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  1. RMT, I couldn't agree with you more. This forum has taught me a lot and it did take me a while to change and understand others from a more thorough perspective. Not so much that I am not any more less than open to anything is possible but by becoming a little more responsible. Everyone's interactions here has helped and I believe it is important to elaborate where we come up with these... Stories, so others could understand. With respects to all, Thank you
  2. Just thought everyone should know if the way things are going is to continue without some BIG intervention, the population will steadily rise... http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2008-06-19-worldpopulation_N.htm?csp=34
  3. 92 years in the future from now will be the year 2100. During that time there conspicuously appeared to be great leaps in enginuity. As a pedestrian of that time walks down an average city street, there are what seemed to be streetlamps. But these streetlamps were not any where as simple to ours today. Every one of these streetlamps were set apart by at least 50 feet and had a type of extrasensory LCD display. When a person's peripheral vision notices the signs are all motionless and dull, he or she would eventually look at it directly for any new purpose. Where than that one specific sign in his or her direct sight would instantaniously flash with advertisements, traffic and weather reports. Clearly biosensor implants with infrared light triggered the signs response or perhaps the sign has an intelligent scanner searching for precise eye contact. This newfounded technology has seemingly decreased distractions, power consumption and traffic accidents... This concludes the first segment of my tour I have had in a dream about the future. The second segment will describe in further detail about the industrial class "Hologlass Technology" that is hundreds or thousands of times stronger which would be used for buildings and why it is better than today's conventional sheet metal, steel beams and paint.
  4. Re: Don't want to sound like a number 23 movie fan When I am driving, checking before or after sleep and whenever else I see 9:11 or 7:11. But if it were displayed in Military time it could also be 21:11 and 19:11... No schedules around these times for me to notice so occasionally today. The only conscious relation to the digits and I is 7:11 because, that was my estimated time of birth and had weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces. That's my input, bye for now.
  5. Stephan, I have an IBM Aptiva; Model E2U. You beat me to it! Except it is not a time machine, haha.
  6. A brief autobiography and the first E.T. dream I was born and raised in a Christian family. Had attended church frequently when I was younger. It didn't make much sense to me than because, I was young and drawn elsewhere. Where long lectures and such did not appeal to a new mind. But the smell of perfume and formally dressed families felt like home. They were good days; the people are to this day very kind hearted. The religion has had a faint meaning in my life until this one dream held the most lucid message. Before it came about, I had started to believe in what the works of Amitakh and Chiappalone created. Being drawn to Extraterrestrial mystery and a never-ending shroud of misery. All in the name of Truth that is said by they who say it can be deadly. Now, a path of instinctive guidance follows afterwards when He has spoken. Noticing the illusions and deceit conveyed by routes to easy to follow. Everywhere I now begin to see the energy that is so eloquently put for people by they who seek power or hold agendas left little for mercy. Whether my life was intervened by a force that great as a Holy Spirit, or a subconscious solution, whether how dramatic or poetic it may seem, it just feels right to follow than to throw away. What all I mean to describe here, does not mean I am Christian but I want to know and fight for my well being and for those who want the same for themselves. That there is a war on for our mind and that every second of the day we're penetrated by invisible fields of change. We must be responsible for our actions and consider the rich and famous a last resort. Luxuries only have room for ignorance and bliss. A balance must be kept between peoples. Not a pyramid where only the fittest sits atop the unfortunate. Being aware sets you free! Death is either natural or set forth for heinous leverage. Now to describe the other lucid dreams as best as I can explain it today, "The Crater of My First Contact" "It was dark, the sky had no stars (Area-51 Fake Moon Base or Really The Moon? There was NO stars). I fell in a crater and all that was light was a haze of fog around the outer edges of this deep, ash-like crater. At first I was calm and confused. Why was I in this crater? How did I get here? So I struggled to get up, it was as though a lot of my functions were paralysed. There was no sound, no life. I decided to struggle my way up on the other side of the crater (I fell let's say East of the crater and I'm now making the way up West). Than a fear struck me hard. Now I didn't want to see what was above and beyond, because I knew I could be spotted by ALIENS. Within this dream I began getting premonitions. It's hard to make out what I was interpreting. I think I was having a sudden OBE (out of body experience) as part of me flew south up over the crater. The dream is getting blurry now. But as it ended, a being stood before my sight. It was an ET with a Dracula cape on. I think it was an important being. I feared it. It just stood there. Had a big head too. A grey. But it appeared to have rich colours." That was how I described it... I don't remember when it took place, just that it was a year ago. But the amazing thing happened afterward. I coincidentally entered Earth Files to discover an article about an abductee who described exactly what I saw. I swear it was just SPOOKY to see a similar depiction. One of these days I want to subscribe to the site that hosts the story and see what he or she had to say about this being. Along with it were Pleiadians and Reptilians that I've never dreamt of, and I sure hope not to ever see a Reptoid. I do not like the nightmares I have or share them with high regard. They always have spookiness! They do not seem random but are most of the time, sequential. What do they mean and why are they filled with aliens and mystery? Not only do I experience a dream filled with them but I have had ghost hauntings before and strange things happen. When I was younger, I saw shadow people, faces in mirrors that weren't suppose to be there, and one time strange voices in a hallway. Where I live now, there has not been many paranormal sightings. However, last year I lived in an apartment and there I only seen fuzzy little creatures with big fangs (others would see orbs). Before I take notice of its presence, a chill would go up my back as though something were there. I'm sure anyone reading this now is having a good time with it. "Oh this guy has such a big imagination", well I am often told to make a book. For now a log entry of these things will suffice and please pardon the grammatical and spelling errors because, I am sure you can understand or at least agree it is an English vocabulary (smirk). Today, I see geometric symbols made by energy and white orbs floating everywhere. Do I stand and glare at them all day? No, most of the time I ignore them and just live like an ordinary person. Mowing my lawn, doing chores, to everyday errands and arranging night outs with friends to see the latest movie... But I do not sit and watch Television!! That box is full of crap it's stupid. I'd much rather find information than have it constantly suggestively projected to me by random globs of advertisements and soaps I'll rarely ever buy or live with any time soon. It's annoying enough as it is for me to breath second hand smoke and know most of my family sits and watches a box than going out for a walk and enjoying the great outdoors. Of course they do but not as much as they should be - I think!! So there life is there life, and most of it is none of my business to change. But I am grateful to live in Canada (a free country at least what's left of it) and having a home away from the city with the privilege of walking trails, untouched by construction. It's peaceful with air so fresh and wild. Occasionally, I would end up being a resident in the city than later live out in the prairies. Going with the flow... Wherever life may lead... Right? This concludes this entry... I still have a significant amount of paranormal stories to share.
  7. Bottomless pits intervened by the holy one. <font color="brown">~[/color] I had a nightmare, and in that there was darkness. Hills of garbage and valleys of black oil, the sky parched with clouds and heavy rain; acidic in nature, a land drenched raw. Along came the edifice built by ruins and torment. Under them came halls with thickened air and shadows heir. What came unto feeling was not that of fear but a presence about unfathomable deeds. Bodies stray bare, left and right, a lair of reckless destruction. Cold and restless, are they ever headless. The dream convenes to the world of life, and than the pit dye cast. A bottomless vortex where all but light could not escape. The living stretched thin and plain, only to be judged. For viable at will, the one speaketh among the purest of heavens, "Mary knows your love." Salvation came and the day was made anew. <font color="brown">~[/color]
  8. Re: Good example of what Titor was trying to tell I grew up in a family that eats meat from mostly every meal (it's normal because, they were farmers in the good 'old days). But after reading and watching how it is processed nowadays, the thought of it just loses my appetite. Now that I've learned about what goes on and what is injected into meat has made me completely avoid fast food services (strictly starters). If I'm invited to say a birthday party and am invited to say, McDonalds, for a free meal, well I hesitate with disgust but give in for the smallest burger because, I don't want to impose disrespect. Afterwards, I can just feel the nausea build up inside me from just about every fast food product. Having first hand experienced the work force behind these restaurants, from the back to the front, the work chain really get away with things that any responsible customer would not want. Unfortunately, a quick meal to surmise a full stomach would mean anything for that tasty slop of mayonnaise and greasy meat. Now I did not learn this from the mainstream media, but instinctively. "What meat you eat is that what the animals fear contained, than poises its predator with such." I've heard a rumour that the gas prices are to be expected on the rise for regular $1.50/litre CAD. The good days may indeed not last for such cheap fossil fuels nor will it be for such dying customs.
  9. Alex Collier Interview (1 of 12) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2ubrA3X7rM Describes the Pleiadians and their involvement with Earth Humans. Time-Travel included.
  10. Welcome to TTI Enenth. Please describe some other methods of communication your intellect use to 'promote' truthful 'information'. What is confusing to me is by asking questions when there are more effective means of knowing answers to them. Such as extrasensory perception, telepathy, like unseen forces either spiritual or technologically willed from an advanced, thorough and efficient entity such as your self. This way that you've chosen (being the board) is easy as it is more readily confirmed and demystifies the truth behind our motives. It bares witness to those who conform to this human language (i.e. acceptable ignorance) and Internet. So I formally applaud this moment as just that. I do not have much questions (you don't need to bother answering if you want) but I strongly encourage other members (and anonymous) on this board to ask the OP questions. Those that are not bored with such claims that is. As I see TTI as a great book of fantasy intermixed with truth. There is always room for the spooky with no offence intended (a reminder really). Merely stating a point that most people believe these topics are conducted by wackos and just hope that an open mind will at least do the usual routine in an interview we're invited in now. Live long and prosper, Enenth. As change is everlasting... ******************************************************** Pleidians (image) From here. <font color="white">"We've taken care about that now. We tell you only what you need to know. You have no rights only orders to be caried out." "Kill mulder (the anomely) and you risk turning one mans religion into a crusade." "If you people knew everything I know, it would all fall apart." - Cancer Man[/color]
  11. Re: Final Warning from 2026 For All Humanity! URGE Some *special* visitors I might add.
  12. I'd like to prove you wrong on that. We'll see about that in the future.
  13. My sincere welcome and thanks. Please give warmest regards to your team... The elapse begins. -Matt
  14. @--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| February 2008 in Monterey, California. "Stroke of Insight: Neuroanatomist Finds Heaven On Earth (VIDEO)" Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened -- as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding -- she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story of recovery and awareness -- of how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another. |-----------------------------------[email protected] Continue to Source by Clicking Here. Reference Here.
  15. Because of this coincidence, I would like to declassify "my own" private message: I did not get a direct answere as it was emphasized with sarcasm... Spooky... Enstead of thinking "our visitors" are nonesensical for a change, they're SPOOKY! Why do I get the feeling of being tooled? What is it with these Anons and their questionable motives? Anyone relate with these feelings 'before'?
  16. @------------------------------------------------------| "The Internationale" Arise ye starvelings from your slumbers Arise ye prisoners of want For reason in revolt now thunders and at last ends the age of cant. Now away with all your superstitions Servile masses arise, arise! We'll change forthwith the old conditions And spurn the dust to win the prize. CHORUS Then come comrades rally And the last fight let us face The Internationale Unites the human race. (repeat). We peasants, artisans and others, Enrolled amongst the sons of toil Let's claim the earth henceforth for brothers Drive the indolent from the soil. On our flesh for too long has fed the raven We've too long been the vultures prey. But now farewell to spirit craven The dawn brings in a brighter day. CHORUS No saviour from on high delivers No trust we have in prince or peer Our own right hand the chains must shiver Chains of hatred, greed and fear. Ere the thieves will out with their booty And to all give a happier lot. Each at his forge must do his duty And strike the iron while its hot. CHORUS |[email protected] No time machine will resolve it. No saviour from above will save everyone. Mark these words in valour! ---<--(@ Source Dedicated To Dimitri Nargles @-->--- Taunt it or Flaunt it, TTI :D
  17. Heard this on Newstalk Radio yesturday... "A website that encourages girls as young as 9 to embrace plastic surgery and extreme dieting in the search for the perfect figure was condemned as lethal by parents' groups and healthcare experts yesterday. The Miss Bimbo internet game has attracted prepubescent girls who are told to buy their virtual characters breast enlargement surgery and to keep them 'waif thin' with diet pills. Healthcare professionals, a parents' group and an organisation representing people suffering anorexia and bulimia criticised the website for sending a dangerous message to impressionable children." News Article: http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/the_web/article3613881.ece The Site: http://www.missbimbo.com Just shows how far the illuminazi force can go so close to testing parental will and tomorrow.
  18. Well I must say the facial expressions were well done, good job to the animatronics. Whether it is just a small budget movie or a real incident than as always, like photos it is impossible to determin whether these incidents are real or not without substantial evidence. I wouldn't mind a copy of that video but from YouTube - No, terrable resolution... RIP STAGE 6
  19. Re: A dual ticket? Recently, in fact, one of ESSO's important gas refinery in Alberta has been lost for a while. Stations across Canada that is reliant on that source for fuel are buckling and has indicated several outlets will close due to this. The rising gas prices aren't helping either... But our prices are far from $4.00/Gall... If I end up having to pay that much CAD, I'll certainly ride a bike more often. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/calgary/story/2008/03/06/esso-shortage.html
  20. More of this hype is going to increase...insanely. Est 4 years of it to endure!! :mad:
  21. Well the proof is that. Can't wait until the whole 2012 ordeal runs by with nothing! HAHAHA. SORRY, I cannot help to cross-fingers. :(
  22. Re: Relocated: This reptoid creature expalined me. Well I guess I or we did not scare him away with my or our frantic questions. But he deleted the original post as he is temporarily not saying any thing further. OH the humility and continuation of checking-in humans who have been...changed in mind. You're always welcome here, Robert. Anyone is, and I personally hope you do at least, continue - where others later just check-out.
  23. Re: Relocated: This reptoid creature expalined me. Robert, do you have any thing else to add to this like references? I'll try to be polite and open as safely possible.
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