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  1. Hi Rachel' to answer your thoughtfull question, if you take yourself out of time and travel backwards, then you yourself become to a state which is known as capsulaited time. In other words, you are taken from the event of now and then become part of the time bubble that takes you backwards in time. So when you get to a past time, there is then you and the situation that you find in the past. You have the option of interfearing with the past, or not interfearing and only observing yourself in the past. However remember, the past is going on all by itself and does not really need you to be the past? To your second question, yes it is possable to be extracted from your current time, not to your knowlege and be put to use in another time, such as the fabeled quantum leap. However this is where your time bubble melds with past events and actually whatyour doing, is transplacing the person who you bunped out of their reality, by temporaily takeing their place. Yes this is possable to your last question, and these beings, may be physiologically differnt from people who are now around today. What you must understand is, that every so many hundreds of thousands of years, a collection of this time, is put into storrage, so that this time is allociated to the past and a new set of years can come down to the current now. This is similar to how thirty three and a third long playing records drop down, however in your mind envision these records to be so many hundreds of thousands of years. In other words the time traveling portal in Ancient Atlantis is still working, however that time is not the current time. A casuality in time travel is a casluality and once someone is lost, they are lost and uasually don't reappear. ;lkS;liz;oihva;non;;oaijhn;n;aos;linas
  2. Re: Time Travel the..Get rid of all saucers If dis da case, Tra001, then get rid of all dem saucers, cause dey all have electromagnetic outer sheaths placed on them, so they's actin much like a time machinen!? Why'd ya go and half to make everthing so complicaited!?? Oh' no no, oh' no no You'r wathcin your back, like you'r somebody else, you seem like such-a fool to mee-uh-aeea. Tell me,.. why'd ya half ta... :)
  3. Re: Time Machine Equation, electrons not mass: Yes Len' the double slit expierment and this is similar to the optical double slit expierment, of less proportions. This is grand information that you have presented here and I am truly impressed. This means any device outside of matter as an occurance to time travel backwards in time, or T. This could be electrons, or photons, such as said by the mythalogical creature, Dr. David Anderson could be used as socks of venture, for anyone who would place such a sock around their applicances. The we have mass =ing M and eletrons equaling e lower case, then in what exitation phase, and in what strength does e envelope M, in order to escape the scaler quotent, which Einstin had stipulaited was the phantom backdoor lines, of any corner in null space? I'm so amaized that you have brought this information foward, I need to come over to your house with a bottle of wine, so that you can make spagettii for me. Thank you Len, Dan :)
  4. Re: Always start a theory witha simple mudball Nope, a simple opened top and op-ened bottomed carboard box will do. A the maximum velocity of C within M+ is always corospondant to influences of the surrounding universe, or stringed M, or M+ Yi yi yi yi, at what percentage of simple mass acceleraited towards the top velocity of C, the spped of light, does one get photonic expression out of matter? I am sayin I thow mud at real fast, but at what point do it shine?Ha yar ha yar ha yar :)
  5. Shadow' when pres says something can go on forever, he can't really mean this. The presperphonium is only speaking figurativly. Howeber if it is a racemose, (race-mouse) and the viewer is caught within this particular routing, then quizically speaking, "yes forever as long as forever last". However in scale, to multiple quadrillions, mmmmm?' outside both boundary layers of the universe or where m+ and m+2 should lie?...Hmmmm' NO, can't go on forever, as the questions as to whether stringed space goes beyond both layers of universe, well this hasn't been answered? Not math, not even higher mathamatics, not physics, not astrophysics, not even quantum astrophysics, of multilayered universal phylosphy, however quantum spaced scale.Google upon google upon google, without internvention into all capsulaited timed locus access points. :oops:Shadow, how do you stay so fresh at the end of the day,...I mean what's your secret? You know I use a good deoterant bath bar, however near the close of the day, I have to shower, while you seem to go on and on. What is your secret and how do you stay so fresh, with the aire of home fresh goodness as part of your coutinance? I've got to know pal, please tell me?!!
  6. It's not just acceleration however the state of mass once in acceleration. M being mass can never be space, unless M is assigned to a change in frequency, then of course it is not longer mass, however religaited to another frequency. So in the truest sence, outer space is not N or the null state, however frequencied space, which is actually M+. When one acceleriats mass within the confines of that particular masse's own signatured space, to what component can this mass be acceleraited to? Note I did not say maximum vewlocity, however component mass acceleraition? So an ^ in C over a defined course of M+ to what effect will change M+ or stringed space? The answer does not lie in acceleration or curvalinnear vectors at all, does it Lenoard. What is frequencied pressure?
  7. Re: To tran 001 Corrections:I would not want to take over the galixy as Tran001 had claimed. There are already very large cities based within this galixy alone. From what I understand of offworld busniess, is that it is done in a cooperative way. The superworld which was depicted in the next to the last Star Wars series, is far too big. However some of the wolrds out there, have skies filled with all sorts of flying saucer craft, as well as offworld vehicles. These bigger planets, have their own forms of currency. I do not need such a position of power. In some ways, I am similar to Pleiadeans, of the more quieter sects. A position such as held by a bigger ambassador would not be to my taste, so ruleing the galixy, is not what I want. The question that each of you should be asking yourselves, is in light of the book Beyond The Light Barrier. This book by Elizabeth Klarier of South Africa, is why she was permitted to wed and offworlder and give birth to this man's child. Are we as Earthlings are not permitted to excercize this right and privilage if we want? I have not worked out how many God stations per planet there are within this universe in probability, however there minght be quite a few. I'm sure that there are a few large ships out there, that are just abandoned, for some lack of responsability. I did get a return on the classification of an offworld spacecraft, by the name of Hourglass and this was a very big ship. I have about four to five seconds of viewed motion. This ship is elongaited.No external power nozils seen in back and the accelearation rates, are gradual, not fantastically sharp. There is a kindof design which reslebles almost a burnished brass, bronz or gold to the outter hull appearance. I would say a metered length of four times the length of the Queen Mary Ocean linner. There is a big intake infront of her and she moves without makeing any sort of sounds at all. The feedback on the trajectories, are as Tran001 had said, but almost at U shaped trajectories, somewhat like a pendulum. There are flashes of brigth then dark, as she goes through her swings.I only got a glance of the crew and some are not all human. The cost I am getting this now, is about fourty billion, somehow inflaited, but the economey of their world runs differnt, which would be in the many of trillions of dollars here. This ship does not use fule, but a type of magnetic pressure and these increments of adjusted push exponetially building on each other, step by step, that why she looks like a derilect. No outside lights, real funny looking, almost like a ghoast ship, from what I can see. To Tran001, the real begining of the new age was in 1972. This is when beings from Sirius B, shot a special type of beam into our sun. This beam the sun could tolleratre without it being disrupted. These particular beings, Sirus is a big place, wanted us before the change of this new erra.This was due to the capsulation of years now opening to a new one, to have some past life memories, so that our existances would not be in vaine. The new age, as you call it, did not come into relaization till some time in the 1980s, however the date of the beam being shot into the sun, was year 1972. They did do this and the results were pretty weird, "I must admit", with people such as A.Z. Kight comeing out about her past life expeierences. This is enough for now. Thank you
  8. Re: Yiddish group, info you had wanted: Note the sun acts as a timeing device, which corolates human DNA on this planet. The function of the sun is both its own and can be effected by certain sects of gods, in certain control factors. No Earth peopson, unless they are genetically differnt, is allowed to enter the direct proximity of the sun astrially, if the sun does not want them to. The danger you face here, is loss of the soul. So the text of going into the sun, as was said in the paper offered to me by CAT, is impossable for most Earth humans. Even if say a group of jewish amature scientist were to construct a small spaceship and escape to another system in order to live, they would have to readjust to that particular planet, or they would die. The sun is a living entity, not as Earth humans realize this, but however, living. So this entity can not be bartered into doing anyone's will, and if this would be the enforced case, the sun would simply kill that person. God as he invest here on Earth, kinda has an office arrangment beneath the seas, in one particular area. This was brought about by the writeings of Betty Andreasson Luca, as a result of her being taken there. God, or whoever uses the judeo-christian block, or jew and gentile, have belief systems translaited from some aspect of this area, only multiversally translaited. In the time to come, there is script saying, that God would place an Angel on or near the surface of the sun. This is to prevent DNA modification, which could result in mass death and or loss of souls. Some offworld groups want Earthlings like cattle to take elsewhere.This might, or might not be wrong depending on how the arrangement is setup? I offer no solutions for anything of what I have put here. I am very sure that everything I have placed here, is correct. A modified human can enter the sun, however this human has to be hand picked and must only be approximatly half human. There is still a danger if this person does not agree with the sun, of the sun throwing violent fits, which could cause gigantic solar flares and possably great disruption. Although it seems fantastic, the sun knows everyone here on Earth by their DNA sigiture and will intercept you as you go near it out of body, if you come too close. Ed Dames and the Navijho Spirit Walkers, only go so close to the sun, however have been told not to go any further, due to the dire danger of going into the sun, which is death and loss of soul. If an only half person does go into the sun, is accepted by this sun and still has an element of human within them and really does enter the sun, then the results are a light case of radiation poisioning, darkening of the urine to red to deep red. There is a bought of extreme tiredness, which a person will be too tired to move about freely, after this person goes into the sun. Only one to two people, in the entire history of the Earth being here, have been allowed to go into the sun. One did not make it back. This is not a game and everything that I have said is true. Note to CAT:My phone call with Eddie Sosa with with a group of beings known as the Elders, who are a non-same time field being, a notch below the Angels. This call was sacred and within higher communion to the Angelics. You had said that I lacked pia matter, do you think that you should appologise?
  9. Re: TTA Small point clairification, on last posting said. Remember Tran001 came in here with accurate descriptions of a ship that really does exist? That was his ticket in here, for legitamacy? However once he got in, now everything has now gravitaited to a religious point of view. TTA, where do you see the thread Hourglass, with talk about the prime temporal point and the ship? Right, its way down the thread, as Transient001 had finnessed his way in here. Any modification that they try to make, is now a mute point.This is now as the dye was cast over four years ago, when Martin Lockheed took billions of dollars into a space plane manufufacturing ploy and left Americans out in the cold. We have no space plane, in order to start colonizing the moon. Don't you think God has noticed this TTA? Now tricky Tan001 comes in here and everyone is going to paint a picture of how tricky we can all be, if we read torraic values, just so. I'm sorry TTA, but the dye has been cast and all the standing on the head and knowlege of the Torha, will not make any differnce in the world. The genes we all posess, are more than likly what we are stuck with. You might say Tran001 snuck his way into here and now everything points to a wonderfull attempt in covering it up, so trying to paint a wonderful picture of ourselves which simply is not there? You were right, however I guess I get the repremanded for allowing this guy to come in here under false pretenses.
  10. Re: The Prime Temporal Point, CAT. MOP: I will vacate this thread as this was an apparent attempt to get at a secular point of view, rather than talk about the hourglass.
  11. Re: TTA When a point is match in tennis, then this is a understanding well diserved. I don't look into anyone's life, unless they empenge a situation to me. Notherwords, I'm not a neb-nose. All I can say, is that you got Tran001 right square on the numbers, in sniffing out his hidden intentions. "Absolutily the finest return serve, I have seen anywhere"! Par excelience, the very best. :oops: I feel any other future casting after this TTA, would be a,..."well how would you say, debating the return volly well served"?! You keep calling them with that famous instinct of yours TTA, job very well done, I'm proud of you. Keep right on doing what your doing!? Best wishes, Dan
  12. Re: The Prime Temporal Point to Tran001 Finnally, Tran001 translaited. I think TTa had sniffed you right, however the content of that sniff, was what had eluded TTA, however not me. Your pass to talk here was the Hourglass.This was your ticket in. As TTA says me being psychic, this is not the case.I am from Gypsey extraction and their awareness is a little differnt. There is a ship as you had described and it is a big one. However you intrest is not within that area. What you intrest is in, is the prime temporal area. You can't enter into the prime temporal area, unless you get a pass from God. You have to be almost pure energy and light, so leaving the physical body behind. In theory, it is possable to gain a key access into this area, however one of the main Angels would have to escort you in. There are a collection of beings, maybe sixteen or more, that have the internal ability to phase change their bodies into differing dimensions. Some classical witches, Wizzards from other dimensions, Yogis and a type of human who once lived on this Earth, that had special arrangements inside of their internal organs. There is also the beings known as the Sonases, however these beings are very frugal on who they do busniess with. The have heads the size of a larger watermellon and have sciences probably twenty thousand years ahead of anything, that Earth could possably want to produce. These junctions in time are guarded and if you were to try to invade these areas, you more than likly will be stopped. The prime temporal area, is like a giant swtichboard, in where time balanced are all arranged. For any being with metaphysical powers, to try to gain access to this area, you would probably be headed off by the Angelic heiarchies, right away. People can adopt the powers to materialize and dematerize, however the pentality for deliberate misuse of this power, is very, very, dire. If your belief system is strong enough, God will even let you come visit him, as sometimes he likes the company of the human spirit. God is actually what one would call a nice guy. At times he can be a very beautiful and sweet entity. However here, you like talking the switchboard of a very large series of circutry and in doing this, I'm sure that the form for direct access, is much more complicaited?
  13. Re: The Prime Temporal Point, Darby and CAT. To Barby, I'm not sure about the vacation, as it is a production, year and funding might be a problem. Even if this vacation is given away, there is still the problem of Alaska being so wild. I'm not sure that I can commune in their sence, as bears down here, I almost know by name, however up there, "well they kinda eat you"? Thanks the thought was nice any way. To CAT and Tran001, Wow! your surperlative is waxing the epsodic, to such an extent, that I'm sure that only you two, understand what your talking about? Nope, God in his natural state, without having to prove anything, is blue. Like a blue tainted pane of glass. He just likes being blue, right by a garden he makes up. Other appearances are devised to sute form, to some of the beings he knows."Thought you two might like to know that"? On the Jeudeaic nation growing up and now being on its own. Yes I'm sure God has been watching this. I'm sure one thing he saw, was the selling of so many shares of stock, for a hydroeletric project in Isreal and somehow, "somehow mind you", all of these inter-Isreal realited funds, were diverted into a fighter jet project. Now how did that happen? In early history, God did like the Hebrews. He had stiled them a certain way and there people Angels and other breaks there, just when they needed them. Now what do you think God will say, when he transforms himself into the image of a busniessman, opens the desk drawer and pulls out the folder on some of these past national doings? He's going to say, "Hey you guys arn't the underdogs anymore, your fully vested and can take care of yourselves, no more breaks for you". Tran, how'd you get from the time ship known as the Hourglass, to a light that is so bright that you can't stand it? Again what does one have to do with the other?
  14. Re: The Prime Temporal Point, christain verses jew I feel how christian constrast to Jew, is that Christians view God in their own mind, as a man with a beard and white robes, saying very wise things. The Jews, say the effects of God only and in CAT's case, the interpratation of what God is, is so elusive, that she refers to God as G-d, no o in the middle part of this name. However in order to understand the bible, one must also understand judeaism. The problem lies in the fact, as with a car that's been owned for too long, the aestetic is used up, in reference to the people reaction to what God is only for a lot of the masses. Why is this? This lack of reaction is due to the pressures placed upon this society by overpopulation compaction. It was found that by the Betty Luca case, that God may have an office here.What is more starteling, that that the christian jewdeaic God, actually allows other gods, in other cultures to practice their version of what god means to them. So actually then God is part of a God's Union. What is known from scientific Pleiadean information only, that are one travels out into the cosmose at tremendous velocities, they begin to leave the solid mass reality and travel into an etheric non-mass type of world. The subject had started out about time travel involveing the said ship the Hourglass, however now, the subject of toppic, is an understanding of what God is supposed to be, which to anyone, could mean a number of things. The question was posed to Transient001, in other words to time travel, one must traverse into God, Angelic heiarchies? Is this what your trying to say, Tran001?
  15. Re: The Prime Temporal Point Darby and CAT How the hourglass would work, is on a slide geometrical scale. This starts a prime points one could term A, however the traverse is on the curve, to B wherever B might be. This was the origional jist of what tran001, was trying to say. The ship should not have visualized, if it was not there. Time is really localed to heiarchies of time and not measured linneally. So to be able to traverse back in time, way beyond the many million year mark, is always possable, however one must be able to transend through these barriers in time? Higher realms of temporance was not was origionally discussed here, however travel in time. Say forinstance I called Darby up on the phone and said, "Ill drive down to your place, but first stop at Safeway and pick up the low cal ice-cream, but in about fifteen minutes be at you place, for the party"? Darby would be expecting me at this place, gladd rags and a gallon of chocolate mint swrill, benith my arm, with the bottle of Gran-yeah,(phonetic)in order to make the flam choco mooses. Instead Darby comes to his front door, while tunes are pumping out on his music box and here I appear at the door, with Sdmar-ki-yee, the wonderful metaphysical holy dog, with me and the dog dressed in holy robes?! Krishna Krishna, Darby Darby, oh don't drink booze,instead take a snooze"This is what me and the talking dog are singing... One version of going to the to destination A to B, is the traverse of the Hourglass, then next is into a higher holy realm. What is it, please clarify?
  16. The reason that I am answering this question, is unsolved issues from early on. When I was a child, I would go to see movies. Durring these movies, it was kinda like my normal vision would shut off and then I would see all sorts of strange and horrible things. Future wars prediected and the whys into particular movie series, that everyone else could not figure out. I'm getting this same feeling reading you post.This is why I am talking to you. On Mr. TTA, I feel that he may have another life issue, that is somehow clouding his judgement and this is why he is attacking you. Please ignore this demenour of Mr. TTA, as I was warned about him and others like him, a year ahead of coming here. OTHER, Note that in our time of 2002, the U.S. and it seems some elements of Islamacism, are still fighting an pre-mid-evil war, which was based within the middleast. I don't think things are going to get better, as there are two sides to this war and this event will just go on. Within the ship named the Hourglass, I sence she's still there, the social commotion around her and how big she is. I can even see her start to move, as she starts her break into hyperspace. I somehow see these people who are involed with this project and a lot of them have selfish motives. What is familar, is the interplay of royality, as they had wanted to build this ship, regardless of what other people thought, so they rammed this project through. Smaller saucers and timecraft, collectivly do not pose a proper problem to time travel. This is because they slip through the time and space curtain, without so much disturbance. TTA, in a very odd way, is my responsability. I am probably one of the few, who had made a public bid for the position of off-world ambassador to the leader of this land. This bid was not accepted, by the powers that be, however strangly I feel in my deeper chant meditations, to deep set star systems, this bid had been accepted. TTA had insulted a fellow by the name of Ptaah, who is a Pleiadean commander that is based here on Earth, hidden near Switzerland. This is a real gene tie only between myself and Ptaah, however the politics and how he feels is his worlds and for what it's worth. I stand for Earth's off-world bid concerns. TTA had insulted Ptaah. I'm sorry to say, TTA has no idea what this insult could have cost him, if the Pleiadeans would have at that time, adoptted a vindictive stance and wanted satisfaction. There is a web site known as Universe People. I guess TTA had hacked into there, to find intel on Ptaah. What TTA does not realize, is that of the five member worlds of the Pleiades, Aldabran is their military center. What some off-world races do, if the insult is great enough, is to throw you into an arena and have it out, over honor. From what I hear TTA was a fine wrestler in his time, however from what I'm guessing, defintly no swordsmen, or spear and staff man. This makes me his leige and I would have to go to combat for him, as he is unknowlegable in Pleiadean ways. "I would actually have to do this, if the insult was taken into account"?!I know the Pleiadeans monitor all of our communications. Aldabran is where they keep the military. Their military, is what Earth's military establihsment, would call supersoldiers, of too many steriods, they are that tough. They would give him a female soldier to fight, as if he fought a male, he would probably be killed outright. Being an ambassador means sticking you kneck out for other people.I guess this is where TTA and I interface. This guy,...does not understand extraterrestials and how dangourous they can be. Try to look past this, when and if you do return to post here? This ship seems familar and so do the people behind it. Our very first of the Star Wars Series, was actually channeled from a past life regression. This is why to me, when I first saw Star Wars One, everything again seemed to actually be a document of the past.This was including the odors within the theather, which I can't figure out how they got in there? Lisa Given's raido show, Eye On Hollywood, her raido show, told of this guy who had channeled these past life sequences from the first Star Wars. I don't know, if this guy had actually sold this story line to George Lucas. Go to Lisa Given's Eye On Hollywood, on the web by entering this word, within the serch box and you should come up with her show? Goto archival materials, and the serch words, Star Wars Channelings, or something to this effect and you should come up with the said telling about the real origen of the Star Wars series. What most people do not understand or realize, is that the concept of royality, goes back many hundreds of thousands of years, within the galixy and universe and is just not particular to us. This makes me think twice, as to why Pamela is trying to get at some root, of time travel, with all due respect. Maybe she was a queen within her past identiy. "I know that I certainly, would not mess with her"??! Pam's a good student, "please" for me, give her good audiance when she ask you certain questions? She's got an awlfull lot on the ball upstars. Thanks
  17. Hi Transiet 001' I am intrested in what you have been saying. Was this a very large ship and manufactured by a powerfull consortium? Did this ship come out of the scientific consortium, out of principle of intrest, for the scientist pol only? This design that I'm familar with, was starting a large changed phased state, through V-1, or velocity with directional vectors. Because of this ship's power and size, the one hundred thousand year block, as well as possably the million of so year blocks were not a problem. This ship was it kind-of a version of a old time Titanic, or very big project, that nobody was intrested in?(Titanic this was an Earthbased ocean linner, sort of a very large pleasure waterbased craft.) Omeaga Point to me, is only locused loaclities that endure a z mass zero implosion, so creating new space, within already established time heiarchies.(Z is understood a prossed matter and energy, only partially given to other realities. So since the Trippler's said Omega point, in this understanding is nonbearing, was the central temporal point, a problem because of the time mass size of the ship. This is where a T-mass junction, is only relavent to structial causes, if T-mass locals within energy recycling, or the universal energy constant produces a function to raw mass and raw energy refinements, to more than one side of the universe.(period). So by mass size, with velocity, which was not supposed to be on this project, the central temporal point, became scaliarly overloaded. This is with reference that only a mass explosion, or pre-supernova, can injunct mass recycled units, within exchange of particle matter,, so thois process could never become acceleraited? Please an thank you. And oh,. was there a group of royality who was inback of hourglass and this is why the Hourglass project went through? Note 001, because of time note markers,I have been expecting you. What is similar in the reality of synchronus fictional markers, is a ship within our concious world, known as the event horizion. These marker notifications have been going on as of late. These markers are, what is life like in a black hole? The beings within this frame of reference do not know what they are saying, nor do they understand the nature of the markers. The answer of course is that a black hole centers is an un'navigational principality, due to universal density. So this might mean that T-mass locals, can or never could be a plastic arrangment. However the markers are of great inportants. The second marker, was my outside awareness of this question and the particulars of the event horizion, before you came. So you have been expected and I have been waiting for you.
  18. RE: Historical post,, notes on CAT and TTA: On CAT, when I first met her in this posting board, I didn't even know she was a Jew. I did not ask, nor had I wanted to know. She tried to bait me, for being persicutory against Jews and Jewishness, when I was nnot even aware that she was of any ethnic extraction. As for her crying when the first plane had slamed into the WTC complex, she might have done this. For me when I saw the first WTC complex involved, I was thinking, "probably some paper storrage within one of the supply rooms, or something"? At this time, I had no idea, as to what was going on, via what was being told. Check jeffrense.com again everybody? This goes well beyond Jews and anything Jewish, which CAT is trying to foist on me as being a biggot. Again, as relied within a number resources, there was a white midsized van, parked in a part of a neighborhood and there were even people on the van watching as the second plane slamed into the second WTC complex. These people were dressed in coverals and cheering as the second plane had slammed into the WTC tower, as if they knew the event was going to happen?? There was a lady who was watching this through a set of field glasses and had called the New York Police Department and these Isrally nationals all with visitor cards, were put into detention. No aspersions cast here on my part. The second happenstance was an Arizona law enforcment offical who saw a Ryder rental truck and this truck was pulled over and again, this vehicle was piloted by Isrally nationals with visitors visas. They too, were placed into detention and sent to a secure facility within New York. There was a Oregon based ranch, that was rented by Packastany nationals. Again' all on visitor's visas, who by local towns folk, were target practicing with rifles on this ranch and did not mix with the local towns folk, nor did fit traditional ranch user profiles. They all have moved and the FBI is looking for them as of now, as they have faded into the woodwork. The Ryder Rental Truck that was pulled over in Arizona, was said to be carrying a potentially to made be explosive. Within the rear cargo carrying area, plus the gloved personel driving the truck wore gloves, which all had this residue in trace amounts upon it. These internationals, of course had no knowelge as to why they were in this truck and had claimed they were only going for a ride. Now they find by a number of news sources, that Bib Ladin may indeed be alive, but his location is not known? If Bin Ladin's computer expert is alive and these terrorist cells are still intact and can recive information through a computer base of transmissions within the U.S.. Then if these cells are said to posess explosive, then the months of September and or October, possably November would be the prime time to carry out this act. I did not say or tie the Isrally nationals and the Packastanies togeather. However if one has an empty truck that had once carried a chemical cargo that could be turned into a mass explosive and the people driving that truck certainly have no knowlege as to what they were carrying? One has to stroke their chin and at least exclaim, "hmmm, what is going on here"?? I never said anything derogatgory about any American Jews, Jewishness, nor had chided CAT to begin with, about anything American based and Jewish or Hebrew in nature. It is her well displayed, "My wing is probably broken oh Mr. Preditor, please eat me instead of my chicks, routene, that is gaining the intrest of the crowds". On TTA.The word out now be Sunny-blon-off, or Son Of Babyalon, is that TTA sends Jpeg photos of himself to people now and then on the net.p.s. Like the name Sonny.blon.off, smile. I say with reference to if your going to chew gum in this class Mr. TTA, then make sure that you give us all some? Why I had posted what I did concerning possable terrorist activities, is the sayings of supposed John Titor and his saying, that more terrorist activity and terrorist like activity would become a probable commonplace event within the United States? I will say this over and over again, I did not at this time, tie any link between the Packastany Nationals and the Isrally Nationals who were caught and placed within detention. However I would be intresting say if there is an explosion to come, within the chemical police labs unfolding of events, to do a chemical analysis and observe if the chem elements found as part of any supposed explosion to come, would have been on the missing chemical list. I'm very sure whoever is monitoring this situation, will be looking for this evidence if those missing chemicles are used in a suriptitious manner? Yeald balance of time to MOP, got other obligations don't have time to post here, thanks M.O.P.
  19. RE: Historical post, yata yata CAT: No correction, the Jews are. The most recient data on the genetic study of both Arabs and Jews was that they were very similar. "Come from the same local in the world you know"? As for me being an antisemite, nope had only quote Rense verbatim and these sources are good. What about the open ocean attack on an American destroyer and why would Isreal do such a thing, without doubly verifying the target source? Makes you think doesn't it? Your termage is even wrong, not anti semite at all. I said nothing about good American Jews, regardless of any ethnic mixed extraction at all. The problem is here the state of Isreal, not anything having to do with American Jews or Jewishness at all. Did you go to Jeffrense.com and check on the source material given? No you didn't because you don't want to verify. Just because one particular part of the world sect of one particular belief sect might do something wrong, doesn't mean that they are all wrong, does it now cat? I mean if you had been in a U.S. Navy uniform on the bridge of that destroyer and a pair of Isrally Mirage Jet Fighters sporting the Star Of David came screaming along and they were going to drop hundred pound air-burst, along with Aiden 30 air to air m.m. into midships... I mean what do ya do CAT? Your dead right there, in the water. You can cut rudder hard to port, or starboard, full or half speed, but with an American aircraft carrier refusing to flush its birds, due to a political walk to base, what are you going to do Naval Lutenant? You can do nothing babe, you've got to sit there till these birds expend ordinace. Then go down into the below compartments and scrape what is left of burning crew memebers off the interior bulkheads and call it a job well done. Something's queer about in-gulf trading and it seems that where a load a Kashtuka rockets had been seized going up the inlet to the Pal state, it seems that other shipments to Iran, have been stopped. I'm sorry, did the infamous Uncle Vanya, of the Russia Phylosphs just get kicked out of the house, for a I'm where I need to be discretion? Hey Babe, you call Mike Wallace and that guy will show how to wear a U.S. Naval uniform, or did you miss on how to put a ununi on?
  20. Historical post, for the time traveling observer only: LAST EDITED ON 05-Sep-02 AT 02:57PM (EDT) At this point in time, we see within America, a certain uncertanity, involving the proposed direction of the United States politically. With the son of ex-president Geroge Bush Senior, having been elected, there is a new stiffer quest for a rival lithic value, within the technocrocy. Public bases for people of Earth on the surface of the moon are still not established at this time, only said secret bases. The rampant needed or pourposeful use of antidepressents, for the entire population seems to be a recient trend that is emerging and may be population sized relaited? We see also that Isreal is focused at a center point of contention within the middleast. This is an odd point of contention, primarily due to the fact that within ancient times, the Jews were not wanted, sometimes kept as slaves and had statrted a two thousand year journey of wandering. However now that a holy land had been established for Isreal, since 1948, Isreal seems to be plauged by Palestinian semites, which ironically within the Arab world itself, as said by the news cast of this time, it has been posted that nobody wants? We have also seen accusations within jeffrense.com, that durring the world trade center catastrophy, of year 2002, that a group of Israllies, had been arrested while watching the buildings burning, by an obserevewr to the WTC disaster. They were spotted by a resident within New York danceing and cheering ontop of a white van. There is also the fact as told on Rense.com, that within the State Of Arizona, that Isrally nationals had been pulled over within a Ryder Rental Truck, which was to have said been carrying a masive amount of potentially explosive materials. The trace residues had been found on the Isrally nationals gloved hands, by the state police crime lab, however no trace as to where this explosive carge could ber now lociated. Seondly there was the case of Oregonian based Packastany nationals, who had rented an Oregon based ranch and had publically been known to practice rifle target practice upon this Oregon based ranch. This fact had seemd odd to the locals, as this group of people was not conversant to the town by which they had lived. These were some twenty suspects and it is not known at this date, as to whether with the supposition of Osama Bin Ladin being said to be alive, plus his computer man who can encrypt orders internationally through photos, as to whether a new set of orders will be sent to any terroist cells within the United States. This authors has not said any link exist between the Israllies and Packastanies, however will only present this posting as a relaiment to any supposed time travler. // It seems that will al the hoopla made about another time travler, who is supposed to be from the year 2036, that any being pattern placedupon this reality is not fully understood as of yet? There is an intimation that world events will steadlily worsen, however as to whether these events will be placed within this particular time and space frequency, is not understood or well known? The fear placed by some that time travel is evil, is understood as a probable cloquialism, of the state of affairs, by those who do not understand that both time travel, as well as extraterrestail space travel, are often one and the same. The attempts by these people to socially pervert, demonize as well as subjagate all of the rest of the posters into the area of time travel and what this should means, is apparent placed upon this board. Forinstance within the context of certain items that are posted, there seems to be by some to try to question the personal morals of some, where infact their own house is not in order? Secondly the attempted deominzation of most of the Pleiadean Empire, which is a five member multisected series of worlds, now known to lie within the Pleiades Constilation, is a prime example of ignorance. \ This is even though some of the sects of Pleiadeans, may infact be deceptive within their own representations, however within the Pleiadean, overeall population, this is only a few people. If you should be visiting this society, please note, that there seems to be an attempt by those who are in power, to gain a symbolic lithic rule hold, over all of this society? This is at a time when it is not well realized that the area of the some 200,000 year cycle, as indiciated by many older civilzations, is comeing to a close. This is equaited to a stack of 19th century vinal music records, which were set to play on a spindled stack.When one 33 and a third speed record is finished, then another record will fall within its place. Durring the area of exchange to anew record, there are phenominon, such as other frequency intrusions, due to the fact that when a new recond will fall into place, the older record will be religated as a recording into time itself. This may be what lots and lots of people are seeing now, with one of my family memebers hearing people walking by him but not being able to visually see them?This as well as "Jerry", I will Call her, seeing only partially composed people within the area of her laundry when she resides within San Francisco. I can not and even if I knew would predict or say by protocols the nature supposed of what is to come? These troubles of the United States, may go back to a time, when then President Grant had given small pox innoculaited blankets, to the American Indians at the White House.This occurance so then earning a drastic indian curse placed upon all presidents since then? At this time, the general population does not realate well to extraterresials. There are said some eighty hidden co-funded base here on Earth, at the hidden behest of many goverments. This link can be found by entering in the serch words, (hidden alien bases), within the yahoo web serch box on the internet web. However as a time travler, please also know, that ther are an estimaited one thousand differnt types of possably peaceful oriented offworld beings, aliens as they call them here, that come to Earth for items such as one would attend a supermarket for needed stores. There is one member placed within the board, (Ra'uel) as I will code name refer to him, who has insulted a top Pleiadean Commander in many ways. Rauel, as I will call him in order to protect his identiy, should know that Pleiadeans do respond to insults and challenges, and this act of Rauel's, could have landed him into an offworld combat arena for the charge of insuilt. I am very well offworld versed, and will no longer take any responsabilty for Rauel's actions, due to the fact I would have to represent for him as a result of his stupidity for saying what he did. This means armed combat within a challange arena, as Rauel is not compatent for his own said actions. We see economically that finacially everyone seems to be running to finance their finanacial obligations due to the September 11th collaps of the world trade centers. This financial actions seems to be placed at a time, to where less war-like retoric should be the proper move, however by news serivces at this time, is not the main mission. It seems that the western world does not observe how the Arab code of justice goes. This was with invitations to beheadings within Saudia Arabia, being a warning of what you will get, if a U.S. Soldier is invitied to a weekend's evening of entertaiment within the Arab world, as posted in the past by the news services tellings. To maintain a more solid coalititon amongst Muslims only, may be why there is a reluctance by many of the Arab based countries, to move aginst the Iraqi Empire, which ironically was placed as a biblical center of creation within ancient text. / The John Titor debicle, was spectacular, in respects to a siupposed time travler from 2036, coming to the 1975 acces point, for an IBM computer, and then visiting the Art Bell web site, of all places and breraking every protocol in the book. Said Titor seems to at this time be luaded as a supermetaphysical nemesis, in similar fashion to Timothy Learry, who at one time was the pop culture rage, of the injested dilesergic acid crowd, of the Haight Ashburry area of San Francisco. This drug plugs sight into hearing hearing into sight and sound into hearing additionally.Was used to get at said social inequties lock, hold in what was known in the 60's San Fransisco, as BAD PSYCHIC BAGGAGE, people of this erra were have said to have carried around within the famileial sence. This chariciterization, seem to go to a point, to where John Titor is a fying time oriented version of both Santa Clause, combined with a mornful Jeasus, with a touch of supermilitary powers, which somehow instill to the flavour of Television Serised Little House on The Prarie stile of aura. Is is seen now by some, that the fabulious John Titor has the power to levitate off of the ground. When this act is so done float down the street at will and if he so chooses, materialize through walls, while extoleing certain virtures. Among these parabiblical warnings are; how we should all do for ourselves, to be good kind listen to classical music. Yes all these feats of transluminalist magic, while pointing out that we of this erra are deccadent, so being responsable for the demise of the future to come. Titor seems to laud the profile of a folk hero.However only small fragments are given, as to a clue concerning his veracity, of ever traveling backward in time. The Ong Flying time vehicle, whose substance is eluded to within this posting board, is another figment of a nonsure phantom, which only is known at this time to have a limited performance profile. Note the Ong Flying Vehicle, or how you can, in three easy lessions, fly be someome's house, intimidate them and then dispatch a real or supposed vampire to bite them near the ankle, so making them think the countinance of the Ong Flying Vehicle did this?? Did I say that the Ong Vehicle prototype of a harrasment weapon? I didn't do that did I? / There are intimations that since the production of Earth based man was in secret a cleft type of deal between the said almighty and the fallen one.This is where man would be placed within a real realm as a result, has led to the intimation that time traveling attempts by the hidden government, are demonically intoned, in order to obtain performance capacities. Who at this time had suffered as a result of these said past doings within the general population of the time, were peoples who were shamistic and naturally gifted witches of that time. There are three uasual ports to witches and these are a white or Angelic Witch, a natural witch, who pracitices utility magic and wizzards who are of good nature can be placed into this catagory. The other whitch, of the third one mentioned, are those who practice black magic, which is often refuted by the two other types of witches to their class. What has been mentioned within this posting is only the begining of the national mood, which may be causeing cause and effect of how events are to unfold. I have had to post this advisory, due to the fact that not all of the facts may be understood at to why events within this time realm only, may be proceeding as they are? Note an not given the nature of why the said Wiccan religion, may have been devised as a sell out religion, by Dr. Gerrald Gardener.This was due to a natural return to some base forms of near shamistic qualities, of which witches and the like are natural to these populations. In other words, if most forms of religion seem to have been having troubles, such as the past Baptist, Church Of God as well as other religions have both sexual as well as finanaical impropierties, then a subcult of beliefs, naturally according to population mechanics would be takeing place. Note the most famous of these happenstance of a protien stained dress.This was a politically based sexually said transgression, to where certain procreative fliud mixtures, were squirtted upon a said political aid's dress wear, then this garment was placed within a closit for a period of some nine months. The public telling later on, was that this particular aid to a politican, had no idea why these procreative now dried fluid mixtures, had been kept placed upon this said soiled garment, for so long a period? There was an intimaited as well as accued act of complcity, as this aids friend, was part of the secretarial pol, within a goverment military bilding, some miles away from the supposed act. What is not understood to this time peroiod, is why the said aid ever expressed these confidentialities to her friend, or why the dress, if she had really cared about this politician, as to why she did not have the dress in question, immediatly cleaned? In other words, what woamn keeps a dress with procreative mixtures placed upon this dress, for nine months, then miraciously remembers about this peice of clothing, then accidently tells this situation concerning her lack of knowing what a dry cleaners is, to the entire world, through her supposed close and tight lipped friend?? With these irregularities placed within this said times religions, with a central falter it seems within the national political base, then the following suppositions concerning Wiccanism as a bailout religion could be deduced.. At this time, the Wiccan religion within the context of the United States Air Force is said to have very great following. The problem was, that the use of witches and Indian Shamens, werenever designed to be a pawn to begin with. In the early state of affairs these people were assinged to take care of the sick by their medacine skills, as well as act as traveling midwives, where other healers could not make the necessary levels of sucess. I do not equate a screaming baby coming forth, as a pat on the back for Eisehower's said industrial military complex. The witch and shamen were then and are now simply doing their jobs and trying to rope witches as well as shamens into the power manifold as it were.This act supposed, so the Navy can lob more powerfull artillery shells, does not equate to traditional belief systems. Note that thew early Jews or Hebrew sets, were a special project of the main Christian God. However there are now some certain events which have changed this apprarent umbrella, that have occured since the time erra of the 1980s. The Betty Andreasson Luca files, by most Christianism and Judeaism, are still not fully understood within their total implications. / Note for the safty of time travlers::Please be carefull in tapping into the web net enterprises of this erra. This is so, as sent computer viruses and worms, are getting to be an ever growing problem and may crash or disable your computer system, if this system should utalize The Windows Operating Platform. I have mail filtering which catches most viruses. If you are from offworld and of good nature and use this form of communications plantform within your ships operating system, you may try attending an antivirus web site, to which you can eradicate your system computer virus. I have no idea how out of time or offworld computer systems, will interface to a virus scn, or to effect a virus removal tool, if your computer system is not either standard to this time or planet? To all who aske about the perril of time travlers and aliens into this time erra and the effect alone on time and space? The effect is similar to going through a curtain, and open and close deal. Social interfearnace out of time travel protocols, however is another matter, I'm not sure of an pourposly digress from, within conversation context. Thank
  21. RE: For Pam' the things that you might need?HISTORICVUM:: I had seen the demise of CAT within this structured forum. I feel that she had come on too emotionally and was demised by her own doings, although well meaning. I feel that inside, she was a very nice person and I had considered my friend.I am sorry that she does not post here any more.Bye! ON WITCHES WIZZARDS AND THE MAGICAL INHERITED GENES: Withces are real and so are wizzards. Neither both of these, within this time and space known entities are always considered bad or harmfull, all of the time. At one time, witches as village healers had been cosidered very valuble people within olden social structures and had been consulted, in order to heal, where others could not. The most famous person, who was a mystic, as well as a fully vested and highly qualified physician, was Nostradamus The Healer. I feel what the short sightedness of history forgets about this man, is that he truly loved people, had a wonderful bedside manner, as well as patient assoication. His apothacary skills, were par excelance. May it be noted that durring the plauges in Europe, that this past healer had acted with both forsight, vision, verve, with an exceptionally deep understanding of his fellow man. I must say to you, that since there is a possability that not all either witches or wizzards are from this dimension and others exist within other space time structures, that wizzards as well as mystics from other realms, may not all have the same qualities nor abilites? My contention is that the old wizzards of another realm, have not only differing capabilites and awarenesses, however their internal organ placments, as well as atomic makeups differ from trained or inheareted wizzards of this dimension? It is vitally inportant to know and understand that if one were to synthacize a child yealding from a witch of this dimension. Furthermore' raise him within another dimension to come back to this dimension later, that with the abilites we posess within this dimension, there would possably be either no way to controll him, nor to stop him? It may be with wizzards of other dimensions, that internal organs posess some levels of metalic, or some certain elements, which easily allow this being to transend the borders of time and space, so entering these portals to other dimensions, as easily as we within this dimension would walk through an open doorway. I don't know why I know this, however the maturation for this child, before he starts to throw a series of nurological fits, with be at age five. This process is where certain key elements within a said area near the liver, will start to need fluxed elemential power ranges, which are phased in the hundreds of thousands of volts. Within this process, there will be periods of mental blackouts and nonrecogntion of the people who are sent to take care of him. This I know will be at a secure facility within the state of Nevada. Regardless of how sure our scientists are sure, that they will be able to contain this child, they will have miscalculaited. The child will breach a magntic containment apparatus, ment to hold even the most escape prone of the Grays race who inhabbit the same facility. As a matter of fact, the Grays will sence him within the same faclity, durring these needed hormonal flux states.These are a prepubescent erra for othewr dimensional wizzards. The Grays will instintivly know of him and cower within their cells. PLEASE NOTE:By my judgment as a parent, this child should never be brought into this dimension, due to the fact that he would crave being with his own kind. Additional to this fact, he will litteraly be one of the most potetially lethal beings ever brought into this dimension, for the malfesance of power, by those corrupted who try to rule, within this dimension. I did not say necessarily evil, however extreamly powerfull and not fully understood. This is an odd time, where we had found within the origional Ong's Hat web site. This web site has now been change to a man waering a duncecap stile hat, former to a fully vested flying vehicle, for the town of the same area, that both the attempt of magic, as well as extraterrestial forces are now present with each other. CAT knew where the access was to the published schmeatics to the Ong Vehicle, which was a good peice of detective work. For my own taste, I do not care for any offworld vehicle less that thiretyfive feet in diameter.This is due to the danger of attack from larger ships, as well as breakdowns, where antimatter does not function, however an emergency chemical reactor is necessary to get one to their home planet, or emergeny landing site. Pam has shown herself within a church proposal. I personally know why she has done this with reference to her time travel encouters. I mean to let this go unsolved. John Titor it seems did break down. This was posted on the Art Bell BBS, which my system has told me that I should mention within my writings this candle lit evening. There are reason why Titor was structured the way he was and I will leave this also unsolved. >>To Pam and she had asked me why? Say it poetry you fool. ~~It was on this day I sat upon a hillside wondering what would go wrong with this place I had worked. I could not till as my earnings were not sufficent to add the tines needed to be placed by the blacksmith, so that one good spring plantting could be achieved. "I needed the money badly"! The child rose from the creek area, he was tall, dressed in that outlandish ruffled shirt, that his mother had fashioned him, before the time of the plauges. The sun shown and illuminated his blond curley hair as one stride after another took him closer to me; his father who now was wrapping a grease filled cut on the palm of my hand. He carried calouses on his hands, but did not sport them as pain, nor vestages of too hard a days work, as I. In his eyes I saw his mother.His eyes colored the same cast of mothers, this early spring day when other children laze next to ponds and greenly lit passageways to forest and fields. His shoulders broad, his blue eyes inqusitive and searching, with that certain smile I had looked down upon him, when it was time to change his fold cloths. "Father, it is about the plow and tines have you fixed"..... As he began to show concern, I was supprise how much he was within his manners, so much like me. I can not remember the words.Surely the tines for the rows were broken well beyond repair..? However within the strong assured grasp of his hands, the missing tine that the smith must hot stike and meld back into place, so that the planted rows would align come mid June, shown from within his gentil hands. "Father' I'm sure that you will be needing this"? as he handed the four inch and a'half metal spike to me. Thank you Ma'ell' I said still sitting however riseing only a little to recieve the missing metal peice. In that portion of time, I do not know what it was, but other things that he had done, such as the broken window from the ball thrown too hard, were seemed at this point in time to be forgotten. It came to my throat as a well of emotion and the words, even though my mouth was opened, were not heard, however still came out without their saying. "I love you son" I think as a parent when a father mother or gurardian has done all that they feel they can do for their child, within their process of learning, the simple testament of know that one is loved and that one is cared for and appricitated, means the most of all. This was the empricum to the mixtured formula, that no magican within this world, or for others for that matter, could ever pestal into their products.
  22. RE: The lightspeed hurd, Shad No Shad, at that point in time, you simply no longer exist.
  23. RE'TTA:No you didn't, not your own...: No you didn't, not your own fear. Your biggest fear, is that John Titor was real. You won't admitt this and the prospect of many bombs going off at once, has you disturbed. You had expressed this earlier. Go back in time to what I had orrigionally said within some of my post at the begining. Were they true? If you were in my body and went through what I went through, then it would be you makeing the claims. You have to know how to read it.Read it between the lines. To you this is a game, however to me this is past expierence. You'r preditory and can't leave well enough alone. You have to antagonize everyone to the point to where they want to kill you and then when nobody likes you, you can't figure out why? Your a truly self destructive person and don't know how to let vasilate, for frienships sake alone. This leaves you with the same moutain to climb, to your own self's endless self shallow view, that you must win at any cost. You probably don't even know what friendship is on the net, let alone saying something nice to someone? This is why I had said that you were culturially schizophrenic and could not adjust to living without the attage of conquest towards others. I had saved a young boy's life once who had drowned. When they had pulled him out of the water, he was all blue and it was up to me alone to save this kid, as out of a crowd of like ten people, nobody knew what to do. I feel that this kid was dead. I gave this kid one chest compression while a lady who was caucasian, just gave a single breath. It was like a miracle, the kid threw up water, came back to life and had started to breath. God has a little something planned for you and I'm sure of this. Just when your certain that life is so normal, something switches the tables and all of a sudden, your in the thick of it.
  24. RE: WANT: to shadow: To Shadow, please note that in Askme.com physics, the problems imposed by classical relativistic physics, ment that there had to be more refernce points, than what Einstine and his contemporaries had offered. Some of the physics and cosmology buffs, including myself, had tried to start a stringed space at Askme, however were turned down by management. One of the problems encountered were to try to super C light, within the old context of the train trying to go faster than light, with a new relativistic source of C, prismed and reflected upon that near to light speed train. Can't do that you can only change the enviroment surrounding photons, to either acceleraite of to slow in reference to the relative V of C in M+. This is why Einstein went scailer close to the end of his career, even when he had encoutered the mass in the bedspread theory. Brian Green had encoutered the what is known as Pan Calu-yabi Universes, or universes placed upon universes, in his book, the eligant universe. So realities always do have a mirror fold to them and a dualistic representation to their constructions. So the top velocity of C, is not really that inportant, nor is light ever really considered a barrier. Frequency and its use, is what's of paramont inportants here and this is why time travel sort of fades into aliens as well as Dr. Anderson. The motives of the Pleiadeans as well as Anderson seem to both track each other. They are here one day in fabulous forray and the next day, the issue at hand is totally denied. This is an IRS issue, not so much of one would his time travel expierments work. Everyone knows that you can tensor C, over on itself. And if you do this just so, as Green had intimaited with the example of liquid iron, being made to dance with points on it at differing frequencies of current applied, so does super tensor C, have the ability to leave this dimension, if particle vectors are added to this light pumped matrix. Lasic work, is simple, to make a device to leave this frequency for an X pourpose, takes a little more work. Let us imagine why Dr. Anderson is not here so we can ask him questions?
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