my family. Oh, and the AirForce is a bunch of pussies. I have some respect if you're not bullshitting about what you do. But respect is not given, it is earned. And none of you have earned my respect, especially the way you act and talk. Remember, Turk my address is in a earlier post go and find it. Oh, and just so you know when you [censored] with me it's not just you who is going to be knee deep in [censored]. Your family is going to come with you. So, come and get it boy.
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