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  1. RE: CAT I have no knowlege of this event that you have spoken of. I do know that the San Francisco area, is one area, that many appearitions do appear in from time to time.Swron creedo299
  2. RE: Time Vortex Activator, ed. note, historical marker:TIME TRAVLERS Typo' Blue Dracks should read, nest instead of beds. creedo299 re-ed note
  3. Time Vortex Activator, ed. note, historical marker:TIME TRAVLERS timelevel July 24 2002 Dear MOP' Under your forum, I would only care to add these two brief editorial notes, under history markers, thank you. Please note, in answer to the group of religious fanatics, try to pose a false fact, that, the Alpha Drackonians were what was termed as (the good guys), please note the following, that they are an old past warrior race, which at one time had lived here on Earth. The reason for their leaving is not well known, however in comeing back to Earth and trying to make Earth a technical conquest, is not a tactically sound move. These beings were not coded via their DNA into Earth's central sun. Additionally these types of Dracks, are seperate from an out of frequency beings, known as (The Blue Dracks), which are actually sister to this human race. An artist who was jogging had made contact with the Blue Dracks and was teleported into their dimesnion and shown the Dracks homes. The artist was told that how well the humans did in part had empinged on how well their race would do? This person was also shown the Dracks bedrooms, e.g next instead of beds), which are a very personal issue, involving trust and a friendship was struck up with the Dracks. I had corosponded with this man and can verify to an extent what he had said was true. Please note that some of Creedo's early motivation to try and save the United States was inpart, imparted from the asking of a pastor, who durring a couceling session, some years ago, had pleaded with me, not to let the United States fall. I took this asking as a personal mission and had tried every way, to make the U.S. a better place to live, by my self invested civic involvment. The problems of overpopulation were at fist relaied to Presdient George Bush Senior. I had been trying to promote a system of near space transporation for this Earth based man, as the size of Earth's population was getting way to large. I could see then, that the perril of overpopulation in part then was starting to short circut the ability of normal social intereactions and a myrid of problems were starting to come forth from this lack of proper recognition by formalized goverment. There are now tellings, that there would be an attempt by the Alpha Drackoins who are said to secrtetly encourage parts of this hidden govermnment to do certain things, to try to take over the U.S. by force. This action would be by using foriegn troops sneaking into the U.S. which would segment certain parts of the population away to preplanned concentration camps?See the web serch entry, hidden u.s. detention camps. I have noted these sayings as a nutral ambassador, however can not substanicate these claims. This if true would be an illeogical thing to do, as the Dracks are not DNA encoded by this central sun, where the Blue Dracks are. There is also a symbeotic reltionship between certain Earth humans and they're sun. So the presence of a new race forceing their way here onto Earth by subtrfugal invasion, might in part, case solar irregularitues, if this supposed symbiotic relationship does exist. I am not against all beings who are dark matter orgiened, as some of the dark matter beings, who have been extra frequency, have shown some acts of acceptability within the social range of affairs. I refer to the book, The Eastgate Affair, which had occured in England some time ago. Please note, the Anomalies.net new section, THE MOON , MARS, AND E.T.s, as promoted by web site and manager at this realtive date in time?Complete assemblies are note by these sites, on the moon and Mars. So at the 2002 level and probably well before this time level, the Earths moon and Mars were well inhabiated with at least two or three differinfg sects of both aliens and man in all probablity. So at this issue of time, the colonization of near space by Earth based man, would have had to have been in the hands of organized governement as well as the people as set by said formal rules of people government realtionships in vote?? This is preciscley why my attempted past bid for the position of an offworld ambassador due to both genetic status, as well as semantical understanding of the many sides of this issue involved. Note that this bid ambassador is not, I repeat not necessarily against all forms of reptoid bipedial humans.I am however against deception. This is a reotrical posting to this board and thewre will be no further discussion of this issue. Thank you MOP and special attn. time travlers. Sworn creedo299
  4. RE: On AIC as well as CAT, historical note: As Earth faces its place within the cosmose as well as the galixy, may it be noted that Earth is kind of lociated on the outskirts on this galixy. For the most part, aliens use Earth for a number of reasons, however for the most part, two main reasons; one to pick up supplies and two, to use their people native to Earth in some fashion which suites them. So the governmental heiarchy is restrictive and has a tendency to domeonize anything that it can't understand.This social political condition has been this way, for some time now. This is probably the case with CAT's comment on the name of Semjase, the Pleiadean which is a considerably old name; even if Pleiadean Cosmonaut Semjase, was set up as a useable scapegoat, for her mission to Earth after the said death of her husband due to an in-space accident. The technique of assigning an exorcist, to people who do not agreee with the Catholic state of opinions, is also, or was also a common vestage here on Earth, as well as other small places. Some of these people it was later found out, had no spirit vexations and were innocent, so being killed by a politically enforced false heresay treatment. Mind you now the reader, there are some beings that do become invested with demons, devils and mal spirits or souls of passed aliens, however in my case, is is not what's wrong. I feel what the problem is, is what I had posted as of reciently, concerning Darby and a possable ruse, to look as people did not understand what John Titor had said of a possable comeing war? Any civilization that euthanizes mass segemnts of its population and even maintains this way of doing things, when this society has supposedly reached its age of enlightenment, is not really an enlightened society. Quite the contrary, it is a barbaric, backward civlization, which meansures its own actions by that socitie's own sence of guilt, as most cruel. It is my feeling, that in the deeper sence, this is what may be motivating both Al c, as well as CAT, to write and act in the manner that they have, a deeper sence of self guilt.This may be over self denial of the facts, as well as a guilty concious of probable said events which may be to come? I don't know for sure, this is only historical conjecture on my part. However as stated, already as my intention, at this point in time if off-world plans were offered to relocate to other areas of the galixy, due to Earth's harsh sun, as well as its own stoic level of enforced self barbirism, I would excercize this options and live within another "hopefully more civlized system". Truly, creedo 299, within this socio technical analytic phase.
  5. The phenominon you speak of is numeristicensynchronicity, or how one logs events when they are plugged into asociety. Mine may be a differing look as to how a society works? The Devil is in the deatils as well as God. However the details from time to time, can completely change.
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