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  1. For a source here, I suggest the following book. Amazon.com: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 1 (9780922356010): Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus: Books And what's going on here, is that Dolores had intimate through time link-ups with past physician / seer Nostradamus. What this area of contact had been, was a series of unit wide secular to a time contacts. Cannon had gotten to know this past seer quite well. I at that time, had been at a differing location, but was apprised of her contacts. He must have been conscious of me, through me simply reading her book and also being a prime target contactee. I do not know, if any present, an attempt by him to reach other times? When you get slipped into time travel, what begins to occur is that wide numbers of other people, beings of all sorts and even machine-life get to know you. This action is what must have occurred with Cannon's doings. Why this is a verification source, is a secondary claim that 2017 would be a prime year for alien contact, for this human race. What the particulars are surrounding the general alien situation, is that the Earth human gene poll was used as a taken / stolen gene source for aliens for many years.However' because Earth's vicinity is going through it seems a frequency change, the "here it is free genes for the taking ", syndrome, may now be slacking off, due to the secondary stem from the overuse syndrome. This condition reads in similar fashion to a form of,.. lot scurvy,.. to where the primacy of the genetic stance, is degraded, from just messing around with it. This is the biological version of violation, similar to the uncertainty principle, because in a remote way, the human genome is being adjusted. So these ships may be teleported types of vessels, capable of taking entire neighborhoods, to distant worlds. They would not necessarily be acting as the Borg in any fashion. All that may be tripping the (Borg warning), is the similarity within these ship's design? For sources on the predicted alien invasion, enter the search words, (Nostradamus predicts alien invasion year 2017), in many search and online media sources. Thank you
  2. The prediction for these beings, may have come out of the 1990s
  3. Second set of media, kept separate for a reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPquewvNAE4
  4. Had felt that they would do this, will add more detail later 'I spoke to aliens' Woman tells of bizarre encounter after UFO 'tailed her car'
  5. Not if you have to live it. A couple of times. I thought that I was loosing myself.
  6. If you track back in time, you will observe that there is a window of opportunity for the Egyptian and Star Wars curses to merge. How the Egyptian King Tut complaint occurred, is that King Tut's spirt, did not want to be put on tour. As his spirt along with his matrons sent to the afterlife with him were concerned, his place of rest and destiny should have been in remaining within his tomb complex. Tutankhamun - Wikipedia Instead both his mummified body along with his riches meant for the afterworld, were disturbed and removed.This condition at the time, had made King Tuts spirt extremely angry. He merged with an American youth and this was, one to explain to him of his dismay and two, he befriended the American and taught him a lot. When the movie Star Wars was aired, because there are at least one hundred of the Star Wars incarnates here on Earth, the effect of this movie, since in probability it was taken from a past life existence, was for those incarnates of that past era, brought into this one, were flashbacks after seeing the first of the movie series.Are Star Wars & The Force Real? This could not be, because part of thre written deal was, that the incarnated to this planet would never been infracted upon, due to their relationships to the past characters of this past time. The Borg-like creatures; What most do not know, is that these space warts, were thousands of year old.So this leave time from many of these advanced societies to have developed either extremely advanced robots and androids.But also through the process of evolution, merge with machines, to become of super culture. This last tenant of philosophy in putting everything together, is that many older societies and or unknown agencies based off world, could take offence in the pirating of information that was supposed to have been rested in the past. This is why both disturbing the gave site of a past Egyptian king and the disturbance of past wars, also involving royal lines, may be just plain dangerous? From what is put forwards here, this may be why the veracity of the pest seer Nostradamus's prediction, of an off world alien invasion in 2017, may not be so far off. We can all tempt fate by wading in the ocean, where an occasional shark might come by the beach sometimes, however it is sheer foolishness, to tempt fate by wading into the water, with a bleeding cut, in an Oceanside, that is noted for its predictors. Note link in how advanced some alien societies may be and this is still older reported information about them.Hunter recalls shocking encounter with alien robot -- Sott.net On the now known danger of a Borg-like alien invasion, this is exactly what I am saying, the danger is here. *SPECIAL EDIT; there is evidence that both the Egyptian influence and the Star Wars influence have merged. It seems that in back of the Star Wars contrivance to steal past existences, in order to make a profit off of it, by criminals and low life, did exist.The deciding factor is however that no none realizes how self dangerous these actions were.
  7. The is still a very accurate guess here. It does check out, with a hunter being treed by past e.t. controlled robots, that there may be, in this day and age, something like the Borg. So the guess put forward, may not be that far off.
  8. Tying up loose ends. The cosmonut Semjase, had passed on. This was estimated to be in the early 2000nds.There is some controversy as to the cause of her eventual death and weather she was being used by the Pleiadean constabulary, all of the time. It is not well know to this Earth society, but many aliens because they have it seems an acclimation to want genetic perfection all of the time, are in a way addicted to genetic engineering. These two notes are for the time travel vault which will come out after this posting. Thank you
  9. It was not just my consciousness, it was half of me. I had bio located. This differs than just the consciousness. This is like taking a paper with three folds in it. One fold in this reality, the other in an interspace margin or transit reality and the other in prehistoric times. This is what I was like for about two minutes. There had to be a biological host for that other third fold of my being and the prehistoric times were that. The thing that I don't know today, is if Semjase and the Pleiadeans planned it this way, or it was only an accident. This happenstance left a gene affected archetype, this is why I had to add the reptile. Just preceding this time, I started to be able to communicate with reptiles, that were afraid of people. So this must have been working in me in the few short years after 1982. However the John Titor said devices work, is that they generate a pinpoint magnetic field, through magnetic interplay. This cast a simulated black hole, however this appearance is again, like a timed incidence and NOT a solid one hundred percent happening. Both double enveloped black holes are modulated and this is how one gets the twin kerr nonlocalities. I think that we did early on, term them as Trippler, then corrected tippler devices. This goes back a ways. I think and this is the Symantology of issues, that there is a pull from a battery or AC inverted, then the kerrs activate, then you have part of you columniation via, cryogenics.__On your said supposed device, I would guess that this would be larger and floor mounted, maybe three feet off the ground?...... Yea, someone called the tippler cylinders, then. Here is the diagram for the Titor time travel machine. Note, from what is given in history, I think that there is a semi-integrated circuit board, which is not shown there.It was supposed to have been over-volted when Titor hit a solar flair in coming here.He was in Miami at the time and asked if there was a place that could replace this e-board? The answer then was Radio Shack, or some other distributor. However what the problem was him being from 2030, is they still made components, but the inside constriction of those e-boards had drastically changed.There was also a burn in time, if you could say jump a bad compoenent. This is history and someone should have a copy of it. We had no idea what timeline said supposed Titor was from? Then a P*m, a lady who was on the board, who was said to have known Titor, suggested that he would use other timelines to get here. So the Titor-mobile as we referred to it, must have had some fine tuning to it? John Titor's Time Machine
  10. I don't know if what happened to me should be corrected. When Semjase went back to the time of the dinosaur, her DNA pulled me along as I was going through the fraternal twin's para-lining process. I remember getting some aspirin from the kitchen over sink cabinet, standing there in my underwear and then trying to get back into bed after gulping those aspirin, with water and a hunk of bread. I made it half way back, then the para-location hit me brining me all the way down on my knees. This was odd, as I had to close my eyes. They kind of shit down and would not work. But would I could see through another sense, is the thick forested jungle, with leafy foliage on either side of this trail. The air then, was so thick, I that it was almost hard to breathe. I was in shock and what was still more interesting, were the sounds of dinosaurs and all differing types of that lot of prehistoric animals throating loud sounds.I was in me here, in this time, but also located on the trail that Semjase and Billy had probably walked along, in that very ancient time.This lasted, I guess for two minutes and then I came out of it enough to stand and ender into the bedroom, to where I could get back to this changing state I was in. I was to weak to be able to get up and walk around.I was me, but then again, I was changing and not really my real self.She had time traveled, but I had paid the cost. Years later and I don't know why I was doing things with our central sun, kind of befriending it. however' I had the urge to stop and take a freshly killed snake off the road. What I did was to cut off a piece of its flesh, sterilize this a bit and then take a needle and jam the snake's flesh, DNA down in to my own. I did not feel right, correct, before this DNA spice routine I had performed on myself, But after that, began to feel normal again. I think what had happened, is that during that metamorphic change era for me, when her and Billy went back to see the dynos, that I must have background overed on the dino reptile DNA influence. This must have infused into my being.This is why I needed the DNA infusing of the freshly dead snake. It's blended in there now,. I mean' I don't know if I'm supposed to go back in time, by some easy method to where I can change the nature of that input? Maybe it's supposed to be permanently there, as of now. *What's said here is not sensitive. The Pleiadean mission of visiting here, is now long over. They tried to cover up what they did, that's why the accusations of fakery associated with the landing.
  11. On para-history, this would be a starter, a tippler generating device of any manufacture and stability feedback through circuitry. So to manufacture the double kerr, this would have to be a suspended double black hole, maybe magnetically or as again, by an ignition-like system, which locates the kerrs, per-station at a one one thousandths of a second per-as-desired locality. *Said one one thosanth, due to the need of time for circuitry feedback interplay.This is all boards, computer operated or not. So this might be expressed as a non-high gravity contrivance, anywhere from five, to twenty feet in height, with that weak spot as you say, opened as a walk through junction. The same idea was put into the script of Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octavious, the miniature fusion sun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DsKaphCrFA
  12. Thank you, well spoken and clear. So would something like this be in use and if so, then what are the advantages?
  13. You get a ((hug)) today, stinky. Thanks so much. Back atacha.
  14. Restated for examination evaluation for those who are looking at time machines only. SAMPLE } I named it "Hail Mary." It is specifically designed to create one Kerr black hole of minimum mass, Planck Mass, where the ring singularity has a radius of 1 meter, and the angular momentum of the ring singularity is the speed of light. Because of the chosen values, I found, by running the math myself, that the ring singularity becomes naked in some places, allowing light and matter to pass through the event horizon unscathed. Which is why I can use a Kerr black hole, because I can safely approach it while it does all the things it needs to do to create a wormhole back in time. ) Creedo Edits meaning here, then if I am correct, then this would be, a device which produces a black hole, which would have to be approximalty five foot in height and then the user would walk into that envelope. AS A QUESTION. Because no other apparatus if offered. So because of the new fair play rule, involving time travel history, then this is a probable device, that may or may not have been constructed. I do not know how anyone could enter the hot event horizon, but this is more or less what I'm gathering? *Me myself, I would use one the mentioned Basiago picture frame time travel devices, or a Steven Gibbs variant of that. Thank you for you posting, Cain
  15. You've checked mated yourself, I can say nothing.
  16. No I'm not, it's just that you're theoretically based and I deal in practical applications, sometimes. I said this.
  17. I am speaking for a modified version of the time travel core here. There are people, entities that use time travel. They are fully sanctioned and so good at what they do, that they are not a problem, "usually" and almost never noticed. You can chalk these concerns up to something similar to a ships hull inspection, as based in time travel, to where it just has to be done. So there is a sub-core of people beneath the existence of these, that are just time traveler affiniados. Some of them, get through, while others have certain ideas, that they probably should not, or are more privately based to where they're almost semi-pro in their aims. This is where many time travel posting board obtain their audiences, so when I speak, I manage to multi-audience speak. In the action of eletro-mechanical transferred dynamics from a black hole, I believe this past extension as based in demonstration, had been an energy curve, this apparatus as based as a o rotating cylinder, from the Dr. Ronald Mallet time travel expert, as energy needed to produce within a transference range, from a black hole. The past consensus and I guess this was then fear talking attempted prevention, was that the power required to time travel was an infinite amount of energy.Everyone went, "Oh wow'????!! we won't peruse that. But then along came John Titor, which was part fictional and because of the peril of mirror happening effigy production, {noted in time travel simularities], also became real. Whoever had thought up how the C-204 worked, knew exactly how to build a time machine.So this one factor de-elevates the 204 from fiction and places this machine into the area of probability.And this is so, as one is forming and inversed spaced time captured bubble, within a set of simulated Kerr singularities.This is a double folded contrivance, to here in a reported news factuality, a similar vehicle was actually being reported as cutting into the earth and taking divots of earth, but NOT leaving any ground tracks. So this might have been an aerial vehicle or some sort. This was by news complaints from a wheat rancher, reported in mid Washington State. So getting back to the electro-mechanical math, this is one tippler electromagnetic device, which runs off of an inverted DC current out of a battery or other dynamic energy current supply, to where a Kerr device, generates a primary point, that is collumnaited to spread a sphere, and then to that countenance, another tippler device, spreads a second in action non-specific sphere device, so between the two spheres, one has achieved a non-specific locality, which then by control on the C-204, can be modulated and you have forward and backward abilities to time travel. *But be aware here, that this was said to be a post catastrophe device and similar to what one would refer to as the Ford Model T of time travel devices. You had to take along a bottle of oxygen in order to operate this kind of time machine. How they did this,"in theory of course", is the engineers provided a sparked rate of simulation, as a set frequency of veracity to that Kerr non-specific locality charge. In other words, operates like a car's spark plug, you don't need this non-locality issue on solid all of this time. This appearance is spaced as a frequency rate, however be assured, both of your Kerrs in unity appear at the same time providing the operator, with the ability to time travel as they are now within a special exclusion zone. You don't need an entire locker Titanic style of mounds and mounds of coal, to fire your boilers, or your Kerr simulation as being true steady hot, all of the time. Hot has a double meaning there, meaning 1. turned on and 2."Lord help you if you touch it", hot enough to cut through an eight inch steel I beam. Link to Titor-mobile John Titor - Wikipedia
  18. The aspect that I had to think about later are these points of interests. If you can find the entry access frequency to the area of time, that you want to go to, you can dial that in and then match affinities of what your estimating and then in time flight, engineer that stop point. Of course if you've traveled there before, then this is only a rough matter of finding that certain frequency, to be able to travel to that point in time. 2.Photonic light pressure, can be shaped into a bolate, or a sphere, in order for that light sphere, to penetrate the existing time space frequency, of your point of departure. Actually there is a lot more that can be accomplished with light pressure, as photons react with a force, but are really not a practical. 3.On the black hole, it is to be able to manufacture only a token of a presence of a black hole, not the entire shape of a true black hole. If you can build a machine to where you can propagate only a rough proximity of a black hole, then you can double space the dynamic of two black holes./This gives you your Kerr similarity, or the axiom of a non-certain locus, between two black holes. The only thing is, is that during the formulation of this machine, you must find a low strength non-cutting give-off signature, such as something like a radar signature, to estimate what your black hole radius effect would be. If you do not mange to do this, then the hot radii of the twin black holes, will cut through any matter, including the operator, is the radii are not adjusted to an operational distance, with certainty. Note that this process was estimated within the analytical range, of the said John Titor time displacement unit. A large divot from the ground was said to be taken each time, the said Titor machine was operated. 4.Both light, sound frequencies along with magnetic strength can all pervade through the barrier which localizes us to this time. 5.There is talk of portable time travel units that can be worn, however these reports are not substantiated for private public use. This may be a violation of what is termed as a time signature, to where the time more or less owns the organism. There was an instance where again and this time scientist had made a Stephen Gibbs-like time window, attempting to enter into the age of large wholly mammals, however because this was a time lens window, the super-cold from the ice age, permeated into the control room, instantly freezing the scientist involved, at 150 degrees Fahrenheit ferenhite below zero. Not a good deal.
  19. This post is for thread harmony control. The master of posting would want me to do this. Since our topic here is time travel and you, the possible, time traveler, alien, time criminal on the run and so on, would want to know how you can travel both in time and differing places within the universe, then it's probably accomplished this way. If you look at a probable black hole, like a big beach ball and you can also do this with a brown dwarf, or any planet for that matter, as a construction made out of layers, put together in similar fashion to a thick, "let's say big city phone book", you can start to get the idea that the area surrounding the super density of a black hole is multi-layered. The deeper you go, say in your space ship to enter into any layer of pages, is affected by the angle that your spaceship skims those layers and to what depth. The singularity, which is told by Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, via Marcia Bartsuiack's book, is what you don't desire,.. to fly a perpendicular angle to, or straight into the black hole.This is where the atomic density is predicted to be the thickest. If your spacecraft is magnetically compensated, it more than likely will be able to enter what the refer to as the gravity veneer layers surrounding that black hole.If you also have a map, at what entry point you must enter, to go to what place in the universe, then you can pretty much go to any place and time that you wish. There are two other methods of time travel and this one is a ventured guess, to where a flying saucer starts to fly towards a smaller moon, then projects a gravity wave, which interacts with the existing gravity of that moon, then this vehicle can also dial the time that it wants to go into. The last method and I thought that I would mention this, is via established photonic controlled pressure.This method is in its infancy on this world, by may have been expressed as !, An accident by some kids who built a badly executed version of a Steven Gibbs (time window portal), this was supposedly in Los Angles California, to where the machine had malfunction and or hurt or killed the kids trying to use it. 2.The second method has been mentioned by Attorney Andrew Basaggio, in his tellings of a time matter transfer machine, that he had seen via connected work association with his then father.This machine is like an expansion of the Gibbs machine, but was built under (ESTIMATED) secret contract, so I will just mention the method, but not divulge what I think is the gravy sauce. All of these methods are now in current use, by my telling here, is for you the guest and entertaining you with theory provoking thought is what we're after here. *This may be off topic, but I am not socially rude to partners here at Curious Cosmos.I said thank you to a member here, as it was the right thing to do. One issue that I've got to instruct you the visitor here to, is that time travel dealing posting boards, by their sometimes natures, can be very bizarre places to be. This is mainly because one does not know, due to the subject matter, who or what is on the other end of one's PC connection, or whether the person you're talking to, is a time traveler that may be stuck in this time. Maybe all the want, is to get home? For me, here, I watch those manners and am anymore, nice to the people that I communicate with. You may personally feel with your ego, that you don't have to be nice. But as fate sometimes dictates, the shoe ends up on the other foot and the situation seems to be, that you're the one who is in trouble. So for me, I try to be curt in the conversation and flavor to reign on the pleasant side and from time to time, show a little gratitude. This is up to you how you may act and conduct yourself here.But for me just getting an teensy weensy bit of just how vast and lonely this universe can be, I try to keep it within the good Jill or Good Joe range of how I conduct myself. Like I said, your own rudeness can come back to haunt you. Thanks
  20. Actually he did, Paula.This was out of a visit by past physicist Robert Oppenheimer's visit to Einstein's study at Princeton University, with his then fledgling paper, title, (Holes).This I believe was Oppie's suspicion that there were gravimetric densities in the field of space time as held within panned field astronomical photographic plates of the then known by astronomy of this universe. Oppy was an especially bright, intuitive student of how the universe in some ways physically could be put together.Oppy also knew that Einstein was especially well self skilled in how gravity lines as fields of known strength in magnetism would shape out universe, so that afternoon wanted to spend time with Einstein. Paper Black Holes | StarDate Online The Curious Wavefunction: Oppenheimer's folly: On black holes, fundamental laws and pure and applied science I think that Einstein had the wherewithal, to understand what Oppy was trying to explain to him, but the tools of illustration, as we have at our disposal, were not in the purview at that time. Now, with a graphically based CAD CAM display system, a person can very accurately illustrate just how a black hole sits in space, it's actions, functions and even interspatial exchange dynamics to supposed other realms. Oppy and Einstein in this situation, were so damned far ahead of not only themselves in this area of scientific prose, but way ahead of everyone else, that it wasn't funny. This area of investigation started the encouragement to go into the area of particle physics, because within their relative domain sets of functions, of operations, black holes to a great measure, tear matter down. So Oppy and Albert Einstein to a very great extent, then, were true lost in the scientific wilderness pioneers. Thank you Paula.
  21. No I wish to reiterate, technically, to us humans they are not real, as this out senses beyond what we're biologically able to sense. Hence, they do not exist. However but as by a mechanical modulator, that can graphically sense the presence of one, then yeas they do exist. I understand that they do exist, but as by a sensor that is capable of visualizing. In other words, they're not in a humans space time quadrant for perception, but allegorically do exist.
  22. No, technically they aren't real as the are no longer in our quadrant of space.
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