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  1. Re: Vincente Fox... who??? End of Feb? Perhaps I did know the dates and kept them from you. Perhaps those things which are important to you in your now have no bearing on the flow of the stream? Perhaps, as one or two commented on earlier, I did give you several things to chew about in that closed-mind of yours, but not a direct answer to a direct question that you expected. again I say that if I say something would have come to pass and it does not that you would state that I am a delusional fraud... If I state the same and it does come to pass, you will state that I am a very well-informed and insightful delusional fraud... Your relience upon your minimal understanding of the universe and the time stream is self-decieving snarf. Your insistence that the sciences of the future must conform to your illusions in the now are the same. Time flows. It does not march, it does not tick forward. Like any fluid, you can swim about in it,provided you have the proper ballast. For some, I have given them the means to fortune and future within what I've written before. to you other pasters, scream nay. i have traveled a bit of your now, more than most of you shall ever do. Rather than embrace that which is not contained in your philosophy, Horace, you attempt to extinguish it. I was once told a thing, a number of my liner years back, that I could not accept, however I now see the wisdom in that statement... Quickly I learned to fit in, in voice, in slang (I was even admonished for it here), mannerisms, and appearance, and was constantly amazed as to how each and every one of you would rather sit and pick apart all of those things that are on your mind rather than get up and move outside of your comfort zones and do something about it... To share the statement: "They got what they deserved." Looking for the answers in today's pop-science is akin to asking a neanderthal about the shapes of other galaxies. Have at it. Say what thou wilt. think what you shall. Just be happy in your now, it will all be over soon.
  2. Re: answer to hdrkid I suggest that if you want to have someplace to put your saddle that you keep horses. If you want fresh milk and cheeseburgers, then you should keep cows. And don't forget Banaca! The only thing worse than fighting off hordes of starving masses is fighting them off with foul breath. In all seriousness, unless the TP is successful, there isn't a shelter avaiable to hide you from the changes that are coming. From what I've seen thus far, even if events become diffused and averted, the general attitude of the populace make it rife for what I know happened.
  3. Re: Answer to Darby Darby; Your confounding of some of the simplest of points of observation is parmaount to lunar. Are you so confused with your own personal frame of reference tha tyou need another to conduct a simply experiment. You asked about my frame of reference: I'll put it as simply as I possibly can...You and I are presently in the same timestream. This means that for each second that ticks off of clock X (of Y number of pulses from this or that substance) that one second elapses for you, and for myself. My frame of reference is yours: one second of tick on a clock, any clock, it doesn't matter (again I remind you that time is a subjective imposition that humankind has subjected itself to...if you cannot graps that space, time, and existing dimensions are all subjective we can never make any progress). As you note the clock, you are W seconds old. As the clock clicks through one minute you are W+60 seconds old, and have moved from point T1 to point T1 (plus 60 seconds). In essence, as time passes, you pass through time. To try to bait me into some abstract method of relating to measured and liner time is simply a null effort. You are well aware that as you age each second you also pass into another second. Trying to confound the truth with jargon and systematic implications does not net fsh.
  4. Re: answer to HdrKid Hdr; To be honest with you, I knew nothing of Mr. Titor until I shot here about 2 liner months ago. I was shown some of the claims made, and the pictures (which made me laugh) and that about blankets the sum of my knowledge. Although I have been directly asked in private messages several times, I will not speak ill of Titor, that is not my goal. From when I come from your prediction is closer, but still quite accurate. Somewhen earlier I described the boundaries of the Reich in the America's and it does encompass most of the United States, some of Mexico, and some of Canada. We do not use Ameros, as you call them. Money is simply called units.
  5. Re: answer to Eric Carr Hiya Eric! I have heard that Queensryche is still around and touring. Are they worth the units to go and see? It would be nice to check out a band I rmember before I get pulled back.
  6. Re: Answer to Jmpett Hiya Jmpet; I apologize, but I cannot resist. SHOO!
  7. Re: answer to yeyeman Don't worry about asking the same thing over again; trust me it happens on an ever-increasing basis. Without starting up another argument against all the quantum and string fans here, I'll just say that science when I come from is as different as your science of the moment is compared to 300 of your liner years ago. While many things still hold up and work to within a certain degree, they are well-knwon to be less correct than the science-of-the-month. There is a huge stress on practicality. For example, while it might be fine and wonderful to know about the mating and lifestyle habits of the Southern Bumble Bee, it has no practical application and is generally not considered to be useful. The largest difference I see, besides the advancements, is that the common person has very little, if any, formal knowledge of or training in the sciences. Science is once again the realm of only scientists, and not somehting that any person can look at and ponder. You can already see things of that sort happening right here, however, as many people in America in this era can't even name hteir State capitol, let alone tell you how many molecules of Carbon and Oxygen are in Carbon Dioxide. Is speed of light travel possbile? Of course it is, Light, for instance, travels at the speed of light. So do Tachs. Can people travel at the speed of light? From what I understand, this is quite possible, but impractical. What few craft there are that travel about the cosmos usually do so by some sort of manipulation of space and time in one of the 26 (or is it 32? I can never get it right) dimensions. In essence, they pop out of our universe and travel along lines that have nothing to do with distance, and then poop back in. I am told this is much more practical than attepting to accelerate a craft of ever-increasing mass to the speed of light, allocating for the survival of the occupants, and then decelerating it to arrive at the proper point. Are htere EBE's when I cam from, or before? Not that i am aware of. I hear rumors of the reich having some nasty alien allies, that aer never seen, but I have seen no direct evidence of this. The facts I know state that Humankind had almost grown out of its infancy and then reverted back into cruelty, oppression, and barbarism. I doubt that any truly intelligent form of life would no more want to come and get to know us than you or I would care to, say, go live with a bunch of violent apes bent on killing each other and us. I also know for a fact that some of the things that this era attributes to aliens is in no way related to them. For example Kecksville and the Nazca Valley, and some others.
  8. Re: Answer to Darby Darby, We seem to oftimes have this problem in regards to our individual contexts, don't we? Assume a local frame of reference, such as a clock with a second hand, that would be your control. As each seconds counts off on the clock, you have traveled one second into the future.
  9. Re: Answer to Darby Darby, without knowing what you mean by WRT, I don't know if I can answer you correctly. however, for general purposes, you need only use the flow of liner time as reference. As each second passes, you pas through one second.
  10. Re: Reply To Pamela OK, Pam, I shall describe meself, but I expect the same in full from you in return. I'm roughly 5' 10 inches, about 160 pounds. My hair is either a dark blond, or a very light brown, depending on your point of view. I always wear Chuck Taylor high tops and make an effort to find some anywhen they still exist. I prefer standard 1980's jeans and usually wear whatever shirt type is germaine to the era. On some missions I must dress to look a certain way, such as in a suit and tie, etc. When I can get away with it, such as in this era, I wear my hair kind of longish, long enough to pull back into a short ponytail, with long bangs. I have my knife with me al lthe time, and I always carry a very worn liberty walking coin from the 1920's (a souviner from my first mission shoot) My heritage is a smattering of this and that, but Italian and Miami Indian are two of the prevailent ones. Somehow I also got a lot of the recessives on my fraternal grandmother's side, including being left-handed and having lighter hair and eyes. And you are correct in your assumptions abut how we are pre-briefed for our missions. All shooters stay pretty close to their eras of origin so we fit in better. My training for this mission was simply what the brain box looked like, what the interface was like, and some tutoring on how it functions. I was told to come here and see if I could find the root concepts and basic operating ideas, and to see if I could discover exactly when it becomes commercially available. I was not given any particulars about the political clime, other events, or any such things as that. And i like to spend my idle time being idle, not covering each and every little detail up and down the stream in case I decide to op in be judged as a Lunar. There were also some instructions to make some funds happen to fuel as deal happening further up the stream, but that is alsmost as easy done as said and took only a few days on my part. Franklin and his acolytes are pretty tight-lipped about their reasons for such things and I have learned not to ask so much as those lines of queries usually end badly on my end. Even here, I have not studied anything of particular historic import, but have managed to learn to cook some palatable fare. I am interested in your dreams, would you care to share the general themes and such.
  11. Re: answer to titorite Titorite; Thank you for the very personal and infomrative answers. I wonder if now, since you have mentioned that you feel orphaned in your spiritual beliefs, if you have sought after others with similar views, or have merely resigned yourself to feeling marooned in a spiritual solace? Ad believe it or not, we have had the debate about death beign a doorway, a renewal, or just oblivion many times at Yaz as well. You'd probably fit right in on that note. My stance is that it does not matter what's next. And I agree with you in the terms of 'owning' a pet. I like to think of it more as a partnership, or a symbiotic relationship. Pets give us friendship, affection, and some innocent fun as we play with them. They in turn get room and board and return affections. One of my neighbors in my early college years had a cat named Spock, that actually stayed when she was told, followed on command, and used the toilet. Some of hte other muses and thuggies have small pets at yaz, but I don't care to have one. The idea of keeping another creature caged up is depressing to me. I do need to ask you what kind of time travel K-paxian is. Of course, I can barely describe the methods that drive the infernals, let alone a present theory. And I haven't touch the green-stuff in about 6 years my personal time. Now lots of booze, but not that. I trained with a guy by the name of Jack Crater (his parents must have hated him! Jack in the Crate...Jack in the box!) that enjoyed a healthy does of psilocybin before he shot, but I like to shoot through clean. To experience endless time in no time at all is a pretty harrowing experience, let alone when the mind is altered and accelerated into thinking about such things. And your ending questions are quite original! I prefer strong, aggressive, outsopken women of high intelligence. After that, anything else secondary or even tertiary. A threesome? Kind of very personal, but I've partook of those delights once or thrice. Intersting observation on the pyramids. How did you come to that conclusion? I have a vague remberence of the scant chambers connected by narrow corridors slanted up and down in my psyche, but know nothing about hydraulic pumps. The funnest thing I've ever done in my life? If you would have asked me that question twenty liner years ago, which was about ten or so for me, I probably would have said something about playing music in front of an audience. But these past few weeks have probably been the most fun I can recall having. I have not had this many idle nanos in so long, and I had totally forgotten how enjoyable the world can be in the proper era. I have helped to repair and paint a deck outside of where I am staying. I have cooked chicken breast, sausages, and cheeseburgers over a charcoal grill. I sat on that same deck with a glass of lemonade in hand, munching on a pizza, watching a glorious sunset and conversing with my boarders of trival things. I have seen small children playing with a garden hose, running about with huge smiles, screaming and laughing, without a care in the universe. that is the most fun thing I have ever done. My life has been all rush and cover, using myself as a red herring, back to my small room and a complex with no windows. To observe the freedoms here, albeit taken for granted even as they are slowly being stripped away, is extremely enjoyable. Do I enjoy interviews? Do you? Being here is the closest I've ever come to being interviewed, and if this i sit, I think that if I ever pass through here again, I'll come up and punch meself square in the eye! Have I pondered the pros and cons of the sexes or considered life as a woman? Why do you ask this? I have found that deep down inside men and women are eerily similar. We approach things differently, but are basically the same. We all oppress each other in own ways, and we always think that the sun is brighter over there. To be honest, I can only conceive of meself as meself, and doubt that I have the empathy to consider anything outside of my own experience accurately. Growing cloned teeth: I think that I may have mentioned something akin to this earlier, but that begins not too far in your personal future. When I come from, they are grown in a lab, to specific specifications and then surgically placed into the mouth. I believe that it is an engineered 'ivory'. of course, this service is only available to the higher class, and the rest, the poor, are excluded from this. There are polymers, however, that are 'psrayed' onto the teeth that prevent cavities and decay, and this is readily available. But then again, it is an odd era that I come from. Everyone has access to V3 and the comnet is a part of that, how else could everyone be told how well they have it and how happy they are. They have dent-rite, but no luxurious foods to use it on.
  12. Re: Reply To Darby Actually no, Darby, I feel no inclination to stand up and shout louder that I am a time traveler. Whilst what you say is more than likely the pattern, and most cleverly wrought, to the inclusion of countermanding any truist or logical response, I actually only feel refreshed to be presented with a good set of debate points forth that are not so much piffle disguised as profundity followed by the word "shoo!"
  13. Re: Answer to Darby Darby, In actuality, you ARE a time traveler. You are traveling forward in time a the rate of one second per second. It is the matter of speeding up, or reversing that per second part that makes you any different from meself....well and which side of the coin we're on.
  14. Re: Reply To Jmpet Jmpet! Go shoo yourself. As much as I like a healthy debate, you are not doing so. You put forth earlier your supposed proof and only served to defeat yourself and edify my stance in the process. You choose to ignore that (something you have repeatedly accused me of) and then keep shouting 'shoo' whilst prancing about in some self-conceived, but fallacious victory. So again, I say, go shoo yourself. I again repeat that if you do not like, believe, or enjoy what I have to say, then do not read it. Again I remind you that your 'proof' was twaddle, your incessant shouting of shoo only shows that when you cannot win your volleys that you resort to prancing about hoping that nobody will notice, and that the louder you yell here, the more people will come to see what all the fuss is about. One of the primary practices of misdirection is to find somebody, such as yourself, to give you as much flack and as much bad press as is possible. While they're overturning every rock and making loud noises to expose you, you can smile and sit back knowing that they are doing all the hard work of getting people to look at you (or what you're doing); which was your primary goal in the first place. Bonne Vie
  15. Re: addendum to Mix38 Mix; I apologize for not mentioning this before, but there aer also some more cities that had sprung up in the middle of the 23rd. These are called cross-towns. Similar to cities that are prefaced with the word FORT; cross towns tend to have sprung up where patrol quarters are stationed, usually at cross roads. These tend to be small cities of less than 50 thousand people, but are almost all urban. Some of these are very exciting, and some are quite boring.
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