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  1. Hello All. Its been a while for you since I was here last. Major divergences started in Late Fall 2006, best I recall and culminated 5 years later. There were over 20 events of a few percent each time. Some went backwards. The push was towards The Haves and Have-Nots scenario. Good forces have been fighting all along, but the Mystic has been discovered by theft, rather than the natural causes, and much earlier than supposed to be. This was different. Unexpected. We are in uncharted territory. Bestowic is right, by the way. Not sure how it knows it, but micro singularities are powerful. You control them from upper dimension. JT came not from being asked by his grandfather, but by his grandson. WayofPeace: you are looking in a mirror and seeing your opponent, not realizing this is a reflection of yourself. The War has just begun.
  2. Cole. I believe your consciousness is starting to distinguish itself from your body. As long as you can control it and it does not cause you to lose consciousness, you can learn to live with it, and learn from it. I can say you are fortunate you only see a few moments forward. If you ever need to stop it, you need to reset (for lack of better word) your mind. This can be done easily with some drugs like xanex, or more easily obtained THC.
  3. From ones own perspective, multiple worldlines exist for everything except yourself, in which case only one path exists. So you can travel to and from your world line, as a single destined path. However, your decisions create different world lines for everyone else's perspective. Likewise, you are on a worldline that is altered by others, but since it is the only one you know of, you do not scramble your mind thinking of all the possibilities. The subconscious grounds us and allows our chronological memory to exist. Study mental disorders to find out secrets of time travel.
  4. I met a Gray at least once. Can't say I handled the situation very well and would do better next time, I hope. One thing that struck me was that I could not physically touch the alien. My matter was repelled on the atomic level when I got close.
  5. Another way to think of spacetime travel is to picture yourself/craft neutrally buoyant in the universe (Usub0). Just like a jellyfish is neutrally buoyant in the ocean, you and your craft will travel with the flow of space time once your matter is Uo. This eliminates the need for complex navigation through time. If you wish to geospacially relocate (say NY to SF), then you need to modify your bouyancy. Getting to Uo is a function of efficiency, not high power. Don't muscle your way through open space. Safe travels.
  6. The introduction of time vector is a method of allowing us to understand additional information. Imagine all sound in a conversation came all at once. Assuming our brains could disassemble all the frequencies and understand the concept of the conversation, there would be no information left over to produce inferred information ....such as a pause that would allow one to contemplate if one is thinking or lying, or remembering. Likewise, a facial expression, or eye twitch may not be sequenced in such a way to make you suspect a person could be lying. So time, as a vector dimension, allows us to create and understand an additional permutation of information over the first three dimensions. I'm not explaining this great, it maybe you understand what I'm trying to say? The most profound result of time, as a vector, can be demonstrated with a double slit experiment... This Will Mindfuck You: The Double-Slit Experiment Now imagine a star, deep in the universe....or a single candle flame for that matter... the photons coming from it expand outward in all directions....sometimes for billions of light years, and with the right optic equipment could be visible from anywhere. If a photon acts as a particle and has mass, then the spherical plane of the candle flame light a billion light years away would have a cumulative mass many times greater than the candle itself.....unless of course, the particle gets to choose when to act a particle. So what is the specific reason a photon in the double slit experiment acts as particle or a wave? Science, religion, and the realm inbetween.
  7. Not sure if this is the proper place to post, but would it be ok to assume if you time travel in the future, you have always been a time traveler.? From the perspective of time itself, are past and future really any different?
  8. Knowing our reality is not how it has always been, it makes me sad to think of all the suffering and greed in the world post-WWII, knowing that technology exists that could have allowed the human race to be prosperously colonizing other planets right now. I think of all the human equity lost in wars of greed that could have been better invested to expand our race into the solar system... We have weak-minded & short-sighted leaders... possibly humanity's single largest flaw...that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As for flinging yourself into the vastness of space during time travel... well, yes, that is what would happen if your time machine has a propulsion system and no navigation system. Don't do that.
  9. ...the power source needed is prevalent throughout. The trick is to harness it. So don't worry about power quantity. One only need be concerned with power efficiency.
  10. I would find a nice girl, travel a bit, make some babies, and sleep soundLy knowing the world will stay intact for another 32 years. I'd also start a rock band and play all my favorite tunes.....as originals...
  11. string theory is somewhat wrong. multiple universes is mostly wrong. when a timeline changes, everything along it changes as needed to make the line a plausible reality. Sometimes you can change the past by changing the future because the past needs to line up to meet the future. and yes, is it possible that I am crazy with a brain malfunction?... you bet that is plausible. Is it plausible that not all memories in all people are erased after a timeline change? Yup. That can happen too. I hope the changes are through now and we can ride out the future as it comes. I don;t like it when lines are altered.
  12. F-Jim, I have not heard of the term altervu, but yes, that would be the most common way for people to know there was a timeline change. However, that just tells something changed previously, not the exact moment it changed. I'm not sure the exact moments even have significance. My purpose of recording these moments of perceived observations is to maintain a record of them in cyber-media, offer the information to others who may be able to make use of it, and contact others who are also aware of these changes.
  13. FYI - timeline changed again about 2pm-ish EST 5.23.2011 I do not know who is doing this or why. Seems like a lot of [censored] with the system all of a sudden. Last time timelines were changed this often was 8-2006 thru end of 2007 period. Take or leave it. I'm not here to start a debate. Just offering the information.
  14. When I refer to a timeline change, I mean that either the past was altered which then changed the present as we used to knew it to what we now know it to be. Or... That the future was changed and our path leading upto it needed to be altered to fit the paradigm (this is separate topic on how time works that I'm not going to get into here - point being, when I say "timeline changed", it means the present has been altered). Now when the present is altered most people do not realize it, as their memories (a networked mess of various energy forms) change with the timeline paradigm. That is how we are supposed to be wired. My memory works similar, but exactly like that. I am able to retain certain memories of alternate timelines. I know by answering a question I likely create more questions, and I don't want to be a target of a witch hunt. So, lets just leave it that I am either telling the truth about changes in the timeline or utterly [censored] out of my mind. I happy with folks here believing either, as my posting of changes, is not information directed at any registered user, who posts a response.
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