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  1. Re: What the Creedo has realized now that TT Wise has osmosed charicter of situation. Satisfaction is presented to an extent.
  2. Re: What the TT Wise here is the control compairative data that you requested for your need to understand. Archival file, Art Bell. Source 1.Ed Dames as a guest on Art's show. Subject the sun and as to whether or not the sun is inteligent. *Exerpt from Dames, that his R.V. group was warned not to go too near the sun. Dame's opinon was, that the sun was an inteligent enity. Second source, was the Naviho Spirit Walkers. *Saying from the Spirit Walkers to Dames as source file, that sun is alive and chief elder of tribe, had warned out of body spirit walkers, not to go too near the sun. (When they blow off a whole bunch of nukes, this energy through an Einstin Rosenbridge worm-hole phenominon, goes right into the sun, which is very, or too concentraited of an energy for our central sun to handle._This means if the jerks of the future accomplish a full nuclear strike and this goes world wide, in some drastic way, as far as the sun and Earth's mechanics, this will effect both of these clestial objects.!. one the Earth is cronically aged and 2.The equalibrium of the sun, is also chronically altered.>We are really screwed, if this globe goes into full scale thermonucear war. There was a certain perscribed distance away from sun, which was supposed to be observed. >Reason I have asked you to monitor two targets, TT Wise. As one, this thread does have something to do with time travel. So if your using R.V. techniques, then how does your offered info relate to time travel? Did you are are you going to go foward into the future? There were some who had visitied here, who had said that they could go into the future, however did not offer structured data at that time.>See archival files in TTI? Secondly, if you are going to go into the future and there is a war predicted as both Pamela Moore and said John Titor had said, then an R.V. time travel technique would be one way of assertaining if there would be such an event to come. There are tellings all through some said aspects of a report, which say some qualities of the sun, have changed. Art Bell himself, had even told of being privleged to a time in the future, were in the American southwest, there would be huge dust storms, eaking out a living from the above ground was almost impossable, however people in said future lived below ground as said by Art. The only thing that I can figure, is that they got what they wanted, and now have skuttled to wherever they are now, at my cost. I don't care what they do, as neither one have been forthright in their explinations to me, nor have they come accross with any information about the coming said catastroph in year 2012, which I am intrested in. I don't care what these two do, seems to be a water under the bridge issue. TT Wise, why did you even come here at all in this collumn to tell of your R.V. troubles and not in the paranormal collumn, which would host these types of complaints? I'll tell you why, you knew that one of us would have a possable source target to go after. There it is, if you can get smart enough to go after the goal.
  3. Re: What the extra notation.Transversal Please note TT wise, that Transversal in Anomalies has been within a conversation, where they have had an increase in physic presure. Please if you could follow Transiet 001's advice, however please also lay the controls I had asked you to follow? You must understand thaty some frequencies will allow to spirit to escape, so letting brain activity go flat-lined, however the data will still record through.This is because the nature of the soul-spirit combinations, are ment to be multiphasable in their actions. To be on the safe side, if your going foward in time, try to find a month day year clock, place this time peice within a caved system, then monitor this time peice by R.V. techniques? What I had told you about the sun was true. If ya can, out of body still perform the same asked chore, in reference to segements of stepped time, please? Thank you all involved here,
  4. Re: What in Himler's underpants has happened? Say hey' Your route app, could be through an etherial source.This means your recieve signal, is assisted and routed by Angels, into the future. There are some predictions that in the years ahead, everybody goes N-wise, if you know what I mean? What the action of too many N-weapons going off does, is kind-of puts up a scramble and you can't get mentally through via your mind. The date forcasted by Carlos X and Pamela, was something like 2012 give of take a few years. Your time might be distorted in a pull flux type of arrangment, to where the majorness of the event, is sucking your brain in, in similar fashion to a black hole? Your brains okay, it's just your getting zero data, due to an event in time. Try this would you and follow my instructions to the letter. Go foward in time, however place a month date calendar, within a cave system, to where you can R.V. in on the special clock in time. The second control would be, to R.V. in on a public bank that has a digital month day and year clock, that you can use as a time control while doing your R.V.. Focus on these clocks and see how far you can go foward in time, before the clock both in the town as well as the hidden cave can or can no longer be read? I want you to do something else for me. Listen very, very carefully to my instructions and follow them to the letter. DON'T MAKE ANY MISTAKES ON WHAT I'M ABOUT TO TELL YOU, VIA THESE INSTRUCTIONS OR YOU COULD HAVE YOUR SOUL EATEN OUT OF YOUR BODY. Get the same series of dates placed on cards within the control cave and slowly inch foward in time. Now start to float upward towards the sun and start to go towards the sun, out of body, however stop about two million miles away from the surface of the sun. Don't go any closer than two million miles close to the sun out of body. Now look at the sun. You must now think that you are a peice of silicate rock, within your being and the imense heat of the chronisphere can not hurt you at all. Now thinking as a rock, I want you to tell the sun that your here and you know Dan, his special project child and that Dan told you, that it's alright to talk directly to the sun. The sun in a very low watery growl, will start to communicatre with you. It is very inportant at the point in time, not to be scared, however to look at how the sun is doing on the estimaited date that you get zero actrivlty from your brain when you go into the future. At this date, does the sun, it seem get violently ill, like a child who has a stomach upset? So what I'm asking you, is the day that your brain activity going to zero and that same day you access the sun, show the sun becomes violently ill? If the sun talks to you, don't go any closer than two million miles. If you go past this danger martker area, the sun will simply eat your soul, if it knows that you are human. Bring this info back to TTI and please publish what you have. Remember to tell the sun, that Dan is the big fat silicate creature, that comed its convection wells and made it feel better a few human years back in time. We know each other and I am the only apointed creature that can travel down into the sun, without loss of soul in this world. Read these instructions over, make your choice, however do precisely as I have instructed you to do. Thanks Dan
  5. Re: Personal tran-=car to the moutaintop Yes however the key question lies, if someone from the 70s were to time travel, how would this feat be accomplished using disco era shoes.
  6. Public appology to CAT. Dear Cat, I am sorry about the said of the Isrally Nationals a while back knowing about and photogrpahing the WTC disaster, while it was happening. I think it a funny set of circumstances, when everyone in the international community as said on Jeff Rese.com, knew about the comeing WTC tragedy, however at and durring the time, we the American public, it seems were the last to know. I guess the Brits, as well as the French, Russian and Israllies, were so tired of telling a the U.S., authority of what was to come, they had figured they might as well for posterities sake, send someone to photogrpah it, while it was happening? Didn't know the whole 9/11 play by play, untill I had read the Rense.com update. I'm so gladd that the government is going to let us all go into space, colonize the moon and travel to other parts of the galixy. I mean we can all trust the government where NASA is concerned, can't we? Yes this and virginal call girls, will be the wave of the future. Luv ya, Dan
  7. Re:Thanks Tran001 Note on the nature of the God Room as kept under the oceans, as entered within a very large underwater, dry cave systems.Thgis is a very large room, over thierty feet high.. The function of this God room, is also realized to be multifunctional, as told within the conscripts of the Betty Andreasson Luca book series, The Andreasson Affair books one and two. This room, once someone enters into it, can be let to allow someone the estatic realtionship with the Christian Jew God. The result of this happenstance, is the speaking of estatic languages, which are in some ways similar to ancient Hebrew, however not that same language. This is the God room under the ocean. The Ark room, where the Ark Of The Covenent lies, is a building, which is guarded by the Etheopians in Africa, and is not, the same said God room, as is holds the Ark Of The Covenent. Tran001, look as to how you had spelled Pleiadeans? You had spelled this word Pledyians, or to this effect. When dealing with the Pleiadeans, one at times, seems to ask Y and you had placed a Y, which I feel is second or first instinct about them right squre within their name. You know something that we don't??? No matter, your judgment is best. Welcome aboard Adam, we are always gladd to have you with us. :)
  8. Re: Adam Dear Adam, I don't hate you.As a matter of fact, your views as well as questions in honesty, are a refershing breath of fresh air for this board. Don't go away, enjoy your useage here. The violation you were about to trip on Tran, you could not have possably known about. That's why some of the good folks such as Tran and others are here. Do anything you want to say or ask. I am pleased to have you in here and have no objection at all, to your being here. :)
  9. Re: Guidance on legal issue: If Tran001, is in another body, apart from what he was in a former life and aswers this question and an invasion does occur, then his answering here, would make him a military target. Know this Adam, as you do not take private messages here? I can only lay these guidelines, as you are now starting to endanger Transient001. See content said invasion, book The Pleiadean Mission by Randolph Winters. The arc of the covenanat, was a device for ancient use only and is kept in Etheopia, as a trust item, by Jewdeaic Africans living there. There is only one man appointed to be able to enter this room, without dieing. He has a rope tied around his waist, incase of death and must be pulled from this room, by the other trustees. This gift of guarding God's vessle to administer to the ancient world, is not to be taken lightly. A while back, an out of body R.Ver had tried out of body to gain entry into this room and was warned by an Angel, not to go in. He also got the distinct feeling, that he should not, be in the presence of this arc, within this same room, even out of body. This device for the most part will sit there, however this vessel is a direct link to the Christian God and is definatly not an item to fool around with, due to the awesome power that this device posesses. This said case is contrasted by the Betty Andreasson Luca case, where the God Angelic heiarchy, had actually invited Mrs. Luca to enter what is known as a God room. The idea of religion is at times, to act as a guide to any one civilization or society, not as an all oppressing fear factor, which warns them of their slightest mistakes. In your probeing here, you must realize this Adam. If God as you percieve his, is within the context as you understand to be fearsome and segergating aginst certain factors, then there must also be the factor, that God could also be understood as love and would equally have a gentil as well as liberating side to him. The problem vested within this society, as warned by the past prophits, is over-nationalism, as opposed to innovation, to where a culture can expand its expierence. One of the last vestages of a place to hide for the treasonus, is behind the lable of nationalism? The principle true to his ethos, already knows and understands that inside that he or she is a patriot and does not need the extra extravigance of banners.This is to profess a supernumiary extropolation, where there is no need to extra allegiance, where true intent towards one's own country has already been vested. Religion also means, to return to center. In your own mind's eye, is the justification of a belief system one that frees you to be you, or a system which looks for the slightest faults within others to be played upon? Remembeing histrorical Jesus of Nazareth, it was his duty to wash the feet of an established prostitute, Mary Magdaline, who was one of the best known and sought after prosittutes. For Jeasus to stoop so low, and perform this act of courtsey, as well as being a Jew himself, must have been an outrageous act, that ired the Hebrew constabulary, to the point where they were besides themselves in anger. Jeasus also posessed the extrodinary ability to be able to cut right through a person's facade of hidden intentions and expose them and what they were really doing, for what they were. Jeaus had no social pretense and said just what he thought. He did so, of everyone who had encoutered him and must have been a truly amazinig person, with a form of social honesty that was absolutly unheard of on this globe. To be able to summon the courage to place one's hands on an active leper and administer a healing as well as love, honor and respect to that indivdual, is something that even we in this supposedly well educatited era could learn from. Father Damian The Leper Priest of the illbegotten Hawaiian leper coloney, did such an act of extroidinary kindness. Even when the good father himself came down with Hansens Bacillus, the Leper disease, Father Damian steadfastly refused to leave his people. People with this type of sheer out of the ordinary courage, to routiently defy the face of death, and ontop of this trait, show their love and mercy towards their follow man, are at times truly visonary people. >That I might lend my hand and cradle one who is infirmed as well as bear thier burderns as if they were my own. That the light of love, is within my hand of kindness and show this adminstering to one less fortunate than I, is and was all that God could ask of me this day. Souce said, unknown.
  10. Re: Technical note, theology, to Frog poster. Please note this technicality within my postings, as provocatured by Frog's questions. I did not start out to prompt any theism, regarding belief systems. In order for logic to work in this section of time travel, one can not mainly go from an athiest point of view. This is a modern brand iconoclast subculture, which only reports that the investment of belief systems, classes those who do not, into an unfair equal oppertunities placment. So this is a legal challange by the atheist. This claim by the atheist, within action of said claim, excludes anyone, by any system of beliefs which they might have. So I can't, in discussing logic of extraphase phenominons, switch to a non-theist point of view. I am simply pointing out, from my knowlege base, to which some of the material has been trippally verified by myself as an investigator, there points to the very strong case in chance, that there is an Angelic heiarchy. If this is the case, and what I had pointed out in further stance, saying that there was not only a God's union, however a christian-jew God base hidden here on Earth, then this factor, within the control of time based gravitational waves, may be effected on by such a said heiarchy. Furthemore said if this investigaitve works shows this information? Then I would have to say yes that this is a direct possability. I am not baseing any argument of theism, however only stateing that the chance of time gravity waves being lessened in a supposed destructive phase, is possable, if such and such an agency exist. I am not bantying theism here, however again raiseing the question, as Tran001 is again prompting, what is a God base on a planet, is this phenominon universe wide, and does, did this effect any said supposed past culture within this universe? I am not, prompting theist arguments. >SECOND ISSUE:AND this is why I had to state this second issue with the utmost care. To the previous before Tan001's posting, on said Jeasus and how this person fits in with said God affilations. There was evidence said that Jeasus was a hologram, as said by the Grays within the special UFO Coverup Live, as hosted by Mike Farrell in 1989. There was a say within the Montauk Expierment by Dunkin Cammeron, when he was sent back naked to assasinate Jeasus Christ, with a thirty eight calabre hand pistol; that the shots went through Jeasus, however that it was as if to Cameron that Jeaus not only knew who he was, but was expecting him as well. In the Meier landings, concerning the Pleiadeans and time travel. There was a say that Billy Meier met with Jeasus and Jeasus already knew in time, who Billy Meier and the Pleiadeans were. In this sction of discussion, I can not prompt, since the Planet Earth was a test area for multiracial ethnic cohabbitation principles, and also multibelief systems, that such and such, is based as being superior or we will go to this toppic from now-on. The classical defination of Jeasus is,>That Jeasus Christ was an anti Hebrewical anti-heiarchial, set to establish ancient mankind's worth, within the set of the common man, as contasted aginst both upper heiarchy ranges both in Semite, as well as in the forground of the Romanic Empires. This historically then, is what Jeasus was said or sent supposed to do. >The modern defination of Jeasus is, "learn to be like Jeasus as Jeaus saw the needs of the common man, however was not always heiarchially imbued. THE MODERN PROBLEM IS, that the media as they present the parabel of Jeasus today, states that they too are in leauge with Jeasus, however as said within past discussions here, please refer to Javier Corteze's discussions on the trouble with churches per say, that the union of heiarchies seems to be having troubles toiday? These troubles as said, are problems in the social way of events, which make the viewer, wonder as to the collectiveness of the classcial worshiping flock, ie parishioners attending said subheiarchial fuctions. So the modern belief system in Jeasus Christ of Nazareth, principally being socitital fucntion alone, has been augmented. BECAUSE OF THIS SAID, then there must be a parallel statement within sociologies. THIS SAID IN PARALLEL SOCIAL STATMENTS MIGHT BE,..That Gock-more, of far-world did one day kill a skreelock with only his cutting flake tool used to make skins. And this was a big eel and the battle took many hours. However when he drug the giant water eel back to the village, the women did become adjulent, needed to copulate.They did so and the village in danger from being sparse in population, was indeed saved. Gock-more, let out a big burp, everyone was amaized at his ability to burp so loud and now on this holiest of days in rememberance retirbution, everyopne on far-world, burps, when blood eel is served, due to Gock-more's barvery. AND SO>And so the bravery, so the codes of ethos, so the ledgened and belief system handed down. Gock-more was an ancient saviour to the peoples of far world. One can, depending examine how inportant Gock-more is to far-world's society and problems they might be expiencing today. This is all I had wanted to point out with respects to ancient as opposed to times past examinations of culturial belief :) system and HOW, we value them today.
  11. Re: Para NOT IN PRIVATE ALL INDEXES RELAIED In this sector, there is legal use of the Pleiadean Beamship as well as other designs of space and time traveling craft. We here, don't know what your God-based affilation index is and as to whether or not you have a multiphased God-base from where your spirit origen once came from? Here it seems Christian-Jew-God has a deal with some sorts of aliens, even some of the bad ones, to raise humans, as a crop no matter what. There is also a powerfull angelic force, which may have the power to reconstruct time and associated matricies, at will in this sector. Your baseing realization in this sector of space, may be differing from how your s former baseing realization was when you where in your former local? The Pleiadeans use a quantum tunneling paradox, with a instantious mass transfer, as a bent parallel status, through event change tranfer rate. This makes their ships appear to be in two places at once. Others I'm sure of are only more advanced variants of the Titor Time Displacment Unit, which is a forced paradox shell, generaited off of twin kerr tripler-like technologies. The alien version of near same, is capable of levitation and locomotion as well as time travel. This might be a sect of Andromedian physical looking charicters. If you or any time travler comes here, I'm sure that you must have a realization pass, in order to do your busniess here? This goes for out of frequency wizards as well, who might visit this area. These types of beings are monitored here, by various sources. There might be a time gravity wave equalization phased device, as set upon by time cops and or associated authorites, to stop of nutralize bad sorts of waves. The past violation of the Atlantians here on Earth, as well as the Lemiurians, were that they had devices as well as weaponary.These devices were way too powerfull for the time space quadrant here. There is a God baseing here for the christian-jew god who is here. However' there are also baseings for many other stiles of gods who have behalf flocks here as well. This is registered as a god's type of union, and is realized by many. Monothesim, is not practicle where you have not only a primary known plants, however plants as well and an entire systems which is multi-ethicnicaly cultured. This is why the God's union here. Your dealing with beings such as Micheal The Arc Angel, who has an allowance of tremendous powers at his disposal. I did not know if you had know this within your postings?
  12. Re: Where are Bounty Paper Towels ? He's probably got a localizer preview module, where he can spot even time cops, before they can get a vector on him? Even the best of amature time travlers, may not have the ability to nab OBL within this era of time. An expierenced timecop, maybe? They probably already have the vector on him as we speak.
  13. Re: The superposition of a Traslation Wgat Tran means to those of you who do not understand ball configurations within time as a passage, is that unauthorized time line intervention, causes a variant of some of these branch realities to start to occur. This might be where a ball is struck within junior baseball leauge play, the centerfileder goes to retirieve the ball and off cathces the ball within the mit, however still throws the ball to firstbase. A tampering into this timeline, might mean that this ball is caught differntly however the throw still makes first base? These little tamperings might go-on into the replaying of this reality almost forever. This is why if one time travels, then one may look, however absolutly, do not interfear with the charicters within this particular time sceane. These in this sector of space are known as the Pleiadean Time Travel Protocols, or rules to follow time travel by. Temporal causality pressure, is realized as another factor however.
  14. Re: Personal, sorry Frog? AMAC American Hornet. Sorry Frog, about enterting your spare time. Was only teasing you and I thought you would have caught the levity of the joke. I appologise, you did not. To Amac, I hope that you can do something with this timeline, as the Dracks have dibs on it, along with at least three or four other types of aliens. Got to be moral here Amac, if your from another erra, or dimension, we are kinda in your hands, however at this point in time, we dont know what these hands are? Where ya from Amac?
  15. Re: About Anlussans In my records of UFOnauts, I am picking up nubian-looking UFOnauts, with semiamphibian features. This might not be relavent to Annalusians being from your said dry world, as webbing is sometimes used to disapate heat. I did not mention Phobus, as another major country on this globe, has lost a multi-million dollar space craft, due to some problem in going near Phobus. Must have been an aberition of light through a beautiful blond's hair, which had caused their loss of a spacecraft, rather than anything said myterious from Phobus? Nuff said, all I can say.
  16. To all you veterens who have served. To all of you who have served,... for all the sore feet, tolleation of marginal food, sleepless nights keyed upon on Coca-cola on guard duty,..for those of you who have been scared,..or felt that you were forgotten,..tired of lending things out, but never had them returned. For those of you, who sometimes doubted would make it back but did and for those of you who didn't. Thanks so very much, you're all remembered on this day. Thanks for the memories. And yes it seems that creamed chipped beef, may have been as part of a plott to take over the militaries of this world? :eek: -- :)
  17. Foot in mouth, Emm smorrrimf? I' :)m sorry Tran01, public appology to you for getting so emotive. Must have been the weight of past differnces placed on me? Didn't mean to become spasmodic within my temperment. Please accept my appology to you. It must be hard for you living within a new body and having to deal with semi-tempramentail Earth modified ape.like beings?
  18. I saw a coppy of myself, which in this society is refered to, as one's dopple ganger. This guys name was Eddie Waters and was always either fifteen minutes before I would get to some place or five to ten minutes after I would arive at some place. I once was washing my car and some guy came up to me and asked if I was Eddie Waters and I said, you must have me confused with someone else. This guy thought that I was playing a game with him and persitted in a line of questioning. I still had assured him, that I was not Eddie Waters. It seems that within the design of society, that genes float freely and start their own heiarchies with some of our genes in them. I don't know, call it the postman or milkman factor, or genes started in the country by chance? These genes do get around and a coppy of yourself, in the gene sence only in in the anty, sometimes. On seeing yourself, via time fold, this electrically can happen, if you for some reason enter a time fold and see youself. Don't approch yourself at this point.
  19. I did not want to start a new thread, on fule celled engines. I would only care to mention, that held in Discovery Magazine, for the month of November, is a stroy on hydrogen fuel celled motors. This is a complete chassis with everything in it, by G.M., which is kind of like a car stile to go, as you can add what type of cover that you wanted to put ontop of the chassis. The problems as far as enginerring design go, are crash and safty to passingers and enviroment protocols. Emergency needed and rough terrian desing on demand situational senariors. Acceptability by the oil cartel nationas, as this it seems is a fule hydrocarbon burning civilization? Price, public acceptance and ease of servicability for this vehicle? I feel that this proto-design needs a lot, no let me say, a fantastic amount of extra engineering to it, in order to get it off the ground. It was mentioned be fore, by people who are from elsewhere, howevewr the oil reserved that are in the ground, act as sort-of shock absorbers, to geological movments, such as earthquakes and volcanic happenings. It is vitally important not to deplete all of these reserves, "as the Earth for humans unless we are transplanted", would geologically, become a much more violent place. We should be ? going after fule, as well as other associated technologies mentioned within this string and section, as if our collective general welfares had depended upon it? With all I know, even I am not sure as to what tomarrow will bring. Thanks for allowing me this additiuonal imput as well, P & T. Dan creedo299x9
  20. Betty Freidan underarm deoternat I'll answer for Tran, you're taxing him. 1.Does not matter as other orgs., handle this. They only involve the pres, if these orgs want a photo-op. 2.Yes they do, they are scattered and sectored. There are some on the moon, a certain sect of Andromedians, physical. On Mars, I know of one hybrid Grays contingent, they have made contact. These groups at time, do not show coheasiveness. 3.Don't know, he might be hitching a ride in a human body, don't know what he's up to? 4.Well principally, I think as Charles Fort had said, "I think we're a crop"? 5.He remembers his friends, but he's in a differnt body now.This is why nobody in goverment is intrested in him. He can call a section 86 and everyone will think he's not stable. 6.McDonald Aerospace, group, when it was in busniess, was said to have developed one of their own and fly it in the American desert. Was not a real hot ship, but could do a few tricks. This was a few years back and is in a web site. 7.The men in black now, are subdivisions of the Dracks. They have a human bioplasem field to pass themselves off as humans. Other men in black further defined>A few years back, they sewed togeather parts of dead people stollen from mourges and what-not.>See John Keel's The Mothman Prophacies. That was the 70s. In the fifties, however beings from beyond the great energy barrier, towards the center of this galixy, came here to visit Earth. This was recorded in Frank Skullie's, Behind The Flying Saucers. These guys were pure energy and would take bodies of dead people and place their very high energy within them. The origionals arn't her any longer. They went back to their place beyond the great energy barrier, where no human can go. They said they came here for scientific exploration pourposes, however to them, this world, even on the hottest days, would seem like the Arctic would, in the middle of winter to humans. 8.This system has been invested. You only need to look real good in order to find the evidence. All these sources are web sources. Tran's people, look like a cross, between a very black American negro and an aquatic animal. We have no idea of their social patterns and this might be a process, to where the female leaves an egg someplace, she goes off to work and the guy comes along later and fertalizes it? It might be that touching and carressing, may be processes other, or outside of sex, as opposed to how humanbeings procreate. There are some species that don't even have any idea what forplay is and hold hands and touching, without sex, are true forms of friendship. Other species, have differing behaviour patterns and may not have any similarity in the way, we humans do as well as socially see things?
  21. Duplicated post spot, please delete, MOP Extra accidential post spot, please MOP, delete this extra space.Thanks creedo 299
  22. Re: Personal Third sentance down under the heading of creedo, you said, >what other tricks do you have up your sleeve as well as in my sparetime? I'll have you know that your sparetime is a very personal part of your, ...uagh, whatever and furthermore.....> I have you know mister Frog-type person, I have never throught of entering your sparetime. And if you continue to say such terrible things, such as insinuating that I would ever enter your sparetime, without a county permit, I'll go to the MOP and have you arrested?~ Hungh! The thought of me ever eaven thinking of entering up my sleeve and up your sparetime. My gracious, what are the morals of this board comeing to?!! This is something like Darby or T12 would say. The thought of it, well I never!!! ; :eek:
  23. Re: Hold that extra mayo on the tunna A funny note, as I myself was wondering why I was becoming so emotional over these series of post I did commit. When I had noticed the post, the number was still 81 on the views.The next number was replies, which was the number 9 And the month is number eleven. This is synchronicity in travel. This is why I was biteing at you anckles, due to the synchronistic jive. 1981 is when the films were brought back from the Meier farm in Switzerland. 1977 was when Pleiadean cosmonaut had fallen and struck her head in the Meier study/library, when Billie's friend Jacobus had tried to steal a look at a real Pleiadean. In 1981, I saw the outakes from the Swiss landing and went into social shock. It was not untill the year 1989, that UFO Library Magazine had come out with the fact, that Cosmonaut Semjase, had struck her head on a supposed Pleiadean saucer-beamship's down-ramp. five years later, the truth came out and it was told about the libray, where Semjase had fallen. When Preston Nicholes saw the Pleiadeans, they were mute and did not talk. When Penny Harper also visited with the Pleiadeans, they too did not talk. When I saw the Pleideans, in 1989, via a ships sighting only, they did not communicate with me at all. A wall, that does not talk and only stares. Reagan told Gorbachev, "Tear down the wall, Mr. Gorbychev" and when this wall was torn down all the evil that this wall held back, came into the west. Now someone like me shouts, to the Pleiadean ships before me, "Tear down the wall of silence Pleideans". and what,...would happen if this wall were torn down? At some time within future tense, would extraterrestail hookers be working lower Manhatten? Not ment to be funny, however what does happen, when walls are torn down, Tran001? What I need now, is my Clara Doll.My little Clara Dolly. Clara use to post here, she was a mother figure to me before she had started to change her stories, like the Mormon religion. I need my Clara Dolly, Tran001. ~The price well paid for knowing what is behind a barrier, once you are told not to look inback of such, is the certain responsability that we must deal with this new factor, once its scope has been exposed to our width of knowlege. Thank you, for the time being, this was a test imposed by synchronicity.
  24. Re: Angel wait a second.. I don't want to interupt between you too and what your laying down. However what both of your efforts seem to be, is an efficacious attempted run-around the problems that this society faces now. I too Tran001, I am not sometimes within the mainstream as you are. However, I am in touch. When you two are extoling the virtues of communial heiarchialism, please place down you hymnal and look carefully at what is going on. The young oft not, want nothing more to do with organized religion, as this seems to be a heiarchial attempt to be ownus on them, by the supposed ruleing class. The misinterpration that Tran001 is putting fowards, is that what he percieves as God rules forever. In our case here as humans, this is truly not so much the case. The way this goes down as represented now, is that man was physically farmed here to be the creature that he is and now appears to be. The second tennet of this postulation is, that there is a consortium of gods, as well as one main christian God, that at times officiates here. This is dutifully known by Betty Andreasson Luca's work and is not contested at all. However when one says he will rule forever, since this saying is under the guise of parochialism, within the context of a supposed ruleing body.Futhermore here as represented by transferance here on Earth, is the saying that since the powers that be rule, that they are really doing God's duty? You forgot to exclude exclusitivity in your says here. By not doing so, you two are saying, God's nice, however we are muscial, so we in the physical will take over his job thank you? Please be advised if you are who you say that you are. E.T. both government bought, as well as free hiddens never came out and said they were here. Please be additionally advised, the hidden bases said to be of both governmental as well as cobased agreed facilities, have never been exposed and said to be, what they are to be to the general public. So nothing has changed.This is still one society based on over-heiarchialism, without a repreise in recourse, to a better means of direction. In otherwords, still a dead-end society. Very, very attempted smooth, however I'm sorry, you can not paint over this now very vexing problem, which effects the entirity of the globe known as Earth. Still, still, still, still, still, still, still, case in point and I will point this ever so dutifully again. Betty Andreasson Luca's book, The Andreasson Affair Book two,>I saw from a distance as man who was walking by where this sphere had landed. The gem-robots, (Angels helpers), had sunned the man and then went over and picked up the man by holding each arm and started to drag him back to the silver sphere. The man came to his sences and had started to cry aloud. The witness seeing all this from the bushes, could hear one of the robots say, "We've got the wrong person, this subject should not be acting this way.Let him go.)) When God by ones defination is so perfect and all seeing, then this action must have been an indication to a few, that the God Angelic heiarchies do indeed make mistakes? What is vitally inportant there, is that in us humans knowing that God has allowed this mistake to be seen, then this is an indication of the fact that once farmed as well as Earth based man, is now free to move on. In short, in his own allowance of travel, join the galacitic community. On the other hand you have P. Moore, who's said is, "On one of my late night web searches, I came upon this web site.Yat yata yata and this is the Ongs Hat site and guess what?, they's doing bad to get this vehicle and the Devil, just happens to be in the details. Between the three of you all trying to spin it your way, it's enough to make one take up drinking. This society no longer works without microproscessor control of people. When society has to function to this extent, then it's really no longer worth living on this globe. This is one of the main reasons that some have approched the need for allowable organize space travel with the attage of colonization.This as well as fraternization with whoever we want, with such verve. We definalty do not need rulers who are so isolaited, theat they do not know what supermarket laser scanners are, or refer to Earthlings as human-type people. Rule if you want, however in my own phylosphies, I do elect to go other places, if this is allowable? In the books of the seventies, such as Alvin Tofflier's book Future Shock, as well as one of the first early work in film by George Lucas, as well as the saids of behaviourist Paul Goodman, there were ample warnings issued about these times to come. And what did government do with all the funding? Right' put it right into the CIA, DIA and every spook org that one can think of. Why look at they're financial records come tax time. The spook orgs have the most wonderful accountings forms that one can possably imagine. Now look at NASA financial records as exposed by a GOA probe a few years back? Annnd where was the records???Right, they were in a basement all stuffed away and somehow, just somehow there was a rainstorm and the water filled the basement so destroying all the financial records. Now look at the differnce ibetween how each orginization is taken care of. One has immucilate accounting proceedures, which resemble Maddison Avenue. The other, well, Duh' think they threw them papers under a dumpster er sompthin?? Yes' I can tell by listening to the prose here, as a society we are headed srraight for the stars. I'm so gladd I have your assurances on that? I'm sorry, but this is how I see it, have seen it and will s contiune to do so in the future.
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