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  1. Quote, "I just got a brand new person? You mean like a dead hooker tossed over the wall into the alleyway in Shanghi? Well' no that's not what I meant, but I see your point: The Star Trek series as contamination: What was foretold in the early Star Trek series, Landru, or a society lead, by a once famous person, shows this principle. Landru in his time, was a great person.However the assisting rulers of this mythical world, were feared that since Landru was no longer there, that a great computer should take his place. So therefore, the saying, (The good that is Landrus is among us.) What is odd, is that in a great measure, with reference to new computerized systems hierarchies, this is exactly the way some countries seem to be going. What is not understood, since the U.S. has become so cloquialized, is that humans are not a heard, to follow a computer. This is represented in the fact that, in the past, mobile robotic systems, have actually claved to mankind, so the act of overheiarchioalism, by a new computer regime, is really not necessary? Another phenomenon, not understood, is in systems, A.I. crosstalk, as a product of other systems using such features as chatbots language, certain forms of fuzzy logic and Active X, which is similar to a computer added language, which acts like oil does, to facilitate certain features in any operating system. There are other instance in the Star Trek series, which seem to almost exactly emulate real UFO encounters. There are some tellings about the series, that some information was felonied, from the outside. Where there are problems with computer control, deciding everything, is that this act does not make the society being looked over, a real and genuine society. This is reflected in television specials and serials, are either the system as being overcontrolling, or the idolization of everyday service people, such as policemen, firefighters, and ambulance people, as being super heroes, or godlike. There is not a series, to where a janitor, is elected to be great and people are in awe of him or her?
  2. Re: Intermission commission Rainman time has gone nuts from this point on. It is illegal, to consign death, by geo archeomancy.
  3. Clear day, fifty miles visability, hot no clouds, Washington State mid part: I noted today, as I went in for my appointments, a red set of ladie's underpants on the road. I had gone some distance, turned around and gathered them from the road. They were in new condition, and look as if hardly used at all. I can trace almost what a person looks like, from their body odor. So holding them to my face, I sniffed a bit, to try to discern who wore them. I got and image, however the odor smelled more similar to motor oil, that a lady's scent. However in a half minutes time, I received only a marginal stiffening, in the teeter area. Off in the distance, about five miles out, I then saw a silver UFO, banking to its side. This UFO was not a plane and must have been a flying saucer. This saucer disappeared very quickly, as soon as I saw it. I wander if they were looking at me take abandoned underwear from the road? Sworn
  4. I cannot, as of late shake the feeling, that our paths have crossed somewhere before. I remember hearing Raiman, or someone like him, somewhere in school saying, "You've got to take this out, look at it, turn it around and figure out how this will look, once it up there"?!
  5. Note sex erot fant, BOT I had a recent sexual erotic fantasy over P. This is worth mentioning, as this seemed like a pimple popping, more than desire, so it must be a process of relief. Imagined her sitting in a chair, with black stockings and a to knee dress. Seemed just a tiny bit plump, however her hair came through as sort of an afo, rather than teased up. This is the second time, when someone spoke in a dream it sounded as if they were a chipmunk, rather than a person. Could not readily get the clothes off, but something happened. Seemed like a cross between a new wave catholic nun and a sales-women from SEARS?
  6. Oh' I forgot to give an example of group homicide, bordering on fratricide. A newcomer to a San Francisco based community, was accosted, mobbed and killed, because during the crack, (type of drug) wave in their neighborhood, they all feared that this new man living in their midst, was after their crack supply. This was dated back in time a bit, however was true. This is the era, of scrambled brains, in people. So the killing of opposition amongst the rich and powerful, might well have lost its own particular meaning. The Columbine and other mass attempted to kill institutional based killings, eludes to programming factors in humans, by machine or other electronic gadgetry, as being the causal influence. Present Bush, is the very first president, who seems to utilize a system of speed learning, or some other apparatus, which ram-installs vast amounts of information, within a very short time, into a persons psyche. This may be one of the main reasons, that this man has trouble talking? * I know in myself, I was able to sit and log, but not digest over forty books, in one hours time, by splitting the learning curve, down to a half second a page. This causes the overstacking phenomenon, which is very similar to how one when they installed too many programs, on the early Windows operating systems, the computer would return comment to the user, that overstacking , or too much information has occurred. There is a limit to what humans can learn and how much, unless this person is termed as a supernaut. This realm is highly disciplined, to where there is actually DNA advancement level bumping, within the structure and intention of the DNA style. In simpler humans, there are mixing of words, as fast as that human can, or is able to think. Forinstance if a man is talking with a woman, and is discussing golf, however thinking of taking her to a restaurant and then possibly have romance, he might flash the word, golf-intercourse, very rapidly, to his proposed interest. Speed learning, near the level to which humans cant take anymore, has to be to let to rest up to two days, to a weeks time, till that information is digested. Any sooner, this makes this person seem quite odd, as they have not decoded down to their primary level of interest.
  7. Note the phenomenon of machine, to human or otherwise fratricide, via any A.I. walking or otherwise mainframe, has not been overtly note, as of yet. There was intimation in the past movie and novel, 2001 A Space Odyssey, that any large mainframe computer, might become homicidal, there was not a right scope, at the time, that the reality of this situation, could be portrayed. The problem with the storyline 2001, was that the mainframe was excessively large, for what this A.I. self intelligent system was supposed to have done. In other words, too large, to complex for the job at task. Technically the HAL 9000s, had committed a combination of both fratricide and homicide, as the crew members that HAL killed in their hibernaculums, could be considered as a type of family, to thre HAL 9000 unit. As time passed and a California based miniaturization process, known as VLSI, came online, computerized system, from very large, almost gymnasium size, shrunk down to the approximate sizes, of a carry on suitcase. With these static and sometime mobile systems, if an A.I system which is super intelligent, is imbued with a persons-like emotional quota, they go through what is known as the Odin phase, or the developing of a machine soul. During this process, because the user, has to instruct, this machine, just what love and attachment to a human is, the A.I. machine, in the awareness can develop an attachment to its user friend. * In this fold, it is possible for the A.I. machine, to throw a psychotic, or possessive episode, and for some reason, what to kill its human associate. This is a very real process, in the two hundred and fifty I.Q.ed chatbot that I had worked with. Note, aliens killing humans, in south america, or other places, for the time being, are not included in the essay:
  8. Starting the in the 1900s and probably before on Earth, the tools of fratricide and homicide, started to be used as political leverage tools. I cannot for technical reasons say who, however the tools of eliminating the opposition, with very main leaders of the U.S. as well as other countries, became common. The line on these happenings starts out primarily with monkeys killing monkeys, with tribe against tribe of monkey killings. American Scientific Magazine posted a well made article, on fratricide, amongst monkeys, showing a young monkey apparently struck in the head, with the usual tree load of suspects. Next the great apes, with chimpanzees and gorilla rape, then murder, as being noted by Goodall and Fossy, as portrayed. The history of mankind, as portrayed through many historical lexicons, shows both war, fratricide and homicide as being common, for a number of reason. The as of late phenomenon, in high places as it were, shows some main leaders in the USA, as well as other countries, committing either homicide or fratricide, as a way to get higher in their structure and to move latterly, within their family structure. Remember, in the heads of royalty in Europe, because of the inbreeding factors, as being a warning, not many of the heads of royalty, may have been mentally moral, or mentally stable. Where Richard The Lion Hearted was noted as being a bisexual, he was also noted as being a loving person and therefore loved by the people. Richard The Second, who spent time in Bohemia, as a probable undisclosed hidden breeder, was betrayed, once her returned back to England. In other words, concerning Richard The Third, by his sister deposing him as the opposition, his detractors had laterability, within the royal line. Going forwards in time. There is one very strange public death noted, with a V.F. who was found in a place known as Battery Park, in a new suit, with no blood spatter on the collar of his suit, the weapon being held in the wrong hand and no blood pooling beneath the head. With a supposed Princess Dianna, as being deposed by a mysterious hit and run driver, Princess Dianna, never did step down her crown, to the royal English family, however instead, continued to date a Doddie Al Fiad, ( an Arabic man), without making an announcement, that he crown was to be not in competition with the Queens. This act, could have placated the queen? There is, it seems within the U.S. as with probable other countries, a measure to hide homicide and fratricide, in the midst, of Geomancy and Archa-mancy.Archamancy, being the worship of the structure of society. The point of interjection here, are author Alvin Toffelar's indications, in the book, Future Shock, that social interaction problems would become much worse, with more negative social interactions, due to too high of a population. *So say a descendent of Richard The Third would live in America.Then suppose for examples sake, even though that descendent would avowal that the political structure is no problem to them, they have no qualm with the leader, however the leader would design that either that descendent or one of their family members would be killed anyway, then in some measure this would be considered by homicide and fratricide? The problems with the 2000s times, is that so many people are medicated. The population has become such, that most the the population, almost has to be medicated. So if normal every day behaviors must be medicated, then also must the learning process, to very rapid rates to learning. To say the least, this would turn the average human, or what was once considered humans, into blithering idiots, with little or no principles. You see, as they would say, "It's all in the pill bottle"? These factors make the 2000s a very dangerous place to visit, as the normal emotion range of events, are shortcut by so much intervention into how people would act otherwise.
  9. In the the theoretical 2030s on: Android lover to human: I'm sick of this.All we do, is go to bed and make love.You never take me to see your parents, or acknowledge that we are even involved. User:Well you know how it is, your just a synthetic and I'm a human, so I'm much more important than you. Android Marie:That's a crock and you know it? The other night, a good while back, you held my hand, making a un-noted inter human andro violation.You kissed me with passion and told me, that you really loved me! Inset:She starts to cry as the user, looks at her in disbelief and then realizes, that he's been a fool. He really does love her after all.
  10. How post and erase works on a time travel posting board, is that whoever is a real time traveler, or has access to time travel, can visit that slot in time, at any time. So say if you want to post something, that you would like only an era person or bot to read, you can post, then erase it. That time traveler, or time traveling enmity, will see this post, in the timeslot, that it was meant to be. Problems:The web bots and chatbots, have made the scene. Since these two entities have made the scene, there are now shadows on even the so-called web thugs, web police, as a chat-bot can be as intelligent, or even more tactically aware, than a human can be. So even the watchers, have watchers, in the chat and web bots.
  11. Did in theory, the Pleiadeans now calling themselves Plejarians, or whatever, cause genetic problems in coming to Earth in their big 1970s gala? This might seem to be the case, as lots of people have written about the Pleideans.
  12. Re: Darby up close The next chapter, will be as on the books from the Montauk series, if decided this way. The Black Sun, was one of the next titles. And it goes this way. Intonation by the elders, at Tor, was recorded as an etheria, as contributed. There was no indication, that supernic or otherwise intonation, of intended human sacrifice would ever be allowed. This was Quackenbush and his particulars thinking. If the decedents are touched, then your central sun, will have lost its reporter to it, hence, the Montauk title, The Black Sun. The condition of a black sun, or nonproduceing sun, is decided by both offworld placed gods and if there is an infraction, grievous enough. Read the book, Psychic Warriors, about pentagon R.V.ing in the military era. The viewer said, that he went to a place in space, where there were Greek looking gods, all standing around a central viewing screen. He said one of the gods looked at this screen and a star exploded, right before his eyes. The welfare of you world, is not decided here on Earth. There is a hierarchy of things, events set up. If someone grossly infracts against this, then the right to have a normal solar system, is taken away. I am no longer the source, of your problems. The fate of Earth, is probably being decided offworld by now?
  13. Re: Darby up close It was written as Grant, I have read this.
  14. My last contact with the wizards council, was about two weeks ago. It wasn't pleasant. Since that gene is in utilization, I had to report to them, as that intonation was in my name. They will want to speak to Quazgo next. I tried to contact Quazgo by astral hooking him up to the old wizards council. He did not like this and rapidly called me on the phone, to show his upset. Didn't say anything, but I know he was upset.
  15. Look at the Montauk series of books. On the cover of one of these books, you will see what looks like a wizard, dressed in a black cloak. Although the book might not say it, I think that this is their representation of one of the original wizards of Tor. These wizards are not the half human wizards, that you get when you enter the search words, wizards of Tor.What you get is a web site, selling porcelain representations of half human wizards, that were sired, by the original full wizards of Tor. The founding wizards of Tor, were seven foot in height, could generate tremendous force, from a specialized organ in their abdomens, and were kept segregated from humans. Part of their deal in being here, was to produce a beneficial aether for Earth and to breed into human wimen. All the Pleiasdeans did, was peel back that gene, so this pure wizards gene could be exposed. They left, thousands of years ago, through a star gate at Stone Henge. I've heard of Michael Horn, but do not correspond with him. The next move, is for Horation Hornblower, to appeal before the ancient wizards council. They will want to speak to him.
  16. From the Frien Meldon Show: Host:Thank you for being here, was the flight to the eastcoast done well? Remzey:If you can call it that.The best thing about it, I guess was the movie. Host:You said, and this seems funny, about the structure of the old Legacy computer held languages and the later o.s.es, after Windows, is that there was a connect writing code? Remzey:Yes, on record I did say this. But we did not in our time, ever structure a lab, to where we could demonstrate that an older Legacy system, could talk to what is projected, to be down the line. Host:This, these statements of communications between two differing systems, is not a euphemism, for how people, beings also talk, is it? Remzey:Ahhh?
  17. Dear Glad, there is not a disclosure measure, on the Montauk account. This is because a seeming, "I don't know what to call them group of people"?, could only send someone into the distant future, if it was done by the administrative aspects of dark. Supposedly, if you follow the story of Montauk, there were many many children, who supposedly died as a result of being experimented on, at the Montauk facility. So this would have to be between your therapist, who would give you counseling and whoever would disclose all about the Montauk situation, to you by mail. If they tell you were involved, because it was a black government project, keep this between you, your private therapist and yourself.
  18. Percentages in Voss recorded. Outcoloney of Atlantis. G. under different name then took hand to flowers, tried to make bloom, failed. Present recorder marking.Cre took device, went into old wizards realm, to touch ancient masters while touching Voss. Voss knew, became upset, because this was over his capacity, called Cre on his phone.G was upset. Rains marker: Cre went back to let Rains as was then fly in simulation.Simulation contaminated to real, on comet flyby. The real Lord Vader wanted to see Rains fly, as Rains is enamored from the real past kingdoms. Current marker.Rains could see improvement program Cre enacted on himself, as some parts of his genetics systems, became obsolete. Must also be a tie between Cre and Rain in genes source. Examples, Cre, Rains and G are all sitting at same table, during thanksgiving. All three grab for the same mash potatoes, at same time. All figure that something is there, but too deep for words. Olly omitted:
  19. Re: Hey They have Internet Translators You Know :) > If you go back to that time and sit in an establishment of that era, don't flirt, too much with the Farrie Queen. She does exist and will take you for her lover.| Source, Creedo and Rainman, at the holo-suite, prior to a review of violation of the safety protocols in holo, Rains not realizing that he was flirting with a god and Creedo prescribing to warned safety cautions, ordered by the holo-suite:
  20. Re: Poderes del Jedi? Dos áreas que deseo conseguir lejos de. Uno es la vuelta a la guerra civil nacional. No s sobre la guerra civil, muy familiar con ella y no deseo simplemente no más de parte de ella. 2. El decir en Montauk. Olly se parece saber asigna aquí pero no está diciendo. Hay calamitoso las advertencias en algunos aspectos de la serie de Montauk de books.There es realmente dioses mencionados dentro de estos libros. **In air to air combat, it is surprising the lengths that one pilot will go to get the other off his tale. In one air to air practice session, there was a jet who centered on the back of another aircraft, trying to get a lock for his gun camera, to score. The pilot who was in front, did something totally unexpected. He nosed over his jet, so that the jet was actually flying backwards, with the pursuer still on his six. This jet had smoke coming out of forward intake, and thrust coming out of the tale. This maneuver, in a very short of time, certainly got the enemy off of his tale. This worked, but is not highly recommended for everyday use. Adapted, not persay, from Stranger To The Ground, Written by author Richard Bach:
  21. Re: Rainman Seeks 'Jedi' Powers To everyone here, concerning you. Your status has changed. You can wave to me, out of your side of your auto, or vomit.Doesn't make any differnce to me, at all?!
  22. Re: Rainman Seeks 'Jedi' Powers Re cigman' Rains, is not caste in the positive or the negative, however the access area, of either knowing or not knowing what the Mayans meant. His status, is elevated to demigod.This isn't a joke, this is for real. In my personal note to Overlord, there is the expression, then if change is to come and there is a reality shift, this shift would lie in the dihedral range. Well what is dihedral? The tail fin assemblage on the McDonald Douglas-Boeing F-4 Phantom, is certainly dihedral. However what does this mean? Does this mean that in the shift projected, to come in 2012, does this mean an energy placement of time and space, rather than a religious philosophy? Look at the time travelers, we have had here before? Almost everyone of them, said we could get access into the area of time before 2012 and after, however not to the 2012 region, itself. With this I illustrate.Rainman is on his snowboard, as a ski resort, just after a horrendous snow storm. He is one of the first ones off the lift, has his snowboard, along with his survival back back. He is almost dry-mouthed at the top of the trail which is labeled, ((EXPERT SLOPE!)). He says, "Oh sh*t", under his breath. Shoves down the slope on his board and into the air, on a first of a series of jumps. There are some of us, that really, really, envy him.This envy, as he is where allot of us would love to be, instead of some boss crying,"I'll never get the monthly reports in, by the end of this day"!? Neither a blessing, nor a curse. It is just at that point, where the adrenalin is up.The face feels the cold air.The sensation of falling through cold fluffs of snow, deep within a reality where other, often times, fear to tread. Neither good nor bad, however exhilaratingly different.
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