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  1. Sorry I had misinterpreted what you were trying to say.This thread if you've done it, should be under (Time Travel Claims). Members like myself who have had actually experienced for a network for those who may have traveled. Okay. There are complications to traveling both forwards and back in time. This changes a person.
  2. Forgive me for being a worried hen, but have you found food and shelter? Has your health been okay? What is most important, is can you get back to where you belong? ...Just checking if you're alright? Even if you're a fake traveler, we still have a protocols some of us follow, regardless. When you've first experience time travel for the first time, the reaction usually is, "Oh sh*t',... this is real". You don't have to give exact stats, but this asking is required by experienced time travelers and time traveler aficionados. Forgive me for prying.
  3. May I ask roughly, what method of time travel are you utilizing?
  4. He is socially unstable and I would never want him as a friend. He can't control his temper.
  5. On this issue Paula, yes it does reek of smelliness, but know that the time that this had been written, this was a malleable nexus point in time? I do not know if the Nazis had the ability to time travel, but this might have been as to where it had come from. In the 1950s, the U.S. was swimming with used, expatriated Nazis, all looking for a role to play and jobs to do. May have also been a lucky guess?
  6. I think that this handle,"Elon", appears by a token of chance. E-lan, I believe may be a term meaning high rule, such as in the captcha , { Elan legal definition of elan - TheFreeDictionary.com legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/elan Definition of elan in the Legal Dictionary ... Meaning of elan as a legal term. What does elan mean in law? ... ejusdem generis rule; elabi; elaborare; elaborate; }. In a Star Trek the Elaan Of Troyius was a spoiled brant based in roaylity that could not equate to the more common man, as everyone had been afraid to correct her. The Elan or deer-like animal, has great grace and is exclusive, if it can leap away from a predator, so there might be some simile within that reference. Elaan of Troyius (episode)
  7. Yes, it's some kind of genetic displacement or sort, because of unknown features of why the body still has to grow.
  8. What I was doing is pushing back the pieces of fiberglass and sealing them into the spaces beneath the floor space.Both places, formerly when I lives and the new place, had been re-plimbed.So there were sections of fiberglass, just left laying on the large plastic vapor barrier, that assist in keeping radon out. In the former place, I had taken my time reading Cannon's first book on Nostradamus. In this book, she psychically contacts Nostradamus, "he thinks this is kind of funny", but does a thing to where he actually conjures a see-through creature. Technically, this is known as a moderus, meaning entity of, which is affixed to a purpose, which is a kind of being. If you read her first book, she shows this contact right in the book, with Nostradamus. Cannon was no threat to him, this is why he accepted the contact. My myself, am in many ways like him, as I have been involved in helping, taking care of people who had no hope.But I gave my very best to them and tried to comfort them in their time of need.*That there, is the reason who I think that he wanted to send, Modei,"what I named it", to me through time. I guess that it was for me to keep the faith. The first time I had seen it at the old place, it was inside and by the main entry doorway. I was clear, you could see through it, but it would shimmer, as it was like something living, but not wholly in this reality. The first time I stop and was concerned, but not panicked. The second time, I was in the crawl space, replacing the fiberglass, pushing it back up in place. It was moving and not more than a yard or so away from me, while I was crawling on my belly. The second time, was at the new place, same job, but it was in the process of eating. It was over a length of gray polybutylene plastic pipe, that had been ripped out during the plumbing lines replacement. The third, it was only a foot away from me, it was by my side, but I was tired, and I more or less just accepted it, like it was a housecat. Again, it seemed to be parked over the PBP pipe and somehow it seemed to be eating ions extracted from that piece of pipe, somehow. I think that it was well aware of who I was, because it was the same critter that Nostradamus had conjured in Deloris Cannon's book. I have no idea what it's doing as of late, have not been into the crawl space, but I know that it would never hurt me.
  9. Yes your right, your core construction changes with time. That's why you can do this.
  10. Yes, Cannon shows the conjure episode right in her book. What I say next explains it a little better. Had to R.E. At the place I use to live, I was in the process of reading Doloris Cannons book.She time localize that writing of that book, to be connected with past seer Nostradamus himself. I don't know how he had gotten a hold of the information, of me being in this time, but within that book, it shows the conjure of the moderus Envictus, right into the book. He was sending the Envictus to my time roughly, locally as he both conjured and she composed as well as published the book. So this was how I got the little creature. It was clear, kind of shimmery-like. about the same size as a loaf of bread. It stayed under my trailer crawl space then. I was working and the first sighting of it I had was about two feet right in front of me. What I had figured out, is that through some method that it was living off the ions given off, from the taken out and discarded plastic butyl pipes. It was friendly, never attacked me.I was doing work beneath the trailer, with insulation and that's how I encountered it. I feel bad as I could not get to know it better, but it was for real Paula. "No' I'm not kidding you". I think why it was sent by Nostradamus, is so that I would understand what Nostradamus could do, perform, was real. Became emotional at one point, because in a way he was like me and he also took such chances in treating the black death, with virtually no one to help him. Very brave and talented guy. Hope that you're doing well, Paula?
  11. Please note, that there is additional veracity as told by Dolores Cannon's book on Nostradamus, that time travel vectors exist from his time, to the 1990s and early 2000 nd.s to this relative time. Object conjured by Nostradamus, as a clear jelly like object, (living, referred to as best could as a , "mode-e-rus Envictus", or a conjured time travel capable pet-like entity capable of transcending five hundred years or more, as mentioned in Dolores Cannon's well written text on Nostradamus. Do not know, realize, if there are any time travel implications or violations with this being. Being acts as pet and will stay with intended target. Is evidence that it may eat small mice and or absorb ions off of plastic.*Note that Nostradamus was a master conjurer as well as maige. Mentioned in Cannon's book. http://www.pdfslibforyou.com/dolores-cannon.pdf AND Amazon.com: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 2 (Revised and Addendum) (9780963277619): Dolores Cannon: Books
  12. What we did not know in the mid space in the 2000 nds. only is the relationship from this time and space back to the supposed foundaance area concerning the supposed Star Wars E.T. eras. This area is shaped up now, as I had to legally lay this issue down, because it had involved in probability many hundreds of humans here on this world. In other words, not just myself, as I had and have a past affinity to this area. This is summed as yes' there is an active current connection, spiritually-soul wise to people here in their incarnated state, as linked actively with the old Empire in the Star Wars era, to even the present time. *I would have to say now, that this is still an active exchange of both human and also robotic AI active information exchange that is still occurring. How this sizes is, that there had been a deal in the action by unknown moderator being involved in this spiritual soul relocation action, however the deal was, that these incarnates, in no way were to be fiddled with. They were to live average lives with preferably no memory or action based to their past associations to the old Empires former location, along with doings in that remote from here stead. The problem with this information, while not being secret, is that many of these incarnates, possess up to 60% past memory and other fact of life memories along with personal identifications associated with their old areas of being. Part of this past agreement, is that these beings would be relocated, however those past identities would be occluded. I can only surmise, that SOMEONE ?, had gotten ahold of this information during the 1950s, possibly as far back as the 40s and then to their groups as well as subgroups, were determined to take advantage of this information in one way or another, without a care for the magnitudes of these past people's ablities. This action by not known beings, could endanger this entire planet, if the re-told story that is being put to out-to-public print and media, is not by nature, the truth. So in no way, are the incarnates even with enlivened memories of that past time now awakened, responsible, in any manner, for endangering Planet Earth. **What is of a safety concern, is a possible connection activated by host to guest mal-conditions linked with the now still present time, of the Star Wars heirs. The distance this once Empire is located at, is 370 million light years away from Earth. However what is not known, are the current transportation abilities, of any supposed cultures within that area? To compare in above light ultra speed large spaceship spacecraft, the Oktra Confederation, has large spaceships, based at the 200,000,000 light years away from Earth and do now have the ability to reach Earth if they do so desire. Sources, Oktra Confederation, see the look-up, Galactic Server two page and picture plate, distances of associated other worlds in their positions from Earth. GALACTIC SERVER 21 So in a tangential way, in association technical development, "beings from the old Star Wars area", may have developed paritivly, within that rough area of space topography? So in finial analysis, I do not know if there is any link between the mal-treatment of the Star War's eras incarnates here and the Nostradamus prediction, { An alien invasion will occur in September 23 rd. of year 2017 } as said by evidence? The only active information that I know of, is that the supposed character Anakin Skywalker, after he was said to be married, had at times spit from his bride and made some very shady off world connections.*This factor' right here, as you're looking at it, is the abrupt danger areas that One should not delve into, in any way, in providing harm to the memory of these beings. *On the Sith gene;..The Sith were traders as well as artisans, who were a full species in their natures. Know that a specialized set of Sith, had some of their genetic matter taken and a new form of fighting assassin Sith had been specially formulated from this process. Vader's father, because in order for Anakin to survive, had to be removed, but later joined to his father's side, carried only a fragment of Sith fighter's gene within him. This was because the Emperor himself, did not know if Anakin would have ever left his home planet.*This is a fragment, not the entire genome complex, or Darth Vader-Anakin, would have been all red in coloration. The gene fragment was probably put in there so that he would survive high heat, plus become a very skilled fighter. The Sith People, per say can be very gentle as well as being somewhat worthy to do business with. So what anyone would be doing by falsifying this information, is condemning an entire race of people? Do you see what I'm trying to say concerning the use of misinformation? If I had to stand before a group of U.S. Navy SEALs or their international equivalents within a formal classroom session, on the heading of the blackboard would be written to the intro notes, the scribe, ( There beings are still potential lethal and you're to avoid them at all cost). I'd write this down so they could see and I as an instructor, would also mean it,.. "No joke"! In closing this figured out history brief, I would just care to assure all concerned, that after a while in relationship[ to the Star Wars era information, I began to pick up the hint, that doing certain things in the movie script, such as placing character Darth Vader in a castle of pain, may not be the wisest move. I had even written some of the actors of this now famed movie and simply asked them; "Could you please make a short 15 minute movie to play at the theaters, where Darth Vader is making baked goods in a little woodland cottage, living in happy retirement"? Apron on, "I guess"? There may also be a King Tut-like curse associated with the process of defaming, as Darth Vader's father, the emperor and Vader himself, were of a high royal caste. See King Tut curse, involving then British Lord Carnarvon, George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon - Wikipedia Please understand in this communication, that I am only looking out for people's welfare on Planet Earth, as the powers that you're starting to mess with, although distant, can be at times, can be an extremely dangerous thing to do. In other words, in the worlds nicest way, "I am both trying to advise you as well as warn you of playing around with still active information, although considerably dated", that would be devastating to Earth's welfare. Thank you for your attention in this matter.
  13. One of Nostradamus's predictions ends in September 23 rd. 2017, I think, but I can't comment on this for legal reasons.
  14. You can depending if this is sanctioned. Just don't get too too chummy.
  15. Sometimes, when people grow older, their facial features elongate.
  16. All the time there, I was very religious to the fire god Pele. I live on enchanted land anyways, so was respectful of that fact.
  17. I have to restart a title in an established thread, This entire post is retracted, have found another source due to a fellow member here, this is the new source. I am therefore released of any liability *Source is and gives location in links Are Star Wars & The Force Real?
  18. EDIT TO CAUSE, extra notation. In order to more fully understand the accusation about Beatle Paul, early on, I'm afraid that the concern that government had then, was about claims that Paul. ( the other Paul ), was starting to become a heavy drug users. You must get an eyeball into British society at this time, in order to fully understand this possible issue if this transgression did occur?! This platen as it was presented, is such that an almost entire generation of girls, ranging from very young to the legal age had been psycho-sexually as well as an edifice of the unattainable were enthralled with Paul. They wanted him in many ways which cannot be displayed here, in this telling. At that time who also had an eagle's eye placed upon Paul, was not only the British government. This was mainly because within the business phase, "The Beatles were generally making them loads of cash", but the British intelligence services had an eye on him, as well. If this theory is to float, then we can extrapolate that those higher up, in the social strata, who benefitted from all this made money, equally did not desire a " drug head ", in the congress of business issues to be made. So if you're trying to get a handle on motives for such a killing, this situation is similar to the statement issued by the lawyer in the movie Jurassic Park, to where this fellow says, after seeing a real dinosaur, "We're going to make a fortune on this place ";.. referring to the amount of profit brought in. So you see, this eventually reflects to the issues of financing, stocks sold and unimaginable profits. At this time, the culture as it were, was beginning to slip into the MOD age in popistry of civilization. There was money to be made and "heaven help anyone who would wander out in front of the Union Jacked money bus", in that goal to make money off the name and or flavor of the Beatles. If you as a visitor here, are studying this era of society, know that young performers and stars generally got in their share of trouble. In America, there was rock & roller Jerry Lee Lewis, who was interested in a girl that was much too young for him, Merle Haggard as well as others. It seems at times where the stars go in the music and artistic theater performance areas, also do drug pushers, criminals, thieves and all other sorts of riff raff, sometimes attach to that journey. If you can dial into times and locations, look up singer performer Wayne Newton's on stage tirade in Las Vegas and his say about hangers-on as well a rats in show business? Where there's money to be made, there's sometimes defiantly no shortage of these kinds.
  19. Addend, on the location of the true Star Wars Empire. I am sad to say that the evidence of the Star Wars Empire being located within this Sol system, would push it's existence back to many thousands of years before the appearance of both Lemuria and Atlantis on this little world Earth. This speculation leaves the correct time, if the Star Wars Empire were to be placed within this system, a near the half million year ago range, which is beginning not to make sense at all. *What is a problem with actually channeled or referred through time Star Wars capitol information, or information meaning in part spiritual or remaining physical evidence of state from that period, is one, the presence of the turcherary period of mammals and their fossils being found without counter-interference on Earth and a general lack of contamination, such as many large spaceships, which should be cluttering the current day environment. There is also an influx of giants that came here, who were not of the Lyran Wars, to where the Lyrans were small giants, but not immensely large, such as the 35 and 50 foot tall giants uncovered, THAT WERTE NOT LYRIA, but giants possibly refugees from another world bought here. *It may have been that the real Star Wars home planet, which may have once been part of this social system, is now located as part of the Kuiper rubble belt surround Earth. This Empire might have been illuminated about in Zachariah Sitchin's book, (The Twelfth Planet), which possibly would have told of its existence. If anyone has exact information by an established link on what I've brought up here, then please present your link to answer my conjecture on this issue? Please and thanks, Special note, what is odd about this Star Wars Case, is the amount of information that is still through some unknown means showing itself, in our modern times. This action just does not occur, unless one is somehow digging around in the issue, causing problems.*This is not my digging either, this is another influence that is misunderstood.
  20. I feel that him being eliminated, possibly may have been the case. The reason why I say so, is that reports from that earlier time was that Paul was mentally unstable. There was also the second national factoid that Paul was a hero figure to the young populace of all social ranges and some in government did not desire for that image to be tarnished. The information that I have been privy to, is that another more stable then British citizen was contacted and briefed that if he had lived the life of Paul, that he would be compensated by the homeland for the remainder of his existence. By chance the other Paul, "as it were", had also been a competent musician, so just venturing a guess here, this forces the issue into a planned homicidal collusion, to where the entire group may have been, under threat of bodily harm, in on the deal if a planned early demise of Paul was to be the case. The detail of how this ( getting rid of Paul ), action is a bit murky, but does show there is a possibility that Paul had been killed. There may have been some linkage to John Lennon and the line of rhetoric that he was imposing later on? But all one has to do is to view the, (Ten Thousand Day War), about Vietnam and to nose into an interview with a senior citizen in the areas of stolen U.S. Social Security Funs by the U.S. congress to keep that insane worthless war running. Then you can begin to see what John Lennon may have been very publically correct about his questions as into the formality of a corrupt governmental and the necessity of keeping government at all? What does not fit with Paul and John, are the time periods and it just may have been a threatened by social clause person, that killed John Lennon. *What the group the Beatles had managed to do, was to make the world in some cases take a deep penetrating look into ourselves. Even if Paul had been replaced out of the nervousness that British youth, then, would somehow go asunder, it seemed that the bone wax that had been secretly placed over society with the covert removal of Paul, via their situation in life, turned them into an exceptional fine musical group. *Bone wax is a substance used in surgery to stop bleeding on a bones surface. It's what you are, when your in it, in the midst of things, that defines one's own character. What makes a person and how this is view by those judgmental of this process we call life. If the current Paul McCarthy is a counterfeit, fashioned within the need of situational time, he is one of the best ones that I have ever seen. Other reference points on sources, Anastasia and who was she and why had the mechanics of her time stationed her postion in life, as it was. Thank you for such a great question,
  21. Depressing, but fun at the same time. Thanks Walt.;)
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