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  1. I have returned to TTI to answer anyone's questions with regards to my contact with the black ops organization and Ellen Blair to the best of my knowledge. However, I must restrict any personally identifiable information to the agent's identity. It was disclosed briefly before, but soon after redacted by RMT by my request, so as to not tarnish the agent's public record. However, I can detail some facts about the agent who had contacted me. He had worked for Wright-Patterson AFB and specialized in identification technologies. He's a very real person with a professional background and he was not acting alone. This last decade, my research and investigation into the agent's organization, "black ops", has garnered a significant amount of interesting data to the case. However, despite gathering "breadcrumbs" about black ops in search for the truth, it still leads to more questions rather than solid answers. Weeks after I had my 18th birthday in 2007, I was contacted by an agent through MSN messenger. It was disclosed that I had been studied for several years. I was informed I had suffered from a mild form of Asperger's syndrome and some other mild illness. I did not know a whole lot about these illnesses at the time and began checking what they meant. A year or so later, I decided to go and get professionally checked, because events had transpired with regards to UFO phenomenon, months after their contact with me. It was confirmed that I did not likely suffer from the other illness at the time, but did indeed have Asperger's syndrome. The diagnosis confirmed without a shadow of a doubt, that this organization was studying me, obviously psychologically for some time prior to them making contact with me. Their emails to me has always been very cryptic and rarely an occurrence, happening maybe once or twice a year at a time. He had initially stressed that he had to continually change his encryption and proxies and that making any direct contact with him through his work email cannot be trusted. How does Time Travel tie into any of this today? 1. UFO's 2. Predictions by Black Ops UFO's It has long been postulated that UFO's exhibit some form of anti-gravity propulsion system. Theoretically, if something has stronger gravity than its surrounding, time becomes displaced from where it's affected. In other words, if you were to get closer to a black hole, time would appear to slow down from you as opposed to who's observing from afar. But, time proceeds normally from where you are present. Therefore, the observer would appear to be speeding up. My explanation into this is not exactly perfect, but the reason I'm explaining this is because I've had innumerable sightings and close encounters with UFO's this past decade. The reason why I got checked for Asperger's is because he was with the U.S. Air Force and may have something to do with these sightings and encounters I had been having. I needed some kind of concrete validation that I wasn't being trolled and that there may be some link with the air force and these objects in the sky. Predictions by Black Ops A cryptic message I received from their email read along the lines of, "Something happens to you in your early 30's. You become isolated, even more so than now." Today, having gone through most of my 30th year in life, I have very much lost a great deal of social freedom than I had prior. Weeks before my 30th birthday last year, my best friend, with whom I loved very much, died in a fatal car accident. There are two different stories from the crash... The police and the press reported that he had hit an oncoming car head on, but my friend's car displayed a very different story... His vehicle was severely rear ended in a city zone, rather than the highway. The rear end of his vehicle was plowed in towards the front driver's and passenger's area. The lady who had hit him has been pressing to charge his family for damaging her vehicle and supposedly whiplash. She's also been pressing to have his cross removed from the scene. When I was 18, I had no friends and for years was very much living my life on the computer up until I turned 25. It was then I decided to live life and see what partying was all about, because my teenage years were devoid of friends and anything to do with socializing in the real world. From the age of 25 up until the first week of May, 2019, I gained many friend's and experienced the party life. I then found work as a contractor, as a remote satellite internet installer and LTE technician from 2018 to June 2019. Life was looking promising as I was raking in lots of money and had a new vehicle... Until my friend's fatal accident, I couldn't handle myself emotionally under the pressure of work and bills after a month grueling through 40-60 hours a week. My grieving was very hard. I was unable to cope with his passing and work at the same time. There suddenly was mechanical issues with my work vehicle. The turbo had failed and the exhaust was coming out in white plumes of smoke... My employer stressed to me greatly, to get it fixed or find another vehicle to get back to work - pronto! I was forced to go and get the vehicle, that was leased, exchanged for another vehicle or lose my job that I had very much enjoyed doing. As soon as another vehicle was approved, oddly, it had taken over a week to become approved, the monthly payments doubled and so too was the price of the newer vehicle... I worked for about another month or so and couldn't take it anymore with the grieving process. Ultimately, the vehicle and my job was lost. However, because I had taken pride in my work, they couldn't fault me enough to take my technical license away. I had just lost a subcontracting position, but up until today, I've been left without any vehicle and any work as a result... I had been driving freely since my teens and had a huge social life upturn after my mid-twenties. Now, I've just been living in my own place, alone since December and for the first time in my life... Isolated and depressed more than ever. If there's anything more that black ops was right about, it is that I have indeed become isolated more so than at the time he had predicted it. As for Ellen Blair. The agent had warned me that I'd be key to an event in the future along with a few others... That she and her special operations unit from the year 2036 would show up. That I should just walk away from her when it happens, with regards to the event. I have no idea what the event is. The agent had said that I'd understand when the time comes. Whatever that means. Honestly, there's so much more to detail here, but it's 5 AM in the morning and I need to get some shut eye. I'll return later on to continue outlining what I've gathered about black ops and everything in relation to UFO's, time travel, and Ellen. Cubikdice AKA Matt reporting from March 3rd, 2020. Edit: Apologies to Darby's post, I missed the tidbit that he wasn't referring to me or my story as an OETWO.
  2. On the night of June 9, 2007, I had been signed in on MSN messenger when suddenly, a user wanted to add me to my contact list. It was Agent, (Last Name), (First Name) with an email that read black ops. I accepted it and the avatar displayed something like the avatar I have for my profile on TTI. A U.S. DoD emblem with a black background. I searched Google for the person's name and it was someone who worked for Wright-Patterson AFB. I was 18 at the time, so I was silly and had a weird conversation with this supposed person when it could have been anyone posing as someone in the military... Until... In mid 2008, he had contacted me again and Asaid, "You're being watched. I have left my organisation. I just want to warn you to be careful." I remember a strange thing happened. An unmarked white cargo van pulled up along the road shortly after the message, stopped, eventually drove off and lit up the place a few times and left. The year prior, on June 9th, 2007... "When somebody by the name of Ellen Blair contacts you, do not engage in any contact or conversation with her. This is imperitive as you are key to an event in the future along with a few others. DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY FORM ON CONTACT WITH ELLEN. You may not understand now but when the time comes you will, remember my words. Just walk away from her when it happens. Goodbye." "She is originally from the year 2036. She is part of a special operations unit. I cannot tell you more." "C204, part of her unit, part of the equipment her and her team uses." "Just walk away when she approaches you. OK?" "It is an event in the future you are a part of. This is why we are interested in you." - Jun 9, 2007 "Ms. Blair observed you yesterday." - Jun 18, 2014 I live in Canada, SK, prairie lands... What does the U.S. DoD have to do here in a rural municipality, and with me? My right hand on a Holy Bible, swearing the truth, this small community outside of city limits, has had continuous strange lights in the sky flying over rooftops 10-50 ft. from the ground to high altitude. My first 'important' UFO sighting was in the 2007-2008 winter... I think it was January '08. It was a large ball of fire that hovered over the ground just outside the community. It was about 5-10 ft. from the ground and moved very slowly northward. It was amber in color and seemed reflective and the body self-luminous. It looked as though it had a slight melting effect, I'm not too sure... Anyway, I caught it just within a narrow window of time, through the font window... It was very strange because, there was some amber light hitting the living room wall, which prompted me to look... My mom at the time seen the UFO too... I wanted to run out and capture it on camera but, I felt like I shouldn't and just stare at the extraordinary object. I also felt a slight fear that if I pursued it, something bad might happen to me or it'd disappear by the time I find a camera and pursue it. I've encountered a blue self-luminous sphere, basketball sized, that flew over me within 5-15 ft. Seen a white star-like object that appeared to be in the 100-200 ft. altitude range brighten gold/amber and returned to white. Mostly seen white star-like objects brighten and return to its original luminosity... Brighten and disappear... Fly in pairs... Seen a few black triangular objects in high altitude as they passed under the light of the stars/cosmos... I've had feelings that something was outside and there was a strange light in the sky when I checked... I've looked at specific spots in the skies a few times in my life and a light would brighten and disappear... I've voluntarily checked myself and tested, I don't have schizophrenia... I do have mild Aspergers. That's nothing I'm ashamed of, being an Aspie has its perks. I'm an INTP personality-type, tested twice. I believe the agent's organization exists or has existed because, I had been followed for awhile and I quote, "We've studied you for several years." All of this is just something I feel TTI, Titor, and time travel believers and such should have some knowledge about, that strangely, it's a very active topic in the real world somehow... I know about OETWO (correct acronym?) and some skeptics here but, if I could talk to you all personally, I'd do my best to tell the truth. Everything is not entirely fictional. The real-world is and can be, just as equally weird as what fiction is. Who is Ellen Blair? Why do I see lights in the sky? Family... Friends... Acquaintances... Strangers... Have seen some of what I've been seeing in the skies. I've had some sightings captured on video. One time, a relatively large star-like UFO flew through Moose Jaw, SK, Canada between 4-5 AM at the brink of the skies lighting up from darkness. It was slowly hovering silently from off in the distance and came closer and continued off into the distance. It was about as bright as a welders arc (minus the sparks and noise). It was suppose to be on camera but, when I checked the file, the playback was black and there was some muffled sounds, like it had been handled. Weird. "They usually target the subconscious, when the target sleeps." Could Ellen Blair be on a mission to investigate UFO activity? Could they, at some point in time, be reading this post? I'm still searching for the truth. I will sometime create a video on YouTube of the location(s) these sightings and encounters have occurred and share the knowledge I have accumulated all these years to the best of my abilities. I was invited for an interview by Global News but, I wasn't ready and may not be for awhile but, a book and a video is something I will finish. The public deserves to know what some of a 'black op' with UFOs is and involves. The public deserves to know that very strange real-world aerospace activities take place very close to home and that there are psychological-esque operations that continue to this day on unsuspecting citizens by the military, by the intelligence community. After all, the CIA's MK ULTRA was destroyed and prosecuted. What no one talks about is Canada's involvement. Time for me to go... I got a life to live. ...and what is this? https://bbs.timetravel.institute/threads/hello-2014.4813/
  3. I understand your disappointment but, this agent didnt say it would be a global event or where it would happen. It's the last time I would likely ever take a prediction or prophesy with any seriousness. Even if it's from someone who works with the pentagon or whatever, lol... ...also, I use to think 2012 was a big deal but then, nothing happened! So goodbye false prophets.
  4. Hello, I've been busy. I thought I should inform you all that I was not contacted by the agent that day or ever since and nothing strange happened that day. I've not had the time to observe the skies for any more phenomena either. Sorry it's been awhile, I should have let you all know that nothing happened that day or thereafter. No contact has been made with the agent since his last contact and nothing of significance with the "lights in the sky" since...
  5. The agent initiated contact at June 10th, 2007 9:23:13 PM, with contact being initiated year after year. Last contact had been on November 23rd, 2014 8:12:47 PM. I'd rather not go into details about the agent's last message, it doesn't have anything to do with March 31 or that number. Let's just say, the agent's very sensitive about privacy and security, with every right of course... It doesn't help that I'm leaving so much open to discussion but, I have encountered UFOs, experienced strange things when it comes to this UFO phenomena, and I know for a fact that this agent's organization is a real intelligence organization. I am still trying to find answers to the many questions that I have. Such as, "1427767200" and if it is in fact, a Unix timestamp or something else. I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume that it is. As stated above. It is interesting. If only I could show everyone on TTI what I have witnessed. Then, maybe some of you could see I'm telling the truth and not making up everything like a typical OETWO... Hmm, I think that's what the acronym is. Is it still valid to this day? I will realize what may or may not happen to this agent's credibility. I'm just the messenger. I've decided to pass it on to TTI to hypothesize what it means and if it could hold any significance in relation to "aliens" or "extraterrestrials" or something. I'm unable to locate the very first public post the agent made in the late 90's, early 2000's but, from it, the agent believed people deserve to know the truth about extraterrestrials...
  6. Messages are received through the source's personal email. The source's military email is "not safe or secure". The source is big on encryption and proxies.
  7. Hello, everyone... I feel it is important that I give this one message I received last October-24-14 at 3:06:36 AM. I believe it is of some kind of significance. It begins as follows: 1427767200 When I received it, I guessed it was a phone number, so I started searching and Google came up with results for a Unix Timestamp. To my surprise, it translated: "1427767200 represents the following date and time : Tue, 31 Mar 2015 02:00:00 on GMT timezone" It can be verified here: http://www.unixtimestamp.org/1427767200 I received the message after I sent a blank message with the heading, "The aliens are coming" on October-24-14 12:52:18 AM. sent: October-24-14 12:52:18 AM "The aliens are coming" received: October-24-14 3:06:36 AM "1427767200" This is from a source I believe works generally for the U.S. Department of Defense. I have more specifics of the source but, I will NOT ever divulge that information as it is really not necessary. TTI vets will already know some details but, I trust they know better than to break confidence. I choose not to try and prove I'm telling the truth because, I've lived it. I've been followed by some kind of agency and studied for years. I've encountered UFOs and had some strange things happen to me since 2006, to this day. What I'd like readers to do is think about this message and hypothesis what it could mean. I'll do the same but, it helps to have a second opinion from other perspectives. Thank you
  8. For those familiar with me and to whomever comes across my prior threads and messages... I was indeed contacted by some sort of intelligence agent and it was no hoax. I said it was all a hoax later on because he had later sent a message to me stating, "I must have placed my trust down the wrong avenues." I thought reverse psychology could work on the mysterious person so I could learn more. I believe he discovered that I was telling everyone here at TTI about our private conversations and that I could no longer be trusted. I thought someone was trolling me but, whoever they were, showed that they knew where I lived. I didn't really know a lot about John Titor at the time but, I knew how to use Google. So I searched C204 and it came up with Army Model GE C204, the time displacement unit. He seemed to be alarmed that I discovered that information so quickly or something... and went offline for awhile after stating, "OK. I must go now." Some interesting things I want to add if I hadn't already. I have seen a yellow 1967 Chevy Coupe where I had been at the time. I read recently that John Titor had sold a '67 Chevy when he had arrived in 2000. The Chevy I seen was parked for many years prior to 2007, hidden in a private lot. It was only around the time when I was contacted, did I really see it being used one night on my drive back home. Nothing significant happened except it was being driven off somewhere... What I mean by nothing significant happened is, sometimes people would wait for me to come home and they'd be waiting for me with a car idling on the road. They'd flicker their brake lights or if I'm going somewhere, they'd be in the opposite direction flickering their headlights as I left. John Titor had stated he sold the Chevy to get a 4WD vehicle... "It's a 1987 4WD. The vehicle needs a strong suspension system to handle the weight of the distortion unit." I believe it's a Ford Bronco. It is a fact that I had encountered some sort of advanced aircraft (UFOs) since I had been contacted. I can't prove too much about what I've witnessed and I don't feel the need to anyway for anyone. I just know I have and that some incredible technology exists. I believe it's linked somehow to U.S. Air Force Wright-Patterson AFB. I'm not going to say why and I'm not naming names or pointing fingers here. Finally, I'd like to add that fairly recently, I was told that I was observed by the other time traveler who was described to be a part of the special operations unit from the year 2036. It was really weird to be told that she had been observing me recently when I've been told the warning about her back in 2007.
  9. Do you have an Ellen Blair in your unit, know or heard of?
  10. It's not really over. When you've seen things you can't explain and come to know that exist in the physical reality, it is a haunting truth in life. I'd say stress is a major contributing factor. The stress in knowing that there's nothing you can really do to solve a situation and find closure for it. One can try ignoring the fact but a fact is a fact once you've found it. A fact like this is not easy to live with. Ignoring it only means you're not taking an active role and observing the land and the skies for something that never ceases. Somewhere, at some time, there is U.F.O. activity. You're either their when it happens or you're not. You can try and be there to see it or you can try to sleep through the night knowing, the night is not as uneventful as it seems. You know there could be something that will fly over your rooftop, around your land or nearby and you won't be up and alert because, you'll be sleeping through it. I have to live with that and for awhile, for years, I could not normally sleep at night. I'd be up all night and sleep all day! Could you rest easy and sleep through the night after seeing a U.F.O. fly over your home? Maybe it's possible for the first time but if it happens again, and again, and again, then you know $/-; is going on. Well, I can sleep through the night nowadays, without a care in the world about what's out there, except every once in awhile I can't ignore the fact. I've come to know that it is true that it can be troubling for other eye-witnesses to speak about UFO's or even mention what they've seen. You can't march yourself up to the city newspaper and exclaim, "The City (or town) Has Been Visited by a U.F.O. Last Night While You Were All Sleeping!" That's just asking for ridicule and a $/-;storm of trouble. The people bring that trouble with them... It's an unfortunate situation knowing you just can't openly talk about it. There's a fine line between disclosing what you've seen and disclosing it right. I can talk about it on this forum because, it's under a category. It's here for anyone who wants to read into a specific subject. It can't be easily put out into words. I just have to live with it. At least I'm not alone.
  11. The last sighting of something I managed to capture on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tynb4eO_uyw Nothing really significant for you to see, but to me it is, something that looks like that, flew over me many times in the past, albeit not at such a high altitude as you can see here, but close, under a hundred feet close. Not every star(like object) you see in the sky like this one is a satellite or some commercial, private, or military aircraft (that we know of). This is one of the best forms of a UFO or secret yet overt aerospace technology up there now with many opportunities of denial. Until, until you closely encounter one. It is then, when you know the truth that you feel liberated by the endless garbage of denial that pollute UFO accounts.
  12. It's been nearly 7 years now since I was contacted by a secret agent prior to witnessing unexplained UFO phenomena for all the years following. There was an instance or two annually that I'd hear from them online. It's probably best I don't talk about them, as I should not have done initially. Though the content of their information did pertain to time travel and more specifically to C204 (Army Model GE C204), the temporal displacement technology described by a John Titor in the 90's. Oddly, during those instances following the initial contact with this secret agent, there wasn't anything further about that. I haven't knowingly seen or encountered Ellen Blair from the 2036 Special Operations Unit. I have however been followed and visited by this secret agent's organization in the past. I have not had direct contact with them. The closest contact that falls under everything strange that's happened was with UFOs. I swear that there's truly remarkable things that traverse the skies in the silence of the night. The phenomena that I've witnessed, that I've encountered over these years have equally changed my life and unfortunately, makes me feel completely helpless; frought with frustration. There's nothing more I can do to learn more about them. The only method that I've been able to learn more about UFOs first hand was dedicated observations and endless hypothesizing. Today, I just haven't the schedule or the free time as I did to do it. There is the occassional urge to drop everything and sweep the sky with my eyes wide open, yet I haven't been. My mind still spends a significant ammount of time thinking about life elsewhere, who, what, or where these UFOs come from, etc. I am at the point that I think it's all been thought of. Nothing new is definitively happening from this phenomena. What could I possibly do to advance my understanding and knowledge about it. It seems to be over.
  13. Security footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GHh04oepbI Quote, "I work with the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team based in MD. One recent UFO investigation yielded actual footage of MIB on a hotel lobby camera. This video has a voice over of the person these MIB came for."
  14. Here's an interesting find... The classic men in black (MIB) associated with matters of UFOs and aliens have been caught on a hotel surveillance camera. They were described by staff to be strangely inhuman looking men searching for someone. CASE #12-001-CE1 Niagara Falls, Canada CASE FILE: www.aerial-phenomenon.org/UFO_Cases_files/12-001-CE1.pdf
  15. "Anonymous exposes Above Top Secret Dot Com as a DOD CIA front" Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHyPUs18GNU *check the videos notes ... does it really link ATS with the DoD budget?
  16. Sleepy Pilot Mistakes Planet for Oncoming Plane, Sends Passenger Jet Into Dive April 17, 2012 - ABC News Article: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/sleepy-pilot-mistakes-planet-venus-oncoming-plane/story?id=16158107#.T441qKs7Wvs I should hope that what is being observed by others, local witnesses and myself is not causing problems with regular air traffic activities. I stand by with my claim that there exists singular luminous flying objects and I should hope that whatever power controls it, should it not be itself, is ensuring air traffic safety. Which is slightly questionable after this incident. If it's man-made technology, people do make mistakes... The problem is and I think it's safe to assume that most people do not know about their existence, that it'd be mistaken for something like the planet Venus. That may be an alarming fact with regards to classified defence projects (or other) that are tested or operated anywhere. Greetings Cosmo, I have videoed some of these sightings, yes. However, the rare low altitude encounters have always escaped from being caught on camera because, I don't always have one with me! Hence the reason why I think low altitude UFOs are very controlled events; limiting public exposure. I primarily observe without the aid of night vision or other equipment from outside to urban locations. These objects are self-luminous (it's a question whether they're projections) and can thus be easily seen by anyone.
  17. Thank you, it is good to be back. :yum: There's one logical theory that explains what it is witnesses and I have been seeing: The air force has developed exotic aircraft technology that takes on the appearance of orbiting satellites as observed from the ground. These objects are clearly overt because communications satellites (or other) appear like stars - only difference is is that they move across the sky. It's the perfect explanation for plausible deniability of this new technology. Except for when it is employed into low altitude scenarios which I'm sure for all intent and purposes, is a controlled event where at times pose limited exposure to the public. Like at 3 to 5 in the morning for example. What the definitive purpose of this new secret though overt technology is, I'm not entirely sure. This much has been made clear: 1. this aerospace technology is capable of traversing on a horizontal plain for durations that exceed observable range. 2. these objects can change colour mid-flight. 3. these objects can assume basic three-dimensional shape. 4. these objects can darken to illuminate extensively... Beyond that there is a few things that enter the 'grey zone' that hasn't been conclusive as the facts, such as having a direct effect with physiological or neurological and sensory functions of its target or surrounding biological lifeforms (birds for example). Now it's only a theory that the air force is responsible for these flying marvels but it could also be under another form of power, like natural phenomena. Do I theorize that it could be alien visitors from outer-space or a secret civilization on Earth, yes, but I'm not sold to that idea. I think it's important to try and use good deductive reasoning rather then automatically assuming things because something's happened. Such as experiencing ESP or synchronicity or having dreams for example. I think those subjects are a taboo to associate with UFOs but it is possible to employ those aspects into technology. Never to forget that MKULTRA (mind control programs) existed both in the U.S. and Canada.
  18. Due to being disorganized, I was not able to observe APR-12-2012 for a low altitude UFO check. Last year on APR-12-2011, I sighted a low altitude star-like UFO that flew through the city at 05:06 in the morning. It looked like a very bright star, an object of extreme concentrated light that silently emerged from the outskirts advancing ESE (compass bearing to be checked later). The plan this year, I was suppose to check at the same time on APR-12-2012 at 05:06 in the morning if it's an annual event of an object that follows the same path, time, etc... Now that spring has arrived with tolerable weather, I am pleased to begin dedicated UFO/Aerospace observations on most, if not, all, partly to clear night skies. Already there have been observable objects detected. Most are star-like (a consistent white light, each with variable luminosity). I must tag these types of objects as UFO 'candidates' because of their like-appearance as that of the low altitude UFOs I've both sighted and encountered closely in the past. High altitude objects of this nature have also demonstrated mysterious or abnormal flight capabilities. -- Updates as of APR-13-2012 -- * 1 witness report received: large fireball/orb/bright light flew across the sky -- Updates as of APR-14-2012 -- * 24:44 to 02:20. Empty log. -- Updates as of APR 15-2012 -- * 21:48 to 23:33. 19 observable objects detected. 21:51 - star-like - heading N - high altitude 21:53 - star-like - heading S - high altitude 21:56 - star-like - heading E - high altitude - slow moving, overhead, very bright and consistent, dissipated at 21:58 22:04 - star-like - heading SW - high altitude 22:08 - star-like - heading SE - high altitude 22:08 - mil/civ aircraft - heading NW - high altitude 22:17 - star-like - heading SW - high altitude 22:19 - star-like - heading E - high altitude 22:20 - shooting star - heading W 22:22 - star-like - heading S - high altitude 22:25 - star-like - heading SE - high altitude 22:26 - star-like - heading NE - high altitude 22:26 - star-like - heading S - high altitude 22:27 - star-like - heading N - high altitude 22:28 - mil/civ aircraft - heading NW - high altitude 22:32 - mil/civ aircraft - heading E - high altitude 22:35 - observations break 23:2? - observations start 23:26 - star-like - heading S - high altitude 23:33 - star-like - heading NE - high altitude - 1 object following 1 other object -- Updates as of APR 16-2012 -- * cloudy weather - 02:45 * forecast for 20:00 onward has clear expectations
  19. I originally came here to TTI so that maybe I could learn whether or not the following is true: 1. Did John Titor mention an individual by the name of Ellen Blair, originally from the year 2036, employed by a special operations unit who uses (GE) C204? 2. Did John Titor mention anything about the Army, his team or other time travel units traversing in our time (their past) for any other missions or research besides recovering the IBM 5100? 3. Has there been anyone who suggested the US DoD (and Canadian DND)*today* has any interest in UFOs or Time Travel? 4. Are there hoaxers who claim to be time travelers? Obviously I know this now. But to go so far as to *somehow* contact me online outside of TTI territory and later *visit* my home in the middle of the night, ETC? Can and has any time travel hoaxer here been reported to of done that to others? 5. What vehicle (make and model) did John Titor drive? What color was it? 6. What is Black Operations? What is a special operations unit? What are the practices they do? A lot of these questions I have managed to get obscure answers on but there's no way I can forget the real-life impact or influence this has had on my life. There is not a day that goes by that I don't rewind the past 4-5 years and wonder if I'm missing something or what? I want whoever they are, who had fancied time travel, among other things, to conclude this not only for their studies but to conclude this for myself. I want to know why I was studied for several years. I was told this recently but since, no more information, just silence. I am mad and have good reason to be. I have been through so many ups and downs emotionally, that I'm afraid. It should be that obvious. I believe I deserve closure. I post here also because, I have reason to believe they are aware I'm a TTI member. When I posted everything I knew on my first few posts here, I was told I couldn't be trusted and that all communication would cease, that there was another. All communications hadn't ceased. I have no reason NOT to ask for help here and update what's been happening. But I feel like every time I do, they're ever more hesitant than to even chat with me. All they have to do is guide me! Lay down some rules or something and I will listen! it is the lack of communications that I am sick and tired of. I wait everyday for a chance and when there is, for some reason I freeze and it takes me a day to say something to them. I'm pretty sure I convinced myself now that I will never hear from them again! But as Pam suggested before (that I shouldn't worry hearing from them again), no, I have been contacted time and time again. I wish I could trust them but how can I. It seems that when they do, the information backfires on me and I go into rants that it's all impossible. I call it the result of social conditioning or social engineering. Inability to accept the impossibilities - like time travel, aliens, ETC. That it's all just hooey nonsense. is there a paradox? What are the psychological implications of a time traveler making direct contact with a person of the past knowing who they are and when they are from? I'm not assuming they're time travelers. There has to be a perfectly logical explanation for all this.
  20. What I really want to do is pull all this $2,500+ computer stuff out from its cords and throw it out onto the pavement into a thousand pieces and not be emotionally exploited by complete strangers who tell me things I can't really verify! But than what would I do if I removed myself from the world. What would I do when complete strangers make it clear as daylight, they're following me, staring at me, etc ... You know what they said they concluded after several years of studying me? Something that makes me look like an idiot - a crazy lunatic! Than they tell me weird **** (pardon me) about knowledge of the future, so far from now, like in my 30's, 40's... Than weird **** (pardon me again) about how the "lights" - yes let's call them lights, not UFOs, nothing too specific (wow), that they usually target the "TARGET" when ASLEEP, the subconscious, either mentally or physically. What do they EXPECT! Of course I'm going to go a little bonkers after encountering a ******* (sorry) blue sphere, hundreds of star-like lights, a golden light silently flying over my home, ETC!!!! For over how many years now!!! WOW is all I can say. WOW. and you know what? I'm not making it up. I have got FOOTAGE, video FOOTAGE of these things. I have got footage of someone trying to get into my computer too!!!!! I have seen one of my old best friends point their cameras at me! I have gone through so much since 2007 I am sick and tired of BLACK OPERATIONS. I can't even go out for a walk from the small community I grew up in without feeling paranoid. Like I'm going to get ran over or shot at! Seriously, I think when these people physically make it clear they're "watching" me with an evil eye, etc, I feel like they're going to do something harmful!!! I feel like I'm looking a demons. They don't have any positive expression. I'm shocked by it. and you know what? How is it I feel negative evil envelop me when these people show me themselves? But when I encounter and see the lights in the sky, I feel AT PEACE. I feel joy! I feel like its an angel! I feel like my mind is cleared when that happens. The only explanation I can think of its human behavior. It's psychological operations. It's control. It's influence. I've been laughed at, I've been stared at, I've been humiliated, I've been tarnished. I'm forced to ignore ALL OF IT so I can keep my SANITY in real life!! My family don't even act like it's a problem because, I have it all bottled up and if they heard and knew all that has happened, WOW. BLACK OPERATIONS. If anyone EVER gets contacted by some stranger claiming to be a DoD agent *ONLINE* & *UNVERIFIED*, BLOCK!!! It could be a THUG! OR SOME GANG WHO HAS TONNES OF DRUG MONEY AND RESOURCES & SOURCES AT THEIR DISPOSAL TO USE YOU! I wish I could know that they are good people. But we should all know, immoral, unethical **** (sorry) has gone on in human history, like slavery, like secret experimentation, ETC, that there are probably still immoral, unethical practices being done TODAY but it hasn't yet reached the light. Do I believe in a greater force then us up there, around us, unseen but provided wondrous signs of hope? Yes. I believe it. I am reassured of it when these magnificent lights in the sky show themselves. I'm not speaking of conventional aircraft. I'm speaking of dancing stars in the sky, high and extremely low, but in the end, I know MK ULTRA. I know some psychology being employed and used on people. I want to find friends, not foes. I want all the confusion to end. I don't want any part of black operations that clearly employs deception. and I'm sorry if this rant, this message of desperation of peace is disturbing but that is what it is. It is disturbing, everything, there's so much damned knowledge freely available out there, it makes life far from simple. Although some try to constrain the freedom of information, control information, I believe in a holographic system, where there are no secrets. Secrets are BAD no matter what way you put it or place it! Blind, one-sided point of views is BAD, speaking and scheming behind someones back is BAD. All of its bad but for some reason it is employed - it is excused. Where is the respect for others well being? Where is the one who will help someone up from there knees in mortal pain and offer help? Where...
  21. Oh I see now. Well an external link in that thread must lead to "fileden" that is a site that had been flagged for malicious activity (not necessarily referring to the contents linked on the thread). Thanks for the Google link to check TTI.
  22. I captured it as soon as it happened at around 10:30 PM -06:00 CST after I clicked on the last post on the "Blast From The Past" thread. I'm using the latest Google Chrome 9.0.597.107. I just clicked on the last post to the thread again and it's still showing that warning. The copyright's not a problem or the warning notice? Could it be a false positive? Though it said it was updated 4 hours ago at the time... :confused:
  23. May as well provide more info on Google's warning: it appears from what I understand, malicious data found on the file hosting site in the past 90 days has infected a number of other domains, so hopefully it hasn't infected TTI or its users but is a warning of caution.
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  25. Whoever you people are, I DEMAND THAT YOU ALL OR AT LEAST ONE OF YOU, tell me what the HELL is going ON! I want a STRAIGHT & DIRECT REASON for your ACTIONS! I do NOT ACCEPT being WATCHED or STUDIED. I do NOT ACCEPT myself as a TARGET of your hidden agenda!
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