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  1. LATEST UPDATE ON UFO RECORDS Site-A: Date Lost. Sometime last Fall season: A blue spherical object encountered at treetop level heading silently N. This object meets the same description as an encounter in 2009 at Site-B (B_0001.png, B_0002.png). Site-B: December.7.2010: No UFOs sighted that clear night however, a harmonically displaced sound occurred. Unable to determine origin. A few others had reported hearing a sound they couldn't explain from Site-B last fall. I had left to Site-B that day when they heard it that evening. They thought everything in the house was being scanned. Site-B: December.9.2010: This night the sound occurred again. Never heard of since (as of 01/03/2011). Site-A: January.6.2011: Precognitive UFO sighted at 19:25 heading S. Site-A: January.31.2011: Star-like flying object sighted at 19:35 heading N. A separate and instant FLASH of light sighted thereafter. Site-A: February.2.2011: Multiple star-like objects flying everywhere at 19:35. A few star-like objects had closely passed one another. Easily distinguished aircraft (likely AF/CF squadron) was also presently airborne and by majority headed E. --END OF RECENT UPDATES-- OTHER/NOT MENTIONED 2010 UFO RECORDS Site-C: June.1.2010: Star-like object flying at 22:30 heading N. Star-like object flying at 23:05 heading S. Two star-like objects flying around 02:00 heading N that had briefly and wholly illuminated one after the other. Site-C: June.2.2010: Star-like object flying at an unknown time and heading (information lost). Site-C: June.11.2010: Star-like object flying at 22:45, heading unknown (information lost). Site-A: Moose Jaw, SSK, Canada Site-B: Outside Regina, SSK, Canada Site-C: Inside Regina, SSK, Canada
  2. Here's the lunar eclipse I recorded! Enjoy... :eek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNpFHx_2fRM
  3. I decided to run a Google Image search for, "Green UFO" and found this: ...It looks strikingly familiar! Recorded on February, 4th 2010 - Stirling, Scotland. and uploaded on February, 16th 2010: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvWZhSdFu6M Someone tell me that doesn't look like the anomaly I recorded last year. COINCIDENCE?! I re-examined my recording on a big screen TV to see if it would show any enhancement than taking pictures from the camera, so here's the results: 1. DSCF1187.jpg - http://bit.ly/gURsK6 2. DSCF1184.jpg - http://bit.ly/eRtzKb 3. DSCF1183.jpg - http://bit.ly/fWAF5H 4. DSCF1182.jpg - http://bit.ly/hVVG7b 5. DSCF1181.jpg - http://bit.ly/hubzC7 Here's a general distance between the two events: Google Maps: http://bit.ly/gCh3Gc
  4. The moon would appear to be a barren grey wasteland from what the Apollo Mission and NASA has sent us but down here on Earth, do we not see a hint of blue shining down upon us? Let's first assume some UFOs and Crop Circles are of extraterrestrial origin. We know that the Crabwood and Arecibo crop circles plainly used a Universal Language. Knowing full well that here's an intelligent species entering the computer electronics age (we did send a signal). The best way to send a message back at us at the time was to send a basic message we'd understand and have the ability to decipher. As for UFOs, we know that there are stories of metallic based saucer craft with flashing lights for example: 'Guardian' Canada, UFO Landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn3IvevT7QAWell in my case, I know without a doubt that there are silent spheroid craft. These craft were of a basic 3-Dimensional form of color and shape. I'm going to focus our attention on the blue spheroid craft I've been allowed or able to remember and encounter up close. If any communication is to be established, first think simple and use your intuitive knowledge. Why is it Blue and a Sphere? I had a dream this morning that I found very intriguing. It was an apparition of the blue craft flying over me in the city. Than the idea of water came to mind. A lot of stories I had learned about the subject of Ancient Civilizations, "Secret Discoveries", "Secret Societies" came together like puzzle pieces fitting together. What if it symbolizes a sun, planetoid or moon. Moon seemed to fit into place. There are claims of ancient ruins on the moon. There are claims that the moon is an artificially constructed base or island in space that had been placed or built as unbelievably fast as the great Pyramids. What if the moon, for a time, sustained an ocean of water on the surface. It would mean, simply, the light and warmth of the sun and the water equates life, as a symbol to Earth sentients that as long as we have water and the light of the sun in abundance and in balance with each other (not the sun burning off the water or lack of the sun freezing the water), than we are the life that has been created and allowed to flourish from such elements. Either way, with or without water on the moon, it looks to be blue. A remnant as it were. Blue as water. Now that we are aware of a vast universe with similar solar systems housing planetoids orbiting a sun (son), just as ours, the elements of light and water, life out there is most certainly possible. We don't need to feel we're alone. This is just another interpretation the ancients could have portrayed. That for now, we may not believe life is out there and among us now but that if we understood this (interpretation), it's possible. With regards to the claims of megalithic crystalline (or glass) structures on the moon, would they have been made to further produce blue light? Are the ruins on the moon, in ruins from a great cosmic war, desertion, relocation or evacuation. Could an experiment gone wrong and an entire civilization had been displaced between dimensions? To YouTube: http://bit.ly/hWgk3g To Poem: http://bit.ly/eYcPk6 To Google: http://bit.ly/gj2S53
  5. Correction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaUo_hR-mgY 3:01 to 4:29
  6. DSCF0425.MP4, 37.7 MB, 1 minute 24 second video dated 15-Jul-09, 10:12 PM. 1280x720p @ 29 FPS. Unedited copy: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=594001 DSCF0426.MP4, 12.1 MB, 47 second video dated . 15-Jul-09, 10:21 PM. 1280x720p @ 29 FPS. Unedited copy: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=594015 Note: should you have trouble seeing, try brightening the video.
  7. Here is an important update I need to add regarding the 15-Jul-09, 03:09:12 AM recording after reviewing it once again on my camera. Both that and: 2. 2009 Canada, Saskatchewan - Photo C_0001.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/20c2c685260819 * original copy C_0002.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/26d4b286714392 * diagram were recorded in the same day. The above is not only a photo but it's actually a snapshot from a recording I had taken on 15-Jul-09, 10:12 PM. I remember quite clearly recording the UFO at 10:12 PM. I remember that when I saw it moving across the sky as you will soon see where there is but the final moments of the sun setting. In the recording, you will also see the UFO pass a star. In the video you will all see that I try to hold the camera in a steady position for a few moments without following the UFO as it travels, to get an idea as to how fast it is going. In the end, you will hear traffic from the highway, unknown chatter from people and a cow. This is also to prove it was recorded outside besides the light post as seen in C_0001/C_0002. Another recording was taken 9 minutes after 10:12 PM (10:21 PM) of an aircraft. It was to show the difference between the UFOs in question and an aircraft with wings using NAV and strobe lights. You got to wonder what air traffic controllers knew of the UFO, if they would know at all. These things were everywhere. The UFOs would be going in different directions while another went the opposite direction from it, some would slowly brighten and return to 'normal' luminosity. By coincidence these UFOs would instantly brighten as soon as I stepped outside. It was like a response to my presence. This year about 5 months ago, I was travelling with my dad on the ring road at a speed of 100 KM/h one evening when I happened to of looked out the window above the city and *poof* a very bright illuminating object appeared for 5-10 seconds and dissapeared. I was in the passenger seat when this happened. This makes me speculate whether I'm dealing with an alien intelligence that somehow knows where I am, where I am looking and when. This can only strengthen the theory that UFOs utilize "time travel" or temporal distortion, manipulating the rate of speed of time. Or that maybe the higher echelons of the intelligence system of our civilization through advances in modern day, scientific and mind control technologies have acquired the ability to tap into space time and the optical nerve of an individual. Please listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnuq39ADbuw following 3:01 to 4:29.
  8. I will have a read, thanks! I would imagine I'd be under just as great distress after what he witnessed - his dog being horrendously torn apart and vaporized. He turned on the camera after knocking out the alien life form and instinctively tried to record the event to prove if it was really happening. Using it as a tool to hold onto any sense of reality he once had, to keep himself sane. I'm guessing (according to his story and what I know) as soon as he realized and uncovered the (now undeniable) truth that aliens exist, before he knew it, his records of ever having been employed at a hospital or having a degree, were "disappeared" (citizenship). There's supposedly 38 levels above top secret (17, the President's) and who knows what the higher echelon's are capable of. Unless you're an avid hiker in the woods and (for example) attended a seminar on survival in the event of a forest fire, I'd possibly pack flame retardant foil, just in case... Note: the alien life form was measured to be only 4-5 feet Order decorating articles online via the Dekowoerner shop – autumn decorations, shop window decorations, Christmas decorations and shop interior. & I would have to agree, scientists are uncovering new species both fossilized and living. It remains a question whether certain types of discoveries would be suppressed, set aside and forgotten or covered up to discourage the possibilities of any other advanced civilizations prior to us.
  9. Until recently, I came across a few new or latent videos of Dr. Jonathan Reed's close encounter of the third kind and may be worthy of further research. He went on to describe an artifact he recovered during October, 1996. That the bracelet is designed with needles to puncture the nervous system, forming a biological connection with the bearer and them and/or the device. Maybe ancient gods wore similar devices that would only appear to be mere treasures/jewellery to their followers, but underneath held deeper value. Now I'm not trying to support or incite belief into his story but it nonetheless adds an interesting theory to this subject matter. Reed demonstrates wearing the artifact on live TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2Fl-MsNkXY Edit: someone has informed me elsewhere that through their research, they understood the video where Reed supposedly demonstrates wearing the device was faked to drive people into believing his story and that it wasn't a working example of the bracelet...
  10. http://history.studentreader.com/category/mesopotamia/assyrian-empire To full-size image @ StudentReader.com http://bit.ly/hPeEBG http://www.crystalinks.com/sumergods.html Take notice that in some instances, a disc may appear to be on both sides of the wrist. http://bit.ly/h1crUW http://bit.ly/grEFBj
  11. I'm reading an archived site of... http://web.archive.org/web/*/timetravelbureau.cjb.net under Secret Projects... http://bit.ly/fhM804 Quote, "The U.S. government was involved in a project called the Temporal Transmission Research Project. They would place an object inside a hollow aluminum tube and then subject the tube to a high frequency electromagnetic field that travels faster than light. The tube (and its contents) were supposed to be able to travel into the past. It was said that a government scientist had volunteered to go back to the year 1918, remain for 25 minutes of subjective time, then return. He went, but never returned. The project members then decided to look over old publications (from 1918) looking for clues as to what happened. After about two months of searching, they found an old microfiche copy of a police journal which had a very strange article in it. In the article, it shows what appears to be (in a picture) a metal tube about two feet long and containing the crushed remains of a man. Also, in the picture, is what looks like a cellular phone (lying on the ground) about one to two feet away." End quote. I'd like to see the contents of those old publications and what year the 'cellular phone' was manufactured. The event would be 10 years before The Circus debut.
  12. 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) 3. Alien (1979) 4. Fire in the Sky (1993) 5. Communion (1989)
  13. Not bad at all, RMT. But I have used the Edit feature to add additional information that is relevant to a post, that may take days, weeks or even months to accumulate. My question is, can I reply to my post and continue it after the said hour has expired even if no one has commented? Thank you for your time and efforts.
  14. Canada UFO Photo & Sketch Archive Artistic depictions based on true events. 1. 2009 Canada, Saskatchewan - Sketch B_0001.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/24d67486707937 B_0002.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/9e17b886711199 Estimated speed 4.8 km/h - Heading East - Approximately 40 ft above ground 2. 2009 Canada, Saskatchewan - Photo C_0001.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/20c2c685260819 * original copy C_0002.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/26d4b286714392 * diagram Note: This is a separate sighting of a distant flying object. More to follow...
  15. That's cool! I Thought about it and may likely buy one sometime.
  16. The copy of the original - downloadable here: http://cid-50c937f593d44eba.office.live.com/embedicon.aspx/Public/DSCF0418.MP4 A Google Video link may be added later... As for recent UFOs I remember, they've yet to be reported to MUFON - if ever. I'm just saying these weird sightings and encounters happen all the time. I'd like to share this link to a YouTube video I found after searching for information regarding green UFOs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL0Dc0LnWxg
  17. I have been very reluctant to upload these files from a video recording on my camera's memory card of footage dated 15-Jul-09, 03:09:12 AM. What follows are screenshots from that footage: A_0001.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/0d77a685260661 A_0002.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/b2b8fc85260697 A_0003.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/f6b8a585260766 A_0004.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/4f0e8f85260767 * A_0005.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/a644fe85260770 * A_0006.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/aa8f6c85260772 * A_0007.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/5a136985260774 * A_0008.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/5ec1c785260777 * A_0009.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/c0962785260797 * Here is a diagram highlighting files 'A_0003.png' through 'A_0009.png' from different time-frames. A_diagram.png - http://www.imagebam.com/image/89dbac85264202 File 'A_0002.png' is special because, when I checked the SD chip last January where I *found* this video recording, I did not know there was a 4th figure until a few months later... I am saying that I do not remember recording this. I am left wondering if it's the result of memory loss or inability to see some if not all of these lights, or the SD chip or camera was tampered with unauthorized access. Before I upload and post a copy of the original 1280x720p concerning the above, here is an update regarding a case that had been featured on EarthFiles.com. August 1, 2007 - Part 3, Non-Human Blonds, Greys and Big-Nosed, Cat-Eyed Lizards. "I do know I saw images of the big nosed lizard things harvesting that cocoon stuff in those tunnels." - Kansas Abductee http://web.archive.org/web/20070810231435/http://www.earthfiles.com/ During November 21, 2006, I wanted to share some of my vivid dreams with ATS. "The Crater of My First Contact" http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread234822/pg1 All of which ended with sleep paralysis. The last one later in February 2007 was where I had the most shocking difficulty trying to escape from it. There was a black void with a very faint light, a feeling of being choked around my neck and pressure on the chest. It had sounded like I could hear the blood in my vains. I got up in distress thinking I was dying. It was hard to breath. The last post I made regarding, "The Cigar-shaped UFO, Defys Modern Science" in February 2007 regarding these series of dreams is almost prophetic or a telling of the future. At the time I was living in the city and it wasn't until the fall or winter of that year that I moved to that place "20 KM from the Queen City". I didn't include the detail where there was an SUV in the driveway where I would be evacuated out and on the road North. That detail may have been posted here previously... So in the end, there is someone who claims to have seen the same entity I did but had to live an abduction from it, a reptilian, and a pleiadian(?). More updates to follow...
  18. That reminds me. There was a story here in the city about a decade ago that said a man built a machine in his garage that made objects disappear into a portal into another world or dimension. It was "stolen" one night after it hit the news. I don't have the article but I will try to find it for more information. Better yet, the radio audio file.
  19. *Sigh* Let me know if it happens. I got visited by an unknown force and it is not pleasant. Good luck with your project, it is interesting to see you are at least trying something.
  20. The goal scheduled today is to attempt colliding protons at a whopping 7 TeV. LHC First Physics Live Webcast --> http://webcast.cern.ch/lhcfirstphysics/ <-- LHC Status Display --> http://lhc-webcast.web.cern.ch/lhc-webcast/cerninfos.swf/ <-- - New record TeV levels @ 3.57. ??:??:?? CST - Currently being ramped down to inject new beams. 01:45:00 CST - A "noise" was detected for 5 minutes and is being investigated [EPS Activated]. 01:50:00 CST - Beam back in 20 minutes. Expecting 1.5 hours to collisions @ 7 TeV. 02:50:00 CST - New analysis suggests the main SPS and LHC magnetic coupling circuits caused the issue. 2:55:00 CST - Maintaining 450 GeV. 03:15:00 CST - The probe beam injection commenced. 03:31:00 CST - RAMP commenced. 03:50:00 CST - 640 GeV and accelerating. 03:56:00 CST - 1.0 TeV and accelerating. 04:01:00 CST/ - 1.5 TeV and accelerating. 04:09:00 CST\ - 2.0 TeV and accelerating. 04:15:00 CST/ - 2.5 TeV and accelerating. 04:22:00 CST\ - 3.0 TeV and accelerating. 04:30:00 CST/ - Approaching record level 3.57 TeV @ 3.47 TeV. 04:36:00 CST - Approaching record level 3.57 TeV @ 3.50 TeV. 03:38:00 CST - FLAT TOP "STABILIZATION" [Collapse Prep 3.50 TeV]. 04:39:00 CST - Press Conference. 04:40:00 CST - Beams successfully aligned. 05:00:00 CST - Successful collision mode. 05:01:00 CST - 40 collisions per sec. CERN expecting 40 million collisions. 05:40:00 CST ...
  21. http://web.archive.org/web/20010709060812/http://www.escapelogic.com/borgus/dream/
  22. Re: Once upon a time, I doubted witnessing a UFO let alone UFO's, until now. KerrTexas, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcQuhOwAX2E @ 0:28 the UFO can be seen passing a star. Unfortunately, with the camera being used at that time, there was no manual shutter capability with the video mode. Take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EnOP-PpRHk of someone recording similar appearing UFOs using night vision binoculars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1HewNSVU5k With this one you can obviously tell it's not a satellite. What satellite makes turns like that? It happened to of been passing over me at time(s) I did not bother bringing out a camera. Did I want to run and get one? Yes, but I'd miss the best opportunity yet. A sturdy tripod and a high definition camera, make sure it has a very high ISO capability. But if you want to take video of the night sky, best try it with night vision. The prominent sound is from the auto focus. Again there was no manual settings in video mode... Here is a few UFO videos using a different camera with negative shutter speeds: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0kyP5liqi0 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NblYrCmTOM Twighlight, Today, I don't attribute UFOs as being built, piloted, or operated by extraterrestrials. These sightings are just unidentifiable flying objects. If one landed with an alien coming out to say "Hello Earthling!" That would be different.
  23. Once upon a time, I doubted witnessing a UFO let alone UFO's, until now. The following is but a few UFOs I've uploaded. 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcQuhOwAX2E 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=105JfuNoBBk Take a look at the video below and see what another has achieved -- O n t h e o t h e r s i d e o f t h e p l a n e t ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ortMx7buAc Now my video captures of the UFOs can be called a satellite, weather balloon, international space station, swamp gas, or whatever the hell a debunk head can come up with in denial of an unidentifiable flying object. But honest to heavens, the frakkin object came into CLOSE CONTACT with me. About 50 FEET - give or take a few measures. The ones you see above are higher of course but that's the typical altitude these things go at. I've seen them in individual colors of gold, red, white, and blue, that completely makes up the exterior object. What is it? A hologram? Plasma? Lasers? Anti-stealth THING? E x t r a t e r r e s t r i a l - P l e i a d i a n s ? First it began, once upon a time, with a very bright ball of fire that hovered over the prairies. Now according to contacts, that is a color the extraterrestrial (Pleiadians) don't really want their subjects to see. The intelligent entities want people as a whole or certain people to see gold. Now at that time, I didn't know that and could care less about them until phenomena demands answers, so research had to be done. Today, these other life forms I respect and try to understand. You see, the Pleidians don't just give up. They can change a persons vibration, or frequency, in order to see the gold light. Why am I stating that here? Because, half a year later from the initial red light, came a UFO that was at first - white - than transformed into gold. Now please. Am I really falling for that? No. I'm still certain my brain frequencies or chakra - whatever mechanisms didn't change under some extraterrestrial intervention. The object most probably changed on its own and didn't require any neurological - astral whatever modification. It's really funny how incredibly SYNCED everything is. The forum's random crawling through pages just displayed a subliminal message baring the title, "You asked for it.". Now to go on and tell my story about time travel here would go on and on but this is enough for now. F a r e w e l l - u n t i l - n e x t - t i m e !
  24. im going to call. i left and drove far away and i calmed down. cried a lot than turned and came back. but got the car stuck in the snow on one of the back roads unintentionally, so i took the shovel and dug my way out, freed the car luckily and came back home with little gas in the car. my family doesnt know that i drove far away feeling gravely ill. i just act as normal as i can. im going to talk to a professional. i had to delete those messages.
  25. Re: My Farewell Message To The World *DELETED* Post deleted by Cubikdice
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