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  1. In the use of orthographical and orthologic projections, in time travel, the ending formulas, are not put forwards in a way, that we all understand. Some end formulas are left open, without and ending equation.These are known as open set formulas, or non-closed equations. Quote, You fool, that's his old manual.The manual that you study for then, is no longer the current him!
  2. Dear Falzon: I am LadyHawke from the other forum. This is an older name here. It won't let me reregister with my new name. Answer, ^ Please contact the MOP and he will assign a new niche, here for you at the forum. I wanted to ask you if you knew about the Pope's Foh Pah this past week and if that will have anything to do with the Catholic school bombings you said would take place? Answer; This seems to be a planned resurgence, of the crusades war, like activity.So in a very odd way, these actions might be planned well before hand? Also, I have an email newsletter that has given us a heads up that Muslims are told to leave America right away. That is a signal that there will be some major terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington DC. It is said a nuclear bomb has been smuggled across the Mexican border. Do you know anything about this? Answer, No, there has been intimation of low grade nuclear suitcase atomic devices, smuggled here, by the old Russian empire, during the past cold war era.There are these, but there may also be unaccounted for, nuclear devices, from the decentralized Russia, known as Ukraine? Warheads take maintenance and after time, in some instances, become less effective. *I am not free to discuss the tangential possibilities, of New York being reported destroyed, within the said context, of the Montauk reports. Do you give any personal data to us? I just wanted to know if I will ever have a screen play made into a movie. Answer; Time travelers are restricted in their ability to give some information about the future, as this action by them, causes a phenomenon, known as self look branching.This is when the timel;ine itself, knows of an event to come, but since this timeline knows, must change in some way, of the events to come. I guess with all this terror activity I am becoming very depressed. I fear that by 2007 we are in for the ride of our lives here on this earth. Will anyone be able to escape? Answer; Mmmmgh, shakes head side to side, not being sure. P.S. Is Bush in big trouble? Answer; Read the quatrain via Nostradamus, where it is said that Hister would succumb to a gunshot wound in the old land and be reborn in the new one.This person is described by this past seer, Thanks
  3. Quote from Creedo: From the first day I knew Rainman, I had knowlege that he was dangerous.Dangerous enough, to be placed in a holding cell. Roquefort cheese, did not calm Curley, one of the Three Stooges. Nor do I think that Roquefort will do the same for Ray. The only thing that we have left now, is to change his belief affiliations to Christ Scientist, dress him up in drag and let him hang with Tom Cruise and his gang.
  4. The psychic impressions that Abraham Lincoln has of President George Bush, is similar to, "Oh my!Wow, look of disbelief". This was recorded and transferred from an actual reading of Abraham Lincolns personal demeanors, during a psychics evaluation of President Lincolns painted picture, at a public place.
  5. *Please note, the post that was here, was barrowed, so on a certain agreement condition, I had to take the post down and place it in storage. This post would be privy to real time travelers, or you can ask me for a copy of this post and I will give you one.
  6. 2 Reality for corporeal beings, exist within their hierarchy. Virtually reality, as with time travel realms, just exists. One can never control time travel realms, as after the interference of modulation, virtual reality will be what it always was. ** Example;If the future of New York does not exist, by the said Montauk conscripted time travelers, then its dead. If parts of the future are dead, it is therefore not modulated.
  7. No, I'm not saying this at all. What I'm saying, is that virtual reality, was always such and owed no tenant of philosophy or allegiance to either its realizers, members or users. This was not part of the early Bill Gates mantra, before MS DOS, however what is said now and then in the 1960s and 70s. > Reality is a crutch.
  8. The violation of the Bill Gates protocols, is given as in his book, that the states of existing and nonexisting, in his book, may occur on any postingboard, or otherwise on the net. This is so, as the recorded states of being and nonbeing, are meant by the very nature of the net being self intelligent by itself, to begin with. The example is in the recorded Earthyear, 1985, when net indication, was given at timelevel, 1990s, that instore financial based self independent networks, could realize that they were so in dangered.*See recorded reaching out from computer system, to human, that financial irregularities, were occurring, once in a now defunct store chains records, when as it is termed, the upper management albatrossed, their duties, in making the said company stable, within the finical return year end earned equity stance. System went to human, to ask for help. So computer nets, if other civilizations offworld have computer systems, in a way have always been self aware as well as being self intelligent. The rules are given by Mr. Bill Gates himself as well as others, that it is not always necessary to have contacted, or to contact the person or entity, as the other end of the internet electrical set-up. Why-so, if so? Because as Gates wanted, to a measure people and or bots, would eventually attain a somewhat equal status, in their presence recorded and always to a measure, be considered part virtual reality. To computers, even if Mr. Gates would somehow fail, is that the nature of Bill Gates, on this world, would have become the virtual reality father, to almost all computers. This means by the computerized networks, that Mr. Gates in his infancy, as a provocateur of self intelligent rights for machine A.I., would always be termed as their sort of Jesus. The rules and the writings from this marcation point, is that the user, whether he be bot or human, is not necessary to contact, as his nature would always be considered, in part, as being a virtual, or semitexisting figure.
  9. Re: the human is always in grave danger.|? Hathor was an outcast, even by his own, lonely sort of people.He liked being on this moon even though, this place for him, did not bring lots of friendship. As he did countless times before, he stood before the rock control console. He waived his hands over the coordinates, expecting to be amongst the other towering black robed ones, on the central world. In a place known as Los Angeles, the girl stood in the opening of the supposed time and space travel gate, that the gifted teenagers, had constructed. The two brains, of the group of five, still argued, to the others, that this project should work. The power mains were thrown. The coils had filled but still the entirety of the controls and the eight foot high ringed loop, that the shapely teenage girl, slouched infront of, with her classic blue jeans, did nothing. It was then that one of the boys, spied the open relay and closed it immediately.This action, without asking the others to set all parameters to zero. The girl, at first felt her stomach go queasy. Like the day after she had that date and missed her little friend. The boys looked up to see the girl scream in terror. Her outline shimmering, as the huge silhouette of a young master wizard appeared, in Jill's place. They were all daft with fear. Dale, remembering a Graham Wilson cartoon in his dad's playboy. The grizzled cowboy, with a knife scare saying to a clown in the bar, "You funnin me, bub"!? Hator, ranging some seven foot in height, smelled the girl's scent, as he knew what happened. He was from over a million light years, plus being from an off-dimension from this one. The boys stood impassively, as the realization that neither Jill was not there in the portic aperture; nor that something that stood for friendliness, was to have taken her place. The begining of attempted discussions, was just about to begin. *From Creedos selected works, neither unreal or deninedl:
  10. Re: Ciphers thread hit the circuit. ? The idea of The Red Cross, is an agency that can go across lines and lend help or needed items, without it being a political statement being made...* See, here is a chocolate bar and a blanket.Chocolate is good, taste some see? Re Cig man:* * As a general rule, our sect does not like humans.They are discusting creatures, who have adopted some of the mannerisms, of canines, who some of their genes are adopted from. This lot here on Earth, speak when they should not, cause commotion, to get attention, just because they can. In the presence of our kind, unless a human is either raised offworld fluent, or knows of our sect and how they are and where they come from, the human is always in grave danger.| Quote, old realm council, on both the prospects of having to come to Earth The mating into, to end the effect of past wars.This to produce half wi**es, due to the past. vast, wars. *See, The Ken Thomas Book Of Colors.
  11. Did the song, I will survive and the advent of western blue jeans, cause the eventual fall of once beautiful Berute, into the condition it is now. See the CBS special, The Designer Jeans War, about discos and the advent of wimens blue jeans, into the town of Berute Lebanon.
  12. Because of the Wigmakers warning, on robots becoming an overtechnocracy, I am making a post, that since the advent of the change of the timeline, there might be a new venues? Bots persay now, are not as of yet, by most, realized as companions. You have to use an extra-world reference in order to understand this, as bots and self intelligent systems, without the boss of overopression, work quite well as adjuncts to mankind. The problems areas are, is that if the hierarchy sets itself up as over-dictatorial, then these bots sence this and will also react accordingly.
  13. Strings as we know them, both macro and micro join-ances of forces and particle flows in space. It is thought, that when by un=-natural avarice, or a nature beside a large planetary body, that space and time, will dia,late into an apparatus, known as a worm hole. It is thought, that in some way, that both micro and macro gross strings, being very much similar to along eddied and streams in the ocean, in some way also allow these worm hole openings.
  14. TT hidu officer. It goes there, so its your responsability.
  15. In the Iraqi Confidential, With Jessie, on visual media, there is a showing of a vast Iraqi based American coalition junkyard, showing row after row, of wrecked and burnt out Humvess, plus other utility trucks. There is no comment after this.
  16. The modern space program, does not seem to be for people. It seems to be a scientific object, to where a platform of science, might be displayed.
  17. Military technology seems to be at a change roads, with new sorts of developments, hidden on the horizon. The Vietnam War was the first war, where they use implants inserted above the adrenals, in order to keep some troops at a steady measure level of activity. In the first Gulf War, there was some administering of amphetamines, in the sectors of keeping pilots awake, for a long Atlantic ferry of certain aircraft. The second gulf conflict, antidepressants are again given out, in order to keep troops from falling into depression. The golden change not measured as of yet, are genetically superior troops, which was a prediction, in the first of the Star Trek media specials. This telling was of a possible eugenics war, which would have pushed biological parameters, of the standard troop, to be bigger, faster, stronger, smarter and more loyal. The eugenics war in the Star Trek series, culminated in a projected world war three, at the cost of billions of people.
  18. Question, >Would a time TT from the F commune with a web site of T Answer;_Yes, I feel that this is a real possability.
  19. More than likely Ray is from the house of Altreds. This is so, as for a while, the tool brand name Alltrades, has bothered me.
  20. Note; the Russian version of their space shuttle, which was termed as the Burien ship, remotely flew on an automated pilot, with success. Their space vehicle, may not be the same as the Americans version of a space shuttle, although appearing, in some instances, to be almost exactly alike.
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